Disruption talk with Sean Parker


  1. Suresh says:

    It’s good to know that I as an individual can make a change the way people think..

  2. eleonora says:

    Paulo ..l’essere riuscito a rimanere umile, nonostante il tuo successo,,ti rende unico e grande.Grazie per il tuo essere disponibile a comunicare con noi.Riguardo alle tecnologie ,se usate nel modo giusto sono una grande opportunita’.

  3. THELMA says:

    It is ..magical to be on a ‘seemingly’ boring Sunday afternoon open our computer and there find you, dearest Paulo Coelho at the other end communicating with us or the greatest pianist of our times Andrei Gavrilov ‘speaking’ with us in facebook and even listening to a concert he gave last Friday! A few years ago we could only ‘dream’ of meeting our ‘idols’ and look into their eyes and soul! : -)) I feel so lucky to live in this ERA and have seen my dreams come true! Because you, dearest Paulo Coelho, have taught us that the UNIVERSE CONSPIRES WITH US and DREAMS BECOME REALITY! You are ‘possessed’ with your lap-top my family ‘shouts’ at me! It is not with technology that I am enchanted but with the vast possibilities of meeting and touching the lives and souls of so many wonderful people! Because sometimes the people far away may be ‘nearer’ to the people next to us! Be happy, dearest Paulo Coelho, without .. remorse or doubts! Thank God, we have ‘survived’, been … healed and we are still … young at heart! ;-)) We .. use every new technology with an open mind.
    Thelma xxx

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    C’est le cadeau Universel – Sans Frontieres –
    It’s the Universal gift – Without Borders –

    1. Marie-Christine Cauvy says:

      The internet is a real revolution.,
      It allows us to travel at the speed of light,
      I am glad I am part of that as I would have never been able to reach and become so rich.
      With Love

  5. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    It is always difficult to make predictions about the future, especially in the cultural field. For me, your opinion is absolutely conclusive. That seems to be a very exciting time. Thank you for this great interview!

    I wish you all a wonderful evening

  6. karen says:

    Great share! As a reader in this new technology, I am not only able to share but able to read stories and learn about incredible things that are happening the world over, while hearing the stories of people from so many places. Doors opening that help to connect and say it is okay to communicate and feel; that it is okay to touch each other.
    with love & respect, k

  7. FREYjA says:

    Dear Paulo
    I was very inspired by this chat. It gave me hope that as an artist, the new technological paradigm can indeed get my message out there and reminded me that this is what I am going it all for
    Please let me share this song of mine The Magician with you. I just know it will speak to your soul FREYjA

    1. karen says:

      thank you FREYja :-). beautiful share…

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      Such an appropriate song with a voice that deserves a lot of play,
      Thank you.