The Desert

by Yasser Hareb

The moment he entered the oasis, the sound of the wind stopped. It was as if the universe had suddenly stopped breathing.

He saw an old man with his eyes closed, resting his head against one of the palm trees. He approached the old man and noticed he was smiling, as if he had been expecting him.
The old man slowly opened his eyes and said: “Welcome, son! You’ve finally arrived.”
The boy looked around fearing it was an ambush set up for him.

The old man smiled and said: “Don’t worry! There’s no one here. Sit for a while.
“I know you want to cross the desert. We’re all trying to do so. Some of us do it without even realizing it. ”

“Why is the desert so cruel to us?”

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  1. Jasmeet Singh says:

    This story is really lovely
    I love this story a lot.
    How one can win the fight of fears with the help of a friend, really great work.

  2. HECTOR says:


  3. edmond says:

    Hello All,

    For Kealan:yes each personal deserts may be interesting,yours included!
    For Olta Canka:if we know your dream maybe that you will find the friend that shares the same one!

    All the best!

  4. Dennis says:

    It is like to understand the things around us, to able to live life according to what is written. Life has full of meanings, that we need to understand. Living our life is not only to live with it, but to live according to its purpose.

  5. Abdulmalik Albalushi says:

    Can somebody help plz,,,I just wanted to know when olaph will be translated to Arabic and how can I get a signed copy of the book. I wanted to get it as a gift for my partner.

    Paulo: It was scheduled to be released by the end of August. Please ask them

  6. so much learning again…
    the reason why i read…

  7. Genie_Girl says:

    Love the story. Thus, I, personally Do not think the desert is cruel or intenst to be. I mean even our inner desert does not intent to be like that I don’t think. I guess it all has to do with what kind of attitude you view it. I view it as a beautiful and sacred place, a place of mystery. A Magical place of hidden stories. And if this desert where to refer to our own struggles and inner deserts, even those Are not intent to be cruel and hurt us on purpose. That is just the way things are. We are to struggle and encounter various deserts of our own including sometimes, including the fisical one and still if it was cruel, but who ever said it would ever be easy.!!! Nothing in this world is or intents to be easy, even if we pretend to see it like that, with that being said, it does not mean that it is cruel. It is just the way it is and in order for us to evolved we must flow like a river, we shall run like the fresh free waters of the oasis and believe, deeply believe with every being of your soul that you will pass what you need to pass and God won’t leave you alone; He will be with you through all the steps of the way and even if you find it cruel at some point it will be over and then you will find your treasure or your reward, for you have passed your desert.

    I like the desert, I think its a mystical place, I think it hiddes lots of secrets from out ancestors, I think its a magical place full of all and new experiences and it sands are silent, but the cry out ancient wise words, that if you were to listen closely, they can even teach you a thing or two. :P

    awww am a sucker for all this topics, it interests me and I don’t find it cruel but nice

    lots of love


  8. Maria says:

    Lindo, parabéns Yasser Hareb, ao ler ouvi os ventos do deserto.
    Nas caminhadas em desertos, ou em qq lugar, sempre precisamos ter alguém ao nosso lado, mesmo q ní£o seja fisicamente.
    Obrigada por postar Guerreiro. Lendo o texto do Yasser penso q mtas vezes vc sem saber me deu a mí£o com suas palavras.

    Deus te ilumine

    Amo vc

  9. Empie says:

    Medio dí­a???, no esta mal.

    Gracias por guiarme, todo un privilegio.

    Hasta pronto…

  10. ” – the sailor don’t ask for a suitable wind,
    he learns to sail – ”

    The desert is mearciless, but so it also the sea.
    One need to learn the language of the nature
    where you want to survive.

    Very beautiful!

  11. Nancy says:

    Thanks Yasser. A story that is like giving water to people’s dreams. It also makes a person want to see the desert and learn the language.

