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Como tuitei antes, assim que chegasse a 3.000.000 de seguidores, convidaria dez de voces para jantar no dia 20 de abril, em Barcelona, Espanha.
Entretanto, é muitod difí­cil selecionar apenas dez entre tanta gente interessante. Portanto, eis o que decidi fazer:
No meu livro O ALEPH existe um capí­tulo chamado “O bambú chiníªs”. Gostaria de saber como voces se relacionam com o que está escrito ali. Por favor cliquem nos “comments” abaixo e escreva o que pensa.
No dia 10 de Fevereiro selecionarei os mais interessantes e usarei um sistema de escolha aleatória (Random Tool) para escolher os dez convidados.
E entendam: estou pagando apenas pelo jantar, e ní£o pelos outros gastos (hotel, bilhetes de avií£o, etc)
As I announced yesterday, when reaching 3,000,000 followers I would love to meet at least ten of you for dinner. The dinner will take place on 20th April 2012, in Barcelona, Spain.
However, it is very difficult to select just ten from so many millions of interesting people here. Therefore, to help me make my choice here is what you will need to do:
In my most recent book ALEPH, there is a chapter called “Chinese Bamboo”. I would like to know how this relates to your own life. Please click in the comments box below and write your comment.
On February 10 I will select the ones that I consider to be the best, and I will use a random tool to select my ten guests. You can write your comment in any language (I will use Google translator to translate) and the winners will be notified by email.
Please keep in mind that I will only pay for the dinner. All other expenses (hotel, air tickets, etc) should be taken care off by the selected readers.
Como anuncié ayer, cuando supere los 3.000.000 de seguidores en Twitter, me encantaria reunirme con al menos diez de ustedes para una cena.La cena ser탡 el 20 de Abril en Barcelona, España.
Para elegir entre tanta gente interesante esto es lo que he decidido:
En mi nuevo libro ALEPH, hay un cap탭tulo llamado “El bambú chino”. Quiero saber cómo se relacionan con esto. Por favor, dejen sus comentarios abajo.
El 1o Febrero haré una seleccion de los que yo considere los mejores, y utilizaré una herramienta de selección aleatoria (Random Tool) para elegir a mis diez invitados.
Pueden publicar su comentario en cualquier idioma (utilizaré el traductor de Google para entender lo que escriban)
Por favor, tengan en cuenta que sólo pagaré la cena. Los demás gastos (hotel, billetes de avión, etc) corren por cuenta de los lectores seleccionados


  1. Claubt says:

    OMG….e eu que tentei contar os post e nao consegui nem achar o meu nome…rsrrs, at’e marco entao !!
    Tudo porque dia 19 dizem q ‘e o aniversario do Mostro… Happy Valentine’s day.

  2. Paulo Coelho says:

    Nome dos convidados : um email será enviado em marí§o, com local e hora. Tentarei organizar algo que permita que parte seja transmitida ao vivo
    Name of the guests: An email will be send to you in March with place and time. I will try to arrange that part of the dinner can stream live part of the dinner.

  3. toñi says:

    Enhorabuena a los afortunados para la cena con Paulo y bienvenidos a Barcelona!!! Espero que disfruteis mucho de esta preciosa ciudad, rica en cultura y costumbres. Además se come muy bien y el pueblo catalán es un pueblo generoso, educado y amistoso. ¡no necesito abuela, me lo digo yo todo! Desde aqui una catalana os da la bienvenida!! Gracias por visitarnos!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! to all the winners!!!!

    Really hope you will share your experience with the rest of us:) Looking forward to live it through your memories!!!

    Have fun, enjoy the food, with lots of laughter and please, have a glass of wine or sangria for me!!!!

  5. tt says:

    hey, i would just like to say congrats to the winners…lucky people:)
    and i think the dinner should be in private…..you don’t need to video monitor the dinner…..enjoy each others company….i guess you were meant to meet :)

  6. To watch a live stream of the dinner party will be wonderful! Modern technology… gotta love it! Thank you Paulo

  7. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    Felicidades a los ganadores!

    Paulo, si puedo ayudar, dí­melo.

    Besos desde Barcelona,


  8. tisha says:

    Hello Paulo

    I am sorry that I didn’t win the dinner date, but I know my husband is happy – he doesn’t have to finance a trip to Barcelona!

    Congratulations to every one who won – I know you will all have a marvellous time.

    If it could be videoed that would be a lovely idea!

    Blessings to each and every one of you, and of course not forgetting Paulo!


