Aleph video (German cover)


  1. SANA says:

    its something away from reality……….

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Thanks for the journey.
    jou jour ne(e)
    play with the day just born
    with love

  3. Maria says:

    Paulo I love your books. I have read about 4 or 5 of them to date and they have had significant meaning for me. The Aleph however left me feeling quite disappointed. I failed to be drawn into the story. There seemed to be two parallel stories going on. One was the relationship of the bored married older man and a highly strung and demanding 21 year old woman. The other was the spiritual message which did not really crystallise for me. It seemed to be washed down with the disjointed plot and characters. The imagery of the bamboo was the only piece of the book which I can say I enjoyed. The rest was a confusing jumble that led to what was to be the “spiritual climax” I am assuming with the scene of the shaman at the lake but which for me anyway was a massive letdown. I felt that this novel touched the surface of something deep but only the surface. I hate to say this but it feels like this is fast food spirituality. I am about to read another novel of yours regardless and hope I’m wrong.

  4. charles colette says:

    Encore un livre qui me réveille…et me rappelle d’íªtre vivante…
    Envie de bouger…de partager
    Retrouver ma grí¢ce…

    1. Je regarde les rails... says:

      c’est pas facile pour arriver sur le commentaire de la video,… il a fallu que je fasse des grandes maneuvres :)
      pour ne pas confondre je parle de la video sur la droite’ the Journey,’. j’y ai passe presque la journee.:)
      simplement pour dire que ca me rappelle un voyage recent a travers l’Europe. beaucoup de changements sur les differentes gares, J’ai eu de la veine on m’a aide a trouver le metro et tout le tralala, j’ai manque mon train mais enfin j’ai pu en rattrapper un autre, ca m’a donne l’occasion de pratiquer les langues. j’ai adore. parce qu’en plus ils m’ont compris. alors imaginez… je me suis plus arretee de sourire.:):) J’ai eu une chance inouie j’etais meme localisee dans la rue d’un fameux mathematicien. j’ai fait du calcul alors parce que je me suis perdue au retour en plein dans une zone industrielle, un samedi ou il n’y avait rien d’ouvert. j’ai eu recours a la formule du mathematicien et j’ai pu finalement rejoindre le bercail. j’ai reconnu le drapeau .Eureka!
      Je n’ai pas pu m’empecher de penser que c’etait un peu comme ‘;Mit Aleph beginnt ein neues Kapitel in Ihrem Leben! ‘ un nouveau chapitre a commence.
      Je m’ennuie jamais.

  5. Bálint Németh says:

    Wonderful video and wonderful Coelho!

  6. Lavinia Katona says:

    Mr. Coelho, I was waiting for this book since november.. and TODAY it arrived, like the people on the store would have known that today is my 18th birthday, it’s magic!

  7. shehlly says:

    Very true for me your books are. Felt the restlessness of soul and its thirst for more kept me confused till I by chance found a book of yours…Zahir. and from then on stoping for me. Thanks for the voice you make for speechless ppl like I am.

    All I want to say is thanks for another dimension of the universe…..Aleph.

  8. Well says:

    have read aleph tonight. im finding it brave that you share your experience. it is your version of reality. and i read it with this respect. i personally do not believe that the characters of your past-life-story ever really lived. i think they are imaginations. i felt sad about seeing in the book a bored man who is often mindless, too. find no real appreciation of nature, no true love to nature, no enjoying the present moment. i see someone caught in a script about what love and sacredness(=aleph to me) should mean. but still not
    “love is the child of freedom” ? came to my mind and something paul ferrini wrote:

    “Fear and conditioning encourage us to push away those aspects of our experience that are new, unexpected , or that do not feel safe. By creating an area of our experience that is unacceptable, division is created int the psyche. Now we have good and bad, unconscious and conscious, wanted and unwanted. Now we can have an experience without feeling it. We can escape into our heads, space out, disconnect emotionally. While this kind of dissociation is understandable when it comes in reaction to traumatic events, it is dysfunctional in response to the ups and downs of daily life.”

