Joining the spiritual path

Many emotions move the human heart when it decides to dedicate itself to the spiritual path.
This may be a “noble” reason – like faith, love of our neighbor, or charity.
Or it may be just a whim, the fear of loneliness, curiosity, or the fear of death.

None of that matters. The true spiritual path is stronger than the reasons that led us to it and little by little it imposes itself with love, discipline and dignity.
A moment arrives when we look backwards, remember the beginning of our journey, and laugh at ourselves. We have managed to grow, although we traveled the path for reasons that were very futile.

God uses loneliness to teach us about living together.
Sometimes he uses anger so that we can understand the infinite value of peace.
At other times he uses tedium, when he wants to show us the importance of adventure and leaving things behind.
God uses silence to teach us about the responsibility of what we say.
At times he uses fatigue so that we can understand the value of waking up.
At other times he uses sickness to show us the importance of health.
God uses fire to teach us about water.
Sometimes he uses earth so that we can understand the value of air. And at times he uses death when he wants to show us the importance of life

Remember this when for some reason you feel unable to continue on your path


  1. Geneviève Turp-Blair says:

    Quand pour une raison ou une autre je dévi de mon chemin (et souvent c’est un mal-íªtre qui me le rappel) et quand finalement je m’en rends compte votre livre-audio : l’alchimiste me rappel ma Légende personnelle. C’est une histoire qui me fait comprendre pleins de choses et í  chaque fois, Merci

  2. Shabaz Mustafa Ahmed says:

    A man Always Speak about what is in your heart and really touch Your feeling ..
    But i was really Want to say ,, or Like a Suggestion Why You don’t Collect all these 1 Minute reading – short story’s and Put it all in a Book ?! As For my self I was really think in that But translate it to Kurdish Language ,, but not with out Your Permission and In case You want me to translate these Short story’s for and Adding Kurdish Language to the list it will be honer to me to do so …. Many Greeting with Love And Respect From Kurdistan to You ….

  3. Emilce says:

    Me encanta lo que escribe , como siempre las palabras justas en el momento justo!! le deseo mas Exitos de lo que tiene!! un abrazo :)

  4. Eddie says:

    I really like your words… The spiritual path leads us with love and neutrality to use that part of us to show compassion and love.

  5. Ali Elnour says:

    Sometimes we face the problems with fear , hate and looking for revenge but the deep believe on Allah (GOD) make us face the problems and suffer around us with patience, compassion ,forgiveness and gratitude for the gifts we have.
    There is a point of making us and let us go throw this path of live .
    As a Muslim I think this life is not permanent , it is just exam . there is another life we can leave there as brothers with compassion and kindness , and there is no problem to face.
    Thanks Paulo Coelho for making us understand the life very well .

  6. Mike Hopkins says:

    Hello Paulo:

    And sometimes the Path finds you.

    Kind & warm regards,

  7. jackienoriega says:


    1. caro says:

      I realize how much truth there is in these wise words. Thank you for helping us become aware of the facts of life-

  8. Lana says:

    What does He use to teach us about love? :)

    1. Tobias says:

      Jesus Christ?!

    2. Barrie Edlin says:

      He sacrificed His life so that they who believe in Him shall have everlasting life…John 3:16.

  9. Anshul says:

    Thanks a lot … Really needed it today….it gave me strength when I needed it most..

  10. Reem barajjash says:

    thank you. really inspirational :)

  11. Karina says:

    Thank you.

  12. Marie-Christine says:

    That’s a beautiful text, Thank you Paulo,
    For me, it shows that you can use your past as a passage towards peace.

    pas (t) pas (sage) pax
    your past wise step peace

    With love

  13. ashish says:

    i love this…….. such post help us to understand spiritual power..

  14. roopa says:

    simple basics of life has abundant value to life which is ignored in search of mystical pastures.thank u paulo for getting me back to basics of life

  15. lok bahadur shahi (From Nepal) says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I am very much grateful to have to read your valuable notes.
    Thank you very much.

    Now, the nature of Nepal is reading your precious words and saying “God bless you

  16. Lissa Coffey says:

    Thank you! This is particularly timely for me, as I have been studying and writing about purpose. There are as many different paths as there are people – yet I think we all have in common the lessons we learn on the paths. And how do we learn these lessons? By loving, serving, knowing and being. These are the Four Yogas – or our Dharma. There is a free quiz to find your dharma, or your purpose at

  17. prachi says:

    thank you again mr.coelho
    its through your journey i acquired that the path is always biggger than the reason we choose to be on it …
    your mind is a bliss to words !