  9. Participant says:

    Dear Mr. Coelho,
    You don’t need to approve/publish this comment if you don’t think it’s a fair assessment, and I apologize in advance for bringing this up or appearing to be nit-picky or trivial. I merely wanted to express my disappointment on how this contest was judged. I respect and understand that you’re a busy man, and would not have all the time to read through all the comments or even make the decision all by yourself without any help.
    It is clear in the beginning that you will use a random tool to pick your 10 dinner guests, but before that you also said that you will select the ones that you consider to be the best. It’s probably just a matter of interpretation, but by saying that, I had the notion that each of our answers/stories will be read and that you will pick the ones that either you think had answered your question well or the ones that appealed to you. Maybe I had thought that you will personally handpick the best qualifiers, perhaps more than 10 at first, and then and only then will you let the random tool pick the final 10. Like I said, it’s a matter of interpretation.
    From what I’ve read (and I’ve read all 200+), most of us have poured our hearts out and shared with you our personal and intimate experiences the best that we could, hoping that they’re good enough for you or at least be a story that will catch your attention. I’m sure that there’s at least a few of your participants who are like me – reluctant at first, to share our personal stories to many strangers (not only to the 200+ but to anyone – thousands even – who read your blog), but in the hope of being a good contender for the 10 spots, I became willing to do that. To be fair with you, you did not instruct us to disclose anything that we are not comfortable of sharing. I shared my story not only to express my feelings but also because I really wanted to meet you, and also to prove something to myself. I guess it’s fair to say that ALL of us wanted to meet you, but judging from all the comments and how they were written, some of us wanted it more than others.
    So many of the stories I read were so moving and so personal, that after you had picked the 10 spots through a computer who would not even care what anyone has written, the point seems lost and invalid. Had I known that a simple “I want to have dinner with you” comment will qualify me for a spot, than I would have just done that. I would not have ran to the nearest bookstore, read and digested Aleph, poured my heart out into my own personal story, all because of the desire to have a fair chance to win one of the 10 spots.
    The random picker, as you’ve said, chose from the comments between 1-229. I’m not sure if you’re aware that all 229 comments also include *replies* to comments. And from what I remember, there are some commenters who have said that they could not attend the dinner but just wanted to share their story. To those of us who are serious about going to that dinner, including the “not-able-to-go” comments have diminished some of our chances.
    Perhaps, I have over-read your contest rules and have taken this too seriously, but you have to understand that for most of us, or for me at least, meeting you is not just a matter of luck or lottery, but a matter of fighting for it and deserving it fair and square.
    Obviously I have misunderstood the contest mechanics from the very start, and again, I apologize for bringing this up. I thought that since I have already shared with you my personal story through your dinner contest, it won’t hurt me to express this disappointment as well.
    I feel better, Mr. Coelho. Even after having said all that, and all trivialities aside, I want to thank you for giving me at least a flicker of hope for the rare chance of meeting you. This is an enormous thing that you are doing for those who love your work.
    May God bless you and all your endeavors. Thank you for inspiring the world through your words.
    Much love.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      You are right about comments on comments. I did not think about it before, and the only solution I found it was to move one number up (ex: if the random tool selected 31 and it was a comment on comment, I would move to 32)
      The rules were serious – meaning, I stick to them. During the time comments were open, I deleted over 50 comments that had nothing to do with the issue (ex: meditations on the chinese bamboo)
      As you pointed, everybody poured his/her heart on the contest. Who am I to judge the best comments of all. In my understanding, they were an expression of great souls. That’s why the random tool enters – I did not have any other better idea, and the random tool was there from the day 2.
      Thank you for being so honest and so open

    2. Elena says:

      I agree with you,

  10. Genevieve Ross says:

    Although I am saddened that (by my calculation) my comment was not chosen by the random selection I accept that my personal journey will take me exactly in the direction I should go.
    On April 20 wherever I may be, at 9PM (Barcelona time) I will raise my glass and toast those of you who will be dining with Paulo; imagining the lively discussions that will ensue that evening brings a smile to my face. Congratulations everyone, and thank you Paulo for including my comment in the few of many you had narrowed it down to.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      I am trying to find some friends that can stream the dinner live. Of course the sound will be messy, but at least you can see what happens.
      If I can get some help from friends (hello Barcelona, do you hear me? Can you help me? ) I will ask my publishing house to do it professionally

  11. MONICA says:

    A lo largo de la vida, cada persona se encuentra con su/sus momentos “bambú chino”. Es un momento mágico donde en un sólo instante tienes el poder de cambiarlo todo, de arriesgarte, de pasar de la oscuridad a la luz. Y en ese preciso momento debes tener el coraje para blandir tu espada de guerrero.
    Deberás dejar atrás todo lo conocido y lo establecido por un anhelo, por un sueño. Y sobre todo deberás estar atento a las señales.
    Sin embargo, hay muchas personas que viven su vida simplemente como una mera consecución de dí­as, narcotizados por una rutina que aplasta toda esperanza.
    El milagro de la vida es el mejor desafí­o que DIos pudo plantearle a los hombres, de nosotros depende cómo jugar la partida.
    Mi apuesta en esta vida es por el AMOR, es la único que me hace Crecer y ver la Luz. Gracias.

  12. Monica says:

    Congratulations to the ones who will be attending the dinner. Have fun :-)

  13. Paulo Coelho says:

    This is the result of the random tool (please consider the first comment as the #1 and my comment as #229). The winners will be notified by email.

    Esse foi o resultado da escolha aleatória (considere o primeiro comentário como #1 e o meu comentario como #229). Enviaremos um email aos ganhadores.

    1. Guilherme says:

      Me perdoe a ignorancia, como sei qual é o numero do meu comentario?

