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10 Reasons Why Having Sex Is Good For Your Health

by Parul Tyagi 

( I do believe that the writer of the article is quite optimistic by saying that we can have a 2-3 min orgasm. It never happened to me… )

Paulo Coelho’s book titled “Eleven Minutes” suggests that the “act of coming together” just takes about 2-3 minutes, while the remaining 9 minutes are no more than an attempt to reach the “crescendo” when a hormonal discharge provides ecstasy like none other!

Scientists have often debated that sex is extremely beneficial for our health, but the lack of sex in good measures can have negative effects. On the other hand, too much sex can also be harmful; if you indulge in sex for more than 3 times a week, you are exposing yourself to the risk of a weaker immune system as well as vulnerability to infections…

1. The balance of your mental and emotional health is definitely influenced by sex. While abstinence often leads to anxiety or paranoia and even depression…having sex can cure cases of light depressions. After having exercised sex, the brain releases endorphins that decrease stress and induce a wonderful state of euphoria.

2. For all you women, having regular sex means freedom from expensive salon treatments. An excellent beauty treatment, having sex actually doubles the level of estrogen in women and makes their hair shine with brilliance while making their skin supple and softer.

3. And if you want to live longer, then look no further than your own bedroom. According to a research carried out at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, having regular sex increases the lifespan in humans. It was found that out of the people of the same age and health, those who had more frequent orgasms faced 50% less death rate than who people who didn’t have frequent orgasms.

4. Sex is an excellent deep-cleansing treatment as well. Since sex is a strenuous but enjoyable exercise, when you have sex the pores of your skin are cleansed leaving a brighter and glowing skin as well as decreasing the risk of developing dermatitis.

5. An inexpensive and pleasurable exercise, sex can make you lose weight. When you have sex after a candlelight romantic dinner, not only do you burn all the fat and carbohydrates you consumed, but you also stay healthy at no extra cost! Consider this: A single session of passionate, mind-blowing sex (even regular sex) can burn about 200 calories. This is equivalent to running for 15 minutes on a treadmill!

6. Ladies, if you like you man to have bulging biceps then have sex more often. Sex is a great way to strengthen muscles. Imagine the effort made by your man through those difficult pushes and flexions! Of course, it all depends on the stunts in your bed…but it’s definitely better than running for miles on miles.

7. The more active your sex life, the more attractive and irresistible you become for the opposite sex. Really! An active sex life means that your body gets into the habit of releasing more pheromones, chemicals that attract all those gorgeous, luscious women! No wonder Casanova was so popular!

8. Sex can sharpen your senses; especially enhance your sense of smell. After sex, prolactin is released that activates the stem cells in the brain to form new neurons in the olfactory bulb. This helps to improve your sense of smell.

9. A pain reliever, sex is TEN times more effective than painkillers such as Valium. Just before orgasm, the hormone oxytocin’s level rises almost 5 times, leading to release of large amount of endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers and relieve you of pain, minor headaches, and migraines without any after effects. Next time your lady has a headache, treat her with a vigorous session of lovemaking rather than a Valium.

10. The act of Kissing stimulates salivation, which helps clean food particles stuck between the teeth and lowers the acidity level in your mouth. This is the primary cause of tooth decay. So kiss all you want, after all it’s a great excuse!

So my dear friends, sex is not just good for the mind, the body, but the wallet as well!

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El negro

Por Rosa Montero
Link para post original> EL PAIS: El Negro

Estamos en el comedor estudiantil de una universidad alemana. Una alumna rubia e inequí­vocamente germana adquiere su bandeja con el menú en el mostrador del autoservicio y luego se sienta en una mesa. Entonces advierte que ha olvidado los cubiertos y vuelve a levantarse para cogerlos.
Al regresar, descubre con estupor que un chico negro, probablemente subsahariano por su aspecto, se ha sentado en su lugar y está comiendo de su bandeja.
De entrada, la muchacha se siente desconcertada y agredida; pero enseguida corrige su pensamiento y supone que el africano no está acostumbrado al sentido de la propiedad privada y de la intimidad del europeo, o incluso que quizá no disponga de dinero suficiente para pagarse la comida, aun siendo ésta barata para el elevado estándar de vida de nuestros ricos paí­ses.
De modo que la chica decide sentarse frente al tipo y sonreí­rle amistosamente. A lo cual el africano contesta con otra blanca sonrisa.
A continuación, la alemana comienza a comer de la bandeja intentando aparentar la mayor normalidad y compartiéndola con exquisita generosidad y cortesí­a con el chico negro. Y así­, él se toma la ensalada, ella apura la sopa, ambos pinchan paritariamente del mismo plato de estofado hasta acabarlo y uno da cuenta del yogur y la otra de la pieza de fruta.
Todo ello trufado de múltiples sonrisas educadas, tí­midas por parte del muchacho, suavemente alentadoras y comprensivas por parte de ella.
Acabado el almuerzo, la alemana se levanta en busca de un café.
Y entonces descubre, en la mesa vecina detrás de ella, su propio abrigo colocado sobre el respaldo de una silla y una bandeja de comida intacta.

Dedico esta historia deliciosa, que además es auténtica, a todos aquellos españoles que, en el fondo, recelan de los inmigrantes y les consideran individuos inferiores. A todas esas personas que, aun bienintencionadas, les observan con condescendencia y paternalismo. Será mejor que nos libremos de los prejuicios o corremos el riesgo de hacer el mismo ridí­culo que la pobre alemana, que creí­a ser el colmo de la civilización mientras el africano, él sí­ inmensamente educado, la dejaba comer de su bandeja y tal vez pensaba: “Pero qué chiflados están los europeos”.

Shelley and the drunk

After an exhausting morning spent talking to children, I go and have lunch with my lawyer friend, Shelley M.
In the restaurant, we are given a table next to one occupied by a drunk, who insists on talking to us.
He speaks of his pain when his wife left him, tells us how sad he is and asks us what he should do.
At one point, Shelley asks the drunk to be quiet, but he says:
‘Why? I spoke of love as a sober man never would. I revealed my joys and my sorrows. I tried to make contact with two strangers. What’s wrong with that?’
‘It’s not the right moment,’ she says.
‘Do you mean that there is a right moment to suffer for love?’
At these words, we invite the drunk to join us.

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