30 sec reading: The black man


Por Rosa Montero

We are at the restaurant of a German University. A red haired student, and undeniably German takes her tray and sits down at her table.
She then realizes she has forgotten her cutlery and gets up again to pick it up.

Coming back, she sees with astonishment that a black man, possibly sub-Saharian by his appearance, is sitting there and is eating from her tray.
Straight away, the young woman feels lost and stressed . But immediately changes her thought and presumes that the African is not familiar with European customs concerning private property and privacy.
She also takes into consideration that perhaps he does not have enough money to pay for his meal.

In any case, she decides to sit in front of the guy and to smile at him in a friendly manner.
The African responds with another dazzling smile.
The German girl starts to help herself, -sharing the food with the black man with genuine pleasure and courtesy.
And thus, he took the salad, she ate the soup, both took their share of the stew, one took care of the yoghurt and the other of the piece of fruit,
All this peppered with numerous refined smiles – timid from the man and smoothly, encouraging and kind by the girl -.
They eat up their lunch.
The German girl gets up to get a coffee.
And it is then that she discovers, on the table behind the black man, her coat placed on the back of a chair and her food tray untouched.


I dedicated this charming story – furthermore an authentic one – to all who are wary of immigrants and consider them as inferior individuals.
To all these people, who with the best of intentions, observe them condescendingly and with paternalism.
It would be better that we free ourselves of prejudices or we run the risk to make a fool of ourselves like the poor German who thought to be at the height of civilisation whilst the African greatly educated, let her eat and share her meal and at the same time was thinking :; how mad these Europeans are.’

Update 8:00 PM, Jan 19 2012
The original post in Spanish, published a few days ago in the most respected Spanish newspaper EL PAIS: El Negro , says that this is a true story. However, it is not. Check Rosy’s comment below: the story is based in a short movie, winner of Cannes Palme D’Or


  1. punit says:

    I have read this story before but the way you write is amazing.

  2. Chantal says:

    This is so classic! It has lessons even beyond judging immigrants. It’s to remember that when the unthinkable happens to us, never judge it immediately. Take all facts into account calmly so we don’t just react and fly off the handle……the ego is always trying to dupe us – don’t let it and remember to accept everything and nothing at the same time.

  3. Ramraj says:

    this is an old story, about two gentlemen in a train sharing a cigarette packet and newspaper in the same fashion, only, things and people are different.

    does not have anything to do with a particular type of people. Every person has an individuality that can be changed with introspection.

  4. Julia Park says:

    Nice story^^
    I want to think about this story from a different view or angle.
    I mean, we don’t need to think about the differnce of nationality.
    If I were the girl, regardless the person in front of me was any kind of person,
    I would do the same as the girl.
    Wait, If I would tell the man that it was mine? ha ha.

  5. Shine says:

    That was a nice videio. thanks for posting it Rosy……love Avantika

  6. Well says:

    “The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.”

    I am finding it more important and interesting to see that the being of paternalism, the being of colonialism and the being of racism – they begin in our closest relationsships. They are within us. Anyone ready to look deeply? Ready to do homeworks? Or better sit in the comfort-zone at the computer? And then come quickly to the next subject?

    1. Well says:

      5 sec reading

  7. Arto Hutto says:


    The film it´s based on also got an Oscar if the link above does not lie

  8. Arto Hutto says:

    “I need you to be me and you need me to be you”

    Ubuntu Philosophy

  9. Gonzalo says:

    Mientras veo la pelí­cula experimento un sentimiento encontrado entre tristeza y alegrí­a.
    Cuantas veces discriminamos a personas por el aspecto que tienen y con las cuales no compartirí­amos nada, si no, todo lo contrario.
    Sin embargo el indigente comparte lo poco que tiene a pesar de estar acostumbrado a que lo discriminen.
    Es tan sorprendente ver cuando 2 extremos se funden en 1.
    La mirada con la que El se despide antes de buscar el café, como diciéndole, espero este satisfecha por la comida, usted estará muy bien vestida pero tiene hambre igual que Yo, no se preocupe, ahora la invito con un café.
    El, que juntaba la sacarina para cuidar su silueta y termina compartiendo también eso con la señora.
    Su mirada final, que no comprende el por que, de no recibir ni siquiera las gracias por haber compartido su comida, después de haber intentado reunir durante todo el dí­a el dinero para su almuerzo.
    Dios le hace perder el subte para enseñarle una gran lección y ni siquiera se da cuenta de ello. Luego de haber recibido un almuerzo y un café de un indigente, ni siquiera es capas de entregarle unas monedas a otro indigente que se cruza en su camino.
    Cuanta ceguera en tan pocos minutos, cuantas emociones juntas, cuantas enseñanzas encierra este cortometraje.

