20 SEC READING: the city on the other side

Illustration by Ken Crane

A hermit from the monastery of Sceta approached Abbot Theodore:
‘I know exactly what the purpose of life is. I know what God asks of man and I know the best way to serve Him. And yet, even so, I am incapable of doing everything I should be doing in order to serve the Lord.’
The Abbot remained silent for a long time. Then he said:
‘You know that there is a city on the other side of the ocean, but you have not yet found the ship or placed your baggage on board and crossed the sea.
‘Why then bother talking about it or about how we should walk its streets?
‘It is not enough to know what life is for or to know the best way to serve God.
‘Put your ideas into practice and the road will reveal itself to you.’

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  1. Nafisah says:

    The day feels so brighter when i read this post :)
    Thank you sir Paulo..
    Oh ya.. i recommend you to read “The conference of the birds” by Fariduddin Attaar it was soo great and i think you will love it hehe


  2. Sonya Brunt says:

    “Man cannot discover new oceans until he has thecourage to loose sight the shore” …Andrew Gide.

  3. Gonzalo says:

    Interesante reflexión, me empuja a pensar que la vida esta compuesta de infinitas posibilidades, dentro de un tiempo finito.
    Cada uno elige a cada instante las posibilidades buenas o malas, y con ellas, vamos tejiendo nuestra propia vida.
    Una forma de darnos cuenta si la decisión que tomamos es correcta, seria preguntarnos si nos arrepentirí­amos de haberlas tomado, antes de que se nos acabe el tiempo.
    Nuestra vida se complica, cuando las elecciones que realizamos dentro de las infinitas posibilidades que tenemos, son en función o influenciadas, por otras personas.


  4. This reminds me that actions truly speak louder than words. Our actions reveal our hearts. A good reminder for me to get moving!

  5. Tom Foran says:

    The pursuit of (path to) righteousness/sanctification… will take us a lifetime to reach that other shore. Best wishes, everyone, for safe travel across uncertain waters.

  6. arun sharma says:

    O my guide,
    You know…
    The place where I will receive peace is main sea of high tides…..
    Have you heard that some people they walk alongside beach to admire the beauty of waves…
    Then you must understand that
    These boats has no intention to go into the sea.
    But I am looking for a beach which will take me
    To the other side of beach because that is my dock yard for this life…
    Many broken pieces of rocks and shells have merged with the tides to make this sea beautiful…
    Like I have met my many lost friends in my journey of life.
    But I am looking a friend who will help me to get stable in high tides of sea
    That person will be my true friend…
    O my guide
    Help me to find such a friend (YOU)
    That I am looking for..

  7. Abhishek says:

    I got the perfect message I just needed. Isn’t it like an Omen ?. Thank you so much :-)

  8. Enid says:

    Como todas las veces tengo que decir, que los escrito de Coelho, son enseñanzas de vida. De una vida que no se limita a vivir al pies de las urgencias, si no hay que ver un poquito más alla, para darnos cuenta del momento que vivimos. Mil abrazos Paulo…

  9. Erica says:

    Mr. Coelho,

    Your books, like this post, always has divine timing in my life.

    Thank you.

  10. Violeta says:

    Ahora que tengo la oportunidad mediante este link, quiero agradecer a la vida el haber conocido de su existencia y su inspiracion; creo firmemente en las se~ales que la vida nos va poniendo y creo, que la lectura de sus libros en mi vida han sido se~ales reveladoras. Soy catolica y asisto a la Legion de Maria, hace poco tenia problemas y me sentia sin salida, un dia abrumada y animicamente mal entre a una libreria y tome un libro de usted que no reconocia el titulo, cuando lo abri y lei la oracion escrita en la primera pagina: Oh Maria sin pecado concebida, ruega por nosotros que recurrimos a ti” supe que era una se~al pues la oracion de la Medalla Milagrosa que representa a la Legion de Maria es la misma. No tengo palabras para decirle lo que la lectura de ese libro significo en mi vida; pues reforze mi Fe y encontre el camino a solucionar mis problemas. Dios lo bendiga.

