First week of publication…

And ALEPH jumps to #3 in both Der Spiegel (above) and FOCUS best seller list.
Vielen Dank Deutschland!


  1. Camille says:

    No sé explicar como sucedió, solo sé que con cada libro siento que me conecto a una parte de mi interior que he abandonado. Aleph sin duda, me ha ayudado a encontrar la inspiración que habí­a perdido y mi verdadera pasión por los libros. Espero que aun le queden muchas inspiraciones y muchos temas por escribir, y algún dí­a espero poder conocerlo…

  2. Colleen says:

    I cannot find it local book store of HK

  3. Colleen says:

    Will it be published in hong kong?

  4. Mbugua Kamau says:

    Yesterday The Alchemist held me in its grip and would not put me down, until I had reached the end of the story. I haven’t read any of your other books so I will get Aleph now.

  5. Rajiv says:

    While travelling in a train a month ago, a book hawker sold me some books, one of which was Alchemist. After some day as I finished it and was just scrolling in a market, I saw another book by you Aleph. I read it and enjoyed reading and also became somewhat confused. I never believed in incarnation or rebirth. I used to believe, there is a sea of consciousness and a tiny part of it, under certain conditions, gets enclosed temporarily in a container which then obeys certain physical laws. 
    Container breaks one day and enclosed water flows out to merge with its source. There is no individuality of enclosed water and so where is the scope of its rebirth. Water will again be drawn from sea into a container and depending on certain laws, genetic and environmental, it will have its own longings, aspirations, wishes and fear and inhibitions. 

    It may be that the experiences in so called space called Aleph are just a matter of illusion and wishful thinking as one already has the conditioned knowledge that such things may happen. 

    The language, wordings and descriptions in certain part of book were extremely beautifully written and certain pieces of philosophy were extremely beautiful and noted by me to read again and again. The quality of writing in aleph is certainly more beautiful and many levels above than that of alchemist

  6. Daniel Ramires says:

    Estou lendo Aleph, ainda estou muito no comeí§o mas já fiz algumas pausas para pensar.
    Ainda na segunda página vocíª está procurando a letra que resume o livro, marco a página na memória e fecho o livro: uma metáfora pra mim í s vezes significa mais do que a história de um livro inteiro. Depende da metáfora, depende do livro. Pensei um pouco nisso mas rapidamente resolvi continuar a leitura.
    Mais tarde a história do bambu chiníªs, achei interessante essa história, mesmo ní£o sabendo ainda onde ela se encaixaria na sua história, eu parei para pensar em como ela se encaixaria na minha. A natureza é sabia, isso é um fato. Ní£o importa se a pessoa acredita em Deus ou apenas na ciíªncia, é inegável que a natureza tem tudo a nos ensinar. Ela aprendeu por tentativa e erro, e é assim que aprendemos também, mas ela já está aprendendo a mais tempo que nós.
    Um outro ponto em que parei foi logo depois de vocíª encher 2 meses de agenda em uma única conferíªncia.
    Lembrei na hora de outra coisa atí­pica que vocíª fez: pediu para participar do Nerdcast quando o esperado seria o Nerdcast te procurar.
    Fiquei pensando entí£o se essa atitude ní£o era também derivada de algo dito pelo seu mestre. Na verdade ní£o importa pois, independente do que seja dito a uma pessoa, o que será realmente feito depende muito mais de quem a pessoa é.
    E finalmente, a parte onde estou agora: “Aní­bal parou e foi derrotado.”
    Me fez lembrar na hora do blog que iniciei no dia 1 deste ano pensando em atualizar todos os dias mas parei ainda no dia 4, quando fiquei doente por uns 5 dias. Uma pequena pausa causou mais desí¢nimo do que eu esperava e agora percebo que se eu ní£o voltar a andar, minha Cartago pode ser varrida do mapa.

    Eu estava com receio de continuar lendo o livro e esquecer das reflexíµes que tive até essa página (41) mas agora que escrevi aqui, mesmo que vocíª ní£o leia, ní£o esquecerei mais.

  7. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Glückwunsch! Ich denke es wird noch höher klettern, ein wirklich fantastisches Buch, ist meine Meinung. Ich kann es nur jedem aufgeschlossenen Menschen zum lesen empfehlen.

    Einen wundervollen Tag an alle

  8. Ador seus livros leu desde SEMPRE.Li praticamente todos…uns amo,outros adoro,contudo,todos foram inspiraí§íµes em vários momentos de minha vida.Amo vocíª e o modo como conduz, a tanto tempo, seu relacionamento.
    Vocíª é um mágico da vida e na vida.Bjaum!!!

    1. Adoro seus livros, leio desde SEMPRE.Li praticamente todos…uns amo,outros adoro,contudo,todos foram inspiraí§íµes em vários momentos de minha vida.Amo vocíª e o modo como conduz, á tanto tempo, seu relacionamento.
      Vocíª é um mágico da vida e na vida.Bjaum!!!

  9. marcia alves says:

    Reading the Aleph. About the small and great aleph. What happens if in moving to resolve the incompletes of your past, you on the journey start to create unfinished stories for the future? what if you know you cannot be with someone forever because something needs to be finished that does not involve them, but you know it will hurt and create another incomplete…

  10. Barbara Z says:

    I have both read number 2 and number 3 of this list. Number 2 is entertaining and funny – BUT number 3 has changed my way of thinking !!! Needless to say which one of them deserves to be number 1! Hopefully next week!


  11. Congratulations, Paulo!
    Aleph is the only one of your books that I haven’t read yet, but I will!
    The ones of your books I couldn’t get in Norwegian, I have bought in English :)
    Love, Aina

  12. Stan mihaela says:

    Fiecare persoana este motivata de ceva sa poata sa mearga inainte,dumneavoastra sunteti modelul dupa care ma ghidez eu in viata,va multumesc pt ca existati,cu drag Mihaela.

  13. Guillaume says:

    Congratulations Paulo !
    Sure it will be 1st very soon !

  14. Nayla says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I haven’t read Aleph yet but I will surely go get it very soon. I believe that you are a person who allows critism if it is constructive. Over the last years I have nearly read every book by you. When I was a teenager I was easily convinced by the things you have written. The world was easier to grasp. As you grow older you also realize that things can become quite complicated and your books didn’t match my personal development, nevertheless I never gave up on reading your words and I still consider myself as a fan of yours because at some point in time you really gave me a lot of strength through your books. But I must say that there is also change is taking place. Some time over the last year your published a link where one can download the translated version ( farsi) of several books of yours because you knew your books were banned in Iran. I really respected you for this. And some other things you have done as for mentioning me in your blog after translating a prayer for you. It was totally unexpected as everything I had in mind was helping you out understanding the great words. It really touched my heart. I felt that after all these years as a bestseller author you still managed to be a humble man, knowing that nothing on earth would ever last and that the most important thing is that you are in common with yourself, God (supreme being), and the world…. Thank you for this.

    I heard Aleph is one of the best books you have ever written. As soon as I am done reading it I’ll get back to you. Hoping that you again, might accept my words. And I truly hope that this is book is going to amaze me as your behavior did the last year.


  15. huma arshad says:

    Although i m not happy with so many aspects of Aleph, but i am happy for you Mr. Paulo that your book is making records ,as your writing is like a candle in the darkness for me .I have read your all books and now i am on a different track i have started seaching life according to your point of views and i love that .Sometimes i wonder that what you are a humanbeing, a prophet ,or a lovely experiment of God.