CoelhoOffice 05 – On immortality

Videocast #5 – Paulo Coelho talking about changes and vampires.

Videocast #5 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre mudaní§as e vampiros.

Videocast #5 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca de cambios y vampiros.


  1. bmcleveland says:

    do you think perhaps the devil is an ancient vampire-and if so, perhaps is not so frozen in time as to not use computer tech stuff that perhaps first originated over fifty years before it was available to consumers? I feel as though I am still fighting a rigged battle after all these years in my efforts to know god in my every day affairs.

    and, how good is it to know the enemy’s affairs in an effort to be free?

  2. Giles Hulley says:

    Dear Mr Coehlo,

    Serendipity…I was trying to communicate this exact concept last night to my wife…albeit without the Vampires! :)
    She is very busy at the moment, at work, and I have noticed she has started to resign herself to ‘giving’…the same thing happened to a business partner of mine, but he was too stubborn in his ‘martyrdom’ – as you put it – and succumed to burnout. In my view it’s a bit like suicide – not as final, but just as dangerous.
    The question is, though, how do you find this balance between giving and taking? Sometimes one has little choice; there is simply work that needs to be done – whether one likes it or not – and that means giving of oneself.
    It seems to me that this question of balancing ‘giving’ and ‘taking’ is extremely important as it relates to everything in life, from the personal to the public; the relationship between ‘the idea’ and ‘implementing the idea’.
    It’s certainly relevant to the financial crisis – giving capital as opposed to hoarding capital. What is the balance? And how does one achieve that balance?
    Is emotional energy not also capital?

    I understand as a writer you are not a scientist (I use the term loosely) and therefore it’s not your job to discover or implement methods, but to give form to consciousness.
    However, any suggestions on how to achieve this balance, whether personal or ‘public’, would, I’m sure, be very enlightening and wholly appreciated.

    Kind Regards,
    Giles Hulley

  3. Cedric Brehaut says:

    Thank you Paulo for these wise words. In my life I found that the hardest part about changing is that people around us do not want us to change, they hold on to what we once were.

  4. Biba says:

    Dear P,

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and knowledge. Thank you for attracting so many people who dare to share their thoughts and feelings, which are so similar to mine. Thank you for being my angel and connection to my God.
    Thank you for the inspiration and peace that you bring to me through your books and videocasts. Thank you for being here among us.


    ps. I wrote P for Professor, as I learn and rediscover so many things from you.,

  5. Maria says:

    Sobre os vampiros, li um livro só da serie Crepusculo, ní£o gostei mto, com todo respeito pelo sucesso estrondoso da autora, mas livro é assim né, toca ou ní£o toca. Mas amei os da Anne Rice, li todos.
    Ficou bem legal esse movimento q vc fez com a capa, tí£o simples mas deu um tcham.

    Beijos meu amor

  6. John Durrett says:

    Thank you, Professor! What an interesting podcast… as always, you have given me much to think about and enriched my day. I think I have been spending too much time being the one who gives the energy recently. Still catching up on podcasts as life has been very busy, but I look forward to watching your podcast about humans and energy later today/tonight. God Bless.

  7. Devy Man says:

    yes very funny video, i do like when you are acting & as i read your complete biography & now almost all your books, i know what you are able of … even if you are a writer now, you have been a great actor too, so please renew with your past, go a little bit beyond, & let your creativity express itself … i suggest you this little music
    with love …
    Devy *

  8. Nduku Isaboke says:

    Paulo, thank you for the podcast.

    I’ve always considered vampires to be very sad creatures. I imagine they believe themselves to be caught between a rock and a hard place, condemned to darkness should they perish and condemned to a harsh immortality if they are to stay alive. Perhaps it is for this reason that they rob energy from the souls of others. It is a case of misery searching for company.

  9. Nduku Isaboke says:

    Paulo, thank you for the podcast.

    I think that vampires are sad creatures indeed- caught between a rock and a hard place. Perhaps the important question is do they have a choice? Could they choose to be better by letting the changing world affect them into changing themselves, or is it a case of misery searching for company?

  10. Liina.L says:

    Strange. Strange podcast. I’ve never seen you like this. :) … what’s going on…


  11. nikamarie says:

    LOL love the cape display ;) I’ve taken notice of a certain energy that I’ve been harboring. For a while I just thought that maybe its a coincident, but as I know within my heart there are no coincidences everything has its reasons. So now my aim is to take this energy and transform it.

    Great post Paulo, looking forward to the next one.