    2. Paulo Coelho says:

      devo receber a tabela dos vencedores hoje, meu webmaster vai enviar antes da tarde. Para descobrir,conte do final (pag. 1) em diante. Ou seja, o primeiro comentário feito (que fina embaixo da página) é o comentário n. 1)

  14. Paulo Coelho says:

    Temos 229 comentários. Vou fechar o post agora, reler tudo, e selecionar os mais proximos da pergunta. Em seguida, usarei a Random Tool para a seleí§ao final.
    Por favor voltem aqui na segunda a tarde, quando terei tudo pronto
    Obrigado por participarem.

    We have 229 comments. I am closing the post, will select the ones that are related to the question, and then use the Random Tool for the final selection.
    Please return here on MOnday
    Thank you for participating

    Tenemos 229 comments. Voy selecionar los mas conectados con la pregunta, despues utilizaré la herramienta de selección aleatoria (Random Tool) para elegir a mis diez invitados.
    Por favor vuelvan el Lunes

  15. Laura Meli says:

    Dear Paulo, I think the key to transformation, progress and enlightment can rather happen through suffering or a spiritual teacher. In my case, the first one has been my teacher and, as the Chinese bamboo, it took several long years stuck in pain before I really realized how much I had learned and that everything was just part of the lesson of life. Kind regards and congratulations for inspiring people worldwide!

  16. Klara says:

    El capí­tulo del bambú chino, recoje una parte del libro que resume el sentido de la vida de cada uno de nosotros y con el que puedo sentirme identificada, y no sólo cuano habla de la historia de la planta.
    La vida al principio es crecer, pero para desarrollarnos completamente y encontrar el sentido de la vida, no basta con crecer hacia arriba, hay que expandirse en todos los sentidos, descubrir, experimentar, arriesgar aún pudiendo perder, porque no basta seguir una linea recta y decir que estamos viviendo. Lo que de verdad me va haciendo fuerte y viva es descubrir nuevas experiencias venciendo el miedo y luchando por lo que quiero, entonces, de esta forma, aunque pierda sé que he aprendido porque no he sido cobarde y he logrado algunos objetivos, aún jugando a perder he ganado; es entonces cuando veo que crezco fí­sicamente y siento que crezco espiritualmente y eso no se ve sólo por dentro sino que a la vista de todo el mundo se puede observar el crecimiento, la satisfacción. No importa lo que tardes en llegar a conseguir tus metas, no importan las caí­das ni los errores, lo importante es que en la lucha no pares, porque aunque en algún momento hayamos sido pequeños, invisibles, inútiles para los demás y para nosotros mismos, llegará el dí­a en que nada nos importe porque habremos encontrado nuestro sentido espiritual y entonces estaremos felices y tranquilos mirando hacia atrás y hacia delante.

    Un Saludo Paulo

  17. Pilar Calvo says:

    A raiz de la idea de seleccionar a tus invitados a cenar para celebrar tus 3 millones de seguidores, me volví­ a releer el capitulo que indicabas.

    Para mi ha sido revelador leerlo en este momento, porque cuando lei el libro no me fije en dos cosas concretas que ahora se me antojan esenciales en mi vida.

    1. El bambú chino tarda 5 años en crecer, hasta entonces todo son raices, luego crece rápidamente.
    2. El coraje puede atraer el miedo y la adulación, pero la fuerza de voluntad requiere paciencia y compromiso.

    Antes de nada, quiero ponerte en antecedentes de la vida a la que me refiero. La ilusión de mi vida es poder competir en unos juegos olí­mpicos y me encaminé por un deporte poco reconocido por el público, y muy técnico y mental. No hace falta un fí­sico determinado y la edad no es tan importante como en otros deportes. Me refiero al tiro olí­mpico, en concreto a al modalidad de skeet.

    Pues como decí­a, llevo compitiendo seriamente desde el 2007 y aunque he conseguido ser dos veces campeona de España, no llego a dar el salto definitivo para ganar un europeo, un mundial, o para clasificarme para las olimpiadas.

    Y de repente al leer lo del bambú, chas, me doy cuenta de que justo han pasado 5 años! Parecerá una tonterí­a, pero me ha dado una confianza enorme, porque como ya he comentado, es un deporte muy mental, y la cabeza es tan difí­cil de controlar! El cuerpo obedece mejor que la cabeza!

    Y después sigo leyendo y veo lo del coraje y la fuerza de voluntad, y me pongo a pensar en las veces que compitiendo he conseguido en momentos puntuales, por coraje, hacer un buen resultado, pero no es consistente, porque como dices, lleva a la adulación (aunque sea la que se hace uno mismo) y el siguiente resultado es penoso. Y sin embargo, la fuerza de voluntad es exactamente lo que indicas: paciencia y compromiso. Y es impresionante ver como es el camino correcto!

    Ahora voy a afrontar esta nueva temporada 2012 de competiciones, llena de ilusión y confianza.

    En fin, que aunque no resultara elegida para tener el gusto de conocerte, te agradezco enormente la oportunidad que me has dado para poder releer el capí­tulo y aplicarlo a mi vida.

    Muchas gracias.

