The ballad of Bobby Fischer

He was a despicable human being as far as his political opinions were concerned (the same applies to Jorge Luis Borges)
Still, his genius in ONE thing can’t be forgotten; and may the Lord erase the rest from our collective memory


  1. Gonzalo says:

    Que lindo dia!!!!!! me encanta 22 (el loco)

  2. Gonzalo says:

    Estimado Paulo, querí­a dar mis disculpas a usted y a los que ofendí­, por mi ignorancia con la que interprete la estrofa de la poesí­a El Alquimista de J.L.B.
    Mi interpretación fue la siguiente y espero que no sea nuevamente confusa.

    Y mientras cree tocar enardecido
    El oro aquel que matará la Muerte.
    Dios, Que sabe de alquimia, he aquí­ que convierte
    En Polvo, en Nadie, en nada y en olvido.

    En los 2 primeros renglones interprete que el alquimista que busca el oro se da cuenta que el verdadero oro es el que nos da la posibilidad de hacer cosas para el bien de la humanidad y que son esas actividades las que burlan la muerte.

    En los últimos 2 renglones: interprete que cuando llega a darse cuenta de ese valor de la alquimia, el oro, (como riqueza material) que pensaba obtener por su alquimia, se da cuenta que tal oro no existe y Dios se lo demuestra convirtiendo el oro que buscaba, en polvo, en nadie, en nada y en olvido, por que realmente no existe tal oro, solo su realización personal por un bien común. Ese es el único y verdadero oro.

    Gracias J.L.B. por interceder con el ajedrez, pero nunca compartí­ tu cobardí­a.
    Gracias Homero por escribir.

    Por otro lado totalmente diferente, le comento que mi hermano Pablo viaja a Santiago. ¿Puedo hablar con usted?

    Un fuerte Abrazo

  3. Businessman Walks says:


    I understand the spirit of your comment, but no human being is despicable. Only their ideas and actions.

    Bobby Fischer was a beautiful human being who held ideas, some of which were extreme and distasteful to others.

    B W

    1. katie says:

      what a beautiful & succinct post. I agree.

    2. Businessman Walks says:

      Thank You, Katie.

      B W

    3. Marwa says:

      I agree..well said and this is such an understanding comment that must come of someone with a big heart.

    4. Businessman Walks says:

      My heart has just gotten even bigger and now holds you too, Marwa. Thank you for your touching comment.

  4. Wei Huang says:

    Dear Paulo,
    My name is Wei Huang and I am writing on behalf of C&A Media Co. in Taiwan. We would like to invite you to come to Taiwan next year as our guest speaker for an important project, how could I send more information for you?
    I am a real big fan of yours and I believe here are a lot of people as same as me looking forward to your visit in Taiwan. Hope to hear back from you soon!!
    Yours sincerely,

  5. marie-christine says:

    ‘You don’t know anything in school. It’s just a waste of time.”
    Bobby Fischer

  6. Annie says:

    I ll make my move,playing chess with Bobby=Another Bobby Fischer ‘ballad’-

    Bobby Bobby
    how many fish did you catch?
    Did you catch anything with the net
    as you moved pawns and rooks
    the queen and the king.
    in the blackand white terrain..?

    Bobby Bobby
    how many fish did you catch?
    Did you find our hearts in the net?
    As the game ends,pawns and rooks
    and queens and kings
    cannot move,they cannot dance.. complete silence

    Bobby Bobby
    how many fish did you catch?
    Did you find our hearts in the net?

    Love and Gratitude

    1. Gonzalo says:

      Que bella….. poesia

  7. katie says:

    the video has so many aspects related to working on a dream … I am also thinking about those ….
    bob fischer only wanted to play chess, already when he was very young. but what else did he do during his teenage years that is play & adventure oriented?

    the whole wikipedia description focuses on his role in chess …. the playing chess in yugoslavia that the US did not allow at his time became for me the first picture of the other non-chess playing person fischer.

    it reminds me so much on diving into theoretical work, as chess definitely is. getting fascinated by it & developing one’s “own universe” according to the theoretical rules.

    this can be one way to follow one’s dream, but it is at the same time, a development away from the social life with other humans, & the other needs a human has.
    I am not pretty sure whether this kind of following one’s wish to realize a dream is ok; not for the person, even though it feels awesome.

    fine, about his political opinions, I only find them to be partly a reflection of the other “private” person fischer. what me worries is the cause of his death. he had a disease that could be treated, but he did not want to.

    of course, such a talent and intelligence brings its load, that a “normal” society has a hard time to deal with. it is really then this person’s task to adapt to the rules of society, what can be hard, as we see with bobby fischer.

    1. katie says:

      “and may the Lord erase …”

      you know, paulo, maybe today one would understand his thinking as a mental specialty that also brought a burden.
      his young age, his total focus on chess, leaving the school at 16, & his disappearance for 20 years may all point in this direction.