  12. Adriana says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing next video and you continue explaining the myth of the vampire. I was already acquainted with the idea that a vampire does not change thank you. I’m really interested about the excahnge of energy.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    Lots of love.

  13. Pouriya says:

    Once my Grand father said whomever that teaches you a thing becomes your teacher.,, when philip of Macedon wrote to Aristote he said I am blessed that God gave me a son but not because I have a son because he is born at the time of your existence !
    Now Mr Coelho I learned a lot from you not just by reading your books or articles, by living inside your head and you are one of my favorite teachers, One Love.

  14. Iris Dahle says:

    Ok, since we are all into this vampire world right now, I have rented the movie “Interview with the vampire” there one of the characters in the movie turns into a vampire while suffering from loss of his wife and child. Anyone seen it? Love

  15. Annie says:

    3 points of view..
    1]Queen would sing “Who wants to live forever? ” ..this is actually one of my favorite songs..
    “He who drinks from the water
    that I will give him
    will never be thirsty anymore
    because the water that comes from the divine
    will become like a spring in them
    rising to eternal life.” – The Gospel of the Holy Twelve, 28:10

    3]From an article :” Dr Marios Kyriazis, chairman of the British Longevity Society, is outlining his vision of the future. “Right now there are about 10 people aged 110 in the world,” he explains in his native Cypriot accent. “Soon there will be 500 people, then 1,000. Slowly we’ll start living to 115, 120, 125. The number of these people will slowly increase and before long, it’s reasonable to say that we’ll be living for 500 years.” Five hundred years? Dr Kyriazis shrugs laconically. “People will still die from diseases, or in car crashes or being shot by a terrorist. But they will not die of old age.”

    and mine which is what my grandfather and father said to me in our talks many times : towards those who are named- baptised Athanasios but they are called Thanasis or Thanos..
    ” Why, oh why, did you take off this ‘a’ from the beginning of your name…? you had immortality in your hands”

    immortality = athanasia -αθανασία (greek)

    Beautiful videocast! thank you!

    Love and Gratitude

  16. Lars Berewinkel says:

    “Psychic changes are born in your heart.
    Entertain.” -parallel universe – Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  17. Lars Berewinkel says:

    Theme Changes – Paul McCartney

    “The Dance with The Vampires”

    2PAC – Changes

    “I know horseradish, “currywurst” and pubs
    and also Brecht,
    only You my heart, I don´t know.”

    Changing starts in our heart.

    “Changes are born in the heart, entertain.” – Red Hot Chili Peppers

    1. Barbara Z says:

      @Lars: I’m a huge Beatles/Paul McCartney fan, that’s why I’d like to ask you what this “Theme Changes” is? Never heard of that song and don’t get any results on google. Or do you mean “Sing the changes”?
      Love, Barbara

  18. Lilly Liverno says:

    The night before I had a dream about evil female vampires ( -yes some female sucked out my energy the same evening ;) ) and now you are talking about vampires. So yes lets talk about changes and how to deal with our energy.
    I am listening. <3

  19. alexander argueta says:

    From the excellent to great! …in the moment of life each of us could be a vampire! And this is not bad! If you looking & keep on the real way to be a good person!

  20. Beau says:

    @Iris… Seems to me the vampire demands the energy of others. The key is to give energy whenever possible and only receive energy that people are willing to share.

    1. Iris Dahle says:

      I know some vampires like that and I know that it is important to protect yourselves from them. You can visualize that you are putting on a magnet robe, and in that way send the energy back to them. Am I the opposite of the vampire? I give energy, but not so good at receiving. Maybe its all about accepting love. I know that I have some issues there. What about the vampires then. did they get to much love? Can one ever get to much love? Don’t think so.. Think that it is more about fear. They are to afraid to deal with it themselves, so the give it to someone who will take it.. Someone like me..So that side of the vampire Im not. Love