  18. Dunja says:

    Dear Paulo,

    ..hm how to start…even when I finally decided to write a short comment on my understanding about “Chinese bamboo”, I am still being ambivalent and thinking whether this is a right decision or not. This is mainly because I am not used to expose myself and open up enough for new challenges even though this should not be such a big deal. This is exactly something that I should change with myself and try to spread out my “roots”… I have been your big fun-reader and I read your books with pleasure and passion and always finding new concepts of life throughout your books.
    I have been away from my home country for almost eight years. During the last eight years I have accomplished all of my goals. I graduated and finished my studies on-time and managed to find my ways in a foreign county. In those 8 years I had an enormous willpower to succeed and found a well-respected job in the international community, got married and fulfilled all my wishes. I have everything what I have been dreaming of, I fulfilled all of my goals but spiritually I haven’t. I do not see myself personally growing anymore. Most probably because I have experienced all of the challenges as being very young..I don’t know… I see my “Chinese bamboo” being and spreading its roots for the last 8 years. My 8th year has just arrived and it’s time to start “growing” and fully experiencing my life. Even when I decided to write a short comment I have to force myself into it, but it’s time for change. I have to start experiencing new challenges and most importantly spiritually fulfil myself.

    Best wishes,

  19. Monica says:

    Dear Paulo:

    Chinese Bamboo

    My spiritual growth is not always as predictable as the life of bamboo. It is not certain that I will begin to sprout and grow to unfathomable heights, after 5 years. For me the process of spiritual growth can sometimes happen almost overnight and other times it can take many many years. It all depends on how long it takes to build that particular foundation and when done I grow as far as that seed/foundation takes me. I then start over again, but not from scratch. Some of the strong roots from before stay in my foundation and new even stronger ones are created. Each time the foundation gets a little stronger, sturdier, and every time when the seed starts to sprout within me and starts to grow at an unheard speed, then it is absolutely certain that I grow as a person and reach new levels and potential.
    Writing this, I am also reminded of the children’s book The Carrot Seed by Ruth Krauss. It is a wonderful book about a boy that plants a carrot seed. For several pages the boy is told by everyone that it won’t grow. However the boy is tending the seed, removes the weeds and waters it. The boy is patient and knows that in time the seed will grow, which it does. An important lesson!
    One lesson I will not forget. Even the one time where I have had to start completely over building my foundation and the times when I have felt like I was stuck and was going nowhere, I always remind myself that if I am patient and maintain my will to grow, then I will do so.


    Monica, Denmark

  20. Hale Al Orfali says:

    Dear Paulo,
    when I was young, it was my dream to become a singer and my dream become true against all boundaries, since I´ve met the right teacher who believed in my abilities. I had a few jobs, joining different theatre companies in Germany. While singing, I have had the feeling that every note, passing my throat is build in my heart and I was connected with my energy ( and the universe, as you would say)! Then suddenly there was a change, I tried hard, but nothing happened. I developed doubts in my technique of singing, started to compare myself with famous Mezzosopranos (since I am a Mezzo too), told myself that I will never be a Agnes Baltsa, Theresa Berganza or Cecilia Bartoli. The energy stopped immediately, I did a few more concerts but was not successful at all. Before the fifth year was over, I decided to change into a more serious job and settled down. Now I spend the hole day in an office, have enough money and work, but I´m not in contact with my energy any more. How it refers to the Bamboo chapter? I have lost my faith in my own progress and was not patient enough, since there was such a small success, and I didn´t wait for the end of the fifth year! Thank you for Aleph, much love Hale

  21. Joan Harris says:

    Mr. Coelho,

    I am blessed that when I read the Chinese Bamboo chapter I could easily relate it to my life – that was not always the case. My awakening began over ten years ago when I was in so much pain that I just wept and prayed to God, my mother and father for help. When I looked up at the computer screen I was sitting in front of, I saw the Celtic cross of St. Brigid. There was a conference in Houston, Texas (I live in NJ) and I just knew I had to go. I made arrangements for my four children to be taken care of while I was away, but abruptly away I went. This trip was the step in radically changing my life. More signs came – most often came through a book. I started a spiritual search that led me to Charleston, SC and the study of the divine feminine part of God. Then a gift from my husband to study St. Teresa of Avila led me to Chicago, IL where your book “The Alchemist” was for sale among other books the conference was selling. I am not sure why, but although I was drawn to your book, I didn’t buy it then. I kept circling the table, picking it up, but didn’t buy it. My flight home, however, was delayed and I went into the airport bookshop and I saw a book with a redheaded woman (I have red hair) on the cover – “The Witch of Portobello.” I laughed when I saw your name as I recognized it from the book I should have bought earlier. I bought the “Witch” book and knew I would finish it before I arrived back in NJ. I was so excited after reading this book, that I read “The Alchemist” and most of your other books as well. I even sent you an email telling you how thankful I was for these treasures – each one coming at a time I needed to learn a lesson contained among its pages. (You even responded!) After I read “The Pilgrimage”, I told my husband that after the kids were grown, I would be making a pilgrimage. Can you guess? For my 50th birthday, he sent me on a Pilgrimage to France. Off I went with a group of women I did not know, but whom now are my good friends.