  12. Mabe says:

    The story comes to me exactly at the perfect time. thank you very much. it served as a epiphany and example. send you lots of love and light

  13. Olta Canka says:

    I read the whole story and all what came out was a big marveled WOW!!!

    “You’ll cross the desert when you find a friend whom you can share the same dream with”

    I haven’t really found a friend who shares the same dream with me yet, or so I think, but I sure did find many true friends with whom I’ve shared the same fears.


  14. Kealan says:

    This is a beautiful story. It makes me wonder if our personal deserts are interesting to other people.

  15. margherita says:

    Ogni uomo vive nel proprio deserto personale anche se troppo spesso si illude di stare in compagnia.
    E’ il deserto della nostra anima dove fioriscono talvolta oasi, ma pií¹ spesso si alzano tempeste.

    Ho trovato un amico, ma quell’amico che mi poteva aiutare durante una tempesta non era un vero amico. Era un individuo perso nel deserto del proprio egoismo, del proprio narcisismo, un individuo che si è creduto un essere superiore.
    Cosí¬ sono rimasta sola nel mio deserto.
    Ma ho trovato un altro amico, Dio, che perlomeno non è nè egoista, nè narcisista, nè pieno di sè.
    Dio mi traghetterí  fuori dalle tempeste e mi darí  pure la forza e la gioia di perdonare quel finto amico egoista.
    Questa è la mia piccola storia, Paulo.
    Spero che tu l’abbia gradita, capita, accettata come io leggo sempre con piacere quello che tu scrivi o quello che tu pubblichi su questo blog.
    Buona giornata.

  16. kaurav Bogati says:

    I love the story.Great work.wisdom and words combined so well.Thanks for great weaving of the words with your thought.Love it.

  17. Vasim says:

    Gr8 story

  18. coolguy1609 says:

    “You’ll cross the desert when you find a friend whom you can share the same dream with”

    For where two or three are gathered together for the same purpose, there shall be Joy in the midst of them!!!


  19. Hi Paulo, how are you? WIsh you a wonderful Sunday, to you and to your dear readers and friends!

  20. Annie says:

    A friend to share your dream with is what makes the desert an oasis…

    Thank you for being such an oasis..

    Love and Gratitude

  21. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo and Yasser,

    Watching the videos “with Paulo Coelho in Dubai’s desert 5″ was for me a good example of the Universal language we all share.

    As you said Paulo ‘ bridges are the soul of culture’ and the experience with the sound bashing drive with a friend that had the advantage of knowing the land well helped to facilitate that ‘bridge’.
    It was hospitality at its best -nothing was missing even the cup of tea and the fire of friendship–
    Thank you both

    with love

  22. El-moughazi says:

    Wonderful and so so inspiring, keep it up

  23. jackienoriega says:

    estamos aquí¬ frente al desiertoasustados inmoviles no sabemos que hacer ni como proceder pero el tienetodo años y anos de experienciaaaa los caminantes tenemos miedo perdernos mas los oasis apareceñn y nos dan fuerzas para seguir podemos durar muchos dí¬as en el paso de la vida sin saber que desierto estas cruzando y cuantos mas te faltan todaví¬a cruzar pero los oasis son hermosos. esta lectura de pronto me ha hecho soñar reflexionar y transportarme mentalmente hacia uno de estos paulo eres grandioso logras que diga cosas raras porque me ayudas a pensar

  24. Tarek says:

    And the best friend we have, the one who’ll always help us crossing any desert, is that who dwell inside us and yet engulf the the universe! <3

  25. barbara says:

    Wonderful story. Thank you Paulo and Yasser. I love it.
    With love

  26. Marie-Christine says:

    de sert = tres
    desert does not desert you when you are ‘tres’

  27. Marie-Christine says:

    de sert = tres
    desert does not desert you when you are ‘tres’

  28. Laura Cordero says:

    I love this story, very sensitive.
    My respects to both of you.

