CoelhoOffice 04 – On writing (IV) : The book leaves the author

Podcast #4 – In this videocast, Paulo Coelho talks about how important it is to have discipline when you are writing a book.

Podcast #4 – O nesse videocast, Paulo Coelho fala sobre como é importante ter discplina na hora de escrever um livro.

Podcast #4 – En ese videocast, Paulo Coelho habla sobre como es importante tener disciplina para escribir un libro.


  1. thomas kuzhivelil says:

    Dear Paulo

    I have most of your books but the only one inspiring me was The Alchemist.
    I just felt I have not grown up to the rest yet.
    Anyway you are not writing to please anyone.
    Your honesty is infectious. Your podcasts are awesome because its amazing how you reach out of a screen to give a pat on the shoulder. You look like a franciscan friar if you will excuse the comparison. some of my mentors are friars and they are special to me because they do not want me to obey them. they want me to try things myself with love and freedom.
    I hope you continue to bring warm cheer to lives the world over
    God bless you

  2. Haiku says:

    Are you going to continue uploading a video weekly in February?

  3. Carla Quesada says:

    Eu tenho o mesmo problema de disciplina, acho até q vc poderia falar sobre essa coisa de nao termos tempo mais para fazer todas as coisas q desejamos!!! bjs love u!!

  4. Hi Paulo, I enjoyed your podcasts very much! I am guilty of the facebook and email procrastinating:) I found that I did it often at times when I was faced with a blank screen and the words just wouldn’t come out….Getting out for a walk in the park, clearing my thoughts and getting a breath of fresh air helps me tremendously in allowing my inspiration to flow…

    Paulo, I am in the process of putting together a proposal for my book, I have assisted a few conferences, I have learned so much, but, I do hit a brick wall every now and then, would you have any additional views when writing the proposal?

    Thank you so much for having shared your personal views:)

  5. Alexandra says:

    Thank you! Love so much that video, was my favorite … So funny how you tell about checking facebook…and time pass…I do myself so many times. But more, I eat an apple, make a tea, wash dishes, go for a walk…rest…is easy to do other things. Now I have to write graduation thesis, but I work at translations, learn for exams, and when I say I write for the thesis, I am tired. Hope to balance my time better, I think after that master I am done with school…guess so…? who know.
    Big hug

  6. Prinie says:

    I’ve been lacking in discipline. I want to be a nurse but I have not been allowing myself to dedicate the time and effort to nursing studies that way i should be. I also haven’t been patient and disciplined in my spiritual growth because all of the things I have done seem to have proven useless and yielded no results.

  7. Mariusz says:

    Hola Paolo,

    Pues muchas gracias por lo que cuentas. De veras yo siento lo mismo al escribir. Soy traductor y no creo nada nuevo pero tengo los mismos problemas a la hora de empezar el trabajo. Vaya ganas que tengo de leer Aleph. ¿Dónde lo consigo en original ?(supongo que será el portugués).
    No quiero buscarlo en sitios pirata. Lo que más me animó a leerlo fue la pelí­cula donde aparece un personaje que se parece a ti en el campo de concentración alemán de Auschiwtz, con el letrero en alemán “Arbeit macht frei”. Como soy polaco y perdí­ a mis familiares en campos de concentración me interesa mucho. ¿Me podrí­as explicar si tiene algo que ver con el libro?


    Mariusz Muszak

  8. Yan says:

    That’s the most important thing! —- to start! to actually doing it!

    No matter how beautiful and unique an idea is, if it is not put into practice, it remains an idea. I saw this bad habit often in myself and also in other people.

    So I now try all means to do what I said, only then I know, I am taking responsibility for myself, and my dreams can become true.



  9. Deepa Susan Koshy says:

    Your excitement and enthusiasm can be sensed when you speak. Like a child. It’s contagious. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Gonzalo says:

    Gracias Paulo por su constante orientación, que generoso de su parte, con el poco tiempo que tiene para sus quehaceres personales y brinda aun mas para los demas, usted es un Angel.
    Para mi, mas que una via del tren, es una escalera que deslumbra con las respuestas a las verdades de la vida y cada escalon es una respuesta hasta el infinito.
    Un fuerte abrazo

  11. Heart says:

    Your hard work is such easy read for us.. I remember when you wrote Aleph, you shared this and that on twitter. One day you said you had written something very delicate, which had been so hard for you to write. I wanted to find this page in the book, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t able to understand what is so hard for you to write about, as it is all a complete story for me.

    Yes, Aleph does live on, and I hear only positive feedback about it. A friend, who recently started to follow you on Facebook, who is so busy raising children and working, that she never finished the first book she tried to read by you, she came one day with a little hand written note to show me.. She had quote some of Aleph from Facebook, that she found incredible.. I’ve told her she will love to read The Witch of Portobello, as she used to be a dancer, and would like to do something to develop her dancing.. One day she will.. & I will be happy for her, when she will find you & your books.

