Shelley and the drunk

After an exhausting morning spent talking to children, I go and have lunch with my lawyer friend, Shelley M.
In the restaurant, we are given a table next to one occupied by a drunk, who insists on talking to us.
He speaks of his pain when his wife left him, tells us how sad he is and asks us what he should do.
At one point, Shelley asks the drunk to be quiet, but he says:
‘Why? I spoke of love as a sober man never would. I revealed my joys and my sorrows. I tried to make contact with two strangers. What’s wrong with that?’
‘It’s not the right moment,’ she says.
‘Do you mean that there is a right moment to suffer for love?’
At these words, we invite the drunk to join us.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Drunken minds speak sober hearts.

  2. Sanya says:

    Vincent, I’m so glad you have achieved an absolute perfection. Now please spare us, the mortals, from your philosophy and find another blog.

    Good for drunken man, I wish I had his strengths… To me, talking about love with total strangers while drunk and vulnerable is viewing myself naked with all my imperfections in a public place in a cold eye of a stranger. Brrrr
    Jet, it is so daring

    1. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      You have to see it differently. Also, bad examples are examples. Everyone who writes is naked in public. I think Paulo has even said something like that. A kind of nude therapy. It is Paulos blog, he will have his reasons. So we watch and learn. :-)

      I wish you a wonderful day and much love dear Sanya

  3. Eunice says:

    I think noone is perfect. The drunk had a point. Everyone who has suffered for love knows what this man is talking about. We can try to say he was making mistakes, but, from my point of view, he made a smart question. We are not empowered to judge anyone, who knows if it was the first time ever he’d actually gotten drunk? There’s a story behind everyone, and if Paulo felt “something” with that question and invited him to join them, it must have been for a reason.

  4. Dr. Shivanjali Sandhir says:

    there is no right moment or way to suffer for love, becoming a workaholic is also one n dont b an alcoholic,,,thts all…

  5. Vincent Sylvan says:

    Not very inspiring, drunks should suffer the consequences; after all it was their choice to be drunk. An individual who doesn’t have the self-respect to be healthy, shouldn’t expect others to listen to him, and for people who feel pity and listen to him in essence are encouraging his bad habit of drunkenness.
    Again Paulo, not very inspiring and totally out of place from your philosophy.

    1. nidia cruz says:

      creo que no leyo bien = )

  6. Si says:

    eu acho que a dor de amor, vem quando quer!!
    dificil é saber a hora certa de parar de sofrer e tentar ser feliz de novo.

  7. Lia says:

    I feel very happy with the strenght that this drunk person showed.
    Even rejected 2 times, he tryed again.
    We can learn a lot with this experience.
    He seems the person of need, when he was the strongest in that moment, even not realizing it.

    I like to empower people’s own Powers.
    That’s probably my “Dom” (Portuguese mystic word for “gift”)

  8. Jackeline Nuit says:

    ‘Do you mean that there is a right moment to suffer for love? perfection!!

    estou sempre aqui..ní£o digo mas é meu refúgio..durante anos lendo esse blog…sinto o cheiro de páginas ….sinto seus dedos… raramente comento……. mas estou aqui … deixando a calidez de meus olhos e a pureza de meus pensamentos….. companheiro de Caminho… um beijo terno… ainda Nuit… ;)

  9. Chetan says:

    Love is not responsible for suffering, I believe.

    1. nidia cruz says:

      El amor es responsable de todas las cosas buenas, pero los defectos humanos cometen errores en el arte de amar, so por eso sufren.

  10. The Urban Rainmaker says:

    Did he buy a round?