Finding the signs

EN ESPANOL: Las señales

We may think at times that the only thing life offers us tomorrow, is to repeat everything we did today. But if we pay close attention, we will see that no two days are alike.
Each morning brings a hidden blessing; a blessing which is unique to that day, and which cannot be kept or re-used. If we do not use this miracle today, it will be lost.

This miracle is in the small things of daily life; we must live in the understanding that at every moment there is a way out of each problem, the way of finding that which is missing, the right clue to the decision which must be taken in order to change our entire future.
But how to find the courage for this? As I see it, God speaks to us through signs. It is an individual language which requires faith and discipline in order to be fully absorbed.

The monks of the desert used to say it was important to allow angels to act. They occasionally did absurd things – such as talk to flowers or laugh without a reason. The alchemists followed the “signs of God”; clues which often made no sense, but which always lead somewhere.
“Modern man tried to eliminate life’s uncertainties and doubts. And in doing so he left his soul dying of hunger; the soul feeds off mysteries” – says the dean of Saint Francis Cathedral.


  1. Psalmbody says:

    Another beautiful post! I, like JoJo, have to parse what signs I receive & notice properly or else it’s more adventure than I bargained for … or maybe all I don’t yet realize I need :) Continued blessings to y/our Work.

  2. Florence says:

    Beautifully said :))

  3. Immagazzinare dati says:

    ‘I am a self-problem writer’ ‘Minds under construction’ they go well together.
    Nothing like putting things into concrete.:)

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      I am a self-problem writer’ instead of answering the question ‘What is the meaning of life?’ I try to give some meaning to my life.’ Paulo Coelho
      Thank you for guiding me along.
      You rock :)
      With love

  4. Inam says:

    Immensely liked this post.

  5. emma milton says:

    Perhaps time is just an illusion… surely the only ‘real’ time is NOW, while both memories (the ‘past’) and anticipation (‘the future’) are simply held in our imaginations?

    If two people share an experience, their respective memory of the common event will be unique to each of them; so what ‘really’ happened?! …also, memories change over time, so what is ‘real’?!

    In my experience, engagement with life/realtionship with ‘God’/’seeing the signs’ etc only ever occurs when I stop dwelling on the ‘past’/’future’ and live in the here & now.

    Still waters run deep!


  6. Asli says:

    Thank you Paulo, this post even is a sign to me…

  7. admirer says:

    dear Paulo Coelho it would be really helpful if u teach us how to read THE SIGNS…or atleast talk some more about them in your blogs plz!!! :)

  8. Haiku says:

    I agree completely. With each day comes a miracle for that day and if not recognized…will be lost. I learned that lesson 2 years ago. One day I was able to write in my journal, take notes from a book and the next day that one single ability (along with some others) was lost due to suffering a stroke. I never knew how precious and valuable something as writing your name, or counting, or remembering the alphabet could be.

    However, all was NOT lost, because my ANGELS appeared immediately. While going through my stroke recovery andd having to endure many hospital tests, I met strangers who were actually angels. I look back on those days with only gratitude becuase I would have never met those angels if I didn’t have a health crisis.

    As for SIGNS…. part of my health crisis was becuase I ignored the signs of an oncoming stroke. I was always sensitive to signs of a spiritual nature, but not of a physical nature. However, after my ordeal and meeting my angels, I’ve been able to take it all in stride….acknowledging the signs that give warning and the signs that give wonder!

    I do think that regardless of the ‘sign’, its meaning and definition is all up to the individual. You define the sign. Your perception of what it is you see. It won’t be the same for every person.

    Grateful today for my angels, for acknowledging daily my blessings, and for the signs that encourage me (and give warning) along the way!

  9. Without hope today will be like yesterday. Ah but what is really hope?

  10. Marie-Christine says:

    Thank you .I love the sign. A real concrete building one.:)
    c’est un bon cygne

  11. Mubeen says:

    I was failed in two of my papers ..admissions were little difficult…but now I am in university …but my father is always repeating this thing…it really hurts me from the to overcome this?

    1. katie says:

      try to see your father as a human who is struggling with his own things similarly as you are doing. try to understand that he is giving you the best love he is capable. however, the way he may be able to present it to you may not be the way you need or like to see it because he has his own individual approach as we have it all.

      the way he talks to you about your failure is his issue & not yours because he does not realize how you feel about it. it is his work to deal with it. this is his reality, don’t take it personal, enjoy the university.

      my father has alzheimer’s & as a result, his mask, the persona, is disappearing. each time I talk to him, he mentions things that I can suddenly see how similar sayings have molded me in an unconscious way. here I am, currently struggling with several issues because they have given me a heavily criticizing internal voice. then I talk to him & one little sentence by him just let me understand “everything.” for him it is a disease, for me I get a lot of signs.