  10. Leandro Domingues says:

    I really enjoyed this story. I’m descended from blacks and Germans.

  11. Tola says:

    I love this so much. It warm my heart. Thank you for sharing the story.

  12. Vanda says:

    When I see things like this around me I have chosen another way to look at it .I could feel many things about this that are negative but it does not help me or the situation. So I do not internalize it anymore. I see it for what it is and be happy there are beautiful people all over the world. I learn from love and am blessed to be able to watch it in others. We are one ,children of God.Namaste many blessings,love and peace to you all.

    1. CM says:

      Vanda – I wasted 1/2 my life internalizing everything only until recent after my 1st son was born have I started letting it go and like you said “see it for what it is and be happy”.

  13. Rosy says:

    not sure if it is a true story…but there’s a short movie that is the same history…
    well the main characters are a black man and an old lady in a train station…

    Enjoy it!

    1. Rosy says:

      The Lunch Date won the Short Film Palme d’Or at the 1990 Cannes Film Festival and then an Academy Award for the best Live Action Short Film in 1991. This is an excellent study of class and race perceptions.

    2. Paulo Coelho says:

      Rosa Montero, the Spanish journalist who wrote this in El Pais, says that she witnessed it. Having said that, many people here told me what you are telling me now. And the good thing is that you posted a link

    3. Rosy says:

      yup.. I also put the link in your post on facebook..but was pretty sure you won’t see it as many people write too many things (sometimes even not related to the post lol) and we can easily get lost… :p
      Well, I discover this 2years ago..a friend posted it on facebook and I could not forget the story..it is a great short movie..
      By the way, I’m not saying that Rosa Montero is lying or something like that..but even in some details the story seems to be exactly the same..
      Were the 2 young people trying to do a “re-make” of the short movie?
      Well.. who knows.. coincidences happens too ^_^

  14. Tereza cacaj says:

    Your words are ever so true, why do some people think they are superior rather than to view each other as equal ..wow what a world this would be.
    We all have prejudice of some sort,being mindful of them and stop those thought in their tracks is the key.

  15. Susana Flores Ochoa says:

    True or not, this kind of things happens every day. I’m living out of my country three years from now and it is funny but something like this happened to me today. I went to the bank because the money I put in my account three days ago didn’t appeared yet. I explain this to the lady in charge and she says to me “ohhh where are you from?”. When I answered that I was from Mexico she stated talking in Spanish and saying that she wasn’t able to understand the numbers of my account that I wrote on Monday in order to enter the money. She couldn’t to the transition cause the numbers she was entering to the computer said there was not such a number in that bank. Then, she starts reading the numbers she understood in the paper out loud (still in Spanish, even if i told her in good french that i didn’t really understand her Spanish). The numbers i wrote and the numbers she understood were right, she was just probably tapping some others. She says “sorry I was wrong”, this time with a voice so low that I almost didn’t hear her.

  16. shanta says:

    in india ,there was a hindi movie made named ‘dus kahaniya’ where there was this story very similar to the one you have told. thanks for sharing.

  17. Gonzalo says:

    Cualquier parecido con la realidad es solo una coincidencia.
    Que hermoso seria el mundo y nuestra vida, si compartir, fuera la realidad de todos nuestros dí­as.
    No importa el paí­s de origen, toda nuestra carga se hace mas liviana y nuestros dí­as mas divertidos, cuando compartimos.
    Por otro lado, Dios siempre recompensa con creces cuando tenemos estas actitudes con personas necesitadas o no.