  18. Manish Rai says:


  19. Manish Rai says:

    best way of understanding and keep awakening !
    thank you Dearest Paulo !

  20. Ainur says:

    touching and beautiful…. i like it…a lot of us can`t value things without loss…

  21. Kaisa says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I cried when I read this. Right now God is teaching me many things.

  22. anil bhave says:

    ” The true spiritual path is stronger than the reasons that led us to it and little by little it imposes itself with love, discipline and dignity.”
    Thanks, dear Paulo. Accept and respect, whatever comes in our way without any expectation from anybody.

  23. Anita says:

    Too wonderful, thankyou Paulo Coelho. I recently developed a deep interest in your work, and I believe that you have a gift. Thankyou for sharing it with me, with us. It just goes to show how much we are all alike.. what brings us together. We can all feel the same thing, but in different ways. Thankyou again. Wishing you the best in the future. Hoping to read more! Best regards from Australia!!

  24. nilton alexander says:

    que es ser un alquimista!! quisiera saberlo del mismo paulo cohelo :D … siempre lo ando siguiendo…me parece alguien formidable!! algun dia espero conocerlo :D

  25. Salustia says:

    En los momentos difí­ciles de la vida, sólo él está junto a nosotros y es cuando nos damos cuenta del gran amor que nos tiene, entonces, prometemos no separnos de su camino.

  26. Alka says:

    I also belive that god or some energy is exits in this world and univers which called by many names. But what is the system of nature to provaid things ‘happiness n sadness’ to us. Wht is the reason when millions children don’t get basic things of life like food. Wht is the reason when they die just suffring to face hungar,cold.

  27. tustiai says:

    Well said, you are such a good example for manny people !

    Thank you for your existence ! It is a true honor to be teached by your experiences !

  28. Ca says:

    thank you Paolo!!


    Deus abení§oe vc, Christina e todos aqui.

  29. Yilmaz says:

    “I am strong
    because I have known weakness.
    I am compassionate
    because I have experienced suffering.
    I can laugh
    because I have known sadness.
    I can love
    because I have known loss.
    I am alive
    because I am a fighter.

    I Am a Strong Woman (Man)
    who has weathered the storm
    and still loves to dance in the rain!”
    ~ Anonymous ~

    1. Gregorio Velez says:

      So true and reflective. I can totally relate to this poem. Thanks for posting Yilmaz

    2. Como el Ave Fenix says:

      Gracias mil por compartir este hermoso poema , hoy a pesar del buen tiempo no me sentia de los mejores animos , tuve la sensación de haber perdido algo muy importante para mi ….este poema fue muy motivador. Me quedo con la satisfacción de las cosas aprendidas y las que seguiré aprendiendo y sigo caminando..un abrazo fraterno :)

    3. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      Thanks To you Yilmaz, I LOVE your words too, Indeed… !

  30. Haiku says:

    Indeed Paulo. – Namaste

  31. Vanda says:

    Not all of us take the call to spirituality for what it is. They may not be ready or choose there own path over Gods. I am very happy that He has finally got through to me for I have so much to give but was scared to open myself to those I loved.

  32. Maik Santana says:

    Yeah, that’s right. God is our greatest teacher ’bout life. thx Paulo Coelho

  33. rune says:

    Answering Jessica: You can bring pain and unfortunable circumstanses to a spiritual path by letting it awaken you, but you may also, and often we do, close your eyes as a respond, let it put us more to sleep; thus not using it as a opportunity to look a little closer at the mechanisms of our mind, our reactions and habits, this is also possible. We may give it some space, have some compassion towards us selves and others:-)

  34. Mara says:

    Muy bello escrito y muy cierto. Igual que sus libros todos traen una dosis de verdad.

  35. florina huluba says:

    so beautiful .. thank u

  36. This all is very inspirational and I love all your books but I will have a couple hard questions for Her, if and when I get there.

  37. gooddo says:

    there is no doubt we all need GOD in our lives………… there is always some thing we have to leave over him as he is always kind and beneficent……
    every religions are different paths to reach same destination………
    we need some motivation in our life to move on i am so thankful to you MR. PAULO you have given me that motivation by your writing.
    have a blessed Sunday all there

  38. liche says:

    Como podre entender si mi corazon no encuentra el camino al perdon estando extraviado en tanta rabia, y no se si la rabia es conmigo, con mi esposo o con el mundo, creo que es el sufrimiento mas grande el no saber porque tanto odio….a quien culpo….a quien lo dirijo…..

