Promo Bay

The Pirate Bay starts today a new and interesting system to promote arts
Do you have a band? Are you an aspiring movie producer? A comedian? A cartoon artist?
They will replace the front page logo with a link to your work.
As soon as I learned about it, I decided to participate. Several of my books are there, and as I said in a previous post, My thoughts on SOPA, the physical sales of my books are growing since my readers post them in P2P sites.
Welcome to download my books for free and, if you enjoy them, buy a hard copy – the way we have to tell to the industry that greed leads to nowhere.
The Pirate Coelho

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  1. Aza says:

    I am delighted with your book, “Aleph” ….. I saw in the Khalil-yourself … The same is not protected, such as a weak, but at the same time, bold … Every time I read your book, I chuvtva God closer to your next … read proizvedniya, I thought about many things, you invoke a sea of emotions, I find the answers …. and uo ra wonder … I think you Paulo guide, thread between heaven and man … thank you

  2. B_Friends says:

    I would just like to say I very much like your attitude Mr. Coelho and I will buy a book or two of yours just for that.
    The Promo Bay is a great idea especially for small bands to get to new audiences. I myself have become a huge music lover over the years and regular buyer of music that I found on TPB witch I wouldn’t even touched if not heard them and even less wanted to buy…

    For hurricane head: (if s/he ever reads this) They are helping the artists to pay rent by giving them promotion and getting what might become a very loyal and nice group of fans. Fans that later buy merchandise and other pieces of art sure it will not work for everyone, but is it better to have a huge fan crowd and a few buyers or a minuscule with even fewer buyers?
    If I could (sometimes possible but not commonly) I would pay the artists directly and give next to nothing to the publishers, since it’s the artist I like not the “printer”….

    Mr Paulo Coelho
    Thanks again for your “controversial” views on Piracy!
    Now, I just hope I will enjoy your books as much as your views ;-)

  3. hurricane head says:

    If the pirate bay really wants to help artists, how about helping them pay their rent? Why does the pirate bay get to make money from an artists work, but not the artist themselves? Even record labels pay artists and negotiate contracts, not so with the pirate bay.

    Artists have about as good a chance at meaningful promotion as they do getting a review in Rolling Stone… so now it’s The Pirate Bay who are the Elitist Gate Keepers… how the mighty have fallen what a cheap and worthless stunt…

    This is just a shallow PR stunt. You can only pick three countries to be promoted in and they want you to pick “small countries”… seriously? Ya, promote me in Nigeria… thanks.

  4. Marcin says:

    Here’s what the world thinks of SOPA (ACTA in Poland).
    Nice idea, Paulo!

  5. lattari says:

    Wow! For about a decade I’ve been a fan of yours but I don’t recall ever reading anything about your personal beliefs other then what is apparent from your novels. (Just remembered I bought a book called ‘A Warriors Life’ by Fernando Morais which I bought a year ago and is yet to be opened.) I’m really happy to learn that you are an outspoken defender of the internet and of the Piratebay, as it is a great source of entertainment and an instrument that stands against all sorts of coersion, wrongdoings etc. I’m glad to learn that your books are finding large quantities of people and you are so open minded about sharing them free as well. As many know your novels are a huge inspiration and to carry their deep message while being entertaining at the same time, every single time. I’ve never even seen an ebook but maybe one day I’ll try. Till then I wish you health and prosperity and I go check whether you have published after ‘Winner Stands Alone’.

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  7. Emiliano says:

    I agree with you! But The Pirate Bay is no more accessible from Italy so unfortunately i can’t download your book. Why don’t you make it downlodable directly from your website? Thanks.

  8. Messenger says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,
    I have kind of strong connection with you as artist through one special place in Prague (you know, which one), so there is no wonder, your comment above was an impetus to set my mind to finally go other ways. If you would like to see, what you are personally responsible :-) I’ll be honored.

    But everybody is welcome, feel free to visit the site below, the story is here for you, folks.
    Read it, enjoy it and tell others where to find it!

    1. TBell says:

      A thought-provoking work, indeed. When I started to read it, I thought “Yes, I know what is this book going to be about.” But few chapters later, I just thought “Interesting.” which soon changed to “The hell is going on here!” until the final “Wow!” on last pages. Great mix of mystery, fun and philosophy. The story doesn’t make you just think, it’s something more there, as the author imply later in the book and I can witness. Unusual work. And surely noteworthy one. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Pratisha Dash says:

    Filled with so much Love and Respect! Buying all the books and the gifting never felt more worth it! How awesome are you?!

