What a year!

You may imagine the excitement of a writer (any writer) whe she/he releases a new book. Most of them don’t show it – probably because they are shy, or they prefer to hide their emotions – but the excitement is there.
Long time ago I chose to share all my emotions, regardless the circumstances – love, enthusiasm, fear – so I can live my life fully.
It was a decision that I never regret. And that is present in all my writings.

And when 2011 knocked the door, I thought: “the next months will be very interesting, as my new title will be released worldwide”. Bingo!
What I did not expect (even if I wished and dreamt about it) was to see what I saw.
ALEPH made the bestseller lists in all countries it was published (except one). Bear in mind that I decided not to give more than 10 interviews during the year, and the success of the book is basically the word-of-mouth and the social communities.

The photo above was taken in the most important Polish chain (Empik). Poland was the final country in 2011 where ALEPH was released.

Therefore, thank you for your continuous suppport, your friendship, and your commitment.
Thank you, obrigado, gracias, merci!
Now we wait for 2012 to see the book repeating the same performance in the countries it will be published (Germany, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, etc. )
Much love

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  1. dumitrache nicoleta says:

    your books are great!I am an English teacher from Romania and I advise my students to read your books. It is said that nowadays young people hardly ever read books. Maybe it is true but your books represent the exception! Thank you for making my students read a book with great pleasure!

  2. Jouse Santana says:

    Incrí­vel como a alegria e desespero de ler as obras do Paulo me engrandecem. Eu que até pouco tempo ní£o me dedicava a leitura, hoje sinto necessidade.
    Parabéns, Paulo! Sucesso e inspiraí§íµes, sempre.
    Jouse – Salvador-Bahia-Brasil

  3. Kanika says:

    Like all the books by Paulo, this book presented itself when I needed it the most. My faith in his books have increased over the years. Whenever I need certain answers in my life I start reading the book which helps me find those answers.

    Thanks Paulo, your books connect at the soul.

  4. Akua says:

    This book taught me patience even before I read it. I had to wait until the English version came out.
    Then I was so happy to receive it, I had to calm myself down and read it slowly and savour every page. And as expected it was perfect timing and the perfect message to me personally. Now I will give myself a few days and read it again. Its that type of book!
    The beauty of the book ALEPH is that it is written by a Brazilian man, and translated into so many languages and is read and understood by people in many different continents and countries as it is the universal language of the soul.
    Many thanks, Paulo, for letting me experience this universal union.

  5. tabby says:

    finally i got the Aleph in Pakistan….. thanks for provide this wonderful gift to world , we all love you Paulo…

  6. Barbara says:

    I bought Aleph 10 days ago and sat down to begin it on the Sunday. I could not put it down – that has never happened with me and a book before! I was amazed and totally touched. I am personally in an unexpected place right now living alone for the first time in my life aged 58, but life feels full of possibility and promise. I feel inspired by your writing Paulo thank you.

  7. Pavi says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Did you know that the people in Sri Lanka read the translations of your books and that they love them. We do!. Your books are amazing.

  8. Padraic Israel says:

    I have just started reading Aleph, even though I got it while on vacation a month or so ago. It was a geat way to start that journey, but I did not read it then, and I’m really feeling that’s because I was supposed to read it now. I’m only 100 page in, but already it’s been an exciting, quick, amazing read. I can’t wait to see what’s next around the bend, and right now I’m very much enjoying your talk with Yao in Ekaterinburg, and worries over Hilal. To be honest this is the first book of yours that I am reading. I was introduced to you through The Alchemist graphic novel. One thing I’ve noticed and love about you Paulo is that you share everything with us, well everything concerning your journey and spiritual wellbeing. It’s just amazing that there is someone out there sharing that deep innerself here in the 21st century. Being an American it’s hard to find such depth of soul in my culture and my people. At times we’re moving so fast, and seem so superficial, that it’s hard to remember what it truly means to feel and be human. So again thank you for the joy that is Aleph, for sharing of yourself with your readers and fans, and being one more light in this world. :-)

  9. aldo nèstor blanco says:

    Soy de San Fernando pcia Bs.As.Rep.Argentina,me encantan todos sus libros, en especial Aleph-Manual del Guerrero de La Luz soy escritor y a veces suelo agragar algunos fragmentos de sus libros-si me enviara alguna direccií²n donde mandarle alguno de mis libros a Brasil-se lo agradecerí¬a como suelo hacer con escritores españoles o franceces-solemos mandar a.la abadia de san josè francia libros

  10. holly hine says:

    Just finished reading it…what a wonderful gift from you to the world. Helped refresh and restore my belief in what I already know is true. Thank you!