  21. Gonzalo says:

    Muchas gracias Paulo por ser tan explicito, realmente su ejemplo del vampiro para mi caso es perfecto.
    Yo no quiero que permanezcan las cosas iguales si no todo lo contrario, siempre fui un aventurero, pero mire la contradicción en la que me encuentro.
    Yo soy un vampiro que le gustan los cambios pero hay algo que me paraliza y no tengo el coraje para cambiarlo y es justamente el estar por necesidad viviendo en la casa de mis padres.
    No voy a dejar por nada del mundo la lectura, la observación y la escritura por que es mi pasión, y ya tengo en mi cabeza lo que voy a escribir, pero por otro lado no quiero trabajar en algo que me demande tiempo para no sacárselo a lo que representa el motivo de mi vida. Pero sin embargo como usted bien dice, aunque no lo quiera, no dejo de estar encerrado entre 4 paredes, por mas comodidad que yo tenga en mi casa con mis padres y el gusto que ellos tienen por que yo permanezca allí­, en definitiva no dejo de ser un vampiro encerrado entre 4 paredes.
    Respecto a mi cambio espiritual, tengo las puertas muy abiertas y me dejo llevar aun que a veces con miedo, por los diferentes cambios y es alli donde mas aprendo.
    Gracias por toda su ayuda Paulo si usted supiera lo que yo siento por usted, es sagrado.

    Un fuerte abrazo.

  22. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Great. I love your office! I believe in vampires. Not in the blood suckers. In the people who steal others their energy. Here is a word, a word there. Mostly subliminal, rarely straight. There are elements of the night, they can not be seen during the day, they fear the sun. There are such people, a hard word for these people is coward. They are. They desperately try by all means to move other people to their level. This is a way for them to concerns, that the world will not change. That’s a lot of work, but they seem to have fun. I’m looking forward to next week, what do you think of these blood suckers. I think you’re encountering a lot of these beings. That is my opinion about vampires. Maybe I’m wrong of course. Perhaps such a thing exists only in my imagination, I’m sure a bad observer.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  23. Heart says:

    I understand the renewed interest for Vampires like in the movie industry with Twilight, and as seen among the younger generation, has to do with a desire for sex. Myself I am a green horn when it comes to this. Vampyrology. I have no idea what it is all about. Of course we want immortality, a long, long life.. Relationships have to be give and take. Life is a dynamic of stabilizing and changing. Since I was little I thought I had some kind of connection to Vampires due to a birthmark. I never did look into it, or try to pursue it. It doesn’t sound desirable to drink blood or have blood sucked from me. Changes happens when life gives no other way. Looking at new situations, its easy to sense if this is something for me or not. To fall in love is so convincing, nothing else speaks louder. When it happens be ready, and show the partner clearly this attraction is mutual. Live every minute as if to live forever..

  24. Tutti Rivero says:

    “Nothing is gonna change my world…”(Beatles)
    I have your book about vampires;remember this?
    Maybe you have to change your ideas about this book…

  25. Haiku says:

    I recognize the “energy-sucking vampires” in my life….family! I noticed when I changed career paths, changed living location, changed my spiritual path, changed my friend circle that for some it didn’t fair well with them. A look of disappointment in their face and a sense of disdain in their tone while addressing me.

    however, at the end of the day opinions of others do not matter. You just have to guard yourself from “energy sucking vampires” or those who rather you stay the same.

    I’ve learned change is good especially when most of the change was the result of taking a risk. It has made my journey all the more worth while.

  26. nina ramirez says:

    Tengo una frase de vida que la aplico siempre que puedo,¨La vida es evolutiva y no se detiene ante nada¨.Los tiempos cambian y las personas también.

  27. eleonora says:

    Se dovessi associare l’immagine del vampiro..l’accomunerei a tutti colori che impediscono all’essere in genere di sperimentare la propria vita.La cosa peggiore e permettere agli altri che cií² accada ,riscoprendosi vampiri del sé.

  28. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Nous les humains sommes casaniers, et n’aimont pas que notre monde change. Nous voulons conserver nos acquis et entassons autour de nous des objets et des biens. C’est probablement pour nous protéger des dangers du monde qui nous entoure, et nous le faisons depuis l’í¢ge du bronze…
    C’est un combat perdu d’avance, les changements sont inhérents í  notre nature, nos celleules changent í  chaque seconde, et il faut bien l’admettre. Les changements de notre société nous effrayent, et nécessitent une adaptation de plus en plus rapide. Cette course sans fin nous entraí®ne dans une ronde infernale, et c’est pour cela que nous souhaitons souvent en freiner la course. C’est bien naturel d’avoir envie de se poser un peu, pour retrouver sa sérénité, assis avec son chien au coin du feu.
    Laissons le temps courir et la société changer autour de nous, si notre personnalité résiste, nous nous adapterons, et ferons corps avec notre milieu. C’est un échange nécessaire, mais il n’est pas nécessaire de nous modifier en profondeur pour cela.
    Le mythe du vampire est très intéressant , pour son immortalité, si on aime la vie c’est merveileux. On l’envie pour son absence de vieillissement et aussi pour la persistance d’une force physique intacte, un Ríªve… L’échange d’énergie avec l’autre est aussi très attirant, surtout s’il n’est pas total et permet au donneur de survivre, et d’obtenir la míªme immortalité. C’est un idée qui attire forcément un écrivain tel que vous, puisque les idées nécessaires í  la naissance d’un livre, sont forcément puisées dans votre expérience de vie, et dans les échanges que vous avez pu faire avec d’autres humains. Echanges d’idées, de sensations, de sentiments, d’expériences, de souvenirs. Les écrivains seraient-il des vampires qui s’ignorent ?