  11. katie says:

    it reminds me so much of ithaca; it’s like a short-form :o) <3

    1. katie says:

      Ken: what a beautiful picture …
      each one that I see from you, I always think that’s the best :o) I really love the dimension you bring in <3

  12. Nina Ramirez says:


  13. Pandora says:

    The tarot imagery of The Hermit, shows him in monks habit carrying the lamp of enlightenment, with a long staff held in his hand. As he walks he looks weary, but holds the eternal flame which shows the right direction. Through day or night, in light or darkness, and by so doing, illuminates and strengthens the path for others who meet him on his journey:

    “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” John 14:3

  14. Jessica says:

    Oh yes I agree ….. but I scare myself with my own light …. that is weird … and when I become angry and want to fight a rage that cant stop me comes …. and that scare me too. I dont like to feel rage and anger …. I just want to be feel joy and be happy . Rage scares me … OMG my powers when I become angry …. god damn it it scare me ;-)
    I can see a warrior native indian when I become this angry ….and he is not to play with …. so I try to calm this warrior down a bit ;-)
    Soo the city of the other side …. I dont know if I want to go there …. well Im already on my way I guess and there is no turning around at this point … so I move on :-)
    Trying to make the warrior inside have balance ….. and also relax for a while even now and then ;-)

  15. Daanish says:

    cool,you can’t swim until you are in water :)

  16. Annie says:

    At a point your journey HAS to begin… else all life goes to vain..

    One of the greatest books I ‘ve ever read goes: “Tangier was no longer a strange city, and he felt that, just as he had conquered this place, he could conquer the world” – The Alchemist

    Conquer the world
    conquer your fears
    don’t turn me down again
    no no, no more tears
    no more worries,
    no more fears
    there is no better place than here
    there is no better time than now…

    let’s go WOLs!!!!!

    Love and Gratitude

  17. Arto Hutto says:

    In Swedish:
    20 SEKUNDERS Lí„SNING: Staden på andra sidan

    En eremit från klostret Sceta närmade sig Abboten Theodore och sa:

    “Jag vet exakt vad meningen med livet är. Jag vet vad Gud begär av människan och jag vet det bästa sättet att tjäna honom. Och ändå, är det så att jag är oförmögen att göra allt jag borde göra för att tjäna Herren. ”

    Abboten var tyst en lång stund. Sedan sa han:

    “Du vet att det finns en stad på andra sidan havet, men du har ännu inte funnit fartyget eller placerat ditt bagage ombord och korsade havet.
    “Varför bry sig att prata om det eller om hur vi skall vandra på dess gator?

    “Det är inte tillräckligt att veta vad livet är till för eller att veta det bästa sättet att tjäna Gud.
    “Omsätt dina idéer i handling och vägen kommer att uppenbara sig för dig.”

    I orginal postad här:http://paulocoelhoblog.com/2011/12/10/daily-message-142/
    Paulo Coelho på svenska: http://www.facebook.com/PauloCoelhoSverige
    í–versättning: O La Vie

  18. Olta Canka says:

    There is a reason why we were born with a complex body. If it was just a matter of only knowing we would be here just in the shape of brains and that’s too gray! :P :)

    Be a child. They already have known in their harts the secrets of God and life, but all they care is the game they are playing, the new sand castle they are building, the new things they will create and about enjoying them.
    Be as them and in the meantime what you do, will help you remember…

    I just wanted to share here something mine.
    I love to do that, and I feel it as an obligation to share with as many people as possible the moments of hope and joy I live, so that they can go and get theirs. I had forgotten about this but many years ago I had promised myself I’d do this, since no body did that with me and yet I couldn’t stop hoping for much better days.
    Yesterday I had an amazing day.
    I have been attending Latin dance classes for almost three years now and Tango classes for more than one year, and yesterday the Tango group decided to gather and have a party together with our friends. It was wonderful. In my country Tango an Latin dance are something new. There are of course professionals who know to dance but it is not like in the other countries where this is something common, but I always dreamed of learning to dance in a excellent way and today thanks to a warrior that dream came true even here. Well, the party went on fantastic and I could enjoy my progress too and when it ended a friend from the group came to me and told me:
    “Olta you should know that this group went on thanks to you!” I was flattered to hear that, but at the moment I thought he was exaggerating, how could I ever be a reason for such thing. Well later they explained me how because I was there, other people had decided to stay there too, and my friend who has now been replacing the old dance professor for these last months, said that if it hadn’t been for me he’d never come to the classes.
    And we all know that if it wasn’t for him there would be no tango classes. There came a moment when everybody thought this was going to end there and there would be no more Tirana Tango group, for as far as I know this is first and the only one for now(for non professionals).