    We visited many sites in France, but three sites were of particular importance to me. First, the Cathedral in Chartes where I walked the labyrinth and clearly heard a voice telling me to “Go out” and answering a question I had kept hidden in my heart. I also had the feeling that this wasn’t the first time I had taken this walk. Second, the Basilique of Sainte-Marie-Madeleine in Vezeley where I dreamed of spirals and felt inspired. Third, Saint-Maximin La Saint Baume where I climbed, actually nearly ran up, a hillside to a cave where, legend has it, St. Marie Madeleine lived for many years. The cave was dark, but comforting. Outside the cave was a stone “balcony” which overlooked the beautiful country side. It was bright and a complete contrast to the darkness of the cave. The light and dark – in perfect tension. I truly knew with every breath and every inch of my being that I had nothing to fear from the darkness – it was a growing place. Sometimes exquisitely painful, sometimes frustrating, sometimes quiet, but also nurturing and allowing me to heal, grow and become strong enough to emerge into the light. I thought how perfect God had made this existence, our earth, our home. We can go from light to dark and dark to light – in an instant and sometimes much longer, but we can keep growing, keeping coming home to ourselves and to God.

    So I am Chinese Bamboo and pray that I keep growing more sprouts! I would love to have dinner with you – but if I am not one of the chosen, please know you have an open invitation should you find yourself in NJ. (Actually, not just saying this because of reading The Aleph, but I am pretty sure we have had dinner together before). With much love and gratitude for your books, wisdom and invitation to share, JMBHarris

  22. “Innocent in its imperfection”, I quickly wrote into the journal I keep by my pillow before the rational mind wakes and presents its judgment. I instantly realized that the phrase I brought from the sleep space is about the “Orange Wings”. Formatted into a book and prepared for self-publishing, this collection of poetry has been ready to be shared with the world for some months now, and yet I have not done the last step, for I kept insisting on editing it to make it ‘perfect’.

    While acknowledging that perfection is simply in an alignment with one’s personal path, in allowing one’s wisdom and accepting one’s personal power, I still felt stuck and resentful. Not only did I hold the book back, but the book also occupied my space very much like a grown child, and I could not move on with the new writing. This was the space I woke up into on the morning of February 1, 2012, looking for the signs to guide me, to make the next step with fervor.

    Innocent in its imperfection… The phrase was deliciously elegant. I tuned in for more communications from the Collective Consciousness. In the past four years, it became a ritual. But it is not correct to say it all started after that car accident four years ago. The moment that changed my life dramatically was not the beginning, not a fall, but a peak of a mountain I have been climbing for many years leading to that moment. And what kept me on my path was paying attention, reading the signs, listening to my feelings.

    Your books were a big part of my awakening for many years. His wisdom helped me to address many of the questions people would present me with. It also played a major role in the realization that I have a journey to take, and I have a story to tell. That’s how I started a blog, and I shared my poetry there along with the messages as I channeled. I was bold in my writing; I was (somewhat) daring in sharing (some of) it on the web, and still something was missing.

    The message I channeled that morning was addressing my personal feelings, saying that I was worrying about a non-existent delay. It reminded me that we reside now in the unified field of consciousness where there is no linear time, whatsoever. And as such, what we are creating exists the moment we put our attention to it, instantaneously. I was also reminded of the tools we have mastered lately, and presented with some exciting ideas on how to apply it.

    The main point of the message, though, was a pressing feeling that I need to look for the signs. I did, and a few minutes later I joined 3,000,000 readers and fans of yours. I read the post, smiled, and went back to my editing. However, the pressure was distracting. I reluctantly put my work aside and read the post again. The title “Chinese Bamboo” sparked my curiosity. I went to Amazon and downloaded Aleph, thinking along the way that it takes mere 24 hours for a book to be available in the Kindle library – after the author lets it go, that is.

    With the Kindle charging by my side, I resumed formatting my book: I have to send it; I have to push it out to the world! There was still that pressing feeling of an important message waiting for me. I gave in and turned the reader on. I was instantly hooked. The humor, the flow, the intensity – all was perfect, as it was in perfect resonance with my state of being. I read on until – there it was, in perfect words, just for me: “Make a commitment!”

    All I need to do is to make a commitment. This commitment is to be made to me, to who I am, and not to anyone else, for when and only when you commit to yourself can people join you, assist you in your endeavor, as every one have a chance to stand free in their own will and power. None ever commits to you – you inspire others to commit to who they are by setting an example. And then you see your light in the eyes of another. What a beauty! What a world we create!

    P.S. I make a commitment to create a Kindle edition of “Orange Wings” as well as to send it to print with the CreateSpace Publishing before April 20th. I make a commitment to bring a hard copy to sign with my words of gratitude and appreciation for you when I meet you in Barcelona on April 20th. I make a commitment to share my journey in my next book that is to be set free with ease, as innocent in its imperfection as we are.

  23. Ritki says:

    Monica. She didn’t get much success in her initial effort. But in the meanwhile she faces life. Still she didn’t want to return as a failure. I however never really tried to see life face to face. Always tried to take easiest and most secure and protected path. Sadly, that even formed the basis of my relations, and no wonder they didn’t last. More than six years in America, as a student, I find myself completely lost and utter failure. At this point my work is going nowherere, love seems a distant dream and life is completely out of control. The root cause- seeking convenience, fearing adventure, betraying life. My growth has been just the opposite to that of the Chinese Bamboo. I never nurtured my soul- no wonder i still remain underground, dried, moribund. My family backhome is expecting me as a winner. I don’t want to go back now, even if I get my degree, because I still consider myself a failure in life- mostly living as a parasite. And that’s why fear of death. How can I be face to face with death if I have not been face to face with life? A life full of regrets “”hell ensues. The good news- now I know at least partly what and where the problem was and really want change my destiny. I feel abandoning all the money that I have earned, because somehow I feel it doesn’t belong to me, and starting life all over. However, how do I explain it to my family who awaits me, with a degree, in india and expect me to get married to a person who can take care of me. That will lead to more dependency, mental and emotional at least. And I will remain a parasite, would never be able to love myself and hence nobody else. I don’t want to go now. I want to find my identity, the meaning of my existence, then only will I be able to give support to someone else. Only very recently I started reading, something that I had deprived myself of, almost forever, and particularly your writing filled me with courage and drove the fear out of me. I know may be slowly but surely I will be able to realize my dreams.

