CoelhoOffice 06 – Humans and energy

Videocast #6 – Paulo Coelho talking about exchanging energy.

Videocast #6 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre troca de energia.

Videocast #6 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca de cambio de energia.


  1. maya says:

    Grcias por suvideo acerca del intercambio de energia ,por favor puede explicar un poquito mas ,y hablar acerca de los mpath? yo etoy teniendo dificultd porque no se como protegeme de la enegia de otros mas si es negativa.
    gracias anticipadas.

  2. Marie-Christine says:

    Having experienced cancer, Health has now become for me the most important issue of all.
    Without your health, your world crumble.
    So keeping my body fit, learning the right breathing method, eating a proper diet , walking and enjoying the simple things in life are now my priorities.
    Accepting and receiving positive Energy is back on my LIST.
    Thank you for that message. It is very much appreciated.
    With love


    1. Marie-Christine says:

      and it is not surprising that the ‘pulmonary system is linked with the world and Ecology’
      Ecol ogy – the school of breathing -( the natural way)
      We all need it to survive in the world.
      With love


  3. Tiffany says:

    Mr. Coelho,
    That I have found your your video blog posts is truly a “sign” for me. I thanked you earlier tonight, but I just have to thank you again. My heart is bursting with…I don’t know…love, relief, hope, the joy of that sacred feeling of “recognition” when one hears perhaps long-forgotten words from another that resound so truly and familiarly in the ears of one’s soul… Thank you with love. Tiffany

  4. Kealan says:

    The energy bank ‘bless, and be blessed’.

  5. kamy says:

    Made me pause and think. I mean really think. Things seem clearer; Not so clear though. But a minimum of visibility is always useful.
    Very interesting videocast. Thank you.

  6. Obrigada por dizer que é preciso dar e receber , ás vezes sou tí£o … escrever…escrever… escrever… que depois fico vazia e triste e choro …
    Obrigada por me dar a sua energia através deste video

  7. Raffaela says:

    So right Paulo and Thanks for reminding and now it’s time for me to receive – God bless you baci :-)

  8. Olta Canka says:

    Bless you Paulo!
    With this video you relieved somebody’s heart who is so important to me.
    There are people on this world who just want to see any bad on others and will keep blaming themselves for being selfish and not understanding why others behave with envy or jealousy. People who think that they could do more to help others and not be mean in getting mad at others, but who think that they need to be kinder.
    All my life I’ve been wandering how is it that it works? Are there people who just don’t have a conscious voice, real vampires, or is it that they are just to scared or tired to listen to it. I myself can’t believe that there are people who are totally mean just as I don’t believe that there can be people who are totally good. BUT the problem is when we keep thinking that we owe any part of our energy to our vampires while we forget about our dreams. And that is what she needs to do. I couldn’t give such relief to her heart as you did today, with your beautiful SIMPLICITY and YOUR HEART.
    Bless you!!!

    Love you <3

  9. Shaman Ziggy says:

    Accepting the law of nature! Thanks you for this lesson the universe is all ways conspiring for our greater good we just have to accept its love for us as well! Shaman Ziggy

  10. myrna enriquez says:


  11. This is so true. I spent most of my life being a martyr and it took me many years to be able to receive as well. I wrote about it in my blog around Christmas time, although my writing does not compare to yours dear Paulo.

  12. Lena says:

    Love these podcasts Paulo! And your sense of humor! And the metaphors to explain things that sometimes are hard to put into words!

  13. Köszönöm ezeket a szép gondolatokat!

  14. Yosra El Wardany says:

    Thank you my dear friend Paulo for this great video. That’s what I believe too.We must give and receive in a balanced way otherwise we will be either masochistic or sadist.

  15. NAO says:

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom.
    It is very true and giving and receiving is all happening in our life. I personally believe that we are all practicing give & receive every single day. It may not be outstanding but tiny. The point is weather we actually perceive our blessing of giving and receiving. I guess that is our lifetime study. I am working on it, and I will always be working on it:)
    Have a wonderful day.

  16. isabelle says:

    J’aime beaucoup ce que vous nous dites, simplement j’ai du mal a traduire (je suis franí§aise) j’ai vu qu’il y avait un sou-titrage en espagnol ne peut il pas y en avoir un en franí§ais ? merci de tout mon cÅ“ur et encore merci pour ce que vous apportez au monde

  17. Yan says:

    It’s hard, but true. Only give, not receive, one exhausts himself sooner or later.

    Sometimes, our Chinese government tries to promote this kind of Martyr, using media to glorify them. Like some months before, a young teacher of 27 or 28 died of illness. The media said, she had put all her life’s energy to her teaching career and the kids, that she ignored her own health, and that was such a good deed. And I am thinking, what for? Won’t she have more time and energy to devote to her children, maybe another 30 years, If she could take care more of herself?

    Our society sometimes promotes workaholics, but what can you give to the family, career or society, if you only give, give and give, work yourself very fast to death?

    And for those who only likes to receive, I guess they are not very welcomed. :D



  18. radwa says:

    But i think that we ought to give our energy to our beloved partners only ,,,people with whom we exchange our experiences,,,because of a mutual love between us or those who we are compelled to share our future with them

    1. Faith says:

      Really radwa? Why is that? Do you think that giving and receiving are limited resources? That we might run out? Do you think that only some people are ‘worthy’ of your kindness or that somehow you will be taken advantage of’? These are serious questions because I cannot understand how the concept of giving and receiving can be seen as limited to only certain people. I ‘give’ to the cashier at the supermarket when I ask her how long till she gets off work and that I hope she gets a chance to enjoy her evening. I ‘receive’ from my horse riding students when they have a ‘lightbulb moment’ and laugh out loud!

