Joining the spiritual path

Many emotions move the human heart when it decides to dedicate itself to the spiritual path.
This may be a “noble” reason – like faith, love of our neighbor, or charity.
Or it may be just a whim, the fear of loneliness, curiosity, or the fear of death.

None of that matters. The true spiritual path is stronger than the reasons that led us to it and little by little it imposes itself with love, discipline and dignity.
A moment arrives when we look backwards, remember the beginning of our journey, and laugh at ourselves. We have managed to grow, although we traveled the path for reasons that were very futile.

God uses loneliness to teach us about living together.
Sometimes he uses anger so that we can understand the infinite value of peace.
At other times he uses tedium, when he wants to show us the importance of adventure and leaving things behind.
God uses silence to teach us about the responsibility of what we say.
At times he uses fatigue so that we can understand the value of waking up.
At other times he uses sickness to show us the importance of health.
God uses fire to teach us about water.
Sometimes he uses earth so that we can understand the value of air. And at times he uses death when he wants to show us the importance of life

Remember this when for some reason you feel unable to continue on your path


  1. Mohammad Ali Gaad says:

    Great thoughts, God make all these things happen because, he wants us to learn and to be prudent.

  2. Jay Landar says:

    Thanks for the message. Yes, it certainly seems that God uses very many things to advance us on the path – how strange and inexplicable those things seem much of the time.

  3. aarbeez says:

    sir i am reading your book Alchemist..i read your blog i don’t know y but i found your way of conveying msg is as what islam is all about…its personal question but plz let me ask have u ever read that religion’s teachings….sir u have u reply me what religion you are following…plzz

  4. zaherrak says:

    What is all this about? What is life?. Why do we live and go from trial upon trial ?

  5. Scared says:

    Every cell in my body wanta to join the spiritual path and find a conection with the devine. However lost I feel, I get closer after reading your words. Then I get too scared, scared that none of it is true, scared I will look for something I will never find. And I get confused and give up. My mind is stopping my soul to do what it wants..And I wonder why..

    1. M.Matias says:

      Do not just read. Do some hand work. Or some voluntary work. Words alone can travel back and forth but if you want to hold it down made it into actions. Actions are stronger than words. Also write your feelings down. That work every time at least for me and people which I have known.

  6. Alex says:

    to ifthikhar: God made us alone so we can choose people with who we want to spend our life and to appreciate the happiness of living togheter!

  7. Yan says:

    Chinese Version:








  8. Chukwunedu says:

    I’m truly inspired!

  9. ifthikhar says:

    “God uses loneliness to teach us about living together.”

    But why he make us alone when we were living together happy with someone?

    1. Mikek says:

      I have struggled with this too. I think it may teach us how to fully love and accept ourselves. Sometimes we lose ourself in the love of another. We expect that another person can complete us and make us whole, and fix our brokenness. We rely on their validation to feel good. But when we love ourselves, we are healed and made whole. Then instead of two broken people coming together to make one fragile entity, we instead join two complete people that make each other radiant.

  10. Lormzi says:

    So Inspiring….Life is a series of Lessons…we all just need to stay on our path and keep learning and teaching in return.

  11. tabby says:

    what a strong faith , that got me tears in my eyes, because it exactly happened with me, perhaps i had forgotten the values of generosity and gratitude, than he made me realizes by showing his ANGER ( which was just a title because we the human being not able afford the real Divine’s Anger), and taught me the real value of peace…. he got my entire soul fatigue than i understood what is WAKING UP… still im in the same state NOW i want be alone to learn the value of togetherness….. May Allah Help me…….. Ameen

    1. ifthikhar says:

      never wish to be alone – i mean never pray for it. u will realize when u stuck alone.