    1. yasenia says:

      gracias Gonzalo por tu comentario,la verdad es que aveces nos pasamos peliculas que no son, porque pensamos en nuestra mente que las personas nos miran como menos o con condescendencia porque somos emigrantes y no siempre es asi siempre hay quienes simplemente queremos a la raza humana no importa de donde vengan o su color o su creencia,y estamos dispuestos a yudar a quien sea si necesitan nuestra ayuda,yo creo que esta histotria es maravilloza porque ensena cuan grande podemos ser los seres humanos,da amor y bondad a todo el mundo y se te regresara con creces y todo el que sea testigo de un momento de amor y de bondad sera tocado por tu gesto y se sentira especial por que el amor emana muy fuerte desde dentro de todos y contajia a todos los que estan cerca, la vida es tan simple da a todos y a todo lo que quieras recivir de todo y de todos EL UNIVERSO NUNCA NOS FAYA .:)

    2. Gonzalo says:

      Que sabias palabras, Yasenia.
      Muchas gracias

  18. Bulson says:

    Just so civilised. Beaut!

  19. Piyush says:

    Hi Paulo,

    I regularly follow your blog. Your blog and writings are source of great thoughts.
    I really enjoyed this story. It was hilarious.


  20. criststar11 says:

    Traduzione italiana per chi gradisce questo testo… Questo post lo ritengo importante, perché avendo sempre vissuto all’ estero, in Belgio, in Germania e adesso in Italia, fuori dal mio paese ho molte volte dovuto subirmi discriminazioni o ancora peggio questa sindrome di civiltí  superiore da parte degli altri, e a volte ANCHE nel mio proprio paese. Io sono figlia di genitori spagnoli ma sono nata in Belgio e MI SENTO DEL MONDO, QUESTO DA SEMPRE. Chi si sente superiore non ha capito, NON HA CAPITO nulla da se stesso, perché si limita. Chi si limita se stesso ancora meno puo capire gli altri. L’ anima è fatta di Luce, non di giudizio. Io non giudico chi con questo atteggiamento mi ha fatto a volte sentire inferiore perché sono straniera. Ma non lo condivido e non lo condividero mai, il mondo è fatto di persone DIVERSE e nella sua diversití  risiede il SUO SPLENDORE. Buona serata e grazie a tutti, un abbraccio nella Luce ♥ Cris

    P.S: Ringrazio Dio di avermi dato sempre la curiosití  di interressarmi agli altri `precisamente perché mi piace il loro essere diversi. Thanks to Rosa montero, by heart for this text. <3 <3 <3

    Por Rosa Montero

    Siamo al ristorante di una Universití  tedesca. Una studentessa dai capelli rossi, einnegabilmente tedesca prende il suo vassoio e si siede al suo tavolo. Lei si accorge di aver dimenticato le sue posate e si alza di nuovo per raccoglierle.

    Tornando, vede con stupore che un uomo di colore, probabilmente sub-sahariano dall´aspetto, si trova lí  seduto e sta mangiando nel suo cassetto. Subito, la giovane donna si sente persa e stressata. Ma cambia subito il suo pensiero e presume che l'africano non ha familiarití  con le maniere europee in materia di proprietí  privata e la privacy. Lei prende in considerazione che anche forse, non ha abbastanza soldi per pagare il suo pasto.

    In ogni caso, lei decide di sedersi davanti al ragazzo e di sorridere a questa persona in un modo amichevole. L'africano risponde con un altro sorriso smagliante. La ragazza tedesca inizia ad aiutarsi, e condivide del cibo con l'uomo nero con vero piacere e cortesia. E cosí¬, lui prese dell'insalata, lei mangió la zuppa, ed entrambi hanno distufato di una parte, uno ha curato lo yogurt e l'altro del pezzo di frutta. Tutto questo condito con numerosi sorrisi raffinati e timidi da parte dell' 'uomo, senza alcuna malizia e incoraggianti e naturali da parte della ragazza. Mangiano il loro pranzo. La ragazza tedesca si alza per prendere un caffè. Ed è allora che scopre, sul tavolo dietro il nero, il suo cappotto posto sul retro di una sedia e il suo vassoio di cibo intatto.


    Ho dedicato questa storia affascinante – inoltre un autentica – a tutti coloro che sono diffidenti nei confronti degli immigrati e li considerano come individui inferiori. A tutte queste persone, che con le migliori intenzioni, li osservano con condiscendenza e con paternalismo. Sarebbe meglio che ci liberiamo da pregiudizi o corriamo il rischio di fare uno sciocco di noi stessi come questa povera ragazza tedesca che pensava di essere al culmine della civiltí , mentre l'africano molto educato, gli faceva mangiare e condividere il suo pasto alla ragazza e al tempo stesso pensava ma come sono pazzi questi europei.

  21. Maria Carrera says:

    Una historia maravillosa, sin duda nos enseña mucho!

