Everyone asks a lot of how, they don’t ask why

You say in Aleph that ‘writing is, above all, about discovering myself’, so in which of your books have you discovered most about yourself?

All of them. But the turning point in my life was my first book, The Pilgrimage because I started to tell everybody I was a writer.

Do you think the way that Western society is constructed, with emphasis on material possessions, that we are programmed to never find fulfilment?

Everyone asks a lot of how, they don’t ask why. They want to know how to do this, how to do that, but we should ask more why should I do this, why should I do that. It has to with consumer society. How did you become rich? How did you become a bestseller? How did you become a journalist? Just change how to why it makes a lot of difference to life.

Is the world suffering an economic crisis because people are looking for the wrong things in life?

It’s the irresponsibility of politicians. You know, I know – we live in a big lie. Everybody knows but we close our eyes back to the comfort zone and one day it explodes and everybody is affected. Mostly poor people. I’m very pessimistic about this economic crisis. I don’t think it is over.

In Aleph, you also say that instead of fighting for God, we should fight against God.

Sometimes yes.

Can you elaborate?

Fighting for God we see now: Christian fundamentalism, Islamic fundamentalism… They give their lives because the message is a powerful one: you are martyr. I’m a Catholic so I know what I’m talking about, because my Church was founded on the blood of the martyrs.
People start justifying their lives because they need raison d’etre – they need a reason to live. They are trying to convince themselves about their faith.
Fighting against God: it is everywhere in the Bible. Even Jesus – fought against God. When He says, ‘God, why did you forsake me?’ on the cross, or when He asks “Take this cup away from me”.
Then you have this intense relationship with God that is not a relationship of submission.
However, if you accept everything, if you do not ask why or how, you are not living, just obeying a set of rules. Like a lamb.

You lived through dictatorship, imprisonment and torture in Brazil during the 1970s, what advice would you have for those being oppressed?

You remember at the beginning of our conversation about losing our faith? So, I totally lost my faith. When I was released I thought, this cannot happen to me. This is not fair, this is not just, God does not love me. It took me seven years to get rid of this experience.
It is very difficult to give advice because when you are in jail and when you are tortured you don’t exist anymore. After you are released, the prison remains in your soul. In my case, there was only one thing that healed the experience. It was time.
But as I know what does it mean to be arrested, today I am part of Amnesty International, I am a Messenger of Peace for the United Nations, on the board of the Doha Center of Media Freedom, and use my influence to avoid these situations.

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  1. Donika says:

    I liked very much your last interview.E have not your last book.I have read other books of yours,they are wounderful. Your comments in your interview on Alpeh are very liberating and very human, especially the part about God.Thank you for your ideas.Keep up the good work.

  2. Sava says:

    Hope you read this message when I want to thank you for all the great releases! You have truly touched and inspired me to not give up on my dreams and goals! My way has been and is not easy and many times I’ve been close to giving up but after a tip when I started reading The Alchemist, I could not stop!
    Wonderful when you have lot of goals and dreams, even more wonderful when you manage to achieve and realize them! The road is like a roller coaster. Simple way is to give up the tough way to fight and believe in your dreams, goals, love and capacity to achieve them!
    Thank you for all the inspiration! You are a true role model

  3. Annie says:

    There is a why (y) in the why
    but there is no way to know asking how
    you ve got to make your own way
    and one day you ‘ll sing
    I did it my way

    where the roads split (Y)
    just ask why (Y)
    but for a heart that wants to know Love
    there is not how
    and there is not why

    every road you take will lead you
    there, and then
    you ll know
    … why

    Love and Gratitude

  4. Monika says:

    If a stroke of fate destroyed your life, for example an apoplectic stroke and you could not write anymore – could you keep your faith in God then?

  5. jessica says:

    questioning is humane………….even to God :-) misfortune endured turns into blessings…… parabens :-)

  6. down to earth says:

    Agnus Dei peccata mundi,

  7. THELMA says:

    Fighting against God: it is everywhere in the Bible. Even Jesus – fought against God. When He says, ‘God, why did you forsake me?’ on the cross, or when He asks “Take this cup away from me”.