    2. katie says:

      I just like to give an example because it really concerns this blog & paulo& I am grateful what material I can read here that has helped me in my development.
      I am writing a book. nobody in my environment knows about it. I thought that I could tell my father about it to give his mind some work & interesting things to talk about. but he will forget it …. so that I can still keep my secret.
      his comment: “do you think you will have success with it?”

      it is a comment that is killing a child’s creativity. I am not hurt because he gives me insight with that comment how he perceives the world & …. life. I am sad. I wished I have had a more compassionate father, but I hope that I will receive many other signs from him that will help me to move on with me :o)

  12. tibebe says:

    so the question becomes not “to be or not to be” but rather “to see or not to see”

  13. Keunha says:

    That’s nice I can be wrong and it’s okay. Love this post.

  14. Keunha says:

    Today’s sign is saying you can be bad and wrong , I think:-)

  15. Keynes says:

    I love this post! I think today’s sign is a small gathering with two friends. It says just be you and that’s okay!!!

  16. Clytie says:

    The one thing I need is to open my eyes, my mind and soul to those signs. I feel so trapped in my thoughts and anxieties that I just can’t see beyond them. How can I learn to trust God fully so that I can see the angels act?

  17. Gonzalo says:

    Pienso….. que libre seria si me dejara llevar como un rí­o por la pendiente hasta el inmenso mar o ser un barco que navega para donde va el viento, algunas veces lo logro, pero otras, soy tan caprichoso que me resisto y otras veces no lo hago por temor.
    Solo puedo lograrlo cuando estoy consciente de que mi pendiente o mi viento es Dios y El, como no tiene voz, se representa para guiarnos por diferentes maneras: a través de los hombres, otras de los pájaros, por un fuerte viento, a través de una flor, del periódico, la tv, Internet o carteles de autopistas etc. etc. etc. y cuando las vemos o las entendemos, nos causa risas de amor y de agradecimiento.
    Todas estas formas que Dios tiene de representarse son misteriosas y como dice el Decano de la catedral, cuando las perdemos quedamos ciegos, por que perdemos la guí­a de Dios, los misterios que alimentan nuestra alma.

  18. Antonia Lo Giudice says:

    I recently wrote a post on an incident I witnessed at the airport…reinforces your post!!

    As I was in line waiting to show my boarding pass, the couple in front of me had just been advised that they had gone the wrong way. They stared at each other, with a confused look on their face.
    “How could that be, everyone was going this way.” The customs agent at the airport smiled and asked, “are you telling me you just followed the people in front of you, did you ask them where they were going?”
    “No, we figured this was the only way to go, everyone was going the same way.”
    “You need to go back, past security from where you came and keep going straight. There are signs all over the airport, follow the signs that will lead you to your gate.”
    Before taking my boarding pass, she stepped forward so that everyone in line could see and hear her. “People, listen carefully! It is important that you follow the signs, not the people. You are not all going to the same destination. Follow the signs to your destination.”

    Unfortunately, like the couple in front of me, many of us tend to depend on what society, colleagues, friends…tells us of what our personal destination should be. We care so much about what others think, their approval becomes an addiction. We are afraid to take the route that deep down inside we would really want to take. We give away our power, we prefer to live unhappy and limit ourselves just to be accepted and do what will get us that approval.
    People have different destinations in life. They have packed their own baggage for where they are going. If we chose to live solely by the opinions of others, we will end up having gone the wrong way. Through it all, we will end up exhausted and pleasing no one in the process.
    We can listen to other people’s opinions as a source of information, get educated through their experiences, but, we need to remember to ALWAYS listen to our instincts, listen to our heart, to the signs of the universe and make our own valuable decisions. It is the only way you will reach our own destination. Make our own path towards our journey in life, no matter how bumpy the road, no matter what others think, we will be enriched and happy when we get there.

    1. Angie says:

      Well said, thanks for sharing!

    2. lucy says:

      Thanks for the remind, it was just what I needed to read right now. God bless xx

  19. Shine says:

    yeah its true certainties just kill the the soul. its like a trap. though i do fear taking risk, but I have learnt failures are important if you have to forge a path
    of your own. You can become perfect only then, by improving your skills.
    And there is some freedom in having your own opinions, trying things on your own without always looking at other. Wonderful paulo. Love Avantika

  20. César Augusto says:

    Os sinais de Deus sí£o os múltiplos e diversos aspectos astroní´micos que submetem nosso mundo í s influíªncias astrológicas. O verdadeiro sábio conhece estes sinais e, todos os dias, ní£o apenas todas as manhí£s, quando o sol desponta em nosso horizonte inidvidual, o genuí­no sábio compreende o sentido individual de sua jornada na Terra. Porque o verdadeiro alquimista é aquele que caminha na Terra de acordo com os sinais celestiais da astrologia.

  21. Bins Rachel says:

    Dear Paulo

    Hope this small thought enlightens you what came across my mind.This thought is not regarding your context but its something that I wanted to share .Hope you would spend few minutes reading this and I hope that you really read it.Here it goes:

    A thought that struck me as I was lighting a vanilla scented candle…
    No matter how beautiful the candle looks or the glass or the stand it is placed into, no matter the aroma it yields; a candle can never be lit without the Wick that’s in it.A candle is of no use without the wick!In the same way,in life no matter what you do,what you are and how you are, without the passion or interest or a clear mind, its very hard to reach what you are destined to become.Don’t be tossed by the wind which takes you anywhere, neither be afraid of the sea that you stand on the shore looking at the beautiful distant land.Live is just once…not to regret, like how wick is to a candle, follow your heart by trusting what you feel to believe after your eyes are closed and your hands are clasped in prayer…Coz when you feel it and you don’t believe what you feel,then there’s nothing less in comparing life with a candle on a beautiful candle stand with a good scent but with no wick to lighten it up.