  12. Amy says:

    Hello Mr. Coelho, I was so happy today to find this sight – when I read the beautiful things you write – I feel them to be true. A few years back, and forgive me but this was before I had even heard of you – a spectacular nun that I worked with gave me a card on which she had hand-painted a heart, she wrote your quote – ” for where your treasure is, there will your heart be also” and lovingingly wrote your name beneath that – the whole effect was so lovely that I had it hanging on my wall for years… so that may be why you feel familiar. I did want to ask with regards to the posting above – do you believe that we experience death to learn to appreciate life? I asked a therapist that once and she told me I was being narcassistic to think all the death around me was for the benefit of my learning… so hard to know and a painful way to learn a lesson. Thank you and thank you for your beautiful books and for these sights.

  13. Taso says:

    Paulo, I have read all your books and currently I’m reading Aleph. I respect you as a writer because you have a unique way of expressing concepts that are challenging to share and in the process provide a path for all of us to follow.

    In Aleph I was intrigued by your statement that “other realities exist” and I have a question for you. A reality exists based on distinctions in language, when you enter a different how do you experience it? What role does God play in this other reality?

  14. Verónica says:

    Creo ciegamente q estamos en este mundo para cumplir con un objetivo. Cada uno de nosotros tenemos una misión q cumplir. Algunos estamos aun perdidos y tratando de encontrar ese camino q a lo mejor esta frente a nosotros y simplemente no lo hemos querido ver.
    Otros tienen la fuerza y la voluntad de levantarse y salir a buscar y vivir la experiencia.
    Gracias por compartir esas historias y experiencias porq de una u otra manera nos afectan en manera positiva a cada uno de los q leemos este blog y libros.
    Infinitas gracias y mi deseo mas grande para todos es q encontremos lo q buscamos.

  15. navyath says:

    wow..the lines above depict the entire life of humans in simple abridged manner…its a privilege to follow your blog which helps me to face many obstacles in life and moreover the people who following this blog are quoting some beautiful line…thanks to everyone…:)

  16. barbara says:

    Thank you for your ever inspiring writings/posts.
    Love and blessings dear Mr.Coelho or Paulo:)

  17. Pritha says:

    I have read many of your books and they inspire me.Very poetic and soothing with a purpose.

    Thankyou for writing


  18. Benjamin C says:

    Thank you! Yours expressions of your thoughts to text/word are dead on and relevant to me in all areas of my life. and I’m sure many others.

  19. Tony says:


  20. felix urcia says:

    Primero hay que definir qué se entiende por espiritualidad. Algunos creen que espiritualidad es irse a la India o al Tibet, como Ricky Martin. El camino espiritual no es solo ser mejores personas sino, tener una relación con Dios, cada vez mas cercana. Lo cuál nos llevará a preocuparnos menos de lo material y tener a Dios como centro de nuestra vida.

  21. Nabeesa says:

    The way you express your ideas is amazing. All what you said about spirituality inculcate something very relevant to this age.

    Once I started reading “The Zahir” I couldn’t stop it. I believe that was the book I finished with in a very short period.

  22. karen says:

    Grateful for the reminder that the reasons for walking the spiritual path fall to the wayside once the path is taken. With love, karen

  23. liliana says:

    Finding the spiritual path… is what it has brought happiness to my life. Thank You for being sucha wonderful writer.

  24. sapna says:

    Hi abhay
    its inspiring.keep up d good work.seems like u hve fought a lot of struggles.

  25. abhay says:

    I LIVE..

    I live to be free..
    To be chained with nothing but my shadow..
    I live to be different..
    To be similar to others only in flesh and blood..

    I live to be a warrior..
    To fall against the ground and rising against an open sky..
    I live to be righteous..
    To be bound by scriptures, but not my sins..

    I live to be hopeful..
    To be equipped with optimism and draped in faith..
    But first I live to be loving..
    To bring freedom, difference or hope to someone’s life..

    1. poonam says:


  26. sapna says:

    Hi yilmaz,
    is it a poem?but watever it is its beautiful and depicts lot of strength.keep up d good work.