  9. uno y todo, todo y uno…
    es el viaje!!

  10. Sema says:

    Coelho, you are the voice I never had :)

  11. zhee says:

    the lay out of your blog before is better..much easy to read.

  12. Yorinda says:

    The video is fascinating, how can that be done?

    I wonder if the book is like that too? Looking forward to reading it.

    Thanks for sharing this!

  13. Júlio Cesar says:

    very good !!

  14. Alla says:

    If there is anyone interested in Uzbek version of Paulo Coelho bookset’me know!I will post them on my blog and site.

  15. Полина says:

    Пауло!!!! Спасибо огромное за видео, оно потрясающее!!!!! Я очень часто перечитываю Алфимика, каждый раз поддеркивая, что новое и интересное. Вчера начала читать Брида. “Ночь – это только часть дня”
    «Ð­Ñ‚о не было неожиданностью. Каждый день человека – это Темная Ночь. Никто не знает того, что произойдет в следующий момент, но даже так люди идут вперед. Потому что они доверяют. Потому что у них есть Вера».
    Я для себя делаю отдельные пометки в каждом Вашем произведение. Спасибо Пауло!!!!!! Вы помогаете, понять себя, разобраться во многих вопросах жизни!

  16. nina ramirez says:

    Hermoso,,Fantástico,Increí­ble,como nos metemos en la historia del libro a taves de estas imágenes,un paseo a traves de la ruta trasiberiana en apenas dos minutos!!!!!! Bendiciones y muchos besos señor coelho!!

  17. Chantal says:

    Can’t wait to read it, I am starting Brida now. Just borrowed the BRIDA Audio Book from the library. Thanks Paulo for updating this site, you’ve got some faithful followers!

  18. Jeremy says:

    Wow what a mesmerizing video! Thanks for sharing it.


  19. Gabriele says:

    Wonderful video.Yesterday I bought this book.Iam looking forward to read this book now.
    I wish you and your family a happy new year.

  20. Vani says:

    Ví­deo criativo demais!!!

  21. isabelle says:

    I read the book on the plane from Marseille (France) to Rio! I just couldn’t stop till the end. I loved all your books, it’s always a personal adventure, every time it’s like a voyage deep inside myself. I read the book two weeks ago and I keep thinking about what you ‘ve written, I know I’ll read it at least a second time. Thank you so much and this vedeo is perfect. I wish you a happy new year, can’t wait for your next book…

  22. Marie-Christine says:

    Music – a language that bridges the gap – in all languages.
    Thank you,. Danke. Obrigada. Gracias. Grazzie. Efcharisto. Tak. Merci.

  23. Alexandra says:

    Started to read the book, I love it! Interesting, and I hope I am not wrong, even funny at some extent…and again you are saying exact things at exact times for my life. I talk about changes, and tragedy. I would quote, but is in Romanian. Well, you give the thrill, adding mystery, a realm that cross everyday life. Interesting is to read the book after meeting you ( first book after meeting you in Melk) and about J. that you said was in Melk too…keep wondering who is him, I have some guess. Important is the book is worth reading, very interesting, make me feel so fine. Will be hard lend the book to my relatives ( they enjoy reading books, if I buy them, maybe because my good taste? or they do not spend), but is the right way. I will ask them to take care of the book. Dont mind me, I like more the cover of the Romanian version ( more Romantic). Much love, big hug, best wishes, so many thanks
    Be Blessed

  24. Olga says:

    Many likes! Amazing video, a dive in history and in a magic world of mind!

  25. THELMA says:

    Yes. with Aleph, a new chapter has began in our life!! A wonderful video..

    The parallel dimensions and Worlds: The eternal NOW!
    Thelma xxx

  26. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    I write in German for once! Es ist ein unglaublich gutes Buch, ich liebe es! Vielen Dank Paulo, es ist mein Lieblingsbuch von Dir!

    Ich wünsche allen einen wundervollen Tag