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The Hebrew alphabet is not simply a collection of abstract linguistic elements, like the English alphabet is. All Hebrew letters have names and identities, and in post-Biblical times were even rendered numerical value.
It contains secrets that were preserved by the initiated. They contain the precise plan of the principles of creation.
Each letter (or auth) is a crystallization of one of the aspects of manifestation of the divine word. Each letter corresponds to a number which places it in a numerical hierarchy, a hieroglyph as a visual representation
in form, and a symbol that makes it connect to other letters.
Aleph as first letter is attributed to Kether, the origin of the Tree of Life.
As a symbol Aleph represents unity, origin, power, continuity and stability.






  1. lisa moral says:

    Hola Pablo!!! He terminado de leer el libro y esta muy hermoso, al final reflexione y me hizo recordar a varias historias parecidas de otras personas..
    Mi conclusion final es que Solo importa el Juicio de Dios, quien es el encargado de juzgar, el alma, cuerpo y espiritu. la justicia divina es tarda pero efectiva..

  2. Noss Dominique says:

    Bonjour Paolo , Je termine votre livre Aleph qui m’a beaucoup interessé et laissé avec des questions , des doutes: Dans quelle mesure votre livre est il un roman ou un récit d’évenements vécus ?
    Je ne doute pas que vous croyez en la réincarnation, mais avez vous vécu ces experiences de revisiter vos réincarnations antérieures et les liens avec des personnes en vie actuellement?
    J’ai lu des ouvrages de peronnalités boudhistes qui avaient eu cette possibilité de revisiter des réincarnations antérieures, c’est pour cela que je vous pose ces questions.
    Avez vous vraiment fait ce voyage dans le trans siberien et rencontré cette jeune “Hilal” ou une autre ?
    J’ai besoin d’avoir des réponses car elles éclairent mon sens de la vie.
    Merci pour la reflexion que vos livres m’apportent

  3. zagreas says:

    Dear sir, i have read many of your books and now i am reading aleph. I always liked the way you give to us all those informations, through mysterious ways and riddles. I loved the meditation process of breathing (aka golden ring) thats my way of understanding it. Another excellent book, waiting for more pilgrims…

  4. fahmeed says:

    first i will thanks for comments and see in this books The Hebrew alphabet is not simply a collection of abstract linguistic elements, like the English alphabet is. All Hebrew letters have names and identities, and in post-Biblical times were even rendered numerical value.
    It contains secrets that were preserved by the initiated. They contain the precise plan of the principles of creation . its all true things.if you want need these services hebrew book printing , editing ,flyers, typing and many more so contact and see it

  5. maha says:

    Its life, what you write,
    Its passion, love, obsession, hate, its us, its them, its all,
    11 min, is all what it takes to start our journey reaching the end…Aleph, is what happens in between

  6. David says:

    I havnt gone thru ALEPH but I just ponder on the fact that is it me who told God to create me n give His breath? No It was out of His grace that we all were created.So no doubt that He is the concerned about my exixtence and future.Let us just cruise along with Him,glorifying His name.Just enjoy His patronage n Praise Him evry second for oue life on this Earth n the Eternity He has promised thru His Son Jesus.

  7. prabhat singh says:

    OK i was first introduced to paulo coelho through aleph ..sir your book has landed me in dilemma and today i question my own faith

  8. prabhat singh says:

    My first introduction to Paula coelho was through ” aleph” …………… has put me in great dilemma abt past lives and reincarnation.though i know through “Santana dharma”or”Hinduism” its actually true but was greatly confused why the path u chose”the ring of light” was different than prescribed one.and even i tried the later but nothing worked for me . sir can you explain about the “the ring of light” through any means of your choice my curiosity will be relived…………….else apart do you have any plans of visiting INDIA

