10 Reasons Why Having Sex Is Good For Your Health

(As the article below mentions my name, I got it from Google Alerts. It was written by by Parul Tyagi and published in EzineArticles I do believe that the writer is going too far (in my opinion, sex is good because it is good) but I decided to republish it here…By the way, I also believe the writer or the article is quite optimistic in saying that we can have a 2-3 min orgasm. It never happened to me… )

Paulo Coelho’s book titled “Eleven Minutes” suggests that the “act of coming together” just takes about 2-3 minutes, while the remaining 9 minutes are no more than an attempt to reach the “crescendo” when a hormonal discharge provides ecstasy like none other!

Scientists have often debated that sex is extremely beneficial for our health, but the lack of sex in good measures can have negative effects. On the other hand, too much sex can also be harmful; if you indulge in sex for more than 3 times a week, you are exposing yourself to the risk of a weaker immune system as well as vulnerability to infections…

1. The balance of your mental and emotional health is definitely influenced by sex. While abstinence often leads to anxiety or paranoia and even depression…having sex can cure cases of light depressions. After having exercised sex, the brain releases endorphins that decrease stress and induce a wonderful state of euphoria.

2. For all you women, having regular sex means freedom from expensive salon treatments. An excellent beauty treatment, having sex actually doubles the level of estrogen in women and makes their hair shine with brilliance while making their skin supple and softer.

3. And if you want to live longer, then look no further than your own bedroom. According to a research carried out at Queens University in Belfast, Ireland, having regular sex increases the lifespan in humans. It was found that out of the people of the same age and health, those who had more frequent orgasms faced 50% less death rate than who people who didn’t have frequent orgasms.

4. Sex is an excellent deep-cleansing treatment as well. Since sex is a strenuous but enjoyable exercise, when you have sex the pores of your skin are cleansed leaving a brighter and glowing skin as well as decreasing the risk of developing dermatitis.

5. An inexpensive and pleasurable exercise, sex can make you lose weight. When you have sex after a candlelight romantic dinner, not only do you burn all the fat and carbohydrates you consumed, but you also stay healthy at no extra cost! Consider this: A single session of passionate, mind-blowing sex (even regular sex) can burn about 200 calories. This is equivalent to running for 15 minutes on a treadmill!

6. Ladies, if you like you man to have bulging biceps then have sex more often. Sex is a great way to strengthen muscles. Imagine the effort made by your man through those difficult pushes and flexions! Of course, it all depends on the stunts in your bed…but it’s definitely better than running for miles on miles.

7. The more active your sex life, the more attractive and irresistible you become for the opposite sex. Really! An active sex life means that your body gets into the habit of releasing more pheromones, chemicals that attract all those gorgeous, luscious women! No wonder Casanova was so popular!

8. Sex can sharpen your senses; especially enhance your sense of smell. After sex, prolactin is released that activates the stem cells in the brain to form new neurons in the olfactory bulb. This helps to improve your sense of smell.

9. A pain reliever, sex is TEN times more effective than painkillers such as Valium. Just before orgasm, the hormone oxytocin’s level rises almost 5 times, leading to release of large amount of endorphins. Endorphins are natural painkillers and relieve you of pain, minor headaches, and migraines without any after effects. Next time your lady has a headache, treat her with a vigorous session of lovemaking rather than a Valium.

10. The act of Kissing stimulates salivation, which helps clean food particles stuck between the teeth and lowers the acidity level in your mouth. This is the primary cause of tooth decay. So kiss all you want, after all it’s a great excuse!

So my dear friends, sex is not just good for the mind, the body, but the wallet as well!

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  1. […] Source Link: 10 Reasons Why Having Sex Is Good For Your Health & Paulo Coelho’s. Published on October 7, 2010 in News. 199 Comments […]

  2. Hi again!
    There’s an old hindi movie(Bollywood) made in 1964, based on a novel written in 1934 by Bhagwati Charan Verma; named “Chitralekha”. After reading the whole article and then the above written comments i could just think of this “Chitralekha” movie..which doesn’t have to do much with the article but, is a great explanation to what life, love and lust mean to different people at different situations.
    Dear Paulo Coelho and all others who debate over this subject, i would suggest you to watch that movie, it may be difficult though to watch such emotions in a full-fledged dramatic way…but that’s how it is!

    Abhilasha Tyagi

  3. Rufo Tamondong says:

    Dear Paulo;

    I remember my college days when i attended the lectures of a doctor who specialises on cardiology.He focus on sex topics and consider as one of the best exercise ever and he give cridits as a good exercise for the heart.

  4. hello from france
    Sure, it’s good around world
    what a lot of comment for this post ^^

  5. Karina says:

    Sex is good in any ways!!!

  6. Co knee chi ouah says:

    Having read all that..It’s time for a geneflexion!:)

  7. shakin' in my booties says:

    i got dates ;)
    know how to cha cha
    and the meringue
    c’est pas bo cha

  8. Alexandra says:

    I just thought, sex is good, because is the way we come to that world…

  9. Martín Mesa Ortiz says:

    Yo he comprobado varios de los puntos que menciona el artí­culo; sin embargo, no debe de ignorarse que tener una relación sexual profunda con la persona amada, es sumamente satisfactorio.

