CoelhoOffice 01 – On writing (I)


  1. Leonor vargas says:

    Sr. Coelho.
    Llevo mucho tiempo escuchando, o mas bien leyendo una frase suya por aquí y por allá, pero nunca había leído un manuscrito suyo, hasta el otro día que me encontraba en la FNAC en Paris y caí de frente con su libro “Aleph” me lo lleve a casa y aun no lo termino, pero me encanta.
    Llegue aquí con un gran entusiasmo, tenia una pregunta que hacerle, y de repente el entusiasmo ha desaparecido, desde muy niña me ha gustado escribir y es cierto que quizas sea muy tarde para hacerlo a mis 50 es difícil casi empezar nada.
    Aunque no me he privado de ese gusto, solo que dejo notas por todos lados, en mi blog, en cuadernos en libreta, etc. Pero empezar un libro? Es muy difícil siento que tengo muchísimas ideas, pero mi cabeza es como una selva, que no logra alinearlas todas….
    Que pedirle si me podía dar una pequeña idea, pero en verdad, ahora me siento tan pequeña, y me parece inútil molestarle con eso.
    Es usted una gran persona, lo felicito Sr. Coelho, y gracias por todo lo que regala a través de un libro.
    Mis saludos mas sinceros y respetuoso .

  2. Brave_soul says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I have a question for you and it is more technical than about writing inspiration. Can you make podcast about how to find agent for publishing. It would be great to know from writer’s point of view. How did you find your first agent? And what channels are available for contacting them?

    I truly appreciate it


  3. MATILDA says:

    The truth is that i have only read one of your books Mr.Coelho ,The Winner Stands Alone, and now i am reading your bioraphy written by Fernando MORAIS
    but i feel that i know you for years.
    I admire you a lot ,imagine i have read only one book.
    I wish i could have the chace to have one convercation with you,with all my respcet ,i really want to learn your thoughts not only through your books,

    I hope one day i will be a writer with the half of your talent.YOU REALLY HAVE A GOOD ENERGY.

    With respect MATILDA

  4. richard hughes says:

    dear paulo coelho !! my daughter gave me one of your books as a gift a couple of years ago, since then you have inspired me in many ways and i’m very grateful for that !! le pellerin de compostelle has made me grown and im not really shure why, but again…im very grateful for it.god bless you

  5. Paola says:

    Un giorno imparerò la tua lingua per poter esprimere meglio quello che ho nel cuore. Grazie per dare voce ai miei pensieri, paure e sogni..

  6. Linda Kastanja says:

    From the Heart

    After listening to all your helpful writing teachings you touched me by saying that you have put your heart out there with your book.
    It touched because I wish that I have the courage to put my heart out too.

    A Dutch film maker told me once: “Writing… it comes from the heart into our consciousness and by the hand it is translated into this world” .
    An image of inspired blood flowing from the heart through the brain into the hand that transforms it into words in ink appears…

    You end with that beautiful animation movie. It has most of the emotional ingredients like melancholia, excitement, confusion, fear and love in it as the ones I’ve experienced in reading Aleph. That’s why I love it too.

    I enjoy and learn much from your brave heart.
    Thank you, Linda

  7. Junior says:

    Muito boa a iniciativa de fazer um videocast,dá aquele gostinho de estar perto de quem admiramos, continue com os vídeos e parabéns.

  8. Jen says:

    Thanks for your lecturing. Quite simple but very Interesting ! 5 minutes’ story telling makes me really focused on listening and feel learing a lot more about writing in a short period of time. : D

  9. Shine says:

    hi dear sir, I just happened to listen to your second podcast. I am not such a big fan of watching Videos. I love reading more, quite boring of me i know :D. I think by mistake I clicked on it. First I must say you have a very sweet and polite voice. Its very nice to hear. You were discussing your process of writing Aleph. Its was interesting to hear.
    What I say of Aleph. I think its very personal novel but I was not comfortable reading it. I don’t think you to be saint but yes it was bit uncomfortable, but you are right your fans would forgive it. Yes there are bit of portions which are inspiring and resemble your other novels, but i think this one was a very different writing from you. Its nothing like Valkyries. I think aleph went more towards magic than inspiration. Its something personal, very funny in parts, little inspirational. I will consider it as a more of an alternate writing from you. Good but quite different from other novels, even Valkyries.

    I nevertheless love it, I meant different, but not inferior. I am not so much of a believer of reincarnation, even when I am a Hindu. I am more comfortable with the idea of nothing after death. I only give preference to present life. I do believe in GOD and found many of your writings to be true. But reincarnation will take some time. May be thats why I got little from aleph. But still will look forward to your other books. Right now I am busy with Harry Potter series but when its over will return to your books.
    Love Avantika
    P.S: I don’t have right now patience to hear first podcast, but I will try to hear it again, not so much of a video person . :D

  10. Meus primeiros e ultimo amor…

    Marianas, Lucianas,tem Robertas e Luizas, Ana Paulas entre outras,imaginem, todas lindas.

