CoelhoOffice 02 – On writing (II) : The puzzle

Podcast #2 – Paulo Coelho talking about how much trouble he had to write his most recent book ‘Aleph’.

Podcast #2 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre como é difí­cil escrever um livro baseado nas experiíªncias da sua mais recente publicaí§í£o ‘O Aleph’.

Podcast #2 – Paulo Coelho hablando sobre la dificultad de escribir un libro tomando en cuenta sus experimentos de su más reciente publicación ‘Aleph’.


  1. Elena says:

    Ciao to you, Paulo ^^!!
    And THANKS TO YOU for these magic moments with you!!

    With all my Love


  2. vanina santos says:

    Dear Paulo,
    You’ve been all over the world … come and visit Manila, will you please?
    Thank you for being yourself :)

  3. jose díaz says:

    Que genialidad como conducis una idea para entretener y enseñar. Me divierto con estas experiencias, me dieron ganas de leer el Aleph. Gracias por compartir.

    att. saludos desde Argentina, José

  4. Monica Flores says:

    I use many experts of The Alchemist and Brida to teach innercity students from Central America. They love it! Mil gracias! for sharing so much with us through these videocasts!

  5. Olta Canka says:

    I woke up inspired and latter I my bulb got illuminated about Aleph and the word No!
    It makes such A GREAT SENSE. It starts with the book cover ALEPH that speaks and says NO! in the next first word inside of it. The spark of light that says No! to the darkness, and then, light on, FOREVER! :)
    It tells how the story ends before it begins.

    And then…. WOW!! Making links and you never know what you come up with next…

    Love & Hugs

  6. Georgina says:

    Thanks for your videos about how you wrote this novel..Is nice to hear you talking…Greetings from Mexico City.

  7. Paula says:

    Hi Paolo,

    Thank you for being who you are. My world is awesome because I have your books to read and podcasts to view. You are such an inspiration.


  8. PATRICIA Brum says:

    Obrigada por add subtí­tulo em portuguíŠs!

  9. Adriana Campos says:

    No matter I’m on the stage of denying the importance of your books in my life I can’t help it but love you.

  10. Margarita says:

    Dear Paulo,
    I am a faithful reader of your books and would like to thank you, for your eloquence and inspirational work have many times given me food for thought and helped me come closer to who I really am and can be.

    I was wondering if in one if your next trips you would consider visiting Greece, as I’m sure a lot of your readers would like to meet you, me included.

    I wish you all the best and hope you will continue to be an infinite source of inspiration to us.


  11. eterno silencio says:

    Paulo vocíª usa e-mail? Sem ser blog ou twitter?

    E-mail mesmo rsrs, se puder me informe, gostaria de trocar alguns e-mails contigo pessoais.

  12. Eda says:

    Hi Paulo,

    thank you for your inspiring and motivating writings.
    I totally respect and admire your achievements as a highly-conscious human being.
    I would like to ask you about something for which I think you are a good master of. I am talking about the voice of our heart, our core being, how can you listen to your heart? What are the methods or ways you use to listen to it?
    I am gradually recognizing, becoming conscious of the power to control my life and happiness but want to discover the real desires of my heart and live according to them. How can I do this?

    Best Regards,

  13. The Urban Rainmaker says:

    Had a break through. Oh cool podcast. I’ll search the old email and ping you an update. Need a publisher in Madrid, know anyone,? Met with OSHO’s said my work is visionary fiction! Didn’t even know there was a an area. The thing its Empirical fact. Anyway. to the mail. Ciao. Dude you are looking well.

  14. Amalia says:

    Beloved Paulo, im very happy for your podcasts in my language, the spanish. Thanks a lot for your LETTERS, for your LIGHT, for your LOVE. Your books changed my LIVE and feed my soul. HUGS from Mexico!!!

  15. Lennox says:

    Hi Paulo – thank for the light you shine – today, once again I m inspired by your podcast and look forward to the next.