    Y como comentaron, el sexo mueve al mundo constantemente pues es parte de nuestra carne. Lo importante es aprender a dar dentro de nuestras relaciones mucho amor, cariño, pasión y entrega, para que de esta forma podamos estar en la posibilidad de recibir estas atenciones.

    Saludos. Martí­n Mesa

  10. Jojo says:

    After reading all this, I must say that I join you Paolo and say “Sex is good because it is good”
    Love, Jojo.

  11. Noni says:

    Mr Coelho did not write this article… please read the letters in bold. It doesn’t even sounds like his writing.

  12. Enpie says:

    Joder, la verdad es que envido a los que tienen sexo como y cuando quieren, esto de tener dificultad para relaccionarse es malo para todo y sobre todo para esto, supongo que será mi camino porque la verdad es que si pudiera estarí­a todo el dí­a teniendo sexo. ¿Quién puede estar en contra del sexo?

    No lo he elegido, parte de mi vida he sido un poco autista, parte un poco esquizofrénico, y parte simplemente el último; supogo que lo unico que me queda es joderme y que me jodan.

    Un saludo no se si esto saldrá a la luz, es simplemente como me siento hoy, sin embargo soy optimista aunque no lo parezca, las cosas cambian gracias a la voluntad.

  13. Breda says:

    It is a poitive discussion on sex ..and the ‘guys ‘ article is a g8 contradiction to all the negativity ‘taught’to us at high school with some of the nuns.
    1) if you ever sit on a boys lap make sure there is a newspaper or a large book ie a telephone directory on his lap before you sit
    2) Sex is only for procreation
    3)You will ‘eventually go blind’ if you self pleasure and you are female
    4) You will’eventually grow a lot of hair on your hands ‘ if you self pleasure and are male
    5) You will more than likely go to hell and burn FOREVER in the fires of hell for all of the above and especially ‘dirty thoughts’!!!! I had a brillant sence of humour and found this vey amusing in high school
    Our class was devasted in final year a few weeks befor exams when one of our female classs mates was expelled for-‘someone’ had seen her kissing a boy in a neighbourhood and complained HER to the nuns..
    Purals article is positive but seem to be wtitten with women in mind ,’he’ is like a circus ringmaster ”roll up ,roll up women !! Look what sex can do for you !!!
    Love ,

  14. Mridul says:

    only three times a week – :( Depressing

    1. pb o'rourke says:

      well done mridul!

  15. angie says:

    it is very interesting and educated it for me to read all the diferent oppinions and points of views some day I would know for my self what is sex about!!! althought I think It sould be by on wiht love.

  16. aksh says:

    sex is amazing ! its happening and non happening both; in either case in mind it goes on playing. men think of sex at least every 2-3 minutes and women every 6-7 minutes, some study had found.

    humans seem to be created for sex, looking at the ‘market place’.

    this brings to mind an old saying in sanskrit about ‘shreya’ and ‘preya’ which basically says somthing like what appears desirable may not be good for us, what is good may not appear as desirable, sort of truth being bitter in the beginning and sweet in teh end ( buddha ??? ), and also brings to mind various injuctions about sex in almost all religions eexcept “tantra’ which as per osho is ‘supreme understanding’

    but after redaing what is written above, all doubts put to rest, we have finally convinced ourselves that sex is both desirable and good, well what else can be better than NOW for it, remember we have only now, being in the present. potentially possibality of sex ( without self help that is ) is so very high, it can happen between any two persons one male and one female ( discounting same sex stuff, nature is yet to fathom this brillaince of its children ), and both males and femals abound wherever we are, unless of course u have moved to some distant cave. although possibality is high, desire is higher, programming by media is fueling teh desire, but actualisation of this possibality is a rarity, even the chap sorry the seer who wrote teh above, wrote only upto 3 times max per week, shhh.shhhh so bad, how about 3-4 tims a day for years and years togather, bliss, nirvana, no ??? putting doubts to rest !



    Antes de criar o MUNDO, Deus primeiro criou o sexo. Depois criou todo o resto.

    Before creating the WORLD, God first created sex. Then He created all the rest.

    Den Rod Draham

    1. PS: God himself told me that.

    2. PS: O próprio Deus me disse isso.

  18. Mark Dell says:

    Well, I call this sexersize. Most of the Mullahs would not approve, but who will listen to them. Sex is good for ecery thing and it releases tension

  19. Izabel says:

    Interesting article! It would seem however that some are confusing “sex” with love making in a relationship. Modern society has made it taboo to enjoy the greatest gift given to us…our bodies.Sex, whether in a fulfilling relationship or as a form of consentual intimacy is an exploration of this gift and should be accepted as all gift are…with love and gratitude. Perhaps if we were less accepting of the taboo and valued sex for what it offers, we would be more respectful of each other and judge less a person by his looks and more by his desire to share love.xx

  20. Narciss says:

    Mr. Paulo Coelho
    Thank you for information.I like your points,articles,en especcially books.They help me to analyse the most situations in my life.