  11. Baqir talpur says:

    Reading The Aleph, its as awesome as i expected it to be. Loving it. And congrates paulo. May GOD bless you with health so that you can write more and light our lives with your wisdom and show us path like to understand divine power, and universe and strenghten our faith.

  12. pablo says:

    Leí­ en algun lugar que los lectores son quienes mas conocen el alma de los autores, por lo tanto eso nos convierte en buenos amigos, estoy leyendo su último libro Aleph, y me emocionó mucho, siempre descubro algo de mi mismo en sus obras. Un fraternal abrazo.

  13. Congratulations! Germany is waiting! Its hard to wait so long! Herzliche Grüsse von Ingrid Dykstra ( also a writer ;-))

  14. oralia casanova says:

    Estimado y apreciadisimo Sr. Paolo.
    Gracias por esos libros maravillosos que escribe, Ud. a hecho de mí­ una mejor persona con mis semejantes, creame que todo lo que ud. escribe es una enseñanza para mí­ y trato de llevarlo a a la practica con los que me rodean.
    Que el Sr. mi Dios me lo cuide y lo bendiga.

  15. Mascia says:

    Caro Paulo finalmente riesco a leggere il blog in italiano….prima nn mi faceva la traduzione…comunque…..sn qui perchè ti seguo da diversi anni….e devo dire che in ogni libro che leggo sembra di conoscerti sempre di pií¹…in quest’ultimo Aleph ho vissuto con te attimo per attimo….mi hai trasportato a conoscere cií² a cui non sapevo dar risposte…perchè mesi fa mi sono successi fatti molto analoghi a cio che ho letto…non prendermi per pazza….ma ho trovato il mio Aleph….prima di conoscere te ho sempre pensato che nei miei sogni avessi la facoltí  di viaggiare attraverso mondi paralleli…ed è come se leggendo il tuo libro ne abbia avuto conferma….spesso sogno cose che avverranno da li a pochi giorni…oppure conosco persone che…diciamo mi sembra d’aver conosciuto…ho fatto conoscere i tuoi libri ad un altra persona che come me condivide le mie stesse sensazioni e quando ha letto Aleph si è accorto di quanto era vero cií² che avevavmo vissuto…GRAZIE PAULO PER IL TUO AIUTO E PER LA GIOIA CHE CI DAI CON IL TUO SAPER SCRIVERE!!!!!
    Ps:per caso verrai in italia per firmare il libro?se si quando?un abbraccio con tutto l amore dell’universo a presto

  16. Polina says:

    Dear Paulo, we are waiting the book in Russia and we love you))

  17. Arlene says:

    Congrats Paulo,
    I’ve finished reading the english version and I’m waiting for the Indonesian translation to buy one for my mom… =)

  18. Adriana says:

    Paulo, you’re right, waht a joy of a year is this one for you.
    I feel your excitement expressed in a guiltless childish manner and I join you. How good it feels!

  19. Ricku Lohar says:

    Dear Paulo, heartiest congratulations for the achievements!

  20. FRED says:

    Paulo.. “You chose to share all your emotions, regardless the circumstances – love, enthusiasm, fear – so you can live your life fully.”
    You add.. “it was a decision that you never regret. And that is present in all you writings.”
    How many live did you saved? you need an award for making reading affordable, simply enthusiastic, imaginable, transformable.. a dreamland for the ones who took pleasure by reading at least one of your books.
    Like many of us, I started with the alchemist – french version.. naturally! I fall in love with that small pocket book.. forgot the name.. that story in amazonia where a dentist had his pockets full of gold for extracting all the teeths of one of the gold prospector$ ha-ha! You write so nicely, i was enduring the extraction as if that dentist was playing with mines :D I red the story or the book 7 or 8 times.
    Now you’ve become one of the most famous writter of the millenium!
    You’re a great writter, a dreamer and don’t be proud only of your success! You saved lifes too ha-ha!
    1000 Mercis… 1001 Sourires

  21. Maryam says:

    thats awsmmmm…bundles of Congrats to u Paulo!

  22. Agnes says:

    Poland loves your books and i love the photo tooked in Poland :)

  23. You are a beautiful example for all of us — through your choice to own and live your feelings, and of course, through your writings. When a dream comes to fruition it is because it is needed, and will find its way into the lives of those who require it, almost regardless of the “hard work” we do to put it there. Thank you for all you are and all you do.