  39. MARA VERA says:

    en cada paso que damos DIOS nos da la oportunidad de aprender de eso no hay duda y depende de nosotros seguir las enseñanzas o la lección que nos quiere dar ………cada cosa o situación tiene su razón poderosa de ser no hay nada bueno o malo que no nos enseñe algo………. depende de nosotros seguir las señales …BENDICIONES

  40. New Soul says:

    I agree with Antonia Lo Giudice’s statement with regards to:
    Sometimes God will use obstacles and hardships to so that we gain strength and courage ~
    Sometimes he will use betrayal so that we learn about forgiveness and become compassionate! ~
    Once we become aware of all these things as learning experiences, we will welcome them as blessings instead of reasons to quit!! ~

    My prayers have been blessed by finding Paulo Coelho’s books and his inspirational thoughts about life’s struggles. Thank you for your kindness (:


  41. CG says:

    Thank you very much, dear Paulo.
    It’s good to sometimes be reminded of God’s … inscrutable ways.
    It helps to go on with faith.

  42. Marie-Christine says:

    S’unir au chemin spirituel

    Beaucoup d’emotions touche le coeur humain lorsqu’il decide de se consacrer au chemin spirituel.
    Ce peut etre pour une cause ‘noble’ – comme la foi, l’amour du prochain ou la charite- ou ce peut etre juste un caprice, la peur de la solitude, la curiosite ou la peur de la mort.

    Rien de tout cela compte. Le veritable chemin spirituel est plus fort que les raisons qui nous y ont amene. et , petit a petit il s’impose avec amour, discipline et dignite.
    Il arrive un moment ou nous regardons en arriere pour nous souvenir du debut de notre voyage, et rire de nous-memes. Nous avons reussi a grandir bien que nous ayons parcouru la route pour des raisons qui etaient tres inutiles.

    Dieu se sert de la solitude pour nous enseigner a vivre ensemble.
    Parfois il utilise la colere afin que nous puissions comprendre la valeur infinie de la paix.
    Dans d’autres occasions, avec l’ennui lorsqu’il veut nous montrer l’importance de l’aventure et de laisser les choses derriere.
    Dieu utilise le silence pour nous enseigner la responsabilite de ce que nous disons.
    Parfois il utilise la fatigue pour que nous puissions comprendre la valeur de prendre conscience.
    Parfois il utilise la maladie pour nous montrer l’importance de la sante.
    Dieu utilise le feu pour nous enseigner quelque chose sur l’eau.
    Parfois il utilise la terre pour que nous puissions comprendre la valeur de l’air.
    Et des fois, il utilise la mort quand il veut nous montrer l’importance de la vie,

    Souvenez-vous de ceci, si, pour n’importe quelle raison vous vous sentez incapable de continuer dans votre chemin.

  43. Avnit says:

    Thanks for the post – really needed it today. There are days when your faith is tested, days when no reasoning works, and those are the days when you need support and comes in the form of quotes from you.

  44. Steven says:

    Are you talking about God as a single being or God who is Everything and Everywhere. Because god is not a single being he is balance and the energy we once be apart of completely.

    1. Steven says:

      Thses are amazing words by the way helped me realize more about my understanding of life ^-^

  45. isaac says:

    Beautiful. Thank you.

  46. pontus lindholm says:

    From the bottom of my heart, a humble and earnest thank you.

  47. Yilmaz says:

    How would we know day if there was no night? How would we know peace without war? Life without death or love without hate?

    Good and evil need each other so they can come into existence and reinforce them over and over again. If we think about the consequences of this, our perception of the world can change dramatically…

    Sending you out the Ying and Ying.

  48. Olta Canka says:

    Sometimes S/He uses guilt so we learn the value of forgiving, loving and understanding others and then Us.

    There is no way for us to stray from the spiritual path even if we walk in it consciously or not. Sooner or latter the heart will find its way to happiness, where these two forces will meet and see that they are one.
    Just a matter of time… after all.


  49. SAHANA says:

    I loved this .. thanks a lot

  50. Jessica says:

    Can you abandon your path is the question ???? Well I shouldnt care I suppose ;-)

    1. mahesh says:

      a man with GOD always in majority…