  21. Yo says:

    Talvez seja melhor sermos como os animais e vermos a vida com mais simplicidade do que complicar tudo, até uma discussao divertida a respeito de sexo :)

  22. laura says:

    ah yes, i just need a partner :)

  23. haiku says:

    LOVED “Eleven Minutes”.

    1. Rius says:

      I LOVED IT TOO!!

  24. Marie says:

    Amazing and very funny! Is this a joke ?…More than 3 times a week ?!
    So after reading this article, I say “Hip ! Hip ! Hooray! old people!” :)
    Thank you for loads of fun and the drawing is excellent!

    Light & Love,

  25. Ischma :) says:

    Hi there!
    “I don’t wanna” think to sex as a mere physical exercice, I believe it should be a part of a full love compenetration. but.. good article! :)

  26. Ann-Paula Cserei says:

    If sex is not out of love, I do not think is good for your health.

  27. R A Khan says:

    Very informative article. The subject of SEX is taboo in almost all the societies in the world and most people do it just for pleasure. Besides, it has many reasons to do.

    1. Adriana says:

      Yes , sex is taboo, that’s why there are some very sensitive comments, but let’s forget about them. Sex is natural and is great and everyone should make the most of it . The only rule: mutual understanding and a deep respect of the desires of the other.
      Let’s make love , not war!

  28. Dave Bowles says:

    Not sure where the figures come from but interesting. All they need to do now is prove that seamen is anti-aging and we’re laughing ;-)

    1. Adriana says:

      you made me laugh!

  29. Harsha says:

    Dear Paulo Sir,
    I agree with yr valid points but I think that sex is something which must not b influenced like the way u said… or the time will come one day that people will have sex with anyone and may come up with the excuse that oh… I just thought to burn some excessive calories!!! dnt u think dat wud be ridiculous reply Mr. Paulo?? I agree that people can take help any help regarding their personal life from any1.. but at the same time it is up to the couple to discover the things on Bed rather than.. following your reasons… We the Humans have been made to live in Society and not to live and act like Animals always. We are to follow certain rules and we must do in order to keep the society clean and not dirty which is happening now a days. So pls dnt talk sex in such ways… it is such a beautiful things but doin with such stupid reasons is just awful!!


    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      It is not my article or my points.

    2. riju sharma says:

      hi paulo sir
      m a great fan of yours…i really like your novel the winner stands alone..its amazing..wat you have said abt sex is really good but if we start following it than you know whats going to happen..nobody in this world will ever have a true relationship…people will only go for sex,sex and more sex…by thinking that it helps a lot in many ways..

    3. Kathy says:

      Maybe you should put the part where you mention the original writer’s name in bold, capital letters, so critics can divert their words on that person.
      You clearly mention that the writer went a bit too much…
      I’m a huge fan of your work, Mr. Coelho. My sister introduced your work to me, and she hasn’t stopped quoting you since. The Alchemist was our choice in English class, and I got a solid A on my paper on it.
      You make the world a better place in your own way, sir, and for that I thank you greatly.

      Kathy D.

    4. Alice says:

      Dear brother Paulo, not your words nor your points, please forgive them, those who read too fast. Anyhow, we are all one so it’s still you (and me). To all brethren: Sex is everything. Just stop talking about it and trying to define what it is and how it should be done. DO IT. The only reference that is worth your while is YOUR OWN. Do it as often, as kinky, as exciting, or boring, if it is your fancy, as YOU LIKE IT!!!!! THAT’s the only way it works. Please remember: if you have a sick way of thinking about sex, sex WILL make you sick. Love&Light, Alicia

    5. jane says:

      dear sir paulo,

      forgive those who didn’t really understand what you mentioned earlier. I think they misunderstood what you just re published

    6. Dr jihad says:

      The difference between painkillers and sexe is that sexe has no side effects.
      and that’s why we don’t need reasons to make it

    7. Teddy says:

      Why do we have rules Harsh… what is Dirty about.. unless one has dirty mind or Intentions! How do you describe the so called clean society! Sex as normal as hunger… of course if you eat for filling your hunger is different if you eat for soul it is different point of view!
      What is Stupidity?! Is body releasing chemicals you call stupidity… :)
      Look back to Kamasutra days, how open and how beautiful they were and how healthy life they must have lived!
      Enjoy! No hangups!

    8. Roland Lewis Romero says:

      DISCLAIMER by Mr. Coelho:
      As the article below mentions my name, I got it from Google Alerts. It was written by by Parul Tyagi and published in EzineArticles I do believe that the writer is going too far (in my opinion, sex is good because it is good) but I decided to republish it here…

  30. shy says:

    sex is not just good for the mind, the body, but the wallet as well!…nice;-)

  31. Shikoh says:

    Love the article though according to me,, this is a special gift and enjoyed- satisfying when you do it with the one you love..like in the eleven minutes book, it was more fulfilling with the one man who saw her light

    1. monika anton says:

      So agree with you Shikoh…

  32. Matilder Jumba says:

    The Article is very interesting, i have learned more than i expected, i did not know sex is medicine, i thought it was leisure.
    Thanks to you Mr Paulo, its a lesson worth it cause.

    I remain

    Matilder Jumba