  10. Keith says:

    It is the human condition to share. Its is what makes us what we are. If sharing makes us pirates, then I am proud to stand with the pirates.

    FrostWire and BandCamp are two platforms that allow creative artists to share their work, bypassing the Copyright Mafia.

    I had not heard of FrostWire until Paulo Coelho mentioned on twitter that he had placed The Way of the Bow there for free download.

    Another download system I have recently come across, thanks to ShadowBoxer who have placed their excellent EP Two Cities for download, is BandCamp.

    The music industry and now publishing is in crisis because of greed. There is no nurturing of talent. It is the latest me-too, copycat, blockbuster mega-selling act, book, then on to the next, mindless brain-numbing book, act. Moronic TV shows like X-Factor encourages the dumbing down, me-too I want to be rich and famous celebrity no talent culture.

    Alison Moyet was refused a recording contract because she refused to degrade herself and appear on a reality TV show.

    Who needs a record label? Shadowboxer are doing ok without.

    Big business has alienated those who buy by treating them as criminals. Alienated those who have talent as they are incapable of recognising talent.

    What the internet shows, via systems like FrostWire and BandCamp, those who create can communicate directly with those who appreciate what they create.

    We need more creative people to make use of platforms like FrostWire and BandCamp. And for us to support them when they do.

    Well done Paulo for setting an example by putting The Way of the Bow on FrostWire for free download.

  11. amyn says:

    Sei de sua trajetória, e ter conquistado o seu lugar no mundo dos escritores, por isso peí§o que me ajude e mostre o caminho para que eu possa desenvolver meu trabalho; tenho 03 livros publicados: a vida de um imigrante libaníªs; felicidade ao alcance de todos; medo degradaí§í£o e morte; e agora mandei para para um editora de sp o quarto livro: Os erros que as mulheres cometem, que ja foi aprovado para ser publicado, mas veja sem uma divulgaí§í£o inicial e de eu ser um autor desconhecido, nada da certo.

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  14. Carlos Beas says:

    Interesante postura la suya.
    Pero viendo la tendencia actual de internet y el “mundo comercial”, tengo mis dudas sobre su futuro.
    Uno de los comentarios que he oido sobre la sgae se refirí­a a que no podí­an consultar en una lista lo que podí­an poner o no en sus comercios.
    Digo yo…por qué no promover además la creación de un “e-lugar” (perdón, es que tengo una maní­a absurda por castellanizar terminos…) donde TODOS los autores de todo tipo de artes, indicaran qué quieren compartir y de qué modo.
    Quizá de esa manera ya no nos sentirí­amos más como delincuentes, ni los creadores ni los consumidores de arte.
    Y quizá, y solo quizá, las industrias no tendrí­an manera legal de entorpecer este Renacimiento de la Cultura que vivimos en Internet.
    (Detractores…absteneos de decir que Internet son otro montón de cosas, ya lo sabemos.)
    Un saludo.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      curioso porque empiezamos a trabajar en esta idea en Enero. Va a llevar algun tiempo, pero lo haremos

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  16. […] off as “The Pirate Coelho”, the author told readers on his blog about “a new and interesting system to promote the arts” on The Pirate Bay. “Do […]

  17. Deadluss says:

    Passei a te respeitar mais Paulo Coelho.

  18. Diana says:

    I absolutely agree with you! Any writer when he wrote his first book, does not dream about the money, but he dreams that he thought would be heard people!

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  20. Mehmet says:

    Good to hear it .. I agree and made a link to it :-)

  21. Random Pirate says:

    You Sir,

    should be awarded the eye patch of honor!

  22. nolo172 says:

    Hi Paulo, thanks for your generous position.

    My question: your statement is being used in many blogs to justify putting other authors works available to be downloaded in internet. Don´t you think that if an author doesn´t want this to happen, although you may think he/she is wrong,, his/her choosing should be respected?

    Many thanks.

  23. Mike N says:

    Dear Mr Coelho

    would I be able to put on the cover of my book that it is inspired by you??? I could send you a sample for approval or could I just do it…


  24. Abner SS says:

    Agora sim que vou comprar cada vez mais livros seus, essa maneira de ver o lado bom da coisa é importante, assim as pessoas conhecem cada vez mais seu trabalho e compram a versí£o fí­sica se gostarem.