What a year!

You may imagine the excitement of a writer (any writer) whe she/he releases a new book. Most of them don’t show it – probably because they are shy, or they prefer to hide their emotions – but the excitement is there.
Long time ago I chose to share all my emotions, regardless the circumstances – love, enthusiasm, fear – so I can live my life fully.
It was a decision that I never regret. And that is present in all my writings.

And when 2011 knocked the door, I thought: “the next months will be very interesting, as my new title will be released worldwide”. Bingo!
What I did not expect (even if I wished and dreamt about it) was to see what I saw.
ALEPH made the bestseller lists in all countries it was published (except one). Bear in mind that I decided not to give more than 10 interviews during the year, and the success of the book is basically the word-of-mouth and the social communities.

The photo above was taken in the most important Polish chain (Empik). Poland was the final country in 2011 where ALEPH was released.

Therefore, thank you for your continuous suppport, your friendship, and your commitment.
Thank you, obrigado, gracias, merci!
Now we wait for 2012 to see the book repeating the same performance in the countries it will be published (Germany, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, etc. )
Much love

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  1. memomuse says:

    you really are a special person, and you were given a gift to share. I love your honesty and your facebook status posts. Always light in my world. Thanks for North Carolina.

  2. dr. shivanjali sandhir says:

    much thanks to you Mr. paulo… :) :) may u b blessed with even more beautiful writings to share with your readers.. :)

  3. Arlette Gagnon says:


  4. Jessie says:

    I am from Malaysia. I have some of your books as my collection and my favourite is ” The Alchemist”. I could not find your book ” 11 minutes” every book store I come across in Malaysia, I am hoping to see one during my trip to Bangkok, Thailand. I like your every day quotes, half of the time seems to fit the day I have been through. I would love to read your new book too, hope next year it will arrive in Malaysia.

    Have a wonderful Christmas celebration and happy embracing the new year 2012.

  5. Brenda Lops says:

    Parabéns, é incrí­vel bom ver vocíª se destacando entre muitos outros #Bigfan

  6. Aadidev says:

    hope i had 1>>>>!!

  7. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Much love back! And good luck next year with Aleph. I’m looking forward! I have now heard so much, I’m really curious. What surprises me a little , makes me even a little bit angry, why it is not really possible, that it appears in the countries at the same time? Or approximately at the same time. We have internet, FB, Twitter, etc., and the publishers behave as in the Middle Ages. I know you can not help, but I hate spoilers. I know soon the book without have reading a line. Somehow authors seem to have little influence, or I’m naive. If I should ever come to the stupid idea to publish a book , I hope for some good advice from you. I hope that this is possible. :-)

    I wish you all a wonderful night

  8. nina ramirez says:

    lo mejor de cada libro suyo es que llena las espectativas y quedamos gratamente complacidos!! muchas gracias señor coelho.es usted mi escritor faborito!muchas bendiciones y mucho amor ;-)

  9. daisy says:

    Bless you Paulo
    . Love from Scotland ,

  10. jackienoriega says:

    congratulation Paulo you know become to my heart and to many people that need your wonderful words

  11. Marina Dimitrioska says:

    Dear Paulo,

    ALEPH was published also in Macedonian and reached the bestseller list as well.
    Here is the link where you can check:


    Greetings from Skopje, Macedonia

  12. Vesna says:


  13. Marie-Christine says:

    En francais

    Quelle annee!
    Vous pouvez imaginer l’excitement d’un ecrivain (n’importe quel ecrivain) quand elle/il sort un nouveau livre. La plupart d’entre eux ne le montrent pas – probablement parce qu’ils sont timides ou ils preferent cacher leurs emotions – ,mais l’enthousiasme est la –
    Il y a longtemps j’ai decide de partager toutes mes emotions sans me soucier des circonstances – amour enthousiasme peur – de telle sorte que je puisse vivre ma vie pleinement.
    C’est une decision que je n’ai jamais regrettee . Et qui est presente dans toutes mes oeuvres.

    Et lorsque 2011 a frappe a la porte j’ai pense :’Les prochains mois vont etre tres interessants lorsque mon nouveau titre sera publie dans le monde entier.’ Bingo!
    Ce dont je ne m’attendais pas (meme si je le souhaitais et avais reve de cela) a ete de voir ce que j’ai vu.
    ALEPH est sur la liste des best-sellers dans tous les pays ou il a ete publie (a l’exception d’un). Ne perdez pas de vue que j’ai decide d’accorder seulement 10 interviews pendant l’annee et le succes du livre est principalement le bouche a oreilles et les communautes sociales.

    La photo ci-dessus a ete prise dans la plus grande chaine de magasins polonaise (EMPIK) la Pologne est le dernier pays en 2011 ou ALEPH vient de paraitre.