    While having so much fun last night I had time to think and realize that no matter how much I’ve been struggling and thinking on “secrets of life” and fighting on other “stuff” I have been doing the things I always dreamed the most, I have made come true many of my greatest dreams and this was one of them, the only difference was that this time I was enjoying it with all my heart and I am willing to go on with more and more other things seeing inside of myself God and his will and her power to create wonders.
    While before I’d keep wandering what should I do to please God better, and it was for sure that I’d keep looking gray and make a much poor creation of what I could since I’d be struggling from my mind instead of letting it flow from the heart. And the mind is always fed from the heart.

    But I could enjoy all this because other people did what they had in their hearts, because other people are who they are, and that is so important.
    A lighted candle lights up another and another and so on. That is what we are to be…
    You are who you are, so then let that being BE freely, because you want to do so, because you just love that being in you the way s/he is and don’t be afraid to admit that to yourself(and others). And then share your light! :D


    1. niket dattani says:

      Truly Amazing

  19. Momiza says:

    I always get excited when I see Mr. Coelho replying to his readers, gives me a lot of hope! If you see me Mr. Coelho, I Love You!! Your books have changed everything in my life! And Eleven Minutes is my favorite book so far, since Maria and me share the same horrible experience of solitude. But for me it’s still going on. Pray for me, you are truly my angel’s instrument :)

  20. Lucrecia says:

    Gracias por estos escritos que hacen que tomemos conciencia .Aunque por la falta de disiplina y malas costumbres nos alejamos de como servir a Dios. Pero pienso vivir en la lucha para lograrlo hace que algun dia lo logremos

  21. Adriana says:

    As soon as I woke up today, I begun reading a passage from Brida in order to improve my English and to get connected with life again. Routine had taken hold of it and due to job and study obligations I was no longer capable of getting connected with myself. It was not a crisis, it is just that I was chewing more than I could handle for a while. The commitments were made following my heart, so complaining is not my aim. It is just incredible that no matter I’ve read that passsage once and again from time to time since 2004 when I read the book for the first time the love put in it pulls my soul’s strings in a way that I end up crying out of a deep, relieving emotion as if this was the first time I come across with it. No wonder your books are so desired.

  22. Encelado says:

    Sometimes we wondered if we really know the meaning of life, or how to be close to God! But, I think we don’t know the solution, we do not know the meaning of life, the way to sevire good God, or we are afraid of knowing the truth!

  23. goshte the idea of 20 seconds reading. its about the time i could focus on reading.
    i think in your next book you should do each chapter 20 second reading. i buy that now.

  24. Karen Cruz says:

    quiero decirles que seria bueno que las publicaciones y comentarios fueran en español o que tubieran un link traducido…


    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      puedes utilizar la bandera de Espana para las traducciones.No es perfecto, pero facilita mucho

  25. Adriana says:

    Yes, action.
    It is difficult to put thoughts into action, but once you do it there is no way back. Sometimes, it is the things we think we own the ones that tie us to the past and become our chains.
    God, I thank you with all my heart, strength, and understanding because it was You who gave me the courage to leave those chains behind. I left everything I owned and the feeling of freedom it gave is indescribable. Thank You.
    On this journey, Paulo, you played the role of an instrument. Your books were my lighthouse. Thank you.

    1. Arjun says:

      HI Adriana,

      Well said.. i completely agree u… its very important to transform ur thoughts into action..

      And even for me, Paulo’s books were like lighthouse.

      your thoughts are wonderful..

      I would love to know you more.

  26. Tasneem Yusufali says:

    wow what a great thought!!!!

  27. Empié says:

    Pues yo estoy ahí­, en tierra de nadie, saliendo de mi prisión… Se que parece fácil hacer lo que uno quiere, así­ es si no se tiene la parte del cerebro que manda en la voluntad dañada; ciertas cosas se hacen de manera expontánea, otras requieren una gran lucha, sin embargo a medida que sano, lo que parecia infranqueable simplente sucede. Aquí­ enlazo con el Wu Wei “ación sin acción”, os pongo algo que he leido precisamente hace un rato sobre ello: ” las acciones espontaneas, naturales y sin esfuerzo son la expresión del flujo del Wu Wei. Estos actos son acción justra, apropiada a su tiempo, lugar y circunstancia, y sirven a las necesidades de la armonia y el equilibrio del Tao…”
    Creo que cuando llega el momento justo, las cosas simplemente suceden, mil veces he dejado de hacer cosas por inhibición concienste o inconsciente y de repente un dí­a sin saber porque fluye todo de manera natural, otras veces he buscado compulsivamente algo, y un dí­a ese algo se posa sobre mi hombro como una mariposa. No es fácil vivir casi con nada y con la incertudumbre de que pasará mañana, es mucho más gratificante buscar y algún dí­a encontrar, sin embargo, esta “prisión” mental, me ha hecho vivir muchas cosas que no podrí­a haber vivido de otra manera. No es agradable pero quizá, si necesario.