  16. Miriam says:

    Dear Paulo –
    Greetings! Thank you so much for your podcasts. I have fourteen of your books. Your are my favorite writer. I have 3 copies of The Alchemist – in Spanish, English and the beautiful illustrated edition. I dream that sometime we will meet and you will sign all of your books. I teach first-year college writing and have been published a few times. I have been working on a draft of my running memoir (I have been running over 20 years and run ultra marathons). It’s more than just about running; it’s about faith, family, trauma, never giving up and running with endurane this life God has placed before us (Hebrews 12:1) So far I’ve written a little over 100 pages. You are a true inspiration and your commitment to and willingness to share with your readers and the world your gifts is a true blessing!! I look forward to more of your podcasts on writing! Thank you for the opportunity to share.

  17. Sempre o bom desprendimento! Obrigada mestre por tudo… ” O cesto lentamente chegou a margem do rio, tombou suavemente e retornou a outra margem, lá estava tú, e dentro dele…respostas! Como todo sonho é louco a minha conclusí£o é: fazer uma vez que seja, o caminho de volta é resgatar pelo caminho algo despercebido. amor e luz Paulo ( esse sonho eu tive contigo há +_ dois anos)

  18. Klynne says:

    My resolution this year is to be a writer. Not become one, but be one. But to do so, obviously, I have to start to write. (but how? I don’t know any writers? Write about what? To whom?) Right at the point that I was about to push it away because it is a foolish idea, really, …you started your podcasts. So lesson number one, you helped me determine that I am a writer of experiences not of inventions. Second lesson, I learned that I have many books in my soul but that I should not be frustrated if I cannot write some of them yet, I have to give myself time to digest them. (I am still smiling, what a great thought, I am not frustrated, I’m just digesting! ) Thank you. So now it is up to me to dig up one of my fully digested subject and wait for my next lesson!

  19. Gulhayo says:

    Dear Mr Paulo Coelho, have you ever heard about my home country? Uzbekistan!!! Poets who were born in Uzbekistan are well-known all around the world, such us Alisher Navoi. I loved Uzbek literature very much. I wasn’t interested in World literature. Last year Suddenly I saw “Alchemist” on a web site. it was intriguing. I didn’t know about you then. afterwards I downloaded the book and finished it in a day. Then i read it not sleeping. all the stories in that book stayed about a month in my mind. I felt like Santiago. After some time I bought the tranlation of your book and read it again. every time I read the book I got different views. Afterwards I read the book ‘Portobello”. I lived like Afina untill I finished reading the book. she had a right to live than others. At the end of the book I felt sad. I read “the devil and mrs Pryme” too. After that I waited for your other books. because of you my interest in World literature increased. You are the ideal person of present time. I will be waiting for new novels from you. I hope, you will reply to my letter, Sincerely yours: Gulhayo

    1. Sajie says:

      I read the book,not finished yet.santiago-i m very fond of him ,his concept,way of thinking.I too like exploring,hang outs and a no strings attached life

  20. Thankyou so much… The time I spent time watching the video, I quietly experienced the ecstasy enjoyed by my soul.

  21. moon says:


  22. Christie says:

    I am loving the podcasts!

    Looking forward to the next – thank you so much.

    Much love and light.

    California, USA

  23. Margarita says:

    I cann’t stop saying, you’re my favorite writer and your books are part of the most important moments of my life.
    Let’s the Universe continues conspire with our lifes!

  24. Anjo Lacson says:

    Truly, I feel in my heart that I am gonna write a book someday. Having read your books and now watching you on podcast makes me more inspired and go after my heart’s desire.

  25. Heart says:

    I like the set up, the picture this week, with more of the desk showing. I am laughing about your plant, because what we named that plant in my first home-land was, mother-in-law-tongue..

    I believe what you tell us today, is where you have your exceptional talent; namely in choosing a focus. Yes, you have to pick the most important moments, but how exactly did you hit the Aleph? This is so genius and genius how it is mixed in with your journey.. There is no way to learn this. It was your talent and a bit of luck at a very moment in your life, that created this.. I do not think it is possible for anyone else to “learn” what you are trying to share.. Still, I enjoy immensely to hear a bit about how you create a book. Of course, what is nothing less than a miracle is how you can write your books in such a short time. I wouldn’t think many writers write like you?