    Un saludo muy cariñoso!

    Le sigo en facebook, le sigo en sus libros y ahora en su blog.


  22. Cintia says:

    Nice recycled story! i heard already in a book and also check the heineken commercial
    “Cookies by Douglas Adams (author: “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”)”

    1. Jamie Iain says:

      Exactly what I thought

  23. Yan says:

    This is a very interesting story.  

    I have lived fm Australia for four years and now having my family in Germany, so I guess I can tell how it is to be an immigrant. 

    Personally, in this kind of situation, I would always try to ask friendly: excuse me, I think you took the wrong place. If the African also talks, then the mistake will soon be cleared. Taking guesses based on one’s own experience or prejudice will often cause unnecessary trouble or misunderstanding between people from different countries. 

    For example, if I see in china, a girl sitting on a boy’s lap means they are a couple, if she is not his girlfriend, then she must be a slut. But in Germany, they could just be good friends. And in china, talking loud with friends in a  restraurant means everybody enjoys themselves, but in Germany it is considered to be rude. 

    So, always ask, and inform yourself from local people, what their custom is. 

    And I can also understand why some Europeans don’t like immigrants. Not all immigrants are diligent, although most are.  I saw quite a few Chinese immigrants who have been to Australia for decades(mostly political refugees), yet they don’t speak one fluent English sentence and live on social welfare, and the same goes to some immigrants in Germany, who don’t work, gave birth to many children, don’t take care of them, just to take the advantage of German child policy, which they live on. 

    And the most terrible is some didn’t respect the German laws and practice their own justice. Just yesterday I read in local newspaper that a 19-year-old girl is murdered by her own brothers, just because she disobey her family’s wish to leave her German boyfriend, who doesn’t believe in their religion. And this is not the first time that this kind of thing happens. 

    That’s just horrible, and I can well understand why people don’t like them. 

    And as an immigrant in a foreign country, your skin color represents not only yourself, but a group of people. If I behave like an asshole, especially in the public, people will think automatically:”Do they all behave like that?” And if there are more than one person who behaves this way, there is great chance that this ethnic group will be discriminated. 

    And, from my own experience, who works hard, trys to speak the language well, trys to understand the people there and respect their tradition, will finally win their respect and friendship. We are all different, but we all share some basic values.



  24. GwangWook says:

    Fortunately, it was a college restaurant of the happening. I can imagine easily the worst situation if it was the crowded rail station regardless of their color of skin. I spent 30 minutes in this wonderful story. Thanks Paulo.

  25. Manjusharma says:

    I have a similar story.In India we have two very important religions Hindu and Muslims.A Hindu brahman (once known as a higher most caste in India) old lady was waiting for the train.she had spent much of her money buying things for her daughter she was going to visit.she felt hungry and she had to take her medicine as she was a diabetic.she went inside a restaurant and bought a meal she could afford.she kept her tray on the table, her bags under the table and went to wash her hands.When she returns she sees with astonishment that a man, possibly a Muslim by his appearance, is sitting there and is eating from her tray . The woman feels lost ,angry and stressed . She fights with him but the man kept on eating smilingly .She couldn’t buy more .She also takes into consideration that perhaps he does not have enough money to pay for his meal.she had to eat and so she try to snatch the tray and eat from that tray.the man was kind and let the lady share the food with those childish fights.After finishing the meal the women went to wash her hands and when she returns she saw that the man had already left.She also comes out of the restaurant and there she remembers that she left her bag there and goes back there to find her bag.she search here and there .She shouts that her bag is stolen by that Muslim man.But then only the manager of the restaurant tells her that her bag is there under the table far behind.When she looks there ,she found her tray with meal lying on the table and her bag under the table…and then she realizes what happened…and how generous was that man who let her eat from his tray………and this changed her mentality about the Muslims……………………………….:)

  26. Fatuma says:

    This made me laugh, heartwarming and hilarious story. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Shine says:

    The last line which is your comment had me in splits!! How mad these Europeans are!!! Good paulo thanks for sharing!
    love Avantika

  28. yogesh says:

    God can be in any form. he always test us to make us better

  29. Admin says:

    Dear Paula,
    This is a marvelous story. However, do not think that those Germans, particularly Students, are wrong. No! They are products of an academic system devoted to the teaching of the supremacy of the Western civilization. German citizens as well as students are not to be blamed in this case. The academic authorities are accountable for all those misunderstandings and social conflicts we are actually going through. Without a profound academic reform in Germany as well as in the Western World, no change in attitude could be expected. It is amazing to see how ignorant we are on some important issues. Germans as well as Europeans are convinced that Whites are the only inhabitants of Europe. They just do not know that BLACKS have always been living on the European territory. ALWAYS! and even before some Whites communities.
    Thanks for your contribution to a World of mutual understanding.