  24. Rosa Maria Espina says:

    Todas nuestras metas , todos nuestros proyectos comienzan de esa manera, como el árbol de bambú chino. Empezamos siendo indefensos, como pequeñitos ante los cambios, luego, cada dí­a, cada hora, el tiempo y el amor te hacen crecer, como lo hace el bambú chino, como lo hice yo.
    Hace 6 años viví­a en Venezuela con mi familia y Alejandro el primero de mis hijos. De los tí­tulo que se pueden encontrar en esta vida, ser madre es el mejor. Mienta mi esposo permanecí­a en España, a la espera de mi llegada, de este pequeño bambú. Comenzar de 0 fue algo difí­cil, experimentar tantos cambios creo que lo fue más. El cambio horario, las estaciones, la gente y con la gensu acento, su cultura y la extraña maní­a de saludar con 2 besos, el estar lejos de mi familia, a la que tuve que dejar por venir a ser feliz con él, que es la única parte de mi alma que quiero encontrar. Como todo principio fue duro, extrañar a todos y todos, querer estar en Venezuela y aún así­ saber que venirme habí­a sido la mejor decisión. Pero los dí­as transcurren y las cosas cambian, como cambia de invierno a otoño y de otoño a verano, como vas sintiendo que todo a cambiado y sientes que toda la tierra es tuya, porque hace muchos años la tierra no tení­a fronteras, como ves que van cambiando de número las agujas del reloj y te vas dando cuenta de que tus raí­ces han sido echadas, y que ahora llegó el tiempo de crecer, de crecer profesionalmente por mi trabajo, que es agotador pero al final del dí­a me llena de satisfacción, crecer emocionalmente, porque nada se compara al ver a mi familia y de tocar suelo venezolano luego de 5 años. Tampoco nada tiene semejanza al color de los ojos del ser que me acompaña en cada una de mis locuras y brillantes ideas, Celso, mi esposo. Crecer familiarmente, porque ahora tengo otro hijo, otro diploma de valiente, al que llame Paulo. Y por último, crecer espiritualmente, porque son cada una de esas cosas las que me han hecho crecer y ser quien soy hoy en dí­a. Gracias por tomarse la molestia de leer.

  25. Chinese bamboo chapter relates to how I have gone through my journey to step into my Destiny and follow the signs within and signs in the Universe. From how I felt this pull to create a safe and loving place for my unborn son to how I planned my career to be with him yet still grow to starting my own business to have more control and yet more flexibility to how it created a small empire of truth seekers and healers all following their paths and how they are all connected in a root system of support and nourishment…to how it has created a continuous growth spurt and has now flourished into a global healing project where my destiny interconnects with others paths of healing continuing to create this ripple effect that is as consistent as the waves in the ocean and just as vast. And biggest of all is how as I continued to grow at the deepest depths it created the needed changes to create he openings that mirrored openings to me and from me in the world, including not only doing my own past life regression but being trained by the most well known and truest integrity of practice to once again create the ripple effect of assisting others in rapid acceleration of healing and evolving souls….all as I am about to turn 40 in 2012 and my birthday is April 21st. Truly beyonds words and absolutely priceless!

  26. daniela tapia says:

    ” Es lo que haces en el presente lo que redimirá el pasado y, lógicamente , cambiará el futuro”.

    De haber sabido esto, estoy segura de que mi vida habrí­a cambiado desde hace ya algún tiempo.