  8. Luke says:

    Genius doesn’t require craziness. Both are in all of us.

  9. Empié says:

    No me entero.

    Un saludo.

  10. Gonzalo says:

    Estimado Paulo que feo comentario hicieron de J. L. Borges….. no entiendo que tiene que ver la polí­tica con todo esto?

  11. christian fiction addiction says:

    I guess I shouldn’t be admitting I’ve never heard of him! My newest task – check out Bobby Fischer on Wikipedia. Thanks for the post!

  12. marlucia crispin says:


  13. Happy Holidays. I have a similar theory. So many talented people feel the need to over extend their political views. It takes away from their true professions and though every person has a right to opinion keep it simple!!!

  14. Marie-Christine says:

    Nah! I d rather go’ Moonwalking with Einstein!’ :)

  15. A says:

    Hello Paulo, I would like to talk with you about your inspiration for Onze minutes, it is connected to Geneva. If you put my mail on FB, you will find me, sometimes my mail does not work well. Much thanks. Something I would like to clear up for 2012.

  16. Gonzalo says:

    Y mientras cree tocar enardecido
    El oro aquél que matará la Muerte.
    Dios, que sabe de alquimia, lo convierte
    En polvo, en nadie, en nada y en olvido.
    J. L. Borges

  17. Gonzalo says:

    Desgraciadamente no entiendo el Ingles y aquí­ no puedo usar el google translate.
    Estoy confucio leyendo a Borges.

    Y Dios lo hizo morir durante cien años y luego lo animó y le dijo:
    .¿Cuánto tiempo has estado aquí­?
    .Un dí­a o parte de un dí­a, respondió.

  18. THELMA says:

    Dearest Paulo, I have just sent you an email!! I am not sure if I had the right… email address!! :))
    Thelma xxx

    1. THELMA says:

      Thank YOU!! T. xxx

  19. Adriana says:

    Hola, Querido Paulo
    Ya leí­ un poco sobre Fisher. Me gustarí­a saber si pusiste esa canción porque le admiras por su gesta de derrotar con Spassky a prácticamente toda la maquinaria soviética de hacer campeones de ajedrez.

  20. Cristina B says:

    He was a genius of chess! I’m honoured to be of the same sun sign ( Pisces).

    Paulo, You will come to Northern Italy next year, and however I can’t come to your party ( I’m not able enough to use media like twitter and so on and sign my name in your list).

    Love and happy Christmas to you all and particulary to you dearest Paulo.

  21. One of the few crazy and misunderstood genii of our times. Thanks for this lovely and timely reminder of the gifts that we are all blessed with.

  22. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    An interesting post. Bobby Fischer was certainly one of the greatest chess player of all times, if not the greatest. I think one can say he has influenced the modern game. I’ve played it in my youth very much. I’ve learned it in the hospital after my car accident, i played it several years intensively. For far over 20 years, I have not made a game. It had lost its appeal. But it is a great game.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

    1. THELMA says:

      I am glad, Heimo, you had played chess during your stay in the hospital.. A way … out… You are right! It is only a … game! I do not like … games either! A waste of time…. :)))
      Life is the … biggest Chess Game!!! And none is a … winner or a loser! We are just ….the Warriors of the Light!
      Thelma xxx

    2. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      I have nothing against games. I play regularly with my daughter. As for chess, I was bored in the hospital. I could not get up and was bedridden. Read Only and TV is boring. I was 3 months in bed. I’ve learned a lot through the game. However, I must contradict you, Thelma. I do not know if life is a game. But I’m sure life is not chess. Chess is predictable. Meanwhile, computers play chess better than a human. Whether there are winners and losers in life, I can not judge that. It is quite possible.

      I wish you a wonderful day

  23. Annie says:

    you read my mind..? :))

    Love and Gratitude

  24. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Je trouve cette vidéo Hommage, terriblement triste, míªme si les Echecs étaient la passion de cet homme. On est obligé de pense que l’on est si peu de choses, et qu’il ne restera peut-íªtre rien de nous, míªme si la Passion nous habitait…
    J’espère que la Vérité est ailleurs !

  25. Jessica says:

    And what do you wanted to say with this video is my question ???? Or do you just like Bobby fisher ??? Sometimes I really not understand you … thank God *LOL* …. well we all are a mystery sometimes.
    Well I dont like playing chess … I like wordfeud :-D

  26. THELMA says:
    An interesting biography, of how the … States ‘use’ and … forget the ‘talents’.

    I do not know how to play chess, but we all have heard of Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky’s legendary matches! All he wanted was to PLAY CHESS! This shows how a dedication to one’s dream leads to perfection!
    Thelma xxx

  27. Gonzalo says:

    Habra alguna traducción al Castellano?
    Disculpe la molestia