    I think that Jesus with these two phrases was not ‘fighting against God’. He was the ‘Ayia Trias’, GOD, incarnated and He was a perfect Human Being. The moments that He said these, were the moments that his human nature was expressed. It was a moment of ‘human weakness’ but at the same instance of complete SURRENDER and LOVE. ‘Father, forgive them, they do not know what they are doing’. This is what I always ask and pray for those who have hurt me, in any way: Forgiveness. Because when we hurt others, actually it is ourselves that we hurt. We are one. Whatever we send to the Universe we will get it back ‘seven times’ stronger! The notion and teachings of ‘An eye for and eye and a tooth for a teeth’ belong to the Past. He has brought us the Good MESSAGE = Eυαγγέλιον. He came to complete the Scripts. ‘LOVE YOUR ENEMY’ and ‘when you are slap on one cheek, turn the other side too’. This is the only Way to stop hatred and disaster! ‘Love your ‘next to you’ like yourself”. For me to be strong is not to be able to ‘conquer’ someone, but to be able to love him/her so much, so that you will set them FREE, but always have them in our HEART sending them benign thoughts of blessings.

    “One day you will ask me which is more important? my life or yours? I will say mine and you will walk away not knowing that you are my life.” –
    — Khalil Gibran
    Thelma xxx

  8. LoveM says:

    Rather ask Who questions..
    Who thinks this? ..thought..concept..idea..world..god..
    Who feels this? ..desire..pleasure..pain..suffering..
    Who knows this? ..moment..silence..truth..beauty..love..joy..
    Who is aware of this? ..being..present..presence..
    Who is able to see this? ..seeing..i amness.. isness..
    Bless your seeing and your delight

  9. Luis Miguel Chávez Le says:

    HOLA PAULO: Tus Temas Interesantes hijo yo le leido ONU Sobre La Reencarnación DE UN BUDA EN OTRA VIDA Este Tema me ha gustado Mucho, Sobre Trata de las Naciones Unidas buda Que segun los relatos de Sus Servidores ESTAS Personas Que Mueran los antes dejaban Señales y HASTA Que en sitio del Mundo iban una Nacer segun ESTAS Señales los maestros iban una ESE Lugar y si ESE Niño Daba Una de las Señales Que habian dicho los antes Que Mueran this persona era llevada sin un Lugar Donde sí­ les enseñaba y Donde tenian Que personajes ESTAR ESTAS … ..tambien habia leido mas Sobre Casos Que me sorprendieron Mucho ya CASI ESTAS personajes hacertaban en TODAS las Señales PORQUE SUS segun maestros El Buda sí­ reencarnada en Otra Vida nueva …. gracias estubo Este Interesante Tema. atención: LUIS MIGUEL CHAVEZ LEYVA 5to “C” Alfred Nobel

  10. Miriam says:

    Me gusta la idea de preguntar ¿por qué? y no ¿cómo? Es lo que nos ayuda a conocer más, a aprender más. Hace unos dí­as me despertó la curiosidad el “por qué” su libro “Aleph” lleva el mismo nombre de “El Aleph” de Jorge Luis Borges, por ahí­ se lo pregunté en Twitter, jaja pero no me respondió :(
    Si fuera su voluntad saciar mi curiosidad se lo agradeceré. Saludos!

  11. Anna says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho,

    I was born into a roman-catholic family and I wonder if it is a good thing to convert to the orthodox church. Did you ever consider converting yourself to a different part of christian faith. You should love for what you believe, fight for what you love will harm you.
    And I would like it if you could write a novel about how to cope with alcoholic familymembers or addicts of any kind. Your writing has always pleased me and I as many others need more support on this subject. Or a book about dementia… thank you for reading this. have a great day.

  12. Leandro says:

    Ní£o adianta procurarmos as respostas quando as perguntas estí£o erradas .Monopolizaram tudo , as perguntas , as respostas e até a fé . Isso torna tudo mais difí­cil . Eu apenas procuro minha ataraxia , a tranquilidade , uma vida sem preocupaí§íµes , onde ní£o existe certo e errado , assim eu posso continuar seguindo minha busca sem me preocupar com fatores externos . Por que conforme escrito no texto ” Como vocíª se tornou rico? Como vocíª se tornou um best-seller? Como vocíª se tornou um jornalista? ”
    Isso é o que menos importa seja qual for a nossa busca , eu pretendo alcaní§a-la para conseguir mais felicidade e trabalhar com o que eu gosto , No momento em que seguimos algo na vida que ní£o nos agrada , mas fazemos assim mesmo apenas para impressionar outras pessoas ou para termos status e dinheiro , dificilmente a gente consegue . Por que quando nos preocupamos muito em agradar outras pessoas , nós fazemos as coisas apenas para sermos notados , e consequentemente somos facilmente influenciados aí­ dá tudo errado .
    “Todo mundo pede muito de como, ní£o pergunte por quíª. Eles querem saber como fazer isso, como fazer aquilo . “

  13. marie-christine says:

    Children ask why
    Les enfants demandent pourquoi
    :) Merci.