  22. Marc Dulberger says:

    Always leave the door open to communication.

  23. Thomson.kf says:

    very thankful for the wonderful thoughts

  24. gypsylee says:

    I feel like shit today. And I hope my angels are stronger than my miserable self . Trapped in my own mind.

    1. Meagan says:

      Sometimes we have to get down to nothing before we remember that we’re worthy of everything & capable of anything. #TheSW

      the sun will shine again.. and with the sunshine comes , love and happiness , if you believe it it will happen for you

    2. Helen says:

      Susan, you’re a perfect example to follow for those who are afraid in taking decisions. I would like to be filled with more courage and firmness as to taste the challenge flavor intensively. As Paulo said when trying to avoid uncertainties and risks, this run-off leads us to collapse…

      Wish u all to listen to the voice of signs!!

    3. Aplihs says:

      Gypsylee..this to shall pass. very soon. I pray. Sometime we all need you do..tomorrow I might..take care. xox

    4. Ann says:

      I so needed to read this today!
      For the past year Iv been in an absolute nightmare that never seems to end. Sometimes I feel really hopeful and then the next day I can be in the depths of depression. Iv been on a rollercoaster of unemployment and rejections that have shattered my confidence. I could get a few interview at a time and be ecstatic and then at the end of it be left with offer only advice on why I am not good enough. No matter what though, I remain hopeful and thankful for having a supportive family and a roof over my head. I am also extremely grateful that I finished college in my chosen career, my dream. One day I will learn from this hardship.

    5. I found that one of the hardest things to do is actually being aware and not be afraid to express our emotions…You have done that here!!!!

      When we become aware that our thoughts are keeping us trapped, it is the first step in allowing positive energy to flow within us…

      It is not easy, it will get better, keep your awareness, those negative thoughts will eventually lose their strength:)

  25. Kaisa says:

    I like it when angels act.

  26. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    “Modern one tried to eliminate life’s uncertainties and doubts. And in doing so he left his soul dying of hunger, the soul feeds off mysteries “- says the dean of Saint Francis Cathedral.

    Yes, just as it is. We have life, and the world, made so explainable that we understand nothing. There are mysteries, any physicist will confirm this. For me personally it important to explore them. As far as me personally this is possible. “Signs” are useful in this way. If they are registered, these coincidences. Angels always do their job. We must allow us to profit from this.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  27. Mike Hopkins says:

    We broke the connection, so we no longer see or hear the angels sweet voices and counsul.


    1. Ya i really agree with you till we start to obey his rules we can’t feel the presence of the angels coming to us.

      Have a blessed day!!

  28. Daniel says:

    I have a superstition that every time a particular old friend shows up in my life my relationship ends. It has happened three times now! The latest he showed up and I discovered that the woman I love was seeing another man (as she was doing earlier in our relationship, but this I forgave as it was early days and could be seen as double dating, except that it was a one way street, I was led to believe we weren’t seeing other people and only found out by chance). So today’s miracle for me I the realisation that true love does not exist outside of yourself, so that is where I will seek it, and the realisation that all I have written, all the love I have put in words, came from and was for me.

    With love, Daniel

    1. Tatjana says:


      I like what u are writen. An this is true. Than u for tahat u share with us.

    2. Meagan says:

      reading your comment i felt instant sadness, what sadness me most is that you want to give up on love…

      NEVER give up on love, I think you should see this as a sign that your previous gilfriends is not the right one’s for you, that there is indeed someone better for you out there..

      Keep hope, if there is one thing i have learned from Paulo is to never give up, even in the difficult sad times!

      good luck and i know the right person is on her way,
      A broken heart is just a chance to bounce back with a big, bold new start.

      Life has a way of removing the ppl & situations from our lives that don’t belong there.â„¢ #LetThemGo #TheSW

      So please dont give up :) I believe that the perfect girl is on her way

    3. Lu A. says:


      I totally love your post.
      This really inspires me to continue and never give up even in the most difficult times in life. We should never forget that through bad experiences there is always something to learn in life.