  24. fatima says:

    sinto orgulho de seu trabalho e feliz por ter feito tanto sucesso, mas imagino que sente uma dorsinha no coraí§í£o por ser um pedaí§o seu em cada pág.

  25. Marie-Christine says:

    What a year this has been. Yes.
    One of the reason I love Paulo Coelho so much is simple. I have learned everything from him I got the education I never had and needed – a life one –
    and I followed the instructions. I could see so much of him in me.
    How can you thank someone like that? It is nearly impossible but on the other hand it is possible so.
    I have thirteen books from you here . Two of the books are in French and English. It makes it 11 originals.
    I have 2 Agendas and One life.
    I have given a few of the ‘Warriors of the Light’ and other books to people as gifts because in my mind these are the books you keep so that you can take them up at any times and still discover things you were not ready to assimilate at the time.
    They are enhancing ones and help you to g ro w and when you turn the word upside down it becomes w or (w gold) so that you can experience the Alchemist re action.
    On the blog, I have learned to read Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, English, French that is 5 languages and a bit of Occitan and Romanian as well., How much more can you ask for
    Life is a misterio
    In Portuguese that word says a lot
    m is te rio :Love is your river
    Oir et si me – Listen to it and you will see me.

    Polo gne- Paulo genie
    You are.

    I love you
    Thank you for being.
    Keep on smiling :)


    1. Adriana says:

      Lovely word, Marie-Christine.
      Much love, dear.

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      Thank you so much Adriana
      With love xx

  26. katie says:

    yeap. what an awesome year!
    congratulations. you deserve this with such a minimum of interviews … :o)

  27. Jacqueline Esic says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I am one of your avid fan..My life really change after reading your books. I know understand more about life and while working on with my personal legend although i have not yet fully discovery it but am a working progress. Right now I more inclined to celebrate all the blessings of now that God is giving me..The moment i woke up, breathing the air, seeing the sunlight, having a healthy body,daily food and being safe together with my family and my friends.

    It took me awhile to realize that I am indeed so blessed and now I am full of gratitude of all the things that I have now while working on what else I wanted. You make me believe that Dreams do come true and If i just trust on God with all my heart everything will full into place on Gods time.

    You recent book ALEPH is so inspiring..Your life is so inspiring..

    You are one of God’s greatest blessing to us. Thank you so much for all the words you have written.. That is our food for our soul..

    Much love,


  28. grucha says:

    “Thank you, obrigado, gracias, merci!”

    Where is DZIĘKUJĘ ?!

  29. barbara says:

    Congratulations again! I can only imagine what a joy it brings to you! Aleph is great, and as soon as I finish reading my Dukan book , I will read Aleph again, some books you just go back to, and Aleph is one of them:)

  30. Malika Lamine says:

    Pure love and emotions can never be mistaken for something else.

  31. suzanne says:

    …oeps…I didn’t buy the book yet…ok, tommorrow I’ll go to buy it !! I like very much reading your books Mr. Coelho…they have helped me a lot already !! thank you !! …a big hug…xxx

  32. Mirna says:

    When is the publishing in beirut?

  33. Semere says:

    I was waiting for Aleph for months in Canada. I have laid my hands on it and I am reading it… I am @ page 143 right now.
    I love reading your books and I always recommended them to my friends who like a close-to-the-heart every day life inspiration.
    Paulo, you rock!

  34. Haiku says:

    Congrats Paulo!!!! I’m honored to be among the millions of readers that cherish your work!

  35. maryam says:

    hi pauolo
    i am mmaryam from Iran .where your book did not publish.but you realess it for us in your blog.and i can never forgot the joy and spirit you presented us even more than the others.now i ask every one ,all i know have read this book.we apriciate and aware of your great oecion heart and wish U aheaven here on the earth :)

    “O beautiful wine-bearer, bring forth the cup and put it to my lips Path of love seemed easy at first, what came was many hardships. ”

  36. Cristy Elizabeth says:

    Congratulations, Paulo!
    Your books change lives. Thank you for your writings and all they have done for me and my mother Elaine.
    You’ve earned every accolade received!
    With much love,

  37. Marcel says:

    When exactly will it be published in Germany? I can’t wait to read it!

  38. estela says:

    mi querido escritor sos un genio en todo”felicitaciones por lo exitos q vas dejando por todo el mundo !y la llegada a nuestros corazones OBRIGADO!