  14. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    The question of why. Many “Why” questions can be never answered. Some others already, I see some in this interview. I find the answers very interesting and agree with you completely.
    Why is the social bridge collapsing? That’s an interesting question by Princess. Has the bridge ever existed? That would be my question, and of course the next. Why do many believe that this bridge has existed? When I look at the whole world then this bridge is an illusion. It has never existed. “The crisis is not over, I think it was not understood until now.” A retired German politician has said this 2009. He’s probably right.
    Naturally I have a completely different life experience than you. I’ve never lived in a dictatorship, I was never in jail, I was never tortured. I thank God. I can not say more about it. Only one. There are many people who now have to suffer this. To you and all these people my love and my respect for their struggle.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  15. marie-christine says:

    En francais

    Tout le monde demande beaucoup de comment ,, ils ne demandent pas pourquoi?

    Dans Aleph, vous dites que l’ecriture est avant tout une decouverte sur moi-meme, Alors, dans lequel de vos livres avez vous decouvert le plus sur vous-meme?

    Tous. Mais le tournant dans ma vie fut mon premier livre “Le Pelerin de Compostelle” parce que j’ai commence a dire a tout le monde que j’etais un ecrivain.

    Pensez-vous que la facon dont la societe occidentale est fondee avec l’accent sur les biens materiels que nous sommes programmes pour ne jamais etre satisfaits?

    Chacun demande beaucoup de comment, ils ne demandent pas pourquoi.
    Ils veulent savoir comment faire ceci,, comment faire cela mais nous devrions demander plus pourquoi devrais-je faire ceci, pourquoi devrais-je faire cela. Ceci est du a la societe de consommation . Comment etes-vous devenu riche? Comment etes-vous devenu un best-seller? Comment etes-vous devenu un journaliste? Changez seulement comment par pourquoi- fait une grande difference dans la vie-

    Le monde souffre-t’il une crise economique parce que les gens cherchent les choses fausses dans la vie?

    C’est l’irresponsabilite des politiciens – Vous savez. Je sais – nous vivons tous dans un gros mensonge – Tout le monde le sait mais nous fermons les yeux, retournant dans la zone de confort et un jour cela explose, et tout le monde est affecte. La majorite,, les gens pauvres. Je suis tres pessimiste sur cette crise economique. Je ne pense pas qu’elle soit terminee.

    Dans ‘Aleph’ vous dites egalement qu’au lieu de se battre pour Dieu, nous devrions nous battre contre Dieu.

    Parfois oui.

    Pouvez-vous elaborer?

    Se battre pour Dieu ce que nous voyons maintenant : le fondamentaliste chretien, le fondamentaliste islamique. Ils donnent leurs vies parce que c’est un message puissant ; tu es un martyre.
    Je suis catholique et je sais ce dont je parle parce que mon eglise est fondee sur le sang des martyres.
    Les gens commencent a justifier leurs vies parce qu’ils ont besoin d’une raison pour vivre. Ils essaient de se convaincre eux-memes sur leur foi .
    Se battre contre Dieu : c’est partout dans la Bible – meme Jesus – a lutte contre Dieu. Quand il dit ;”Dieu pourquoi m’as-tu abandonne?’ sur la croix ou quand il demande : ‘Enleve ce calice de moi.’
    Alors, vous avez cette relation intense avec Dieu qui n’est pas une relation de soumission.
    Cependant, si vous acceptez tout, si vous ne demandez pas pourquoi ou comment vous ne vivez pas -seulement, obeissez a une serie de regles – Comme un agneau.

    Vous avez vecu sous la dictature, l’emprisonnement et la torture au Bresil dans les annees 70. Quel conseil donneriez-vous a ceux qui ont ete oppresses?

    Vous vous souvenez, au debut de notre conversation sur la perte de la foi?
    Alors, j’ai completement perdu ma foi. Lorsque j’ai ete libere,, j’ai pense :’Ca ne peut pas m’arriver a moi. Ce n’est pas juste, Ce n’est pas juste. Dieu ne m’aime pas.” Il m’a fallu sept ans pour me liberer de cette experience.
    C’est tres difficile de donner des conseils parce que lorsque vous etes en prison et quand vous etes torture vous n’existez plus. Apres, quand vous etes libere la prison reste dans votre ame. Dans mon cas, il y avait une seule chose qui a gueri l’experience . C’etait le temps.
    Mais comme je sais ce que cela veut dire d’etre arrete, aujourd’hui je fais partie d’Amnistie International. Je suis un Messager de la Paix pour les Nations Unis, membre du Centre pour la liberte de la Presse a Doha et j’utillise mon influence pour eviter ces situations.

