Illustrators wanted

Two weeks ago I posted an invitation “podcast editors wanted”. We had over 100 submissions, most of them presenting very interesting CVs. I decided for Barbara Zedler and Michele Costa ( @Pitufanys ) who are currently editing and putting subtitles in the podcast you see at your right side.
Now my agent, Monica Antunes, decided to edit a book with my tweets. The book will be illustrated in black and white. Sant Jordi Asociados will pay a flat fee for the illustrations. If you are interested, please send your CV together with some samples of your work to SANT JORDI ASOCIADOS.

Há duas semanas postei “preciso de editor de podcasts”. Recebi mais de 100 currí­culos interessantí­ssimos, e decidi por Barbara Zedler e Michele Costa ( @Pitufanys), que atualmente estí£o editando e colocando legendas no video í  direita. Agora minha agente Monica Antunes decidiu editar um livro com os meus tweets. As ilustraí§íµes serí£o em preto e branco. Se voce estiver interessado(a), por favor envie um CV com amostras do seu trabalho para SANT JORDI ASOCIADOS


  1. Phyllis Moon says:

    I just adore you Paulo as you already know….I follow you on Facebook at every chance. I am an illustrator & you may find seven of my portfolios on the link. In addition I just created a new blog…

    It would be truly an HONOUR to illustrate for Paulo. I will never give up my dream of building a cathedral :-)

    Peace & Love,

  2. Jowy Maasdamme says:

    I am Jowy Maasdamme , my work has been send and I am ready!
    BORN READY :-)

  3. Diana says:

    Paulo, my nephew is a tremendous artist living in Colimbia. His drawings and paintings are so vivid and so incredibly astounding that I would love to send you a sample of his work. He is young, and in need of a reason to believe and be optimistic about life… Surely, your readers might find his visions as intriguing as your books. His name is Juan Camilo – he goes by the name of “El Milo”. Will post something up for you to see as soon as possible if you are curious. Thank you, Just one more reader, Diana Mejia

  4. Angela MT says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Till when is the submission?


  5. Marcela Vanegas Betancourt says:

    Buenos dí­as Señor Paulo Coelho
    Me permito saludarlos y ofrecerles mi trabajo como ilustradora para su nuevo libro. Soy Arquitecta y he trabajado como ilustradora en varios proyectos editoriales, especialmente con la Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Será un honor para mi, entrar en éste proceso de selección y tener la oportunidad de participar en su proyecto literario y creativo.
    La ilustración de textos, el dibujo y la pintura son mi vocación y mi pasión. Me siento muy contenta de poder proponer y contribuir para tan bonita y genial iniciativa como es un libro con los tweets de Paulo Coelho.
    Mi correo electrónico es: [email protected]. Para ver muestras de mi trabajo y mi CV pueden visitar mi sitio en:

  6. Wow!! Congratulations to all and best wishes to the illustrators too!
    Also know some friends that may be interested!

    The podcast is great, I love the musicbox song, and upcoming book with illustrations!
    Love to All,

  7. Marielle says:

    Just send an email with pictures of some of my (very colorful) artwork!

  8. Viola Onisro says:

    Hello Sir!

    Nice! But why in black and white?
    The wold is so colorful, especially your homeland.
    And I would love to see some brushstrokes from your wife too.

    If I translate the word tweet right, than in my opinion,
    all the words are a little bit lifeless without music in it.
    I’m sure a well created “Paulo Coelho CD” IS a bestseller!

    Have a look to this:

    But the best thing is: you would have challenge ;-) – so I believe.

    All the best – straight from the heart

  9. Pilar says:

    I do not know how to get some pictures

  10. Pilar says:

    No sabrí­a cómo hacer llegar algunos dibujos.

  11. Annie says:

    It’s a great idea!!
    can I ask when is the submission end date? I ve got a talented friend that might be interested :)

    love and gratitude

  12. barbara says:

    What a wonderful idea. I’ll be first in line to buy the book:)

    1. barbara says:

      I love your tweets and I always re-tweet them!

  13. Olta Canka says:

    Great idea! :)

    I’d LOVE to participate but I got no qualifications…
    And I see there is a strong competition ahead. Wish you to find the best one for this work! :)

    1. Pandora says:

      Why do you need qualifications, surely you just need an ability to illustrate that appeals? Don’t put obstacles in the way of a bridge that is open … Good luck!

    2. Olta Canka says:

      I have this (good) vice of changing my mind like 10 times in an hour and I’ve been working on this all evening Pandora so hopefully in a few hours or tomorrow I’ll send my works to this email address. :DDDDDDDD
      It has always been one of my dreams to illustrate Paulo’s stories. I got talent and I want to try that.

  14. Brave_soul says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I am not sure if I should apply. I draw in black and white as a hobby. No CV for me in this area,. I am not even expecting to be picked too since I will be competing with professionals. But I was wondering if I can send samples and see if you want me to do some of the work free of charge. You can say I want to see if I am good enough to draw something for publishing. Lately a lot of people keep telling to share my drawings, like selling them. I don’t feel ready yet as I never got professional prespective on my art work.
    So, I understand if you said no. Just please let me if there is a possibility.

    Thanks in all cases!!!!

