Concentration and instinct


  1. Speculation says:

    It’s a Maktub scenario.

  2. I love this dear friends… it’s basically… INCREDIBBLE! :)

  3. Empie says:

    Estoy aprendiendo taichi, llevo poco tiempo pero puedo vislumbrar el univerte que hay detras, al final los superguerreros sí exsisten, si no están a la luz es porque ellos quieren que así sea. Un universo, el punto de unión entre la fantasía y la realidad existe, que la fuerza os acompañe…

  4. Berenice says:

    Empowering,enlightening,encouraging. Admiration to the Great Master,the ornament of our time.

  5. Pandora says:

    I am skeptical … but he does look good. What I choose to believe, is true…

  6. Técnica e concentração impressionantes!

  7. leo says:

    The sword tractory is not perpendicular..this guy is furthermore lucky…and they don’t tell how many tries were done hehe..
    I propose to fire gun a real bullet on him to see hehehe..

  8. Kidoris says:

    “Concentration and instinct” or fake and show? I don´t know.

  9. barbara says:

    “Superhumans” it’s a great tv show , though I haven’t seen this one. It’s amazing.

  10. Marie-Christine says:

    The other dimension the naked eye cannot see -the invisible world-

  11. Annie says:

    the message: If we concentrate enough to our goal we will succeed!
    the recipe: the right amount of concentration, a mustard seed of faith and an unshaken love and enthusiasm for what you do !
    the outcome: savor your cake!

    Love and Gratitude

  12. Heart says:

    This is you Paulo hitting the readers core hearts..

  13. Elizabeth says:

    This is more than awesome. He has probably trained his whole life already with a sword to get to this level, so totally counting on his instincts.

    Have a great weekend everybody.

  14. kealan says:

    What about the guy shooting the gun!

  15. THELMA says:

    He is amazing! I wonder how he deals with his everyday life and how he experiences the World. Why aren’t those talented people stepping into to .. political stage of the Wold and start teaching others the REALITIES of life?
    Thelma xxx

  16. Alexandra says:

    Amazing…I think it needed years of good training with a great master, and it was not a thing achieved from one day to another. Still, how many would be able for such performance? Such self control and focus? I can say, hat off.In sign of respect. I am absolutely astonished, almost unbelivable. Thats why I had a crush with martial arts, not for fighting, but for such things, control and focusing.
    Big hug, thank you so much

  17. katie says:

    it is the union of the ying & yang. & an example how powerful it is.

    I first came to know the merging of intuition & concentration also on this blog when savita put a link for the video “the perfect shot” by lajoz kassai.

    this process was so logical & obvious to me. that video & this video again appear to be just examples what can be done, pure symbolism that talks to me. I was surprised that I have never been conscious of it & used this concept in my life. there was then a time that I just was looking for videos & situations to understand & develop this concept better for me…..
    dance … art itself, rock climbing, rock climbing to the extreme: free soloing. mounted archery. all examples, that can only be performed my merging intuition with concentration.

    there are times, paulo, when I want to give you a big virtual hug, for doing this blog. having your persistent postings with thoroughly selected pictures have helped me so much to move on & being able to grow & manage a hard time in my life. it is your blog, all the comments from everybody that just help my thinking & become more & more aware what matters in my life.

    what these posts do to me is often beyond words. I think it is the posts themselves, their order, all your comment, synchronicity, & the atmosphere here that just … give me an opportunity to get a deep understanding, feeling for the whole, let me grow in my pace & bring joy to my life.

    namaste & thanks to you all.

  18. Alex Angarita says:

    This is incredible. Concentration and instincts are skills that we have forgotten in our busy corporate lives. But if we could harness even a fraction of that lost power, it would allow us to tap into our full potential.

  19. giacomo says:


  20. Olta Canka says:

    Awesome! This is so awesome!
    That is art and real mastery, and Gosh how I love it!!!
    Wish I could do the same one day (among all the other things I want to learn :) ).

  21. Annie says:


    Who needs life vests if you have this man on your side?????????????!!!!!!!!! if somebody tries to shoot you, you should definitely have him on your side ;o)
    Man!! that was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love and Gratitude

  22. Tarek says:

    This what they mean when they speak about seeing without using your eyes rather with the third eye. Or the perception with the heart (not to be mixed with blood pumping organ) rather that the brain.

  23. Josephine in Brussels says:

    Cool. :-)

  24. Nancy says:

    That was so cool!! I respect the doctor’s observation and response too.

  25. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Cool!!!!!! Unbelievable unlikely. Million sensory impressions that rain down on us every second. Most of the things we do instinctively. Or even intuitive. The conscious thought is more the exception rather than the rule. I’m sitting on a chair, but I have to concentrate to feel the chair at all. The brain filters out much. Our mind makes us believe that we will do everything consciously. This is nonsense in my opinion. Concentration can be learned, intuition possesses actually everybody from birth. One must learn to use them well and trust her.
    The technique of this Samurai is Exceptional. He gives himself completely to the moment, is in point of total silence and turn off all thinking. Anyone with a little exercise makes aware of this effect. This concentration. Of course not in such perfection. It certainly is a lot of practice, also physical exercise. A fascinating video. Thank you for that.

    I wish you all a wonderful evening

  26. Marie-Christine says:

    - a spiritual act in motion -

  27. Appu says:

    Is it about the judgment of the height and the speed of pellet and his own reaction? Tough to say but incredible. Tough to believe with eyes.

  28. Jayanta says:

    Amazing , Even with 1/10 th of concentration of Japanese Master we would have been different.

    Love you Paolo

  29. zeta says:

    Es evo morales!

  30. jackienoriega says:

    es impresionante ver como el hombre puede llegar con pacienciaa y el instinto de sobrevivencia a se tan exacto en su actuaciòn con un sable y atajar una bolita de plastico de l0mm.yo la verdad me quedo maravillada de la exactitud con que pudo golpear con el filo de hoja del sable

  31. Barbara says:

    WOW is all I can say! :)

  32. yo-yo says:

    ¿A qué estás esperando? Tú eres más rápido. No pienses que lo eres Sabes que lo eres.