      Thank You
      “Life has a way of removing the ppl & situations from our lives that don’t belong there.â„¢ #LetThemGo #TheSW”

  29. Susan Watson says:

    Over 8 years ago my family and I left England and moved to Greece. From the moment of making the initial decision to do it, the universe did conspire to help us make it happen; we sold our home to friends, found work via the internet with accommodation in Greece and within 8 months we were flying to Athens, then a taxi drive to the Peloponnese with a 13 month old baby and our cat in the back with me. Vividly remember thinking..we are here. Time moves on but each day has brought us so many riches, triumphs and setbacks; a child who is now bilingual – and the process of her becoming bilingual just magical, a home that looks towards the sea and the mountains at the back (the highway too!), communicating in a language other than my first language, learning to eat well from the land and cook better, enjoying the love for life we have and the way our friends live here.
    Of course, I’d like to think that even if we had not moved to Greece, each day would have brought such variety..but I do think moving out of the comfort zone and into the unknown, is awakening. It is not that people place less expectations on me, it is that I place less expectations on myself and work with the moment more now. How could I not…with this rich tapestry of life, people, food, colours, smells, music and love…
    There are worries about what to do in the future..and they exist because I know there are choices.. which allows me to continue living each day differently.
    Thank you Paulo, for this post.. and a good morning to all xx

    1. Melissa says:

      Your story is overwhelming.. I believe that this will also happen to me.. That the universe will conspire to help me achieve all my plans in the future. Thank you for sharing your story.

      And many Thanks to Paulo for always giving us good thoughts.

    2. lorena says:

      I love this! I just moved from California to Washington DC last July…all by myself, just my 9 year old and me. And yeah it was scary and it has it’s challenges but the change has been wonderful! My son is getting a different perspective, experiencing new things..etc…West coast and East Coast are soooo different. While I know I’ll go back in a few years, I’m so glad that I took the opportunity that the universe put in front of me :-)

    3. Susan Watson says:

      Melissa and Loren,

      Thanks for your words.
      Melissa, I’m sure you will do exactly what you say…believing it seems to mean you’re over half-way there, falling or stalling at the hurdles is what I do – this is necessary, I think, to remind me of what I’ve decided to do and then I can continue. The signs are there, at the moment I keep seeing birds at close range.

      Loren..I can imagine that your son enjoys his time in both the East and the West…really a boy who will notice the differences and the similarities and will feel at home wherever he is. Saying all this, because that is what I see happening with my daughter. She doesn’t appear to see borders. I guess we all become more open when we have the opportunity and take it.
      Much love, Sue x

  30. Yasir Ibrahim says:

    The one I love got married this week,is it sign of death for me?

    1. Clytie says:

      No, Yasir. This is a sign that she got married, nothing else. Despair for a while if this is what your heart needs and then learn to enjoy your life again.

    2. Brave_soul says:

      If she is married means she doesn’t love you back. So it is better that you are not together. Enjoy life my friend. Look at the bigger picture of life. There is so much in life….so much more than you think. I want you to Wake Up tomorrow and just be full of happiness.
      There are worse things in life could happen we can call it death yet we survive and collect our strength to be happy because this is all what you need to do.
      Please don’t turn to bitter person. Just LOOK at the bigger picture of your life and you will be very happy.

  31. sindhu says:

    After all faith matters.How can one gain complete faith without being skeptical.

  32. G V Ramesh says:

    I see signs especially two eagles circling in the sky, Aeroplane, Helicopter, No.-9, Bird on the arms of a cross, A circle around sun/moon. Bright star. Clouds giving way, etc. With full right intentions, I have put some just goals. Let me see whether elements conspire together to make me reach those goals. But, those goals involve other people also (It is but natural as we are living in a community). Let me see. The first goal will be known in September-2011. I have immense and absolute faith in “Thrishakthi Maathalu” (Hindu goddesses of Durga, Lakshmi & Saraswathi). Some small miracles have started happening in my life. I will tell all may be after a year.

  33. neiley says:

    sir paulo! these words made me stronger. i really loves this a lot! :D

  34. Seema says:

    Hi Paulo,
    I just wanted to tell you about today’s magic moment. In my kitchen, I found a crockery tea-cup in which used cotton-wicks and incense sticks left after burning were put to throw away sometime. I got angry that garbage was just sitting there. I threw away the cup and its materials on the ground. And you know what, the not a crack touched the bone-china cup even after being thrown with a force! The magic!! Making God’s presence felt!

  35. jay says:

    Dear Paulo-
    Just today, I was sitting on a plane next to a big black woman discussing wonderful things, talking about the circles in life, the coming back around, and I find you again, spinning your circles. The return of my son brought me to Boise, such a sad place in winter, polluted like LA. Anyway, St A and his return to the children’s eternal song is perfect. Thanks,

  36. George Adeda says:


  37. Heart says:

    Today the road is talking to me about the Shroud of Turin;
    because I took a peak at tomorrows feast day for Saint John Bosco, who came from Turin.

    Some years ago, I worked together with a man for a short while, here in the USA, Mr E Delao. He was in his 40’s, a single dad who worked 3 jobs to get ends to meet, and who were an artist playing his guitar and writing on a book. I offered him to read an give him feed back on a manuscript he had written on the Shroud of Turin, a fictional text where the shroud ended up with some virus causing a deadly pest to spread to the entire world. (You might recall scientific texts claiming the Shroud to contain DNA from Jesus, blood, and such could be a source of eventually recreating Jesus.

    I did my best, in a matter of fact way, to give an objective feedback on this manuscript. This was a long time before I had done any research into this famous relic, and of course I had never heard of the one claim that this Shroud is a Templar treasure, or that this image was created by Leonardo da Vinci, and is an image of his face, as a result of an alchemical experiment (see The Templar Revelation, Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince), so I must admit, Delao’s manuscript upset me. I don’t remember if I told him about these upsets, or not. The reason why I was upset, was of course because I regarded the Shroud a Holy Relic, and his manuscript an anti Church, anti God manifest. I remember I thought; Isn’t he afraid of God?