    Primero que nada quiero que sepa que es un gran honor para mí­ el poder compartir contigo un fragmento de mi vida, de verdad espero poder conocer a la persona que me motiva dí­a a dí­a a seguir caminando y a comprometerme con mis sueños.
    Desde que era una niña muy pequeña, recuerdo haber sufrido mucho, y no es que trate de hacerme la ví­ctima, es sólo que es así­ como recuerdo mi infancia.
    Mis padres se separaron cuando yo tenia apenas 3 años de edad, debido a que mi padre fue a la cárcel, por los cargos que hasta la actualidad desconozco, y como mi madre no pudo soportarlo, huyó conmigo a la casa de sus padres, donde, desde entonces yo he vivido.
    Siendo aun una niña y sin entender muy bien en donde me encontraba fui a visitar a mi padre muchas veces, aun recuerdo que inmediatamente después de salir de ese encierro yo me sentí­a mas pequeñita de lo que era, ya que el dejar a mi padre me traí­a una sensación de miedo, y cuando veí­a a las demás niñas jugar con sus padres mi tristeza crecí­a aun más.
    8 años después de salir preso, mi padre desconcertado fue hasta la ciudad donde vivo a visitarme y a darme la notica de que por fin era libre y de que ahora si podí­a cuidar de mí­ siempre. Promesa que muy pronto rompió porque finalmente el se fue de la casa y no volví­ a saber de el mucho tiempo después.
    A raí­z de este acontecimiento me vi obligada como muchas otras personas a crecer sin un padre lo cual me ayudo a madurar de alguna manera, así­ como también logre ser lo que las personas llaman “fuerte”; termino con el cual estoy completamente desacuerdo ya que yo me sentí­a más vulnerable e insegura que nunca.
    Durante los siguientes años de mi vida cometí­ el error de permitirme vivir una vida sin motivaciones, ni sueños, en donde lo que pasara con mi vida o mi cuerpo parecí­a darme igual, sin darme cuenta de que con esto también perjudicaba a las personas a mi al rededor, personas a las que realmente les importaba lo que pasara conmigo, eso sin mencionar que las hormonas de mi adolescencia no ayudaban mucho que digamos a disminuir mi “rebeldí­a”.
    Fue entonces cuando experimente la sensación de “tocar fondo” y me di cuenta de que no querí­a pasar el resto de mi vida siendo una persona infeliz. Es por eso que decidí­ dejar los miedos, el odio y el rencor atrás y comenzar la búsqueda de mi “orgasmo espiritual” para así­ poder estar cerca de Dios y finalmente poder conseguir una vida plena llena de amor, perdón y paz ; la paz de la cual todos hablan pero que muy pocos han conseguido tener.
    Finalmente cuando leí­ “el bambú chino” me di cuenta de que aun me falta mucho para poder crecer 25 metros lo cual me alegro de cierto modo ya que al igual que tú me encontraba frustrada por no ver los resultados que querí­a o lo que es peor; por sentir que todo el camino que llevaba recorrido habí­a sido en vano o por creer q era solo una racha pasajera en la que las personas sueñan y creen en lo imposible.
    Gracias a esto, hoy me doy cuenta de que aunque aveces parezca que no hay cambios o que inclusive los demás no parezcan darse cuenta de lo que esta pasando contigo, yo me siento diferente y es porque se que dentro de mí­ aun siguen creciendo las raí­ces y si de verdad quiero lograr tener un orgasmo espiritual tengo que tener paciencia, comprometerme y perseverar porque se que Dios estará conmigo a lo largo del camino y se que las dificultades que se me presentan son pruebas que el pone, pero que sin importar lo que pase el me mandara las respuestas aun antes de que me atreva a hacerle las preguntas y una prueba de ello son tus libros =)

    No me queda mas que decirte GRACIAS por esa esperanza que me traes y por todo el amor que trasmites al mundo con tus palabras. Que Dios te bendiga ! =) y que siga el Exito !

  27. Miya says:


    Creo q esta vida, es un aprendizaje, una oportunidad de crecer y desarrollarnos como ser humano. Sin duda alguna, puedo decir q el bambu chino en mi vida, se refleja en mi como mujer. Tengo 36 años y hace apenas un poco má 2 años he aprendido a conocerme a descubrirme a entenderme, parecera loco, pero es muy real, creer conocerte y simplemente descubrir q despues de tantos años solo vivias una vida prestada, feliz a mi manera, pero sin ser plena. Me refiero sencillamente al amor, a la energia y el sentimiento mas maravilloso. He conocido, disfrutado y añorado el amor a traves de un amigo, una persona muy especial q me abrio todo un mundo nuevo de sensaciones y sentimientos, de ganas de ser feliz, sabiendo que es real y que hay una persona q espera por mi, con el corazon llenor de amor y de sueños para complementar mi vida y las de mis hijos….
    No se si se entendio, pero ese descubriemento se dio estando casada.

    Tengo fe que este bambu chino tiene sus raices tan fuertes que me permitira sobreponerme a esta etapa tan dificil que estoy viviendo que es la separación de mi esposo!

    Espero con ansias tu nuevo libro Paulo, son maravillosos!

  28. Lluis Lazaro says:

    Estimado Paulo,
    Me Siento completamente reflejado en el capí­tulo “El Bambú Chino” …
    Muy especialmente en estos últimos dos años de mi vida donde debido a azares personales todo mi sistema de valores ha sido puesto a prueba, teniendo que desplegar toda mi paciencia y fuerza de voluntad para seguir adelante con mi vida, tomando duras decisiones …
    Sin aparentes resultados positivos visibles en un horizonte cercano, perseverando, luchando, poniendo todo mi empeño en lograr un objetivo que parecí­a lejano, difí­cil, inalcanzable. Sin punto de referencia pero con la entera convicción que todos mis esfuerzos acabarí­an con un resultado positivo, como Mónica con fe, voluntad y coraje cercanos a la testarudez.