  26. Marie-Christine says:

    Ceci est mon deuxieme podcast en ce qui concerne l’ecriture,

    J’ai pris ‘Aleph’ comme un exemple pour partager ma methode parce que c’est evident c’est le dernier livre que j’ai ecrit.

    Si vous avez manque le premier podcast, allez sur le blog Il y a une colonne podcast et cliquez dessus . vous trouverez le podcast,

    Des mon retour de Davos, je savais que j’avais un livre dans mon ame. Comme n’importe quel ecrivain, j’ai beaucoup de livres dans mon ame. et je dois choisir un sujet lorsque je l’ai assimile.
    Cela m’a pris quatre annees pour comprendre cette experience ,d’experimenter ce moment.
    Ce n’est pas que c’etait la premiere fois, mais cette fois ci cela fut tres tres
    Alors, je suis rentre chez moi et j’ai dit :
    ‘ Je vais ecrire ce livre et c’etait assez complexe parce que c’etait un voyage qui a dure trois mois et on ne peut pas le resumer en un livre. Il en faudrait plusieurs.,
    Je me suis demande ;
    ‘Qu’est-ce que tu peux faire?
    Probablement , je devrais me concentrer sur la chose la plus importante du voyage c’est a dire ‘Aleph’.’ – ce n’etait pas la premiere fois, que cela m’est arrive. je l’avais deja experimente – mais pas avec autant d’intensite comme cette fois –

    Je suis revenu ici a Geneve, dans ce bureau, Je me suis assis et j’ai pense ;
    ‘Je vais creer en, amenant le lecteur dans le Trans Siberien comme cela s’est passe pour moi.’,
    Et je l’ai fait en trois etapes :
    1. Ma crise de foi que j’ai decrite au debut de mon livre.
    2. Comment ai-je decide d’entreprendre ce voyage?
    C’etait assez bizarre. Sur un magazine dans un Hotel a Londres,. Je me trouvais a Londres pour autre chose, Mais cela coincidait avec la Foire du Livre et la-bas les Editeurs m’ont invite et j’ai accepte de m’y rendre.
    Mon Agent etait desesperee, parce qu’elle a dit:
    ‘Mon Dieu Paulo va tout annuler.’
    ‘Bien sur que je ne vais pas l’annuler. Lorsque je m’engage sur quelque chose je le fais.
    3. Le troisieme etait sur le Trans Siberien – bien sur –
    Entre Londres, la Tunisie, nous sommes restes en Tunisie et puis le Trans Siberien, J’ai visite la Bulgarie, la Roumanie, l’Italie et plusieurs autres pays mais cela peut devenir repetitif d’en parler,
    La chose la plus importante dans le livre est ce moment ‘Aleph’ – mon Epiphanie.
    Je me suis assis et j’ai decide. C’est tres facile de decider quelque chose vous savez mais pour la mettre en pratique c’est plutot complique.
    Cependant, ce qui se passe chaque fois avec moi, lorsqu’un livre est pret a etre ecrit. – Le livre est la – Je n’ai qu’a le taper a la machine.
    J’ai commence a ecrire ‘Aleph’ et le premier mot qui m’est venu en tete – a ete sur le clavier ‘Non’. et je me suis dit ;’Tu ne peux pas commencer un livre avec ‘Non’ Ce n’est pas tres positif, Mais c’est l’inspiration et c’est de cela que nous parlerons lors de notre prochain podcast.
    Alors l’inspiration fut ‘Non’ et j’ai ecrit ‘Non.’
    Et puis j’ai commence le livre et le livre a avance grace a ce procede que j’ai utilise – l’inspiration le moment ou vous vous abandonnez au processus creatif -un moment tres feminin.
    Nous en parlerons dans notre podcast suivant la prochaine fois.
    Je vous remercie d’etre ici,

  27. Irina Serban says:

    Yes, there are many books inside an author’s heart and (s)he always has to choose one, the one that keeps spinning round and round in one’s head, seemingly without contour and shape. But that’s only an illusion, because, as you said, the hardest thing is to sit and write it out, since it is already written inside. The inspiration–the whispers, as I like to call it :-)–is the voice to which an author should surrender. It always knows best.