    Anyway, I don’t know if his manuscript was eventually published or not. But, soon thereafter Mr E. Delao died! He came down with a vicious cancer, and dropped dead within half a year. He contacted all co workers on emails, and let us follow him on his sick bed, and of course I am still shocked by this young father suddenly gone like this.

    Now, I cannot keep speculation on these ‘Signs’ or whatever, so pretty much I had left this in the past, till it today came back to me. I’m wondering how his children is doing, and of course hope his soul RIP! I really liked this man, guess because he was my first American co worker, who I connected with on a deeper level.

    So now, where does all this take me? Smiling!

    1. Dear Heart, warm and loving thoughts to you, the friend and family.

      Reading an historical fiction called The Secret Supper, by Javier Sierra. In this book the author is exploring a mystery surrounding sacred artwork, The Last Supper, by da Vinci.
      I first heard about this author a few months ago through a dear friend and read The Lost Angel as soon as the book was offered here. While reading the comments you shared and as well at the link, found very fascinating and interesting!!

      Wanted to share in the event you might want to read also.
      At the moment, can only say W o w!

      Gratitude, Love and Blessings,
      ps And you touch my heart in another special way also. My foster dad was a Priest. He named his foster home after St John Bosco. So am off to read and learn about St John Bosco.

  38. Daisy says:

    Tried the technique, helps concentrate on the present. Noticed that my reasons are usually: “because I like it/ because it’s beautiful/ because I enjoy it” I guess it’s good news :)

    I sometimes have more than one reason – is it ok? And then, I start thinking of sth else – I guess it’s what Paulo calls ‘the second mind’.

    It’s good and strange that theidea comes to my mind almost everyday now, as if I have an internal alarm clock :) Is this the case with somebody else?


  39. Jessica says:

    For me a wonderful sign was being given my first Paolo Coehlo book… this helped me on my way to self discovery & healing.

    Who knew a book could have such strong affect on one.

  40. What you write about sound like old fashioned Fate to me.

    I agree that it could be both wise and healthy to reflect upon why we do certain things, but if we follow the mind-links back to what started a situation and say that it was a sign from God, everything we do becomes results of signs from God. Then God serves no purpose.

  41. CG says:

    Thank you God, thank you Paulo, and thanks to all the other warriors – for this blog and for the “signs”.

    You wrote so many true words about signs, reading them and following them, that I too have alredy experienced some times.
    And I’m really thankful for yor words abut doubt, fear and dependece and how to overcome them to follow the signs.

    I will be working on it.

    my best regards

  42. Ilva Asote says:

    [Valdai Hills, Russia]

    Знаки на Камне то появляются, то исчезают… Ð’ переломные моменты истории священный Камень появляется в тех странах и в руках тех людей, которые могут особенно повлиять на ход эволюции человечества. Камнем владели царь древней Иудеи Соломон, первый император Китая династии Цинь, Александр Македонский, а также предводитель племён лангобардов, осевших в Италии. Камень находился в Древнем Новгороде, был в руках Тамерлана и Акбара Великого. Камень в своё время был послан и Наполеону в надежде на то, что его талант сможет послужить процессу обновления мышления Запада и делу единения народов Европы. Но Наполеон, устремившись на Россию, нарушил Завет, и Камень был у него отнят…


    I could dream of shiny red Ferrari, but the conqueror’s coal black horse Bucephalus would suit me much better. Only Alexander of Macedon could tame it, turning the horse towards the sun.


    Frederick Buechner: “Laugh till you weep. Weep till there’s nothing left but to laugh at your weeping. In the end it’s all one.” LOLita – joy and sorrow.

    Mona Lisa – “LOLita” of Leonardo da Vinci. MY HOBBY HORSE.

    Yes, I’m trying to compete with Bucephalus using my own legs – riding off into the sunset to far away lands…

    “Rings on her fingers and
    bells on her toes…”

    And looking at Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, I’m reading about moisture in coal. But reading “The Alchemist” – thinking of Pythagoras and the beans…

    That is my ride.

    1. Mu says:

      Mary Webb said:
      “Saddle your dreams afore you ride ‘em.”

      Has this anything to do with that?

  43. Natalia says:

    Hello Mr. Coelho,
    I am in the midst of reading Witch of Portobello. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your words have spoken profoundly to me and a revolution has begun in my soul. I see a part of myself in all the characters: I am them, they are me, we are everything. Your words touched me so much I have begun to absolutely obsess myself with the knowledge of buddhism and other religions of spiritualism. After a day of reading I felt an intense sense of urgency and came home and drew an ouroboros. I even wrote about it on my blog – yes I feel so inspired and invigorated. Thank you! After years of suffering from my mind – from my own damn thoughts, I feel like my burdens have begun to lift.