  9. Judy Estevez says:

    Thank you for that beautiful masterpiece. I can’t put into words the profound impact Aleph has had on my soul. I feel different, accept people for who they are, appreciate life, it’s good and bad; and I understand that if “you conquer yourself, then you will conquer the world.”
    I am an attorney in the USA, and I spend my entire day fighting battles with my adversaries. Battles that many time can’t be won, and these battles bring about enormous amount of hostility and negative energy. I am 33 years old and I feel like I have been searching for peace for hundreds of years. So for years I have been doing Yoga, running and exercising, in order to tune out the world and attempt to find peace and quiet inside my soul. But Aleph has done what these things have failed to do. So thank you for this great book, because it has placed me on the right path- the path to spiritual peace and harmony. The two most important things I so desperately long for. I hope to complete this journey one day, hopefully in this lifetime.
    I used to look at myself, and say how strange life is, I want and long for peace and spiritual balance, but yet I am in a career that is defined by organized fighting, procedural chaos, disputes; an adversarial system that forces individuals to stand against each other as foe. Now I look at this thought and say, there is a reason for this; and I need to find it. I pray that as I light the sacred fire, God will send me the miracle.
    Your books are treasures. I started reading the rest of your books after I read the Alchemist. I couldn’t stop the urge of picking up one and then another. I just finished Aleph, so I can’t wait for your next masterpiece! I hope one day you can come to the States to give a lecture or a conversation about your books. I pray that our path will meet one day, if not in this lifetime perhaps in the next.
    Thank you,
    Judy Estevez

  10. aisha ronquillo says:

    Hello Paulo!

    At first, I wanted to give you accolades for writing Aleph, because if this book doesn’t transform the life of its reader, then I don’t know what else will.

    Maybe the cost is too great by Philippine standards, but for loyal readers like me, no amount is spared. Aleph may have disappointed me by its lackluster cover, but I guess the old adage “Don’t judge a book by its cover” applies to me. And indeed, I was blown away. Aleph is not a book. It is therapy.

    For the longest time, I felt so bitter over the end of my 7-year relationship. Not that I don’t wanna let go of the guy, but I don’t understand why it ended, on the grounds of the following:

    1. I forgave him when he first cheated, yet he did it again.
    2. I gave him unconditional love, yet he cheated again.
    3. I gave him all my trust, yet he cheated again.
    4. Why? Why? Why?

    My mind was reeling between anger and Prozac. Why? Unconditional love must have been no match for a man’s raging hormones, and I was too naive to see the fact that nothing beats biology. The I read Aleph.

    “I free myself from hatred through forgiveness and love.
    I understand that suffering,
    when it cannot be avoided,
    is here to help me on my way to glory.

    I understand that everything is connected,
    that all roads meet,
    and that all rivers flow
    into the same sea.”

    -Paulo Coelho (Aleph)

    I understand now, that we cannot drag the people we love to our own universe of expectations, that we must not allow ourselves to be slaves of our plans or ambition. I had too much expectations of the man I spent much of my life with, and when he didn’t fit, I threw it all away. I expected too much from his promises, from his dreams that seemed too real. I expected too much from his vows of fidelity, and I wrapped myself around the oremise that nothing can go wrong, because I love him. The mistake? I left no more room for error. I expected forever. I expected love to last. It didn’t.

    That was roughly 2 years ago, but I opted to be single by choice, because I have so many unanswered questions in my head, although some of them have been answered by Aleph, with its theme of letting go, letting go, and more letting go. The heart heals, but only in a slow dance of time. I love this healing process that I am in, and this book has been my companion in searching for a meaning behind every pain. I am fully aware that I cannot fully love another man, until all questions have been properly addressed, but I see that reading Aleph has eliminated a major fraction of my doubts: JUST LET IT ALL GO, RELAX, AND THE ANSWERS WILL COME. You see, the answers have been coming, and are coming still, and I have Paulo to thank for, my angel and my hero. Your book is a savior of lost souls. I love you.