    Lisez l’interview en entier sur ‘The Big Issue’ (UK) de cette semaine,.

  16. Pandora says:

    Thanks for doing this Paulo, there are so many homeless and this paper has given so much invaluable support. I am choosing not to read it here as I live in the UK , and I want to buy it to support the vendors, who are homeless and who have to pay for the papers themselves.

    1. Pandora says:

      ‘Love they neighbour as thyself.’

      “Act in a way you can justify before God. Do the right thing and act loyally.” ~ Letters of Vincent van Gogh, 14 May 1882

      Today I went to see a man who always sits alone with his big brown dog, on a hard concrete public square in a south east London suburb. Last time I saw him, I asked him if he was homeless, he was he said, so I gave him £2.00 but I didn’t want his paper, because he has to pay £1.00 for every copy even whether he sells them or not “It’s not sale or return” he told me.

      This time I bought five copies to give to friends and because he looked so downcast and despondent. I was shocked that your face or name wasn’t even on the front cover so opened it to check that it was the right one, he said it hadn’t been selling well today until I came along, and he had never heard of you. I went and bought him a copy of “The Alchemist” in Waterstones as they didn’t have in W H Smiths, and when I gave it to him I said, “Your luck can change but promise me that when you’ve finished this book, you will pass it on to someone you think might enjoy it.”, He agreed and said “Of course it can”.

      When I left, he had his nose deeply buried in its cover …

  17. Patti says:

    Are we not responsible for electing our politicians? We need to take this responisiblity more seriousley….

  18. marie-christine says:

    En francais
    L’auteur bresilien de ‘l’Alchimiste” parle exclusivement a ‘The Big Issue”
    Inspire par Paulo Coelho strategie revolutionnaire de distribuer gratuitement en ligne son travail, voici le transcript d’un interview qui apparait dans cette semaine du ‘Big Issue’ (UK). S.V.P. considerez acheter une copie.

    Interview : S. McKenzie

    Aleph est a present un best seller dans le monde entier. Est-ce que le succes global de vos livres la preuve que tout le monde partage les memes peurs et reves ,, et les gens ne sont pas aussi differents que ce que nous pensons de temps en temps?

    Je pense que les gens partout dans le monde se posent les memes questions. Je ne dirais pas peurs et reves – probablement aussi – mais lorsque j’ecris un livre je me concentre sur mes propres questions,.
    Ce dont je me rends compte en lisant les tweets et commentaires des communites sociales est que bien que nous ne partageons pas les memes reponses – et nous ne les partageons pas – nous partageons les memes questions.
    C’est quelque chose qui aide enormement. Je ne me sens pas seul en tant qu’ecrivain. Parce q

  19. shyam sunder says:

    to know that the right question is why and not how you need time and experience of knowing the futility of the question how . The question how never has an answer instead it is replaced by another how.
    Love you Paulo

  20. Florence says:

    I Love your answers Paulo ! So humble and real :)

  21. Princess says:

    Why is the social bridge collapsing?

  22. Heart says:

    This is the approach children take. They never get tired of asking why, why, why. Of course they can drive any adult crazy. Once, an angle told me; “Stop asking why, or you are going to pull your hair off.” He was almost bald. Why do we smile? Why do we love? Because they are unexpected gifts from the universe, that makes us bubble from surprise happiness. Why? Because to feel loved make us happy.. Why? I just does! Shut up! Am I being a troll again? Why? Because that’s who I am. Why? Who cares… Whatever..Why? So that I can show people the Northern Lights.. Why? Because they will make people happy.. Why do I want to make people happy? Because it makes me happy? Because it makes God happy? Just relax..and BE happy…

  23. Malek Abu Karam says:

    Mr. Paulo , ,
    You are the greatest always . .

    Thank youuuuuuuuu

  24. Olta Canka says:

    Why? My most favorite question since always.
    But you only start thinking of asking it when you’ve pondered well what you get from that How?

    And then I think that many should have learned already even from others past mistakes, but truth is that “many” are still asleep.
    As you say Paulo:
    “I am a soul with a body, not a body with a soul.”
    It is time to acknowledge that.