    We humans are homebodies and dont’t like that our world is changing. We want to maintain our gains and piled around us objects and property. This is probably to protect us from dangers of the world around us, and we have since the Bronze Age …
    It’s a losing battle, the changes are inherent in our nature, our cells give rise to change every second, and let’s face it. Changes in our society frighten us, and require adaptation more quickly. This race takes us into endless one infernal, and that is why we would often stop the race. This is only natural to want to ask a little, to find serenity, sitting with his dog by the fire.
    Let time run and change society around us, if our personality resists, we will adapt and do one with our environment. It is a necessary exchange, but it is not necessary for us to fundamentally change that.
    The myth of the vampire is very interesting, for his immortality, if you love life is wonderful. It is the desire for his lack of aging and also to the persistence of physical force intact, a Dream … The exchange energy with each other is also very attractive, especially if it is not complete and allows the donor to survive, and get the same immortality. This is an idea that attracts necessarily a writer like you, since the ideas necessary for the birth of a book are necessarily drawn from your life experience, and in exchange you could do with other humans. Exchange of ideas, sensations, feelings, experiences, memories. The writers are they unaware vampires?

  29. Irina Serban says:

    Changes require acknowledging the things that one should improve in him/herself. and that’s the most difficult part of the process: becoming aware of what to discard and what to keep. reinventing oneself is a tedious, time-consuming process, but the results are worthwhile.

    what’s the use of our whole existence if not to get better, to embrace the outer changes and to start on the journey of inner change? the whole universe works through 3 laws: Love, Change, and Perseverance :-) nothing as we know today wouldn’t be here without these 3 laws.

    1. Alexander Argueta says:

      Muy acertado su descripcion de cambio, excelente.

      Le felicito, es un poder de discernimiento tan real
      Y vivo, especialmente sobre las 3 leyes.

      Keep on!

  30. Olta Canka says:

    I was thinking about it yesterday and I was thinking about it today and now.

    Just made me remember I always loved changes :) and I was always very enthusiastic about them, but I forgot that… Right now there are changes that I am letting happen, but I fear accepting them and there are still others more to come or that have just happened.
    Probably there is just one thing that shouldn’t have changed related to changes, the way I used to see them.

    Good Dracula interpretation. :)


  31. Leandro . D says:

    A man is challenged by an old man to cross the same river twice.

    The man “crossing” the river twice.

    When it reaches the coast, is convinced that crossed the same river twice.
    But the old man replies.
    – You went through two rivers. The first crossing of the river is totally different from the second.
    You have crossed the river for the first time. When he crossed once more everything changed. The waters were no longer the same, the soil was no longer the same, were no longer the same stones.
    It is impossible to repeat something in life. We can do similar things, but never equal, we can kiss the same mouth twice, traveling to the same place twice, read the same book twice, but every moment will ever be alike. Never the same.
    Only change is permanent.

    1. Lilly Liverno says:

      Beautiful <3

  32. Leandro . D says:

    Fidel Castro kkkkk.
    Eu me engasguei com o café nesse trecho .
    é verdade, tirando o Fidel Castro , tudo mudou de 1986 para cá . Só na ilha as coisas continuam iguais .
    : )

  33. Iris Dahle says:

    I don’t want to be a vampire, but I think I am. I think that when things happen so fast like they have done the last years, people have problems following. Its like time goes faster now then before. It most certain feels like it.
    For me I think its more about being stuck in an other dimension. I know that I have lived many different lives before, and some of my lives are still following me in my dreams at night. So you can say that I’m a bit nostalgic :)
    But Im working on my issues, so I hope that I finally can feel that I’m here in 2012. If you have some advice to give on my issue so thank you. Love your podcast by the way, looking forward to the next:) Love

  34. Fernando Mattos says:

    Very interesting, Paulo… Maybe this is a great theme for a next book?