    En estos duros momentos ha sido cuando se han mostrado efectivos todos los años enraizando y extendiendo una sólida base en la cual se han mantenido firmes mis creencias, igual que el Bambú que crea una intrincada red de raí­ces subterráneas que le permiten luego poder brotar con fuerza suficiente para crecer majestuoso y flexible. Como relata en ese capí­tulo llegó un momento en que el estancamiento y periodo de alergatamiento ya no era necesario, y fue precisamente hacerme seguidor suyo en Twitter @paulocoelho y mas tarde seguidor de @coelhoespanol lo que sirvió para producir en mi un cambio de rumbo y brotar como el Bambú tener el valor y coraje suficiente para crecer, crecer y crecer para poder dar lo máximo de mi conociendo en ese camino a una persona maravillosa @karmoles con la que he compartido conversaciones, sonrisas, lágrimas, alegrí­as, penas e inestimables momentos que atesoraré para siempre en mi memoria y que espero poder seguir disfrutando por muchos años.

    Por eso le doy las gracias y me gustarí­a poder dárselas personalmente en la cena del 20 de Abril en Barcelona. Un fuerte Abrazo.

    Su agradecido lector,
    Lluí­s Lázaro

  29. Jesenia says:

    Al leer el capí­tulo de “El bambú chino” la primera vez que leí­ el libro, me gustó, señalé algunas párrafos que me parecieran importantes e incluso los copié en mi libreta de citas importantes. No ha sido hasta que lo he releí­do que he relacionado al bambú chino con una parte de mi vida. Quizás es porque mi situación ha cambiado, quizás porque hace unos dí­as me di cuenta que podrí­a estar en uno de los años en los que mi bambú chino no crece, o al menos eso espero. Guardo la esperanza de estar en ese periodo y espero también que dentro de cinco años, o menos, mi situación sea diferente, yo sea diferente; no creo que pueda pasar tanto tiempo esperando y sé que la decisión solo depende de mí­, pero no sé como retomar mi camino, no todaví­a, no creo que mis raí­ces estén aún listas para crecer y devenir bambú chino.
    Gracias, ante todo, por darnos esta oportunidad para poder conocerle.


  30. alessandro bazzana says:

    Hi Paulo

    When I first read Aleph, I thought this unique Chinese Bamboo plant was another one of God s creations, made to inspire different fantasies in each one of us, and relate the way it develops with how we develop as human beings…for example inspiring those who patiently wait for a dream to come true…Myself, I am a professional cyclist, and for many years I ve trained and spent hours on my bicycle, dreaming and working, and dreaming again that I would become a professional athlete and hopefully a big champion, telling myself I was putting the roots of my future. It hasn t lasted 5 years…but far longer.I really felt like a Chinese Bamboo, but a Bamboo who was putting the roots in one direction only… that of ambition, success, pride. So even if I did turned a professional, and I am not a “champion” as the journalists normally call those who win bike races, I realize the Bamboo never explodes until you open your mind, decide to risk and meet the unknown…. and it can happen at any moment, to anybody who is ready to take on life, live every day fully. At that point you really get more of what you could dream of, or imagine.
    And to be honest, I feel like my bamboo is growing now, while I write you with the hope I will meet you in person. Thank you for giving us a chance, and for changing my life with your books

    Alessandro Bazzana, Italy

  31. Maura says:

    I read the Chinese Bamboo chapter in Aleph while on a plane from Chicago to London a little over a week ago, and as soon as I read these words, my heart began to hum with happiness:
    “I feel like that Chinese bamboo plant and that my fifth year has just arrived. It’s time for me to start growing again.”
    I am a junior in college, studying English and creative writing, and hoping to pursue a career as a writer and a teacher. I have spent the last few years developing a strong system of roots, keeping me grounded and secure in my life. I am close to my family, have wonderful friends, and have been dating the same man for two years. However, while these roots have nourished and sustained me through these past few years, I still feel stunted and unfinished. I’ve started to wonder if these roots may be holding me back from reaching true fulfillment. What this fulfillment is, I still do not know entirely.
    I do know I have grown distant from God, and that He has become an old friend who I love but rarely speak to. I know I have grown distant from my writing, and have allowed day-to-day worries and problems to keep me from fully immersing myself in my craft, the thing that makes me happiest. I know I have grown distant from myself, and have allowed the advice of loved ones, of this root system, to sway my decisions too much, despite reaching an age where I must start thinking for myself and trusting my heart.
    A week ago, I was on the plane to London, making my way slowly to the University of St. Andrews in Scotland, where I am studying for the next four months. This is my first time traveling alone to a foreign country, and it is the longest I have ever been away from the beloved but difficult roots that are my family, my friends, and my boyfriend. I know that this is the time, the fifth year I have waited for. This is my growing time, my time to reach out to God, and to reach inside myself, and to write down everything along the way. It is time for me to regain trust in my own voice, and to allow God to be the one who directs me on my path through life.
    When I return from my study abroad experience, my family will expect me to make a decision about my future career, my friends will expect me to make up for lost time, and my boyfriend will expect me to make a commitment that I am not sure I want. But I am trying not to think about that, no matter how many times these worries creep into my mind every day. I want to live in the present moment, feeling the breath in my lungs and the ground beneath my feet, and allowing the rest to melt away.
    These roots underground have sustained me for some time, but it is up to me, and to God, to grow from a little shoot, and stand tall as the woman I am meant to be.
    Thank you, Paulo, for Aleph. This is the book I was meant to read at this time in my life, as I travel to see beautiful things in the world and beautiful things inside myself. I can only pray that God will reveal the path he has set down for me to follow – but your words, on every page, were a lantern helping me to see the earth as I walk.