    Par consequent, je vous remercie pour votre soutien continu, votre amitie et votre engagement.
    Thank you, obrigado, gracias merci!
    Maintenant nous attendons 2012 pour voir le livre reproduire le meme resultat dans le pays ou il va etre publie (Allemagne, Russie, Japon, Indonesie,etc)
    Beaucoup d’amour

    Aleph Commentaires (Sans Censure)
    Dates de publications 2011/2012

  14. Pantelis says:

    All the very best Paulo. Thnx for everything!

  15. Ally says:

    You know WE LOVE YOU, Paulo! :) Many blessings!

  16. Rasha Al Jaz says:

    Well, for starter, Mr. Coelho, u deserve this and more cos ur writings were the light leading most people to a better existence… Second of all, about the excitement of a writer, am writing my First novel which will be hopefully published next year… it’s not finished yet, and am always excited about the book coming out to light… but, i really hope that there is such excitment and emotions when the book is in bookstores… wish me good luck with my writing career, and thank you a lot cos u were a great part of my decision to write…

  17. Guulo says:

    And you should be happy, excited! The way you are with words and I have read several of your books is inspiring. I am baffled how you turn simple everyday words to something so very profound and grand. God I wish to be beautiful with words like that and make people feel, pause to reflect the way your stories have done for me. Can’t wait to read Aleph.

  18. Yan says:

    I am still waiting for the German version! and maybe also a chinese one! hehe.

  19. Ale says:

    Great success, always encouraging people to enjoy life… you’re such a wonderful author.

  20. jessika malo says:

    I cannot imagine what emotions this image stimulates in you, I have wrote and self-published a book myself this year and I had the whole rollercoaster of emotions! Congrats!

  21. Liesha says:

    Dear Mr. Paulo, congratulations!! I love the way you accepted the blessings and enjoy every moment of it. I always enjoy your stories… it’s like reading into someone else’s mind. I hope someday I would go through changes that will make me closer to my path. I’m now in the moment where I’m still figuring out about my place in this world, and your book always gives me inspiration and guide… thank you so much Mr. Paulo :)

  22. eleonora says:


  23. suhita says:

    Hi Paulo,

    Infact I should be saying thanks to you…for the essential words which has helped me in ,what you have penned in Aleph- “the book uncaps this volcano.”

  24. lydia Vilela says:

    I am reading the Aleph and Oh boy! I have so many questions about life now, this book is so personal, I feel super close to Mr. Paulo. Also I wonder If i Entered the aleph in the past; It was a semi/out of reality/yet fully realistic mind blowing experience that I was shocked after wards for about a week (the day after i did not talk to anyone) it has been about a year and i still can not fully forget the sensation. while reading this book, I can somewhat explain to myself what was happening in that (trip). I;m glad he took his time and wrote such a personal book.

    Thanks! you’ve lit the fire on the other side of the mountain for me. My personal journey of self discovery is now a wider pathway. :)

  25. Ana Procope says:


    Congratulations for your success :) it is a great year so far and so till december :)

    I am so excited to see my first book publish YAAAAAAAAAAAY so happy I just want to see it on my bookshelve at least LOL

    *keep blessed*

  26. dates says:

    have you published Aleph to the Philippines yet?

  27. Anna says:

    Touching and disturbing story. I read it on the plane and my travel will be enriched by your words and experiences. Thank you for a book, thank you for Alef, thank you for helping me to understand a biggest love of my life, gone forever…With love from Cabo

  28. Rudraksh Awasthi says:

    go go paulo :)

  29. Ligia says:

    Vocíª merece!

  30. Rudraksh Awasthi says:

    GO GO PAULO :-)

  31. Chrissa says:

    My dearest Paulo,,Congratulations!IMay God bless you and your inspiration.
    Much respect and love,

  32. Congratulations Paulo, happy reading to Poland!!

  33. Denis says:

    Parabéns Paulo!

  34. Annie says:

    Big Congrats!!! Waiting for the day it makes it in the bestseller lists in that one country!!!

    Love and Gratitude

  35. I would like to wish you good luck dear PAULO! Much love and blessings…. with all my love, Gabriela

  36. Shine says:

    All the very best Paulo1 Love Avantika

  37. Heart says:

    This is nothing but a miracle; That one writer, one book can do so well in one world. You are my #1 too..