    Un saludo, tengo mas ganas que nadie de que mi vida se resuelva, de salir de una vez por todas a flote, se que llegará el dí­a en que todo esto no será más que un recuerdo porque puedo empezar a sentir la libertad, señal de que mi cerebro sana, mientras tanto hago lo que puedo, de eso no os quepa duda.

    Un saludo, estoy convencido de que el proximo año traerá cambios a mi vida que ni siquiera imagino.

    Hasta pronto.

  28. ELIANA CARRARA says:


  29. edwin says:

    Its the law of attraction, start with your thoughts, act upon them and everything will come into place.

  30. Juvy Junasa says:

    This story often happened in real life. We know how to make things work but we are too afraid to practice it. In my case, i have been working on a job i am not enjoying anymore. I know i have to resign and find something fruitful. But, here i am too afraid to do it. I know i can do better but fear keeps me from doing it. And i’ve been praying that i would have the courage to do it. I hope i will have soon.

  31. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Yes, what can I say? If it is allowed, the following. Thank you Master, for the lesson. That is the reason why I love you. You’re doing just as and not just telling. The ways of the Lord are inscrutable indeed. But I think it is not forbidden to explore. Those who follow the path of love, will probably find love.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  32. jackienoriega says:


  33. Saurabh Goel says:

    Morpheus to Neo,” There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path”. – The Matrix

  34. Yilmaz says:

    Seneca said “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”. Hoowever, you need to take off for once, so the final journey can begin. Even if we sail to many ports where the plague comes over us, it only brings us closer to the port where we might anchor and rest.

    1. Laura Rakhimova says:

      Hello, dear Yilmaz. Thank you for your thoughts. I just shared on FB one of your visions that i found in your blog.

    2. Yilmaz says:

      Thank you very much Laura. It makes me happy that I am not alone :)

  35. Heart says:

    Boat-less man is bound to the shore, according to an old Norse saying. The city on the other side is the dream making us get up, move on and figure out how to build this ship that will take us to new adventures. Because, most men can figure out how to create a boat, especially when they group together and create impressive viking ships to discover the world or space ships to discover the universe…So how can we travel inside, and reach our inner dreams, the path to happiness? I think to travel here we need good relationships, great spiritual reading, exciting pilgrimages that will put us in contact with all the signs and revelations we need to figure it all out.

    Let me tell you one thing I’m trying to figure out. All my life I have been a scape goat, an individual my mother, girl-friends, co-workers, husband and last week-end a neighbor project anger towards. I’ve been accused of the most unbelievable things, I had no responsibility for. Often being a prime suspect, but completely innocent! One example; Last week-end I decided to take my two dogs for a walk in the afternoon. It was sprinkling, so I walked and ran and returned to the house half an hour later. After having passed one neighbor house, I heard an older lady scream and shout, stopped and turned to see what was going on, and saw another younger lady. So, I thought the two of them had some sort of fight. I noticed later a younger lady walking at a distance behind me, on a cell phone, smoking a cigarette. I was thinking, she is out for a walk too.

    Just as I arrived home, a police car pulled up in the front of the house. The policeman asked if the female in this house could step outside. He asked if I had just walked my dogs, and told me he had two witnesses see me steal mail from this old lady’s mail box! I told him I had done no such thing, I hadn’t touched the alleged mail box. I invited the police man inside the house. He wanted to see the jacket I had been wearing, and questioned why it wasn’t wet. It is a water repellant Gortex jacket! He repeated three times, that now when I was a suspect, whenever there would be mail missing from this area I would be the prime suspect, and that it is a federal crime to steal mail. He went on how old people receive their retirement checks in the mail boxes, and they get stolen. He wanted to see my ID and rang the station to check. He walked through each room of our house, to look for missing mail.