  29. THELMA says:
    Dearest Paulo Coelho, this is a video a Greek friend published in his facebook wall! I am sure you will be able to stop this.
    Thelma xxx

  30. Irina Black says:

    Пустыня-мир мужчины
    И столб посередине.
    В Сад Наслаждений попадаешь,
    Когда пустыню на оазис ты меняешь.
    От гедониста до аскета и обратно..
    Чего же на пути не встретишь?.
    Лишь точку невозврата..

  31. Jojo says:

    Will meditate on that!
    Love, Jojo.

  32. Aisha Sanad says:

    Wondeful story 

  33. Rashid Al Manai says:

    Very nice story, I wished you didn’t describe the mosque as a scary place!

  34. eleonora says:

    bisogna essere in armonia con quanto e chi ci circonda,bisogna saper leggere i dettagli..grazie per aver condiviso con noi quanto scritto.Buona giornata.

  35. vicky says:

    fine tuning…

    Lots of love, …sunny notes…


  36. Shine says:

    hey i am going to get O Aleph soon….love Avantika

  37. Resim says:

    Interesting story, thanks you so much.

  38. Elizabeth says:

    This is a fantastic story, one I’m gonna keep in my library for inspiration. Now I only wish to read more.

    Have a great weekend and keep writing.

  39. huma arshad says:

    Dear Paulo and Yasser,
    I love the story, apperently the old man was talking about desert’s journey but actually he was explaining the journey of life from birth to death ,when he says most of us cross the desert even without knowing it that they have crossed it. The journey of life is same as desert’s journey you start from one end ,you face so many obstacles ,then u experience mirage like in our life we run towards glittery things but when we achieve them we realize that they are not giving you that much happiness which you were expecting,you find oasis to take rest similarly we have small happy moments in our lifes like oasis ,as we have to move on to complete our journey and again have to get ready to face challenges and obstacles in the desert(life).some people finish thier journery without making any difference in others life during the journey while some leave their marks in the form on inspiration for others.People like you Mr. Paulo Coelho are in the catewgory who are leaving their marks during the journey of this Desert (life) and when you complete the journey there will be so many folloers who will follow your footsteps to face the obstacles of this journey.Huma Arshad

  40. THELMA says:

    “You’ll cross the desert when you find a friend whom you can share the same dream with”.

    Beautifully said! Thank you,Yasser Hareb and Paulo Coelho!
    Thank you Jane too for:

    “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite”.
    – William Blake.

    Thelma xxx

  41. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    A wonderful story. There are deserts and deserts. But it does not matter which one crosses: “You’ll cross the desert when you find a friend whom you can share the same dream with” I have long not read such a beautiful phrase, the whole story is very beautiful it brings something to resonate within me. It appeals to me very subtly. It is very much in this story.
    It is probably more difficult to find that friend, than to cross a desert. A desert is a powerful image for me. And I think it exists in places where you least expect. I think everyone is asked in the course of his life to face a desert. For not only in the outer world they exist, in all its beauty and cruelty, even in the inner world they exist. Thank you for this story. I like the Author, and I will read something else he has written.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  42. I’m going to post the same thing of what I said at Yasser Hareb’s post. OMG.. Thank you so much. It’s the most rewarding and beautiful post I’ve ever read. I’m still all tears but smiling.. because now I know who are my friends that loves me more than I loved me. Thank you so much.. God bless you Yasser Hareb & Paulo Coelho. God bless the both of you.

  43. Heart says:

    The desert is a place for Mirage. The heat, the dryness, the bright sun it creates a state of mind where one sees visions, one sees the reality in a mirage. It is like seeing the surrounding in a state of dreaming. It’s very relaxing and one lets go of reasoning. Just emerge in the mirage and see what it will tell you…

  44. Thankyou Paulo and Yasser,
    I love this story!
    The poem Invictus.

    If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is: Infinite.
    – William Blake

    God, thankyou. Friends, thankyou.
    I Love You

    Love and Gratitude,