  25. ChrissySonne says:

    My words were prisoned behind thick walls.
    Your soul kissed my soul in an ecstatic Triumph of Freedom. In that merging moment your Light released my soul from being a hostage.
    Thank you so much for setting me free to pour down like a waterfall over mountains and woods and lanes…
    Nothing can stop this endless moment of Divine Joy…

  26. aditya says:

    how true.

  27. Daniel says:

    I wrote this yesterday after several visits here Paulo. The notions are taken straight from Aleph, life is not the stations, and from your beautiful quote about how ships were not built to sit in safe harbours.

    P.S. it does not matter how I wrote this, but you are the reason why! :)

    Still searching for your island,
    To put in at shore,
    Leaving behind seas that charm and rant,
    And winds that don’t always blow your way,
    But is that what boats are for?
    Sail away,
    Any bearing will do,
    And take all that this roiling water
    Will bestow upon you,
    Tattered sails can still catch the breeze,
    the depths hold treasures that are not for you,
    But for glimpses,
    Through waves shimmering light and dark,
    So set your gaze skyward,
    the stars will guide you,
    If its guidance you desire.
    Sail on, beautiful,
    Of the horizon, 
    never tire,
    And if your stays snap and flail,
    Take up the oars,
    Till calmer seas prevail,
    Life is not safe harbours,
    It’s the boat in which you sail.

  28. coolguy1609 says:

    Wow!!! Before you accept anything ask, Why?


  29. Marina says:

    Thank you, Paulo.

  30. eleonora says:

    condivido molto quanto espresso da Paulo Coelho*

  31. eleonora says:

    Quando riceviamo del male soffriamo..allo stesso modo ,dovremmo soffrire quando lo provochiamo,non per una questione prettamente religiosa,quanto etica.Vero che oggi ci soffermiamo molto sulla domanda “come”..sarebbe piu’ giusto chiederci perche’..Un perche’ indotto da un vivere frenetico.Ritengo giusto che ognuno di noi si ritagli del tempo per riflettere,,per poter raggiungere quell’io interiore che gli permette di vedere con occhi nuovi tutto cio’ che lo circonda.basterebbe che ogni singolo individuo( piuttosto che credersi cosi’ vicino a tutto ,grazie alle tecnologie,)prendesse visione dell’allontanamento dal proprio cuore e dall ‘anima mundi.

  32. Tarek says:

    And I wonder why most people assume that knowing How (mechanism) means knowing Why (reason, sense). In fact this assumption is the driving idea of our modern-days science(s).

  33. Lyl says:

    Worth reading

  34. arun says:

    A good topic that “why” is not as important as “how”. From the early period the civlisation is always interested in knowing the process…the outcome of process is ignored till it comes as surprise. The curosity is killing and everyone enjoys it. “how” is something related with physical rather body as whatever we do is the process of doing, linked with our own actions and deeds. There are 100 ways of doing so and 101 ways to change so. On the other side the “why” is related with soul… One knows that what purpose he would achieve in doing this. The purpose may be small for one and important for another. it is related with spiritual awareness and alert conscience. ‘how’ can fail someone but ‘why’ will always a winner. I am happy the way ‘how’ i am doing and I am delighted to understand ‘why’ I did do.
    “When I was released I thought, this cannot happen to me. This is not fair, this is not just, God does not love me. It took me seven years to get rid of this experience.
    Regarding this I have written a note linked at “aks – The Reflection: ‘STOP THINKING WHY & START LIVING RIGHT AWAY’ on arunaksarun blogspot.com . few excerpts of that is ” I am happy that God- my friend has fulfilled my dream and relied upon me to give what I have desired. He let me chose my path and destiny to begin my onward journey. I have chosen my path and become what I always want to be. I am today what I thought at the beginning of my life.”

  35. Brave Soul says:

    You are Right. A big lie that resulted in continous torture and imprisonment for the whole population. It is like mind rape. I am pessimistic about the whole universe experience. We messed up big time. All of us: races, religions, education, governements, rich, poor, etc. They should call it the denial age or imaginary planet.
    Don’t mean to sound negative, just stating the facts. I know you believe in the reincornation which I don’t. Maybe it would be a good idea to believe in it hoping that I might return again in a better era but the fear that the up coming ages will just be worse. I really don’t want to be reincornated:-). I think it is enough for one life to see so many people suffering and not able to help them. It is the ultimate feeling for weakness. Believe it or not people with money suffer too. Maybe not phyically but mentally. These negative emotions that storm in the mind 24/7 is hell on earth. I witnessed a few. It is no fun ride. And everybody in between is living in la la Land so they won’t have to face the harsh reality.