    It was very intimidating. I told him I will have to get an attorney, because I have done noting of the sort, and this is a false accusation. I felt he kind of believed me before he left. I forgot to tell you, he was a big intimidating pit bull type personality. I did as I often do, wrote down the incident, was shook up that Saturday night, had some trouble sleeping. My husband who was inside the house was more upset. He didn’t sleep that night. Two days later he went to the police station and filed a complaint. He was told, no it’s not correct I will be prime suspect, because I have never had any criminal charges in the past.

    Well, a few days later, another neighbor told us the same old lady, who I had never seen before as she is never outside, had reported to the police that the other neighbor was outside scraping ice of her car windows. So, not was she a 100 feet away claiming to see me stealing mail, she was 200 feet away claiming my other neighbor was stealing a car!

    I’m sharing this experience to show how to find peace and happiness inside. This incident is a blessing, because it gets me to reflect over who I am, and make me strong to discover how I can handle it, and when I find other people going through the same kind of challenges, it all becomes meaningful to me to keep fighting and pulling my tongue at bitter old ladies across the street. My husband showed his finger to the house, when he walked by there haha That isn’t a crime!

  36. eleonora says:

    mi piace credere che l’unica strada in cui riconoscersi è l’amore.E’ una strada,che se si vuole la si trova ovunque.questa strada la piu’ importante e difficile da percorrere, ci fa conoscere e percepire le altre nel bene e nel male.

  37. Zulay says:

    En estos momentos cuando mas me siento tan pesimista, negativa…que las cosas salen mas torcidas, donde me rodea tanta gente negativa y conflictiva…por mas que leo ” Pon tus ideas en práctica y el camino se me revelará” ……creo que necesito algo más……pero queeee…..

    1. G says:

      Alaba a Dios, nunca falla, hay una letania de Alabanza a Jesus, en ella te encontraras repitiendo los atributos de Dios y cuando los dices le haces saber al enemigo ese que te atormenta con negatividad, pesimismo, tristeza y falta de esperanza a el le estaras haciendo saber a quien reconoces tu en tu vida y quien la rige, Cuando yo digo: Te alabo Jesus tu eres mi fuerza y mi cancion,, Te alabo Jesus tu eres mi defensa, Tu eres mi paciencia, mi libertador, mi auxilio, principio y fin, etc. definitivamente algo cambia en mi, espero que tambien experimentes el gozo que me ha dado a mi!

  38. rose says:

    amo voce!!!!!!!!!

  39. kathy ahearn says:

    I have found God finally. God has been inside of me all along. I am gods presence here on earth. I wake every morning and take time first thing to bring my divine essence into my consciousness till I feel myself as divine spirit. My path everyday is guided by spirit and spirit knows what that path is and where it is going. I do not have to know , or be able to put it into human words or human concrete concepts. I have a choice every moment of everyday . That choice is to live in my humanity, with its human limits or live in my divinity with its unlimitted possibilities. I have to choose one or the other. If I let myself go numb or unconscious, I am choosing my humanity and the consequence of that choice is human problems and human solutions. I lose my connection to the divine within me. Like any habit, with daily practise, we can change. I believe I can make a difference, I belive I can change my world, with little choices I make everyday.

    1. mahjbeen says:

      you have penned down my feelings……. thats exactly what i believe….isnt that interesting….. we belong to different cultures…speak different language ….live continents apart….yet feel the same…..thats connectivity through divinity…….Love U All

    2. Junior says:

      LIKE IT

    3. Yilmaz says:

      Congratulations, that’s beautiful Kathy!

  40. Tarek says:

    Yes, life is an ever unfolding adventure and no one knows where or what direction it will take. There is nothing more dangerous or hindering like the pre set dogmas and conceptions. ‘Put your ideas into practice and the road will reveal itself to you.’ Yes, and have the courage to change these ideas if they don’t fit the path that is revealing itself. <3

    1. kathy ahearn says:

      Say yes ! Say yes to your path as spirit leads you. Courage means heart…live in your heart, let your heart expand in love of God and let it lead the way. Claim this as your truth and it will manifest in your life in the most joyous, wonder filled ways . Even my challenges fill me with joy at the divine solutions that come into my life to meet these challenges !

  41. Teacup says:

    I am suffering in my new job. My anxiety and self doubt has left me crippled, hardly able to perform my tasks. I know I need to relax and let go of my tension and fear, but putting that into action… is the hardest thing I’ve ever done! I am trying god.