  30. nat says:

    oh thi sis so gourgous story! i actually burst out in laughter followed by a little cry.
    At the start i was astonished with thi swoman behaviour – i don’t think i would have enough courage to do what she did… amazing!!

  31. Fatima says:

    If everybody saw what the German girl was up to, somebody should have set her straight. Yet we rather find it within ourselves to watch, amuse and then throw stones. What’s so bad about the story? The black guy amused himself by accepting the German’s misconception of the whole scenario. He’s just as guilty for leading her on. ‘We’ should learn to look farther than our noses.

    1. Kaamy says:

      What are you talking about? …Is a simple story, just take the meaning of it…don’t go so deep and lose the simplicity and beauty of the message, even if in this story, some of the people missled the girl, there are soooo many other similar stories like this, that should put us to think a bit.

    2. pam says:

      Maybe he didn’t have a clue why she was doing what she was doing. Maybe he had preconceptions of Germans, or women or whatever.

      I like the fact that somewhere deep in each they were able to share.

  32. Otilia says:

    Amen! As an african I truly understand that and appreciate it!

  33. Aju says:

    Wish similar incident would happen to me also, m not that black though :)
    Jokes apart, the story, no idea if true or false, is profoundly charming and provokes us to harness kindness in heart like the German girl and cultivate positiveness in mind like the black man.

  34. Hari Mohan Das says:

    If the Person from which, i wish to learn the humanity, in this entire world.. Sorry to others, It is obviously, for me , one and only one, Paul Coelho..

  35. Frozen Chips says:

    masyallah, such a beautiful story <3 <3 <3

  36. Graciela says:

    El dí­a q aprendamos a actuar con naturalidad,sin prejuicios algunos.A mirar al otro sincillamnte tal cual es y no de donde es,ese dí­a habremos aprendido q somos todo iguales.

  37. Jamie Iain says:

    Reminds me of the ‘Cookies’ story by Douglas Adams. Where’d you hear this one?

  38. vishnu sai says:

    it is not the color,race or anything else that judges a man, its his culture inside!!!

  39. Naureen Mursaleen says:

    Lovely Story….With such a deep meaning….Throught provoking…

  40. same says:

    I respect what you have written.
    people consider as illiterate , inferior and think we shouldn’t deserve good life.
    we never want to leave our country life forced as to do that.
    sorry for being a burden on you.
    Same from Ethiopia

  41. ivana says:

    how ironic…this could be me

  42. Vincenza says:

    I know a related story, but with a pack of biscuits.
    A woman was waiting for her flight and she had bought a pack of biscuits. She sits near a man who’s reading a newspaper and she begins eating the first biscuit, when she suddenly sees that the man was eating from her pack of biscuits too. She was infuriated by the audacity of that man, but didn’t want to cause any problems. They eat together all the biscuits, and when they arrive at the last biscuit, the man shares it in two pieces. Then it was the time of her flight and full of anger she stands up to wait to check in and searching for her tickets in her bag, she sees full of surprise that her pack of bisuits was in her bag untouched. She then realized the generosity of that man and was fully ashamed of her bad behaviour and shallow perception.
    I don’t know which of the two stories is real, and which is the ‘symbolic’ story. What i know, is that both stories show us how shallow we are as humans and how devorated by the coldness of our so-called civilized perceptions which mostly enlarges the distances between us.

    1. Aju says:

      Yes, there was s similar story on a packet of biscuits……..i too remember !

    2. Shine says:

      I think this story of the biscuits is the story of an ad that was aired in India. i just loved paulo’s comment on the story. Its beautiful , funny and something that has an important lesson. Love Avantika

    3. alia says:

      yeah vincenza..in philippines, its been circulating in the mail for sometimes..its an amazing story..

  43. Michelle says:

    I love this. Thank you for sharing.

  44. Patrícia says:

    Wonderful story…

    … And then it got me thinking about those immigrants who believe they are better than their new countrymen… that their blood and land of origin are superior… Just pityful.