    1. Yilmaz says:

      Hi. Yes it is! :)

  27. sapna says:

    I am so amazed that there are soo many people who beleive in spirituality.i had actually thought it was wearing away. it was mr.paulos book which attracted me towards this spiritual power.thanx am still trying to find answers but i know i will. has anyone read ‘brida’ ? its abt ones quest to find your soulmate : )

    1. dhandsa says:

      Yeah i have finished ‘Brida’ one year back..Nice story about searching soulmate…

  28. Raziel says:

    Asi debe ser, siempre una dualidad. Si no existieran los momentos de tristeza, como aprenderiamos a reconocer los de felicidad; o como los valorariamos. Es mas creo que cada vez que nos pasa algo triste nos prepara para recibir felicidad aun mas grande :), Y siempre se aprende de todas las vivencias :). Bonito dia Paulo Coelho :)

  29. mayos goyma-sevilla says:

    so enlightening! inspiring!
    i just love the way you write & wish i could write like you!

  30. nina says:

    amen , amen,

  31. VIC says:

    Un acercamiento a Dios….

    Mi amor…. hoy… me paso algo muy especial…..
    Amor…. ir ante Dios…. esta tan cerca …. mas cerca de lo que imaginamos…..
    Es importantisimo …. CRUCIAL…. vivir cada dia en los caminos de Dios….
    Sacar de la vida todo aquello que vaya en contra de “amar a tu projimo”…..
    No se trata de ser santos…. pero si se trata de no cometer actos que despues condenaran al alma……
    Todo es tan tangilbe y claro……
    Vida…. medita….. y pidele perdon a toda persona que alguna vez hayas ofendido o hecho algun mal….
    Cambiemos al amor por la lujuria…. al orgullo por el perdon…. tenemos derecho al respeto… tanto a nuestras personas como a nuestros cuerpos y almas…. se vale defenderse, pero sin herir…..
    Mira…. la partida de mi padre me ha hecho meditar… pensar… investigar… practicar…. todo basado en lo que vi durante su agonia….. percibo todo de una forma diferente ahora…. mas claro… mas simple…. mas real… mas sencillo…. Tan sencillo que resulta ironico no haberlo notado antes……
    La vida…. no es mas que un pequeño tiempo … donde Dios nos pone a usar los “dones” que nos haya dado…. no tanto para el exito personal…. sino para “medir” de alguna manera …. lo que hacemos por los demas…. por las causas nobles y justas…. por ayudar a quienes necesitan ayuda…. ayuda en todo sentido…. desde economica hasta espiritual….. El objetivo princial de venir a vivir en este mundo es ese : Ayudar. Quizas por eso hayan tantas necesidades en esta vida……. Y es un tiempo muy corto cielo…. un tiempito muy corto…… tan pequeño que es ridiculo comparado con la eternidad que aguarda…. y aguarda muy cerca…. Todo esto es tan real como tocarte una mano con la otra….. El cuerpo humano, solamente es un “empaque”…. nuestra esencia esta en el alma….. alma que corresponde a un lugar sin tiempo… donde la luz suplanta al cuerpo…. donde cien años pasan en un segundo….. un lugar de paz…. un lugar sin tiempo…. ahi es donde el alma debe reposar…… si hacemos el bien….
    Lo contrario…. es un lugar feo…. donde se sufre en uno mismo el pesar de nuestras ofensas…. no en la piel…. sino en sensaciones…. lo que llaman infierno no es el mismo para todos….. cada uno forjamos el propio…..
    Darle dignidad y valor a la vida propia y de los demas…. eso nos hace hijos de Dios…. eso nos aleja de todo lo malo…. Y nos da una paz que en este momento no tengo ni idea de que tan bella puede ser…..
    Amor…. estoy poniendo mi vida en el camino de Dios ahora….

  32. Leandro . D says:

    I’ll save that text. He reminded me of the start of the walk.

  33. Lee Bice-Matheson says:

    My older sister Lynn said she was reading one of your recent books and as she did she had goosebumps. SHE said I know someone who has similar life experiences as you right down to messages in the shower. :) Thank you for sharing with the world. We write in different ways. Keep on going! Lee

  34. VCM Ramaoka says:

    On point… It’s all about learning, the Lord teaches us through all that he puts on our plates