Aguentando firme

Todo guerreiro da luz já ficou com medo de entrar em combate.

Todo guerreiro da luz já traiu e mentiu no passado.

Todo guerreiro da luz já perdeu a fé no futuro.

Todo guerreiro da luz já trilhou um caminho que ní£o era o dele.

Todo guerreiro da luz já sofreu por coisas sem importí¢ncia.

Todo guerreiro da luz já achou que ní£o era guerreiro da luz.

Todo guerreiro da luz já falhou em suas obrigaí§íµes espirituais.

Todo guerreiro da luz já disse sim quando queria dizer ní£o.

Todo guerreiro da luz já feriu alguém que amava.

Por isso é um guerreiro da luz; porque passou por tudo isso, e ní£o perdeu a esperaní§a de ser melhor do que era.
(trecho de “Manual do Guerreiro da Luz”)

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  1. maria cristina says:

    gostei muito do livro do alquimista.pois se identifica com minha lenda pessoal.
    admiro e sou fí¢ do seus livros.abraí§os cristina novaes

  2. Adoro falar de Paulo Coelho, porque ele foi o primeiro escritor romancista que me deixou impressionado com a clareza e habilidade dos seus escritos. Um mestre na arte da narraí§í£o e do livre pensar. Comecei “O Diário de um Mago”, e ní£o parei mais.
    Um forte abraí§o, Guerreiro da Luz.
    Juahrez Alves

  3. IVONEIA says:

    todo guerreiro da luz é capaz de sentir exatamente oque um homem qualquer pode sentir mesmo sendo um guerreiro da luz todos nos somos guerreiros

  4. Manuela says:

    Podemos ní£o saber para onde vamos mas sabemos o que ní£o queremos.

  5. Elizabeth Oliveira says:

    Como é maravilhoso ser um guerreiro de luz, Paulo. É estar sempre caminhando, observando e evoluindo, com um amor imenso no coraí§í£o e a fé inabalável na proteí§í£o Divina. Obrigada por mais uma linda e feliz reflexí£o. Fica com Deus!!

  6. Corinne Khamis says:

    Hello Mr Coehlo , I very much wish to write to you although im not so computer savvy and i kinda believe im in the wrong place in regards to my location on this blog , neverless i will leave my comments here and hopefully they will find their way to you .

    I wont go on about what an incredible inspiration you have been in my life ,i only read the first ever book from you this year but the impact it made on my thoughts and heart is priceless. (The Alchemist). The next was The Witch of Portobello (i am now doing a course to teach Chakradance which i feel is a direct connection to Athena) I love your work , you are a true blessing to our world right now.

    What i really wanted to share with you is my knowledge of ISLAM and the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Im not a religious scolar by any means ,i am a simple woman married with 5 young children and a Muslim Shiite husband. I grew up in a Roman Catholic household ,went to catholic schools taught by nuns and basically left religion behind me by my early 20s proclaiming “I belive in God ,but i dont believe in religion”.
    In 2002 after the world tower incident i was compelled to learn about these people ‘Muslims’ who were apparently making huge angry waves over our earth . Or so said the Americans ,who i really dont pay much attention to at the best of times. It looked to me like the 3 heads of “Gods Office” Israel Islam and Jesus were about to embark on a battle to end all battles! I was concerned and a bit angry that we as people have allowed these groups to ‘run so far away with themselves’ (sometimes we need to get involved in the conflicts of those around us because left unattended the drama eventually spills over and affects us all).

    I was given a Koran and began discovering all that i could about these people, in one year i had met and married a Shiite Muslim whos family are from south Lebanon . A year after that i had put on the hijab (at my families horror) and lived my life as a fully fleged Muslim . My husband knew very little about his religion even though outwardly he and his people seem to be the authority on Islam ,he barely knew a thing about the prophet or his life.

    I dont wish to communicate anything about the Prophet that you would easily find yourself ,ive noticed Muslims in many of your writings now and i wonder what the connection they have to you ,i suspect its magical.I wish to share with you a few observations that are common knowledge to all Muslims only they seen to be unaware of the actual implications of the original story. I have carefully tried to convey my thoughts on the prophets position at the time but really its dangerous ground and religious people can be REALLY SUPERSTITIOUS. Here are my findings