  45. huma arshad says:

    The people who live in big cities or in prosperous countries , always feel prejudice that they belong to the world of “awareness “and they consider them more civilized, wise and cultured as compare to the ones who are coming from small areas .Indeed there is no match of a river fish with marine fish but only in terms of survival otherwise river fish is always more tasty than a sea fish.People with more exposure always take so many things for granted ,for example relations,emotions,and even education ;no doubt developed countries have well developed resources and opportunities but most of the people from underdeveloped countries have more human touch than them.

    1. kuphi says:

      What makes them have more exposure ? In my opinion the immigrant has more exposure and a better understanding of the world than those who claim to be more exposed…. He has lived in Africa and is living in German. He is studying abroad. Who is more exposed then? Most of them are quite ignorant of the world except their own country. They are often ‘miseducated.’ I met an American in Asia and she told me she comes from California and expected me to know about California of which i did. We discussed environmental issues in California. She then asks me about my origin. She had no idea where Zimbabwe is in Africa. The only ‘correct’ thing she knew was the president’s name.

    2. Abhishek Kumar says:

      Huma I appreciate ur way of thinking…infact ppl wid big things around them forget the basic laws of love and humanity.

  46. AMK says:

    Hi Paulo,

    It is Anthony again, the author who wrote ‘Vagabond’ as inspired by everything that is you! I hope you have a chance to check it out, I really, truly believe that you will enjoy the read, it is edging in at #1 in Australia at the moment so I am just beginning my journey as an independent author. I greatly admired this post, as it comes at an important time in Australia.

    In Australia, we are very multicultural but I feel the media and politicians like to sweep the dirt about this nation under the door, and refuse to acknowledge its true existence. I have been the victim of racism, as have many of my friends- this has led to all sorts of confrontations and arguments, but what I cannot stand is the ongoing prevalence of ignorance, in the vain hope that all of the country’s ills will dissipate. There is much racism still in this country, especially against Indians and Asians, and although the wave of migrants in Australia have been literally responsible for the entire establishment of the country, the anglo-saxons still refuse to acknowledge the hardship they, myself, and we, all go through often on a day-to-day basis.

    A recent famous Doctor announced that at the official Australia day speeches, he will at last address this. I look forward to the world understanding that not all is as it seems on the media- Australia is a blacklisted nation alongside other corrupt, war-torn regions for media control and media filtering. Some think this is ironic given our western world placement, but they don’t understand that racism is a filthy disease which sweeps the planet and unfortunately, leaves no stone unturned.

    Education is the key to a brighter future and a true brother and sisterhood of love and unity, under God and the stars.

    I hope to endure only half of the success that you have, as your words are a beacon during the dark times of Australia. I’m struggling just to make it out alive, despite the success my novel is enjoying on the charts.

    If things continue as they have been, I fear that maybe ‘Vagabond’ will be my only remnant when I am gone. Should fate shoot its arrow in this direction, I just hope the world sees what I wrote, understood what I believed and learnt from 250 pages of my 24 years here on Earth.

    All the best Paulo!


  47. Arto Hutto says:

    “If you only look at the shell you will not see the pearl”

  48. Marie-Christine says:

    About racial discrimination – I believe we are all guilty of it – we have class distinctions, we have discrimination about the indigenous in our countries we seem to forget they are the owners of the land and the way they are being treated is close to scandalous. ‘Color has no color’
    When it suits us we want them to extend a hand to us and we enroll them into our wars then it is okay, under the lure of money. This does not only apply to indigenous it also applies to normal individuals who under the false pretense of : the enemy is putting our country at stake and we have to go to war ,feel they have to do their duties to defend their countries.
    And when faced with reality – that of being put in a situation where your survival is at risk – that is to say a phenomenal amount of stress, you do anything to preserve it and kill your ‘enemy’.
    You then go 20/30 years down and ask these people what their thoughts are about the war and you’ll find the majority of them will reply – futile – In fact, they walk hand in hand with the ‘enemy’ on parade when they realise they have been taken for a ride… in their prime. By that time it is too late.
    In the society we live in we are always fighting the enemy.

    Your body is your best asset. Learn to take good care of it. Don’t fight.

  49. iska says:

    every time we think we giving something to someone,sharing something with them, we actually recieve something from that person.we just forget to see it.