  44. Den Rod says:

    As Paulo says in the Forum THE MAGIC INSTANT ! ‘… a moment when all the strength of the stars passes through us and lets us work miracles.’

    Seize that moment.!
    Take action. !
    Go. !

    1. Den Rod says:

      For instance: this morning my magic instant was when parrots flew by my house and I felt so enthusiastic I imediately got up. !
      It was the exact perfect i n s t a n t to get ready to go to work. !

    2. Den Rod says:

      The other day it was around noon, I got in my car in order to drive to a restaurant to have lunch and while I was getting started with the engine I suddenly remembered of a moment on the previous night when I was just staring at the sky and the stars and I had these goosebumps and thought of my girlfriend at the same time. I just took action and imediately sent her a message to her cel phone saying something like I miss you, kisses, and this smile face :) _ at that moment I thought hey the universe is smiling with me. ! The day turned out to be very different and I FELT EVERYTHING WAS CHANGING AROUND ME. And the change turned out to be for better. !

      Couple days after that we have this ‘FINDIND THE SIGNS’ and QUOTE OF THE WEEK about smiling :)


      We all are one if we choose to fight the good fight and specially if we choose the bright side.

    3. Alexandra says:

      Nice posts, would love to see the parrots flying.

    4. Den Rod says:

      and they make such a loud noise, but a funny one, they sound the happiest beings on earth, they’re amazing. !
      PS: If you wish and believe you’ll have it. You can shake the universe. !

    5. Liina says:

      When You told me about the little sign You recieved when in doubt in wether to stay or leave the very next day, when You saw the little Euro, between the cobblestones (was that the right word?), on one of its sides, ROME printed on it, and that was Your answer, I could feel the resemblance. That is amazing. Always listen to signs! As You’ve said Yourself – it always works for the better that way! That’s the resemblance.

      I truly loved meeting You in Austria, and I hope You are having fun in Europe! :) You are being missed!

      Much love,

    6. THELMA says:

      Dear DEN ROD,
      I have just read ‘the Valkyries’ of Paulo Coelho. I did not know the connection of the Blue Butterfly!!!! ;-] So we are now ..”Finding the signs”!
      Have a wonderful week-end.
      Thelma xxx

    7. Den Rod says:

      Have a wonderful weekend you too.!
      Yes, The Valkyries is a very special book. Specially yet for the vision I got couple weeks after reading it… you can imagine…
      God bless you, Thelma. !

  45. ROMANO MOHAMED says:

    hello well respected ,honest and critical human soul


    “Let me tell you a lovely story. There was a man who invented the art of making fire. He took his tools and went to a tribe in the north, where it was very cold, bitterly cold. He taught the people there to make fire. The people were very interested. He showed them the uses to which they could put fire-they could cook, could keep themselves warm. etc. They were so grateful that they had learned the art of making fire. But before they could express their gratitude to the man, he disappeared. He was not concerned with getting their recognition or gratitude, he was concerned about their well-being.
    He went to another tribe , where he again began to show them the value of his invention. People were interested there too, a bit to interested for the peace of mind of their priests, who began to notice that this man was drawing crowds and they were losing their popularity. So they decided to do away with him. They poisoned him, crucified him, put it any way you like .But they were afraid now that the people might turn against them, so they were very wise , even wily. Do you know what they did? They had a portrait of the man made and mounted it on the main altar of the temple. The instrument for making fire were placed in front of the portrait, and the people were taught to revere the portrait and to pay reverence to the instruments of fire, which they dutifully did for centuries. The veneration and worship went on , but there was no fire.

    Where is the fire? Where is the love? Where is the freedom?
    And if worship is not leading to the fire, if adoration is not leading to LOVE, if the liturgy is not leading to a clearer perception of reality, if God is not leading to life , of what use is Religion? Except to create more division, more fanaticism, more antagonism?
    It is not from lack of religion in the ordinary sense of the world that the world is suffering, it is from lack of love , lack of awareness. And love is generated through awareness and through no other way. Understand the obstructions you are putting in the way of love , freedom, and happiness and they will drop. Turn on the light of awareness and the darkness will disappear. Happiness is not something you can acquire, love is not something you produce, love is not something that you have , love is something that has you. You do not have the wind, the sun ,the stars ,the moon ,the rain….You do not posses these things, you surrender to them….
    And increasingly -you know this and so do I””we are losing the youth everywhere. They hate us , they are not interested in having more fears, and more guilts laid on them, They are not interested on more sermons, and exhortations. But they are interested in learning about love. How can I be happy , how can I live ?..
    I have a lovely quote here, a few sentences that I would write in gold. I picked them up from A.S.Neill”s book Summerhill. I must give you the background. Neill was in education for forty years. He developed a kind of maverick school. He took in boys and girls and just let them be free. You want to learn to read and write, fine; you do not want to learn to read and write ,fine. You can do anything you want with your life, provided you do not interfere with the freedom of someone else. Do not interfere with someone else”s freedom; otherwise you are free. He says the worst ones came to him from convent school. He said it took them about six months to get over all the anger and the resentment that they have repressed. They “d be rebelling for six months ,fighting the system. But once they got over their rebellion , everybody wanted to learn. But they would only take what they were interested in .They”d be transformed. What was the secret of Neill”s success? He “d get the worst children ,the ones everybody had despaired of, and within six months they “d all be transformed.
    Listen to what he said””extraordinary words ,holy words:
    “Every child has a God in him. Our attempts to mold the child will turn the God into a devil. Children come to my school, little devils, hating the world, destructive, unmannerly, lying, thieving, bad-tempered. In six months they are happy, healthy children who do no evil. There is no violence in those children ,because no one is practicing violence on them, that is why.” And I am no genius, I am merely a man who refuses to guide the steps of children. I let them form their own values and the values are invariably good and social. Can you believe that? When a child feels loved (which means :when a child feels you are on his side), he is ok. The child does not experience violence anymore. No fear, no violence. The child begins to treat others the way he has be treated.. You got to read that book. It is a holly book, it really is.
    “The religion that makes people good makes people bad, but the religion known as freedom makes all people good, for it destroys the inner conflict, that makes people devils.”(A.S.Neill)…..
    Nourish yourself on wholesome food, good wholesome food. I am not talking about actual things. I am talking about sunsets, about nature, about a good movie, about a good book, about enjoyable work, about good company and hopefully you will achieve the transformation. Lots of people gain the world, and lose their souls. Lots of people live empty, soulless lives, because they are feeding themselves on popularity, appreciation, and praise, .Feed yourself on other more nourishing things. Then you will see the transformation.”