    1. Seema says:

      Beautiful mind and heart you have. Follow your dreams, do not let your dreams go away, though :-)

  11. Mariah says:

    Buenas ,
    just want to say thankyou! like my favourite fairy tale the “match stick girl|”you spread light in dark place, it takes just one light to disperse all darkness, let us all be lights like the stars in the sky, magical blessings to you Paulo Coelho, just wondering if it was my wishful imagination or were you strolling in Cambrils Playa, catalunya last year! your welcom any time let us know, lightworker in cambrils spain.

  12. Yenny sumik says:

    Mr.Coelho, I’m from Indonesia. Since the day of the international release of aleph, I’ve been so excited. And I’ve been waiting so long to read aleph.
    But, unfortunately there is no sign of any publisher in Indonesia to translate and publish aleph.
    Wish u would help the Indonesians fans of yours that eager to read your creation.
    Greet from indonesia :)

  13. Mr. Paulo,
    With particular attention to reading your book, seeking in them a spiritual message.
    You always find. The essence of your work is just that – a message. Why is the spiritual message? Because spirituality is all there is. These are ordinary, everyday little things.
    The reader should understand, but also to learn that this is indeed the case. However, it seems that many want to follow your example experiments with gold rings.
    This is because they are enchanted by the magic and see it as spiritual. All this complex and complicated, and can not be. The rites are not for everyone, because everyone does not have a spiritual level higher than normal, relative consciousness. This requires meditation, work on self- evolution, conscious effort. Meditation is in fact a journey in itself, because all answers are within us. Wrong to seek them out yourself. You are told that the performance of the golden ring dangerous. I think it would be better that the reader did not discover how the ritual of golden rings.
    It is a trap for the writer and reader.

    Sincerely, your reader

  14. lucy says:

    como lo dijera Paulo, Maktub, somos parte del universo en constante movimiento, las coincidencias no existen, nosotros generamos los encuentros, la vida llama a la propia vida, cuando el amor existe no conoce de tiempos ni espacios solo energí­a pura de vida.

  15. Arto Hutto says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Tomorrow is the birthday of my best friend since almost 35 years (we both turn 45 this year) and it´s also the day of the Swedish release of Aleph (Alef) so I translated an interview made with you last year and posted it here:



    PS. About signs; February last year I met a person who was important in some ways for my personal development and in my calendar that month there was wonderful picture of a bridge in Budapest, the town where she was born. In november last year I started the work with your Swedish Facebook page and when it was time to turn page again I saw that November had a beautiful picture of Rio De Janeiro.. coincidences perhaps, but still funny =;O)

    (the picture in my calender was almost like this one

  16. Mayyada says:

    Just want to mention one important note, that ” aleph” is not the first letter in HEBREW…it’s the first letter in an arab girl and I’m sure of it.
    and yes…every letter in our alphabet has a name, like “a word”..not just a single character. you can check that a gain if you have some arab friends who also know hebrew so they can assure you. Regards

  17. Katie Bennett says:

    I was first introduced to The Alchemist during my desperately needed summer break from teaching. I took it on vacation with me and read it as I sat outside on the balcony overlooking the pictureque view of the ocean. I had planned to never return to the poverty stricken and wretched school I had been attempting to teaching 8th grade writing and literature. However, the book served as a muse for me to continue teaching. Only because I wanted to teach the book! It became the catalyst for me to willingly and happily get out of bed every morning. That I am forever grateful for. As I was leaving for Key West a couple weeks ago, I was notified about your newest book Aleph. I rode my rented bicycle all over the island trying to find a copy. Finally after returning home to Louisville, Kentucky I found one. I spent the remaining time of my winter break reading it. One day I didn’t shower and forgot to eat because I couldn’t put it down. I have read and taught many books, but never felt more connected to another author. Please tell me what I can do to arrange a way for me to meet you!

    1. Ritwajit says:

      I read many books, analysed many authors but like you felt I am directly connected to Paulo Coelho…

      like you I also want to meet him!