    Looking forward to the third podcast on the feminine creative side of an author.

    Great idea of podcast! Thank you for allowing us a little bit in the inner world of a writer and for offering us insights on how a book comes into being! I’m all ears since I’ve (re)embarked on this writing adventure recently. I’m traveling with my dream and for my dream right now :-) and your podcast touches my heart. Thank You!

  28. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    I love your podcasts they are great! I’m looking forward to the next!

    Much love and a wonderful evening

  29. Marie-Christine says:

    Cher Paulo,
    J’ai trouve cette citation superbe et tres appropriee avec ce podcast.
    ‘Ce qui a reellement de la valeur en un livre est traduisible – toute intuition reelle ou tout sentiment humain.’ R. Emerson
    I have find that superb quotation and very appropriated for this podcast.
    What truly has value in a book is translatable – every real intuition or human feeling.

  30. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Elle est très intéressante, pour vos lecteurs, cette introspection, qui donne l’impression d’íªtre directement dans la tíªte de l’auteur, au moment míªme oí¹ l’idée de son livre, est en train de germer.
    De plus, ce livre est très particulier pour vous, ce que l’on sentait dès la première page, c’est un journal intime. Il paraí®t très différent de vos autres livres, mais en fait, en lisant celui lí , on comprend combien les autres ne sont que les versions romancées de la míªme histoire, de vos rencontres successives dans cette vie et les autres. Je suis particulièrement sensible í  l’histoire de Brida, énergie féminine et lunaire, qui me touche au plus près, et qui m’a déjí  permis de répondre í  beaucoup de mes questions personnelles.
    J’ai lu Alpeh d’un seul jet la première fois, par nécessité absolue de savoir ce qu’il était advenu de ces femmes et si leur souffrance était levée í  notre époque. La seconde fois, ‘javais pris du recul quand í  cette souffrance, et j’ai pu le relire sans poids sur le coeur, et plus lentement, en savourant le voyage et les partages humains. Maintenant, je vais attendre votre dernier podcast et le relire après avoir entendu tout ce que vous avez í  nous dire du tissage de votre trame, et je sais que j’en aurai encore une autre vision, mais toujours avec autant de plaisir, rien que par l’harmonie de vos mots.
    Pour ce voyage au bout de votre í¢me, que vous nous faites partager, et pour ce voyage tellement beau pour moi qui n’ai jamais le temps de partir aussi loin, pour tout cela merci. M christine G.

  31. Olta Canka says:

    One of the things that I liked the most on your book Aleph, was that NO!
    I immediately found it a great way to start a book. Un vero “Colpo di Genio.” :)
    I then had that word impressed in my mind, not knowing why…

    I find this podcast idea, FANTASTIC! :)

  32. Pilar says:

    Gracias por comentar que empezaste Aleph con un: No.

  33. Annie says:

    So So beautiful!!! and I so much love that rabbit in the hat and that music…… got my full attention :))))

    Love and Gratitude

  34. YES! Thank you, Mr Coelho! What you said here about having the books in your soul, is my exact experience. Also, that when I start writing the stories down, they are there. I experience it as they are waiting for me to start writing, and all I have to do is to write. It’s a wonderful experience when that door opens after the first word (or sentence) comes forth. “No” is a good way to start a book, if a YES follows later on, haha. We can not interfere with how it starts, or progresses, because it comes as it is meant to be.
    Thank you again for sharing this, and I look forward to the next podcast.
    I will share this video on my blog.
    Love, Aina

  35. Inas says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts, ideas and your soul with us. I just recently started reading your books. I read “The Pilgrimage, The Alchemist, The Zahir and Veronika Decides to die” “I love them so much. You’ve become part of my daily existence. Today I will start reading “Aleph” Can’t wait to take the journey with you.
    I only wish I had read your books earlier to have been able to attend a book signing or a lecture when you were in Egypt in 2008!!!
    Cairo, Egypt