    1. Mu says:

      Thank you

    2. Monica says:

      Thank you for the reminder Mohamed…..


    3. marie-christine says:

      that’s love! that man is a blessing!
      Thank you.

    4. Marta Adriana says:

      I love De Mello. Thanks for sharing.

    5. Duke says:


  46. Caroline de Lourdes says:

    People are always looking for signs, or looking for help, or a salvior. What about starting doing something themselves? For as long as I was “lazy”, waiting for my father and mother, my studies, and my husband to look after me I did not progress and was not feeling happy about myself. The day I found myself without my parents and divorced (from my first husband) and with a child to look after I lost “lazyness” by force! And I got myself more studies, a job, and then a better job, following a much better husband and another child and now grandchildren. So, don´t wait for the “saints” because if you don´t give of your own strengh the “saints” will have nothing to bless… God will send blessing only if there is something to scatter blessings upon! I don´t look for signs, I look for possibilities!

    1. Brian says:

      So, you were forced to do. How did you know what to do? What to study and where? What job to get? When to change jobs? Which second husband to marry?

      What did you do in selecting your second husband that you didn’t do in the case of the first?

      Are you saying you believe people should just do, and then hope God blesses their actions?

      If so, do you think that’s being more or less self-reliant than those who first look for signs as to the best way, then act accordingly?

      How can you be sure you’re not still lazy?

    2. Brian says:

      Mod – Thank you for finding my comment and publishing it.

    3. Deysi says:

      I totally agree with you Caroline de Lourdes. I am where you were, right now, waiting for everyone else to look after me. I know that I need to get up and face the world on my own in order to reach my dreams….I’m tired of hiding behind the “signs”, telling my self that the signs aren’t there yet, or more precisely “making up” my own signs so I can have an excuse for everything! But I know that the only thing that actually holds me back is the fear of defeat and not succeeding! But I do agree with you “God will send blessing only if there is something to scatter blessings upon!”. And that I also should stop looking for signs and try to look for possibilities instead!

    4. Montega says:

      hello Caroline de Lourdes :)
      i so agree with you! It’s great to good read how you conquered circumstance, dependency and laziness. Too many people just wait and dream and wait some more and always complain about how they don’t get their chance. You just did it: step by step. Probably there were plenty of signs and signals on the way affirming you’re on the right direction. i believe people get lucky when they work on being lucky.
      have a nice day

    5. Monica says:

      Caroline in Mexico we commonly say “God says : help yourself and I will help you” “ayudate que yo te ayudare”. Which completely agrees with what you are saying. I am glad that God did give you the strength, after all, to look for your self and your child.
      For me, the signs just show up without being looked for, which tells me everybody is following a different path.



  47. Martha says:

    Signs show us the way. They are like road signs. Where do you go? What is aim of our life? Do you think about it? Many people who I know couldn’t find answer. It’s really hard, but I’m trying to puzzle that mystery out. We must keep an eye out! :D

    1. Montega says:

      good morning Martha,

      maybe the thing with signs is that they are nor on the crossroads but you come across them after the steep climb, after you made a decision thats as good as irreversible. What if signs show up as affirmation instead of direction? Thats good enough isn’t it. People have to take responsibility over their own lives, thats when the universe gives them gratification, thats when the signs arrise.