  15. Just sent in my CV and a link to my work. Thanks for the beautiful opportunity.

  16. Rudimar says:

    Ola Paulo Coelhosou Rudimar, sou estudante de arquitetura, e artista plástico desde 1999. Fiquei sabendo recentemente que vocíª esta procurando um ilustrador para seu novo livro, pois bem gostaria de candidatar-me, sou pintor ,desenhista e escultor e estou estudando arquitetura, gostaria de ter a oportunidade de conversar melhor com voce e te apresentar o meu trabalho, se quiseres podes entrar em contato comigo pelo telefone 54 91829043, sera uma grande honrra trabalhar com vocíª.
    Posso te enviar alguma coisa do meu portfolio tambem por email, aguardarei o teu retorno.
    Muito obrigado pela atení§í£o.
    Com as melhores consideraí§íµes Rudimar C.

    1. Rudimar says:

      Esuqeci de mencionar sou rasileiro , e moro no Rio Grade do Sul, mais uma vez muito obrigado.

  17. Ortegamun says:

    Hola, me llaman #eñefante:
    y tambien soy ilustrador.


  18. Kealan says:

    Any writers wanted? (lol)

  19. Aaron French says:

    You have inspired me to write. This is a chapter from my book. I hope you enjoy.
    “Crazy Eagle”
    The eagle flew down to the mouse. The mouse surrendered his ball of cheese he had spent an entire month to gather. The eagle said, “I have not come to eat you, or your cheese. Come for a ride with me.” The eagle wanted to show off that he could fly.
    The eagle flew high in the sky with the mouse in its razor sharp claws. Death of the mouse was only a reflex away. The eagle noticed quickly, the mouse looked intrigued, not nervous, as it should be. The mouse told the eagle, “This view is breathtaking.”
    The eagle thought to himself. ” I see this view every day, and there is certainly nothing special about it. I’m flying this mouse through the air for his first time, and all he cares about is the view…”
    “Crazy mouse.”
    The eagle returned the mouse to his hole. Upon sitting the mouse down in the bottom of a ravine, where two creeks converged the mouse noticed a teardrop fall from the Eagles eye. The Eagle’s eye was shiny and reflected the sunlight. The water of the creek rippled in reflection as well. The mouse asked, “What is wrong?”
    The Eagle stretched his neck around slowly. His pupils were large so that the beauty of the landscape would fill his memory completely. Taking in every angle of the landscape, the Eagle finally replied, “I wish I were a creature of the land, not of the sky. The ground is so beautiful, and green, and changing with every turn and every hill. Every tree, and every river.. I envy you Mouse. I look at the Earth everyday and wish I could plunge into it, and swim beneath the Lakes with the fish, and crawl through the tunnels with the mice. I am lonely in the plain, monotonous sky.”
    The mouse shook his head and crawled into his hole, the walls made of dirt.
    “Crazy Eagle.”

    1. Savyra Meyer says:

      Love this! It reflects the human condition rather wonderfully as well.

  20. Marie-Christine says:

    Cherche illustrateurs
    Il y a une semaine j’ai poste une invitation ‘recherche des editeurs pour le podcast’. Nous avons recu plus de 100 CV tres interessants , et j’ai decide de l’offrir a Barbara Zedler et Michele Costa (@Pitufanys) qui actuellement editent et mettent les sous- titres pour le podcast que vous pouvez voir sur la droite.
    Maintenant mon Agent, Monica Antunes a decide d’editer un livre avec mes Tweets. Le livre sera edite en noir et blanc,. Si vous etes interesse, envoyez SVP votre CV avec des exemplaires de votre travail a SANT JORDI ASOCIADOS.

  21. Marie-Christine says:

    What a good idea,
    That’s grand,
    Congratulations to both

  22. Bien! says:

    Oh……quiero participar. Espero poder escribir esta semana y enviar algunas de mis obras.

  23. I love Mr. Cohelo’s books and I’d love to be part of his world.
    Please let me know where to send you my Curriculum and samples.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      click in the hyperlink (Sant Jordi Asociados)

  24. hello, I am a mexican/american illustrator I’ve lived in New York for 30 years and have illustrated in the main magazines and newspapers, I have several animations for Tv, and Childrens books.
    I love Mr. Cohelo’s books and would love to illustrate this project. Please let me know how to send you my CV or samples of my work.
    Yours truly,

  25. I’ve e-mailed. It would be such a great thing to do as an illustrator..thank you for letting us know!

  26. Pandora says:

    I am very good at creative doodling … ;)

    What a fantastic idea to give others an opportunity to share in your success. Very inspiring to see you give such an opportunity to someone, Super!

    I know someone and will mention it to her.

  27. I saw this and I immediately thought of JOWY MAASDAMME/ ISEEJANEMARY.

    She’s an incredible young artist (illustrator) with a light, beautiful, witty, dark & wild soul. Perfect for your tweets Mr. Coelho :D

    Sant Jordi Asociados can expect an email!

    I tried in Portuguese…hoping to honor my dad and his roots…lol

    Eu vi isso e pensei imediatamente Jowy MAASDAMME / ISEEJANEMARY.

    Ela é uma artista incrí­vel jovens (ilustrador) com uma luz linda e espiritou selvagem. Perfeito para seus tweets Sr. Coelho: D

    Sant Jordi Asociados pode esperar um e-mail!