    Conquistaram meu amor, com tuas carnes e tuas mentes, refletindo consequencias, me tornei resiliente.

    Foram seres com defeitos e tamanhas qualidades, reconhecem os meus feitos, reconhecem minhas vaidades, me amaram, me feriram, até hoje ainda me ferem, mas no fundo ja sabiam, o eterno é o que elas querem. Já sabiam as consequencias, de amar alguem tão louco, de amar com irreverencia, de amar de perto o fogo.

    As primeiras já se foram, mas eu tenho a esperança, de alcançar mais perto o topo, do amor de uma criança, as lembranças ficam todas, minhas queridas e ex reliquias, mas no fundo o que eu quero, um amor que não me aplicas.

    Minha androide não perfeita, com espirito ajudando, tendo a sinceridade, e o carater de um humano , nao me causes mais feridas, pois em ti eu deposito, esperanças de uma vida, e uma vida então gerar.

    Venha logo, se apresente, sendo sobrenatural, te espero igual presente, ser eterna, sem igual, é voce que me abriga, com tempo vou provar, todo amor que tenho em ti, e que eu vou depositar. Por ti espero anos, e torço para ser menos, só sei que nossa igreja é a ciencia aqui nos vendo. O céu é estarmos juntos, o inferno é a despedida, contigo quero estar para sempre, oh minha vida! Com Carinho imaginei, sua angustia e sua dor, e a seu lado vou estar, para sempre meu amor.

  11. Guiselle J says:

    Very wise. Some of the circunstances you describe here we have every day in our lifes. Thank you for sharing and for inspiring us to reconect to the divine energy. I have a book in my heart, in my mind…I need to write about it but dont know how. I need to surrender.

  12. Bryan says:

    I have read all your books in our college library and you inspired me. ^_^
    You express ideas not with words but with meaning. You remind me of my experience with Kahlil Gibran–an experience of floating in space yet living in reality. Thanks for everything, Paulo! I’m looking forward to reading Aleph.

  13. Greyvin says:

    Gracias por compartir Aleph, hay tantas cosas que coinciden con mi vida que al leer la novela era como repasar algunas notas olvidadas en mi alma. Gracias nuevamente por compartir su visión con nosotros.

  14. ERIKA SANCHEZ says:

    I got Aleph last night!!! I’m so happy. It seems to me like I’m going to read it so fast as I did when I was reading Brida. I’m sure this new book will fill my soul with your wonderful experience.

    Thank you so much for that great podcast.

  15. Resistia na minha teimosia de taurina a existência do Mago, ouvia-se muito falar, muitos escreveram, muitos elogios, muito glamour, mas eu ainda que tudo me envolvesse, queria coloca-lo a prova e num dia acordei e disse a mim mesma. Não quero mais fugir de Paulo, cheguei muitas noites a sonhar com isso e deixando de lado a teimosia, comprei seus livros hoj e os devoros, com a fome de um animal desesperado pela sua presa. Obrigada Paulo, hoje sei quase tudo de sua vida e melhor ainda, estou me descobrindo e com certeza sou uma mulher muito mais feliz. te amo querido ! São Paulo, Brasil

  16. Looking forward to more also from CoelhoOffice!

    An amazing thing happening. Looking up, see a two video sizes. Dear Christina, I love this painting too!
    Like the story, the world as a mirror, and a song about ‘All Things Great And Small’.
    Earlier, reading about writing part II, looking at the photograph of a sculpture that captured my imagination first time you shared it. How it was even more beautiful today, still covered in a blanket of snow. And protecting the sculpture is snow, only today looked like the great bear and small bear constellations. Like hugs. Hugging friends.
    Stories, of the stars, the entire universe. The sculpture reminded me of the artist’s loving hands. And God, holding the world together with love. As well, the Hymn to Isis. All connected.
    And wondering how amazing that the snow is white? How beautiful the world is.
    All that leads to morning prayers. Seeing eyes of family and friends. The light, bright, just like stars. Are the stars, God’s flowers? Sometimes they wink, too. Like your story about friendship fires., feeling warm.

    Love and Gratitude to All,

  17. Marie-Christine says:

    En Francais
    Bonjour – Bienvenu au bureau de Coelho.

    Je n’ai pas besoin de lunettes.

    Je vais essayer d’expliquer le procede pour ecrire un livre en utilisant ‘Aleph’ comme exemple.

    La question que les journalistes posent normalement est ;
    ‘D’ou vient votre inspiration?’