  48. maria dove says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho, please read this even if you don’t reply to me, is not important to do so, once you have wrote that dreams are the language og God through that perpesctive i would like to bring a message to you.
    A few days ago i saw you in my dream you were climbing a mountain and you succeded to reach the top where we met. You were so happy but serene at the same time that you accomlished that that your face was glowing. The moment i looked at you and i saw your glowing face i felt in my head as something was the answer is “YES” concerning you. That is the only reason that i share this dream with you.
    I hope that the problems, or difficulties you might going through soon will be over only you know to what was the answer YES concerning. I am only the messager.
    The truth is that i talked with someone i trust if i should share the message with you because i know it shows a little weird to deliver any kind of message to you since i don’t know you personally. But i guess you might needed that answer and i don’t have the right to deprive it from you.
    I know for sure that when i see a dream like this is not in vain but has its purpose.
    I don’t know why i am the messager instead of somenone else perhaps someone closer to you but it is true and i would like to pay attention to that.
    I sincerely hope the best for you.

  49. Jojo says:

    The signs … I must be careful because I am the type of person who can see signs everywhere and interpret them in a second, and find out at a point that confusion is there. Why? I became aware that a little cloud of fear or insecurity was present and that I needed to calm that down. So when looking for signs or seeing signs, all that I was looking for was to destroy that cloud, a non ending pattern. When I opened a book to see a sign, or anything else, all that was there was to get rid of the cloud. Signs are there to show the path, to help in assuming who I am truly, not to get rid of the fear … since fear should not be present when truly believing in who I am and my Creator. It was important for me to see that because fear, insecurity, doubt brought me to interpret and see all from that source that needed to be calm down, to be eliminated. Now, I am more of letting the signs come than going after them. I am conscious of the cloud, ask the Universe to help me get rid of the fear, discipline myself to bring the Sun come stronger and more present than the cloud and walk … Just wanted to share this. By experience, I know that I can easily interpret and put a sense to all things in order to bring peace, calmness, security. But peace, calmness and security need to be there before to be able to capture the true essence of a sign. So, yes, signs are given, but I believe that signs are more easily evident and communicative when one prepares itself as a receiver, being developing security, peace, calmness, faith so that not cloud interferes, no perturbation.

    Love, Jojo.

    1. marie-christine says:

      Nice weather pattern, thanks jojo :)

    2. Marta Adriana says:

      Totally agree with you.
      Love you

  50. THELMA says:

    Yesterday I started reading the ‘Valkyries’ in English. It has not been translated to Greek yet. It is about Angels!! So this subject today is part of my … lesson! To learn to ..listen to my Angel and see the HORIZON! It is so beautifully written. Thank you Paulo Coelho, once again for your precious lessons.
    I think that since I have been a child I live .. intuitively. I do not do anything unless I FEEL it is the right thing and the right moment! I do not have a watch on my hand; I feel the right time for going somewhere and exactly the right time to go!! ;-] Reading the signs is something like learning to play the piano!! As long as we ‘consciously’ try to read the notes at the same time our deeper self ‘sings’ the melody; and we ‘know’ exactly when we make a mistake: The ‘breaking’ of the RULES!
    I think the SECRET is to learn to live in HARMONY with our Inner Self: the LIGHT and LOVE; because HE is THE WAY, LIFE and LOVE,
    Thelma xxx

    1. Alexandra says:

      In Romania should exist, but nobody saw the book…Not in library, nor in shop. Thats a mystery. I tried to buy on line, but they send only big quantities…

    2. Marta Adriana says:

      I don’t know why, I’ve tried to buy it in Spanish, but I’ve been able to read it only in English. The same happened about two or three years ago with Brida. I wanted to give it to a friend of mine in The States, and I couln’t find it in English. It was released in English only last year. Maybe you just need to wait for it to be published in Romanian or read it in English.
      Love you

    3. Rosemary says:

      Dear Thelma,
      That was so beautifully put. Definitely a new way of looking at life.


    4. THELMA says:

      Dear Rosemary, thank you for your kind words.
      I also think that our Intuition is ‘trained’ through love: by trying to ‘read and understand’ other people’s soul. To be ‘in tune’ with them.

      Thelma xxx

    5. breda says:

      I agree Thelma I think our intuition grows stronger by listening to it , acting (or not acting) on the wisdom it tells us us and I believe our souls are nourished in this process.
      Love Breda : ) xx
      hope you have a wonderful weekend Dear Thelma

    6. THELMA says:

      Have a wonderful weekend too, dear beautiful, loving Breda. ;-]
      Thelma xxx

    7. Monica says:


      I love The Valkiries!!!! It’s a wonderful book full of meaning and signs….


    8. Marta Adriana says:

      It is a wonderful image, that one about the piano.Loved your comment. Thank you
      Love you

    9. So beautiful, THELMA! I like the comparison with playing paino… I started myself to play piano…but I stopped quickly after 2 weeks… as I thought that I will never be able to learn all by myself and to play well… Of course… now there are teacher who can teach me that… but WHO CAN TEACH ME to READ THE SIGN THAT ARE GIVEN TO ME BY GOD???? :-/ …
      Love to you all, Gabriela Romaria

    10. Cynthia Pugh says:

      I think that I have become addicted to posting on this blog. I have always wanted to write. Perhaps this is my sign that I am writing. Maybe not a novel but still.
      Anyhow like you Thelma I feel the time of day. I feel but do not always have the confidence to follow the signs but when I do not I always know that I should have. One day I will and all will be well.