We don’t condemn it as immature

In the newspaper, a text I cut out and place on my briefcase. The author is W. Timothy Gallway:

“When we plant a rose seed in the earth, we notice it is small, but we do not criticize it as “rootless and stemless.”
‘We treat it as a seed, giving it the water and nourishment required of a seed.

“When it first shoots up out of the earth, we don’t condemn it as immature and underdeveloped, nor do we criticize the buds for not being open when they appear.
‘We stand in wonder at the process taking place, and give the plant the care it needs at each stage of its development.

“The rose is a rose from the time it is a seed to the time it dies. Within it, at all times, it contains its whole potential.
‘It seems to be constantly in the process of change: Yet at each state, at each moment, it is perfectly all right as it is.

“A flower is not better when it blooms than when it is merely a bud; at each stage it is the same thing — a flower in the process of expressing its potential.”


  1. Shine says:

    Beautiful cutting. Very inspiring indeed! Love Avantika

  2. Deepak says:

    Thanx Paulo, So much to learn from you.

  3. Kamlee says:

    love it

  4. Henry says:

    When ever, I read your blog, I have strong feeling that, your early were very very bad. With in me, there is a small voice, that tells “GOD has a perfect plan, and a wonderful reason behind it”. God’s mills grind slowly, but grinds fine.

  5. Zcynne Orbee says:

    Since I learned about you sir,, reading your blog has been a part of my everyday routine… thank you for the inspiration and keep safe… God Bless you always ..!

  6. Oksana says:


  7. shriya says:

    i have learnt a lot from you. i thank you for everything.

  8. Melissa Lohindun says:

    But, what if you’re lost? Sometimes along the way, a rose can be trampled upon. Not because the rose was in the way. It just happens that something overwhelming was moving fast towards it and it got caught in the middle. But sadly, I am not a rose. I am still breathing. And that’s just the hard part of life, some roses are destined to go through, I guess.

    Still this is beautiful Mr. Coelho. God bless you, as usual.

    1. pam says:

      Hi Melissa, I would like to share a story with you. Years ago my husband and I moved a bush. Now it was the wrong time of year to move it because it was very hot and dry and the bush was too big. But we moved it and I didn’t do a good job of watering it during this transistion. And it died.

      Or so I thought. About 3-4 years later I was cleaning this area up and noticed my bush peeking out about a foot from the ground. As a gardener [not a good one to be sure] I learn a lot about the tenacity of nature which I try to apply to us humans as we are also a part of nature.

      So I encourage you as a rose, and you are, to not lay there and give up but dig down, rest and restore and let all the nourishment that comes to you naturally [and it does] and keep on growing and be the beautiful self all along the way.

      God bless you and may you know His gifts and recieve them willingly.

    2. Melissa says:

      Pam…Your words: “So I encourage you as a rose, and you are, to not lay there and give up but dig down, rest and restore and let all the nourishment that comes to you naturally [and it does] and keep on growing and be the beautiful self all along the way.”….. So beautiful!!!!!

  9. Zara says:

    Very nice message from you. I learn so much about your posts. Keep posting good articles! =)

  10. Dear Mr. Cuehlo – I do not know if this email goes to you – but I have been fascinated by your writings that, and forgive me, I just discovered. They reflect everything I feel as an artist – and make me feel like I am not all alone – my husband, Max Shertz, an artist from New York, passed away two years ago and was a good friend of Tim Gallway you are mentioning today – Max gave Tim Gallway some art lessons – my husband started in the 90’s to paint “from the Unconscious”, and as your writings reflect so well what he also wrote and how he spoke about his art, and his art of the 90’s onward, I would love to email you some excerpts of his essays “Frontiers of Ecstasy” relating to his process in art – pleae check his website – I myself, being from France, painted with him. I wish to write to you on your blog much later on – I read “The Alchemist”, then “The Witch of Portebello”, and Athena made me feel I was not alone . . . i am keeping on reading your books. A bientot.

  11. Pandora says:

    “If the rose puzzled its mind over the question how it grew, it would not have been the miracle that it is.” – J. B. Yeats : Irish Artist

    “From this one root will sprout roses, the supreme good.”
    Pandora, Basle (1582)

  12. criststar11 says:

    For everybody. This is italian translation: Sending you all Love and Light.
    Thank you Paulo.

    Nel giornale, ho ritagliato questo testo e l´ho posto fuori sulla mia valigetta. L’autore è TimothyW. Gallway:

    “Quando piantare un seme di rosa nella terra, notiamo che è piccolo, ma noi non lo critichiamo come” senza radici e senza stelo “.
    ‘Noi lo trattiamo come un seme, dandogli l’acqua e il nutrimento necessari ad un seme.

    “Quando prima spunta su dalla terra, non lo condanniamoo come immaturo e poco sviluppato, né critichiamo la piccola gemma per non essere aperta quando appare.
    ‘Siamo meravigliati dal il processo in atto, e conferiamo alla pianta la cura di cui ha bisogno ad ogni fase del suo sviluppo.

    “La rosa è una rosa dal momento in cui è un seme fino al tempo in cui muore. Al suo interno, in ogni momento, contiene tutta la sua potenzialití .
    ‘Sembra di essere costantemente nel processo di cambiamento: Eppure ad ogni stato, in ogni momento, è perfettamente a posto cosí¬ com’è.

    “Un fiore non è migliore quando fiorisce rispetto a quando si tratta semplicemente di una gemma, in ogni fase è la stessa cosa – un fiore nel processo di esprimere tutto il suo potenziale.”

  13. hira tamkeen says:

    thanx paulo for explaining naturein such a lovely way .. :)

  14. kealan says:

    Reminds me of how people need each other, need to talk, listen, and grow.

  15. Gonzalo says:

    Hoy, como todas las mañanas, me levante y mire el jardí­n, que agradable sorpresa ver un pichón de pajarito intentar hacer sus primeros vuelos desde el apoyabrazos del sillón, luego vi que una rosa china que esta unos metros detrás, habí­a sido devorada por las hormigas durante la noche, solo dejaron su tronco limpio y sus tallos, se llevaron todas sus hojas, por suerte no la mataron, por que dejaron sus brotes de las futuras flores.
    Que belleza observar los extremos de esta hermosa y sabia naturaleza.!!!!!!

  16. Dheera Sharma says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho ,

    It is pleasent to observe that you do understands normal things and thoughts.
    Thanks for sharing this and ofcourse many thanks to “W. Timothy Gallway”.


    1. nainee says:

      Dear Paulo
      thanks for sharing this beautiful message with us.

  17. aLLie says:

    my favorite author!! truly an inspiring message.

  18. hope says:

    Everythg Paulo Shares n writes has MAgic!!!

  19. milonguita says:

    there is a time for everything under heaven

  20. sabrinka says:

    sometimes i feel like God is talking to me through you, Paolo

  21. Aarathy says:

    I am a strong believer of “What you think is what you are”. If you believe you are just a clay, yes you are. Fear and doubt to believe the strength are the biggest enemies to explore the potential. Life is just a journey which connects many people and make us learn from each other. If you stop to explore, you miss the opportunity to let your potential come out of you. So get rid of any type of fear and start to believe the self. World is flat with internet and enjoy learning as a kid from all corners of world. Kids have no fear to explore, no ego and mind block. We need to get back to the basics to let our potential dance.