    1. kathy ahearn says:

      I too have started a new job, in a new place recently. The challenges I faced pushed me to my human limits and that is when I let go of my humanity and moved into my divinity. I now go to work enthusiastically everyday and find such joy in letting my divinity lead me in meeting challenges. I searched out a spiritual center where I can feed my divinity and expand as spirit.

  42. cindy Eve says:

    wow! Enough to make one pause for thought. Set your sails & the way will be shown. Hmmm. Thank u

    1. kathy ahearn says:

      claim your highest good..spirit knows what that is ! Believe in unlimitted posibility and it will manifest in your world.

  43. aditya says:

    one day at a time ?!! moment to moment ?!!! issue to next ???!!!!

  44. estrella says:

    A mi me pasa como a el pero me oucrre una cosa. Para llegar a la ciudad, claro, abstrctamente hablando, no sé como llegar. Si en barca, si en submarino, en barco, en lancha, etc.

    Además de esto, no sé que mar cruzar. Hay muchos mares y muchas ciudades, aunque la esencia siempre es Una. Metafóricamente hablando.

    Por decirlo de algun modo, es como si me dicen.
    ¿Qué quieres hacer? Y digo, por ejemplo, pintar. Entonces me dicen, pinta. !Bien! ¿Pero qué pinto? Me dicen, lo que quieras. Vale, pero es que son tantas cosas las que quiero pintar, que no me decido por ninguna. Y el tiempo pasa. Y no pinto, o lo que pinto siempre lo dejo a medias, no termino de esforzarme nunca, de darlo todo.

    Creo que antes tengo que encontrarme a mí­ misma. Tener las cosas un poco más clara, para ser más fiel a mis sueños.

    Pero bueno, está muy bien este cuento Paulo. Leí­ el del arquero en español, y me encantó.

    Muchas gracias por tus escritos. Tenemos mucho que aprender de tí­.

  45. Nelleke says:

    Reading The alchemist a few years ago was an eyes-opener for me
    All the signs that came to me…I had to follow my dreams and I found a new path. The details not very clear yet, but I’m walking on the path and enjoy. (I’m 52 years and studying for a new profession, why not!!)
    If you’re on the wrong road just change direction…
    Love Nelleke xxx

    1. rogeaux says:

      J’ai kiffer l’alchimiste…. C’est encore mon livre de chevet!!
      Je l’emporte partout!!!!!
      Je le lis suivant mes humeurs…
      Et í  chaque fois je me retrouve dans un chapitre, une phrase….
      Mon livre, Ma révélation… A lire et Relire :)))

    2. Zhi says:

      Nelleke, Good for you – and 52 years is only about halfway through – think how much you accomplished in the first 20 years of your life? I’m 62 and started college this year – not anything I’d studied last time around – totally new. Enjoy every challenge – toss your head back, smile, and laugh with God.
      Many Blessings, Zhi

  46. John says:

    Me too – Each day I try to remember to live my legend and follow the path that I have laid for myself although at times I am unsure about where the path is leading and if I am still in control. It is easier still to find that you have become enslaved to a percieved lifestyle – a lifestlye of things – I feel everyone in London lives that way.

    Tomorrow I want to wake up in Africa in old clothes , sun on my face and see the hand of life in everything on the landscape – perhaps that could help to remember what I already know.

  47. aditya says:

    road will reveal itself, but where is the promise that it will a bed of roses ?!!! straight, neat highway !!!, it may be going up a waterfall, as u did Paulo ??!!!

  48. aditya says:

    one day at a time ?!! moment to moment ?!!! issue to next ???!!!!

  49. Kathleen says:

    “Put your ideas into practice and the road will reveal itself to you.”

    I think that is fantastic. I’m going to keep that phrase with me.
    Love Kathleen xx

  50. Nancy says:

    I too at times feel like the hermit in the story. I think of what I would like to do to fulfill my life, but take no steps to make it happen. “Put your ideas into practice and the road will reveal itself to you.” are words I need to hear today.

    1. Menna Waris says:

      That’s my life you’re talking about there, Nancy :) Hey you know what, let’s both start doing something now! let’s take the first step, even a very tiny one, RIGHT NOW! Not tomorrow, not after whatever, but now. What do yo say, Nancy? Are you in? I got the chills just for saying this… is that an omen? C’mon Nancy, let’s jump together N-O-W !