    The beloved Prophet was not an educated man ,he lived simply until he married Khadija a wealthy merchants daughter.
    Around 40 years of age he was moved to spend time meditating in a cave, one day in the cave he apparently was visited by the Angel Gabriel who spoke with him (THIS TO ME IS THE FIRST EVENT THAT INDICATED THAT MOHAMMED WAS NOT YOUR EVERYDAY MAN ,the fact that he was communicating with what he named The Angel Gabriel indicates to me that he was actually some kind of MEDIUM. The Angel told him to pick up a pen and write. Mohammed replied “i can not, i have never learned to” The Angel told him again to pick up his pen and write . After a couple back and forwards The Prophet did as he was told and began to write the words that were dictated to him , THIS EVENT indicating that the prophet actually wrote the entire Koran via Automatic Writing of the tools of a medium.
    Throughout the Koran it is mentioned over and over that this is a book thats not written only for the human subjects but also for those a part of the spirit world..the jinn. The Prophet began directing his sermons to both beings after noticing that when he taught Islam in the village there would arrive many spirit beings that would assemble behind the humans to listen to his words also. Muhammed makes many references to the fact that Islam is the first religion to offer the words of God to both human and jinn.
    Although the Prophet is well aware of the jinn he advises his human subjects to have nothing to do with the jinn ,many times labelling them untrustworhty and a source of much misery in a human life . It seems that he believe the jinn are of a diferent species to human and one never becomes the other . Im not sure why.
    The subject of reincarnation is discussed a couple of times merely saying that this is your one and only life ,be mindful of it. There are some horrific punishments in the after life that closely resemble the writings of Clive Barker in Hellraiser, eg flesh being torn off your back in strips whilst eternally confined to a black box … this punishment is resevered for the backbiters or being forced to consume boiling putrid fluid as a result of further ‘wrong doing’. Quite awful really and i still dont know what the motivation was to add this to the writings but i imagine it is a control issue. I DONT BELIEVE THAT GOD IS A MEAN VENGEFUL ENTITY THAT IS ANXIOUSLY AWAITING RETRIBUTION FOR OUR EERINGS , I think that anyone claiming God to be this is the worst kind of liar.
    The Prophet Mohammed has an obvious grudge to bear against writers and poets which i find really amusing. He describes writers and poets as liars and completely untrustworhty. He complains that they write of matters that are simply untrue and are therefore misleading and dangerous to the people. He advises also that music and dance with put you in direct contact with the Jinn and to avoid these practices. He is another religious figure that dictated the importance of ignoring the spirit world only to be a major explorer of the realm himself . Like the Catholics claiming that any person occupying their time with spirit world to be isane or wicked when they themselves were the first organization to experiment with Automatic writings and the like.
    I have no idea how Sufi islam evolved ,as much as i enjoy the teachings of Rumi the practices are mostly in direct opposition to the warnings of the Prophet. Islam ,although is a word and religion written for man AND Spirit ,there is a reacurring theme “for the benefit of your own life DONT have anything to do with each other” ‘You cant assist them and they can only bring despair and tradgedy to you’. Sufi Islam seems to be in direct opposition to this, again im not sure as to why they labelled themselves Muslim to begin with ,i can only imagine they would have been faced with a lot of conflict from the existing Muslims at the time. Ba’hai is very much Islam but he was rejected by the Muslims although the practises are much closer to Islam than the Sufi’s.(something i will look into myself)

    This year i decided i could live my life no longer as a follower of any established Religion. Hate ,murder ,judgement misunderstanding and massive bloodshed are not where i personally find God. I refuse to accept the words of men who indicate that God actuaaly hates us and is waiting in wicked delight on our every corner ready to serve out punishment. Im not by any means accusing the Prophet of such crimes ,i truly believe he was a great and good man that did a wonderful job of protecting his people and encouraging them to be the Warriors of the good fight in a time that was oppressive and dangerous for most good hearted men. Mohammed was a good and kind man who had great respect for all women. (I believe if it wasnt for his first wife Khadija who backed him 100% in regards to his visits from the angel, the Koran may not even exist) Unfortunately like most words the message is often lost in translation especially after 1500years. In the Korans case ‘lost in translation’ more resembles corrupted in tranlation.

    I have removed my scarf and my invisible shield of Islam, my husband is dissapointed but i cant be a hypocrite, im just not feeling it any longer and whats more i truly believe that if the prophet were to ‘turn up’ and witness the state that his beloved faith is in today he himself would deny any involvement with the religion and return to his life as a Magus.

    Islam has been a wonderful learning journey for me although im bowing out i take with me much love and understanding for who he was as a man and what he shared with his people as a tribal leader and an important historical figure. May Allah and his Angels provide each and every being on this planet with the light of TRUTH that we may be guided always in this world and the next. Amen.

    Dear Mr Coelho , im not sure if you might ever read this post but if you do i hope that you might have found some of my findings as a Muslim woman to be interesting . I finished reading Aleph ,it was beautiful and inspiring as always. I hadnt read any ‘fiction’ for years quite opposed to it (i like to learn) but after reading the Alchemist my whole world has opened up. Thank you for you and the work that you share .Blessings to you and your amazing wife xx

    Corinne Khamis
    Sydney Australia

  7. “Por isso é um guerreiro da luz; porque passou por tudo isso, e ní£o perdeu a esperaní§a de ser melhor do que era.”
    Esta deveria ser a base de cada indiví­duo! Alimento a esperaní§a de que somos capazes, cada um de nós, de ser melhores do que fomos, assim como acredito em nosso potencial de inspirar este mesmo desejo nos outros!
    Que a Forí§a esteja com todos! (e que meu gosto por cinema ní£o neutralize a honestidade nesta saudaí§í£o)

  8. É muito bom ler e reler esse texto e poder lembrar sempre que um guerreiro da luz é uma pessoa normal , caminhando na estrada da vida , sofrendo, chorando, rindo , se alegrando, pensando muitas vezes em terminar mas sempre recomeí§ando …

  9. Grazi says:

    Nossa,que lindo trecho.

  10. Sidcley Silva says:


  11. Muito, muito bom!


    Mí´nica Molina

  12. osias says:

    legal gostei mto e me identifiquei