  39. Aleksandra says:

    Paulo, many people in Poland read your books, really really love you and your literature. Number of sales of Alef is a proof. We wish you wrote next book:)
    Aleksandra from Poland

  40. Alok sharma says:

    I dont understand u..when a girl 23 old died..what was her purpose in life that she fulfilled..u lived long enough to reach ur purpose after trying hands at many things..but what about someone who was studying to b a doctor..was getting married soon..hasnt seen or done many a things..was happy..funny..had d highest of virtues u can find in a living person..never erred..never thought or done anything bad..had a few difficult times..but fought it all..had great principles which she didnt trade even when chips were down..and then she finally got d man of her dreams..it was a fabulous dream..she was happy..for the first time really happy..her man was taking care of her..she was very happy..as happy as one can be…………and then she died..just like that..her boy wept by her deathbed..cried his heart out..just to have her back..he traded his life n everything but it was not enough..the world is moving on..her boy sees people less virtuous than her,who err every now n then prospering..to fullfill their So called DESTINY..what was that poor little girl’s destiny..she was so alive so full of life had things to do..had dreams, had views, had a life..everything had a meaning to her..and its all gone in a flash for her..all the struggle all the fights coming to naught..is this why we create philosophies to get to die?..to get nothing in the end..why have these philosophies when u r gonna die just like that?..couldnt she have lived like everyone else on the pleasure principle ? No she chose to stick to her philosophies nd what did she get..when everything was going to be right..when she was finally really happy with her boy..she is gone..just like that..all the philosophies all the moralities ,ethics, principles came to a big zero..

    1. Aleksandra says:

      Why she had to pass away? because it’s story of real life, not invented stroy. Because in real life people are not always happy or when they are, bad fate divest them of all they love.

  41. Cristina says:

    Rumo ao top, q suba cada vez mais!
    Vc merece isso e mto mais, pela sua genialidade e por sua generosidade.
    Poucos sí£o tí£o carinhosos com os fí£s como vc.
    Q Deus te díª multiplicado por mil toda luz q vc espalha.
    Amo vc

  42. Michela Molinari says:

    His books are a stimulus for the heart and mind, emotions are like a caress to giving a little ‘peace. thanks
    Miky , Italy

  43. Petra Jonsson says:

    Congratulations to your success!

    May God bless you, your family and your work!

    With love and gratitude,

  44. sophie says:

    in my country, czech republic, aleph is on the top 10 list and i´m very happy for that, aleph is for me the best book ever!

  45. Marie-Christine says:

    En francais
    Thank you, obrigado gracias merci.
    Aleph est sur la liste des best-sellers dans tous les pays ou il a ete publie (mis a part un).N’oubliez pas que j’ai decide d’accorder seulement cinq interviews pendant l’annee et le succes du livre est principalement le bouche a oreilles. et les communautes sociales.
    Par consequent, je vous remercie pour votre soutien continu, votre amitie et votre engagement.
    Maintenant, nous attendons 2012 pour voir le livre reproduire le meme resultat dans les pays ou il va etre publie (Allemagne, Russie, Japon, Indonesie, etc)

    Aleph Commentaires
    Aleph aux USA et Canada
    Dates de publications 2011 /2012

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      Thank you. obrigada, gracias,. merci

      Merci la Pologne!

      Aleph est sur la liste des best-sellers dans tous les pays ou il a ete publie (mis a part un) Ne perdez pas de vue que j’ai decide d’accorder seulement cinq interviews pendant l’annee et le succes du livre est principalement le bouche a oreilles et les communautes sociales.
      Par consequent je vous remercie pour votre soutien continu votre amitie et votre engagement.
      Maintenant nous attendons 2012 pour voir le livre reproduire le meme resultat dans les pays ou il va etre publie (Allemagne, Russie. Japon, Indonesie. etc)

      Aleph Commentaires (Sans Censure)
      Dates de publications 2011/2012

  46. Hola! Solo quiero decirle que lo admiro mucho!! Ya que usted es un escritor muy diferente con pensamientos locos romanticos que dejan siempre un msn yo que estoy apunto de terminar el libro de BRIDA! ES fantastico ya k yo amo la magia! Y que padre que existan en este mundo escritores atrevidos que agan soñar! ! Y imaginar muchas gracias!!

  47. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Ce témoignage touche toutes les sensibilités quelque soit leur culture de base, car il aide í  dissoudre les brumes de l’inconscient humain. En 2012, vous verrez que les míªmes causes ayant les míªmes conséquences, la suite de la course autour du monde de votre livre se poursuivra avec le míªme succès, aussi loin que le portera le transibérien et tous les autres trains du monde. Bon vent pour la suite de ce voyage mondial. M Ch Grimard.

  48. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    ¡Felicidades! ¡El Aleph es un gran libro! Me alegro mucho de este éxito.
    Un besote
    ¡Congratulations! Aleph it’s a great book! I’m so happy for this success!
    A big kiss!

  49. Gonzalo says:

    Felicitaciones!!!!!! No me cabe duda que será 1 en todo el mundo, tu genialidad va mas allá de la literatura. Abrazo. Gonzalo

  50. barbara says:

    Cogratulations!!! So good to see Aleph being number one in Poland too:)