    Anyway, it should be the time for you to start writing a new book soon these days. You haven’t said anything this time, what your plan is.. I’m very curious of course.. My God hahaha

    1. Barbara Z says:

      Dear Heart,
      I feel the same about sharing Paulo’s books with others. Like you I suggested one of my friends to read The Witch of Portobello, also because of the dancing. I don’t think she has read it yet, and I kind of feel impatient about it because I feel that the book would be so good for her. But then we all know that the books have to come to oneself, and they always do that in the right moment, don’t they? :)

  12. Irina Serban says:

    :-))) i cannot help but smiling! it is so true! the hardest thing in writing a book is actually making yourself sit in front of your computer, silence the monsters (twitter, Facebook, mail etc) that keep asking you to check on them, and do the writing. the first minutes seem like drudgery, for then everything to fall into place: the writing flows, you are no longer present in your world, the only thread that keeps you grounded is that voice that tells you: you forgot a comma, this one should be a new paragraph etc. that’s all! the rest has a life of its own, the characters do and say what they want and drag you along :-)

    for me after the nightmare of making myself sit and write, follows the bliss –it’s the most relaxing and freeing experience!

  13. Louise Moriarty says:

    Hallo Dear Paulo ,
    Yes your honesty and straightforward way of sharing your experiences is very valuable. I feel blessed to have received these guidance from you. I am a poet and would love to send you one of my poems on handmade paper if you would like one please email me your snail mail address. [email protected]
    The video is the most amazing add I have ever seen for a book. Where else can we find it.

  14. Audrey McCoy says:

    Hi Paulo,
    thanks again for a great podcast.
    Once you get the ball rolling after that initial avoidance, do you or have you ever become obsessed with the work? Would you, for instance, forget to drink, eat or sleep? Is it always pleasurable or do you suffer as well?
    Many thanks,

  15. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    A thought occurred to me, and I wondered – In your podcast you speak of writing taking over you like a possession, and I can understand that life force. I feel it too, especially when I sketch.. I wonder though, are u ever afraid of what my come out? How do u get past this fear? Fear of knowing that what has come of you exists now, and therefore will be read.

    Thank you for being

  16. Yajna says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    I love, love, love this feature on your blog!!!

    To be completely honest, due to poor internet access, I used to read your blog of my phone mainly everyday, and thus missed out on a lot of video casts. In keeping with my moving, new job, and well new equipment and internet speed, I find myself catching up with old videos and admiring the new ones.

    Congrats on Aleph, and your friend did a wonderful job.

    Thank you for being…

  17. Olta Canka says:

    Too bad it ended so soon. I was enjoying the idea of always seeing your next video.
    But it was fun as always. It is incredible how many things you find out to do when you need to do something important.
    When in time of giving exams and we have to study she says: I will write a book “How to waste time when you need to study for your exams.” Experts on the field. :P
    One can’t help internet. There you have, facebook, twitter, e-mail, google, youtube, etc.

    Wish you a great evening and beautiful moments ahead!
    Love <3

    1. Heart says:

      Silly Wabbit. He didn’t say he was ending the podcast. He said he was ending talking about Aleph. No?

  18. Querido Paulo,

    Muito muito obrigada. I am a writer looking for guidance. I felt a warmth when you affirmed that getting started is indeed the hardest part. I am in the beginning stage of my career, and your advice in the past weeks, “face to face”, have been inching me towards the edge to which once over, I will fall into my own flow.

    Like you, I am a traveller and need to move through the world to feel inspired. I will embark on a journey soon, to the Philippines islands where the roots of my human existence are grounded. It is where the one world family am blessed to have stems from, and I believe in my heart that before, during, and after, if I just give myself the 3, 5, 10 minutes, the life of the book will use that time to breathe itself into existence with each inhale and exhale of my hands to paper or computer. As much as a fiery sunset, the view of an endless ocean, or as much as the purest of air breathed on mountain top, you are an inspiration.

    Abraí§os e bejiños!


  19. Adriana says:

    I like what you share.
    Thank you.

  20. eleonora says:

    il libro ha una vita propria..vero, sin dal momento in cui la penna traccia il primo segno sul foglio.Ogni attimo racchiude in sé ispirazione,quello che si è pensato il giorno prima non serve.Servono le idee,tutto il materiale raccolto,tutto..Ma piu’ di tutto anche lui necessita del presente.Molto interessante quanto lei spiega ,sempre bello il video.

  21. Iris Dahle says:

    You answered my prayer by sharing this. It was s sign for me. Thank you. Love

  22. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Oui cher Paulo, vous avez mis votre coeur í  nu dans ce merveilleux livre, et en plus de l’apprécier, nous le respecterons, nous les lecteurs qui vous aiment. Je sais de quoi je parle (je suis cardiologue..!!!.) Bonne semaine í  vous, avec tout mon Coeur. M Christine Grimard.