  36. A.sailesh says:

    I did went to jail.With out doing any mistake,there was a chance to get out of it ..if there was ny help but no one came to my rescue .No one is there for me,If they r there ,they r for something they want.i just want to get out of this…From then my heart beats of fear and feel every time in danger..

  37. rob says:

    this is an incredable message for those who can understand it. lets make a reasonable jugment before we take an action, so the world will be a better place to live.

  38. This is a very powerful post especially when you bring it to life with your own very harrowing life experience. I myself do not believe that God made the world but rather we did (i.e. the ego). We blame God for what we have made but He is waiting for us to give up our illusions and relinquish our allegiance to the ego. Through loving and serving all do we refute the ego and embrace love which is our true essence. By recognising the Higher Self in everyone we can correct our wrong perceptions and realise the truth. Thank you.

  39. Claudia says:

    Is “los illuminati ” a myth ? What do you think?

  40. Lau Nuñez says:

    Your words are so wise and powerful. You inspire me!
    The way you answered each question, It’s wonderful!
    God bless you! And thank you for sharing your wisdom with us!

  41. Jazz Siy says:

    I’m constantly amazed of how bad life be. One time its good then it becomes bad, then for some reason the bad produces something fruitful. Life is just full of mysteries. Truly, recognizing difference is the key to wisdom.

    Thank you Paolo.

  42. Zaynab Kadhem says:

    Hi Paulo,
    I wish that my people in Iraq can hear you. Everyone in Iraq is oppressed. Women,, journalists, kids, youth. ,
    I don’t know if there is an Arabic translation of your blog and interviews but, I hope so. So many of my people who are still in Iraq need to hear you.


  43. N.J.Bond says:


    MONKEY MIND WENT UP HIGH INTO SKY TO FIND heaven , IT IS FOUND IT IS NOT THERE . It dug deep into 300 ft in 300 years and it is exploding now . We do not have medicine to
    this monster . So we will anesthesia and ask for more evolved souls to take birth
    soon on this planet to help life.

    The problem is world needs faith for this .With out this no use asking why .

  44. N.J.Bond says:

    Had you not been to prison you would not be this deep in thinking to ask why .You also would have been that superficial like one who do not want to ask why , they all ask how because they have not gone through the experience needed . Jail is for greedy ones to land up his flight . You had lust for life and landed in jail and learned to deep probe things once and for all . Nature cannot teach lesson comfortable way, when it does it Is for ones who cannot take the heat . Those who take heat are gold and more useful to others . To make you more useful to others and receive the fufillment on this is your genes are designed . Genes are just blue print . The contractor interprets the building finally . You interpreted your building this with same genes .

    People will not ask question why . For they know in deep it is impossible to answer . IT CAN BE COUNTERED ACCORDING TO ONE’S LEVEL ONLY .
    Sothey ask you to how . This much they can drink, for eating they will not ask you . IT IS REAL NOURISH.

  45. Muhammad Sajjad Nawaz says:

    It is all the time wonderful to listen or read some words of Paulo, great author

  46. Redha says:

    Infact, Mr. Paulo you are the best with the simplicity of your writings, but one thing I say and in which neither me nor all other believers believe in, we can never fight against God. But we follow our destiny as YOU said in the “Alchemist”

  47. Bueno primeramente hola:

    Bueno kisiera decirle k me gusta muxo “LA COLUMNA DE COELHO”
    es muy interesante y habla de muchos temas .

    En especial en donde habal de las cinco leyes de Sun Tzu

    Muy interesante aparte k me toko de trabajoo jeje.
    Mnaod saludos

    Cesar Enrique Huamaní­ Huayllani. 5A Alfred Nobel

  48. Anon says:

    Thank you for sharing the story of your hardships. Looking at you in videos it is hard to see how you could have been through such difficulty and be the man you are. I am fighting to overcome my own difficulties, so reading what you said has given me strength and inspiration. It’s not something that many people talk about, so it is easy to feel like I’m the only one, but I see so much light in you that I know in time I can be happy again and recover the self that was lost. Thank you.

  49. Janelli says:

    what can we expect to your visit here in the Philippines? looking forward to it… :-)

  50. sarah says:

    thank you for chaging my life in each book…each page…:)