In search of truth

The devil was talking to his friends when they noticed a man walking along a road. They watched him pass and saw that he bent down to pick something up.

– What did he find? – asked one of the friends.

– A piece of Truth – answered the devil.

The friends were very concerned. After all, a piece of Truth might save that man’s soul – one less in Hell. But the devil remained unmoved, gazing at the view.

– Aren’t you worried? – said one of his companions.

– He found a piece of Truth!

– I’m not worried – answered the devil.

– Do you know what he’ll do with the piece?
As usual, he’ll create a new religion. And he’ll succeed in distancing even more people from the whole Truth.


  1. Arto Hutto says:

    In Swedish:

    På jakt efter sanningen

    Djävulen pratade med sina vänner när de såg en man komma gående längs en väg. De såg honom passera och sedan att han böjde sig ned för att plocka upp något.

    – Vad hittade han? – frågade en av vännerna.

    – En bit av Sanningen – svarade djävulen.

    Vännerna blev mycket bekymrade. När allt kommer omkring kan en bit av Sanningen rädda den mannens själ – en person mindre i helvetet. Men djävulen förblev oberörd och fortsatte blicka ut över nejden.

    – í„r du inte orolig? – sa en av hans följeslagare.
    – Han hittade ju en bit av Sanningen!

    – Jag är inte orolig – svarade djävulen.

    – Vet du vad han kommer att göra med den biten? Som vanligt kommer han skapa en ny religion. Och han kommer lyckas med att distansera ännu fler människor från hela Sanningen.

    Paulo Coelho på svenska:

    (í–versättning: oLaVie, kommentera gärna.

  2. kelechi says:

    Dear Truth, wherever you are, I believe in you. I pray that, even though its very hard for me to find you, you will find me and save me, and keep me away from whatever is now you. Thank you, Truth.

  3. Belen says:

    No comprendí­ el menaje que quiso transmitir

  4. michele delatour says:

    O Precious Truth ! Garantie du Bonheur ! How do we know we found the Truth ? How do we know that what we have found is part of the Truth? Which truth? So many things are true! Making a religion out of one piece of the Truth is to stray away from Truth itself. Making a way of thinking\ living from\with all things from the Truth is safe and pleasant at the end. Truth is powerfull, has tangible effects on mind body and spirit, it influences, it timeless, ageless, eternal… Examine the fruits of that truth you may have found, what does it speak to you, hope, joy, vision, love? Life giving Truth impacts deeply, and the proof of this impact translates in the way we relate to everything everyone around us, with or without Love, the greatest of all xx

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  6. Joel Mendez says:

    Jum la verdad, es como lo menciono Coelho, solo fragmentos y pedazos, nadie tiene la verdad adsoluta… SI entendieramos eso, buscariamos completar nuestra verdad con las verdades de muchas otras personas “diferentes a nosotros..” excelente reflexion.. Abrazo grande…

  7. Christine says:

    Thank you for this message. It made me realize that I should be careful in finding my truth. Thanks again.

  8. Hashmat Ali says:

    the truth is inside us, if we explore our soul and find out the reasons for what are good things and what are bad things and when we learn to distinguish between them and further more when we learn to deal with everyone, everything, every creature around us then the truth will be found.
    religions are almost all teachers of peace and humanity but these qualities are actually relative.
    i guess if we humans start considering religion as our private material and stop criticizing other’s religion then the world will be at peace.
    the problem is all inside us, in my opinion, it is us who are satin and who are angel, it is all inside us, that makes us that. we, humans, need to straighten our mind and everything will be fine.