    En regle generale, il y a deux genres d’ecrivains : ceux comme Proust ou James Joyce qui ont ce monde imaginaire tres present dans leurs vies et n’ont pas besoin de la quitter pour ecrire,
    Et il y a le genre comme et comme Hemingway qui ont besoin d’avoir des experiences.
    Sans vouloir me comparer avec, bien sur, je suis plutot incline vers le deuxieme groupe d’ecrivains.
    Pratiquement tous mes livres sont une reflection de mes experiences.

    Ayant dit ceci, parlons de ‘L’Aleph”.

    En 2006, j’etais dans ma zone de confort, sans trop de challenges, et en meme temps ma vie a commence a devenir tres tres ennuyeuse. Je n’avais plus de challenges, Ce n’est pas que la vie ne m’apporte pas de defis. Oui tous les jours j’en recois, En meme temps ma vie etait devenue sans interet.
    Faire un podcast comme celui ci est un veritable challenge egalement.

    Et puis pour des raisons variees, que vous pouvez decouvrir eventuellement en lisant le livre, je me suis trouve face a une crise de foi et cette crise m’a amene a prendre la route pendant trois…quatre mois. Trois et un autre.

    Pendant cette periode, je suis parti en voyage sur le Trans Siberien pour essayer d’y voir plus clair non pas dans le sens ou je trouverais des reponses sur qui je suis mais celui d’etre relie avec l’Energie Divine et a cette Energie qui passe toujours chez chaque etre humain.

    J’ai voyage sans savoir ou cela m’amenerait parce que si vous savez ou vous allez arriver, vous n;avez pas besoin de voyager si vous connaissez la destination.
    L’important dans la vie est d’etre ouvert au mystere, ouvert a l’aventure , a quelque chose que vous aimez veritablement.

    Alors, j’ai entrepris ce voyage, Je suis alle sur le Trans Siberien,, ce qui etait un de mes reves de jeunesse et durant ce voyage j’ai eu cette experience. mais au moins c’etait un passage ou j’ai compris cette experience, Je me suis compris- ce qui ne veut pas dire que je pouvais ecrire un livre la-dessus –

    Beaucoup de choses qui surviennent dans ma vie je n’en parle pas dans un livre., C’est une experience personnelle et je n’ai pas besoin de la partager avec le public.
    C’etait le cas avec ‘Aleph”. Je n’avais pas envie de le partager.
    Et tout d’un coup je me suis rendu compte que c’etait seulement mon experience,

    Quatre annees se sont ecoulees, et un jour je me trouvais a Davos, en Suisse et j’ai eu comme une Epiphanie et j’avais besoin de partager et je savais comment le faire pas seulement consciencieusement .Et c’est arrive en 2010 a Davos,
    Alors, j’ai decide d’ecrire un livre,

    Dans le prochain podcast, je vous dirais comment j’ai ecrit le livre.

    Je vous remercie pour votre attention.,

  18. hubert says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I got “Aleph” yesterday – the first day it was published in G. ;-) and will read it next days.
    Thank you for sharing, what is shared…
    I am nosy. …

  19. Team work says:

    Thanks 4 the Office Words.

  20. Kealan says:

    So much fun.

  21. NK Ranjan says:

    It is really great to witness the act of transformation of simple words into beautiful but rare and scarce ideas. I should say: Paulo the Magician understands life the way we generally forget and ignore. Great!

  22. Ilsen says:

    Im interested in learning more!! Thank you for sharing!

  23. pramila says:

    Thanks! I’m so looking forward to this.
    Q: Sometimes an ‘experience’ makes no sense at all when you put it into words?

  24. Stuti says:

    Thanks for sharing, Paulo. Looking forward to the next video!

  25. Yuly says:

    I got Aleph book for christmas and couldn’t be happier!!.. im so excited im even reading it slowly beacause I don’t want to finish reading it. I’m also reading Brida. my evenings alone in my bedroom are the best. Gracias Paulo Coelho for helping me to understand some things about life and myself but also to open my mind and allow myself to grow spiritually. Que Dios te bendiga a ti y a tu familia hoy y siempre..

  26. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    Really nice podcast. I Love the CoelhoOffice :-)



  27. Subi says:

    Thank you!!!!

  28. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    I love it! Writing and your office. Hope to see more!

    I wish you a wonderful evening

  29. Vesna says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho
    The idea as well as the post is great. I’m waiting with curiosity for the following context and I do have one question for you.
    In your early starts when you were plentiful with variety of adventures and in a lack of written pages, how you were electing experience that you want to write about?
    Thank you,

  30. Annie says:

    I love this CoelhoOffice :)))!!
    excellent podcast, esp. for aspiring writers!!
    always a pleasure seeing you :)) ^_^

    Love and Gratitude

  31. Tracy Glassey says:

    I bought Aleph the day it came out …And… I am going to start reading it tonight!!! :)

    I finished my novel, Trip the Light Fantastic, goal– to be published this year. ;)

    Thank you for being such an inspiration to me, Paulo~ xo!