  19. Olta Canka says:

    Indeed it is a bit sick to believe that you can or have to only give, or the opposite. That is an ILLUSION, not reality.

    It is in our nature and we can’t control the fact that we give and get something back although we might not realize it. The sad part of all this is that we forgot the beauty of it, that in truth we enjoy, like these two action. It is part of our nature, and nature itself is a great example of it, since it is there where we came from. But it can happen because of our wrong convictions.

    Like it or not, shocking or not, giving and receiving are just two different points of view for seeing the same thing.

    Great video. :)


  20. Betül says:

    That’s true, but many people can’t translate that into reality…

    1. Faith says:

      I think that’s the point Betul. It is the work of a whole lifetime for some of us to be able to translate the value of receiving into reality. I’m working on it! :)

  21. Faith says:

    Well said.
    Receiving is also a gift for, if the giver is rejected, he cannot feel the joy of giving!
    If the giver’s gift is received with grace, everyone benefits and the cycle is complete!

  22. Asha says:

    Dear Paulo
    Thank you for the talk on vampires and victims; a not so heard way of putting across the energy cycle. It is perfectly true with a lot of life situations…
    Keep inspiring! (and thank you for all the energy)

  23. Valeria says:

    Como siempre me llega tu enegia en el momento justo.
    Hoy mas que ningún otro pensaba que doy todo por mi y ahora me piden conceder mas a cambio de nada.
    Entonces hoy me planteaba que seria bueno recibir y no siempre dar a cambio de nada, lo que me hacia sentir un poco egoista.
    Gracias un abrazo.

  24. Patricia says:

    Hola!! me pareció muy interesante lo que decis de la energí­a! me parece que al llamar a alguien vampiro es porque toma la energí­a de otra persona sin su consentimiento, sin su aprobación.
    Estoy de acuerdo con que somos libres de dar y recibir energí­a, amor, luz, como sea la forma de intercambiar y siempre que haya un equilibrio!!!
    Me encanta leer y escuchar tus trabajos!!!! lo mejor para tu nuevo libro y gracias!!!!!!!!!!! por toda esa energí­a que das!!!!!

  25. Psalmbody says:

    Another apt & appreciated post! I also believe balance is key to a healthy energy continuum that keeps un/conscious thieves of any sort from victimizing those so inclined, especially themselves in (due) turn.
    Sending Love vibes for your new book whenever you see fit to
    birth it as only you can ~ receiving the same + inspired signs
    for the continued Loving protection of my own. :) P(e)ace!

  26. Maria says:

    Paulo, bom dia!
    Todos somos energia e sempre há essa troca. Qdo vc entrega sua confianí§a, segredos e coraí§í£o para alguém e o outro quebra a confianí§a, a energia se quebra. Derrama a energia que está contida em segredos, intimidades, e o outro te expíµe de alguma maneira, daí­ vem o vazio. Pq vc só se entrega qdo há confianí§a, e sentir q a confianí§a ní£o foi merecida, é um baque na energia.
    Concordo q somos todos doadores e receptores de energia, mas há momentos e atitudes q a pessoa age de forma consciente, qdo suga palavras, sentimentos e segredos compartilhados para si, para alimentar qq forma q seja de idéia. E a pessoa que dividiu por confianí§a, sente-se vazia. E mais q sentir, está vazia. Ninguém pode amar ninguém por obrigaí§í£o, mas respeitar e principalmente preservar o sentimento de quem se entrega, seja por amor, por amizade, por carinho, por qq motivo, é uma forma interessante de ígape.
    Entre meus amigos, sou eu quem sempre tenta ser racional e abrir os olhos qdo a pessoa ní£o quer enxergar realidades muitas vezes feias.
    Mas qdo sou eu quem está na parada, meus olhos nublam. Pq a gente só acredita no que quer acreditar, e dói intuir q entregamos energia e amor para quem ní£o sabe preservar. Há sentimentos e experiíªncias q se vc espalha, perdem a forí§a, a essíªncia, e creio q qdo alguém faz isso de modo consciente, ní£o tem noí§í£o do estrago que faz. Ou melhor, quero crer q ní£o tem noí§í£o, mas ní£o tenho certeza.
    Bem reflexivo esse podcast.

    Dia iluminado pra vc.


  27. Adriana says:

    Dear Paulo
    I’m so glad that you decided to post about the myth of vampires. Everything fell on its place now. I can see clearly what I’m going through.
    I have to respect my cycle. My heart had been telling me there was something wrong and I wouldn’t listen to it.
    My time to recieve has come because I am not able to give anymore. The only thing is I can not force anyone to give the energy back. So either I already took my share back and did not noticed or I’ll take back the energy in a completely unexpected way.
    Absolutely loved your post.
    Only one question: do you agree with the idea of a book I read that states that in general women are much more willing to give and reluctant to ask than men? The other way round, men are much more reluctant to give. This would mean that if both men and women follow their nature we are usually the victims and they are usually the vampires.
    I think I agree but I might be wrong. I would love to know your answer.

    1. Faith says:

      When you feel a ‘need’ for help, love, connection, advice – ASK FOR IT! It doesn’t need to be forced or secretly ‘taken’. Simply ask.
      Asking is also called PRAYING!
      The Universe will hear and it will answer. Your needs will be met – but it is up to you to identify them and visualize what you long for.
      I wish you a gushing spring of all that you pray for!
      With love
      Faith x

    2. Adriana says:

      Dear Faith
      Thank you very much for your gentle advice and wise words.
      I usually have problems visualizing, but this problem was solved on account of a friend who drew a beautiful picture for me.

  28. Gonzalo says:

    Querido Paulo me has ayudado muchí­simo y haciéndome reí­r como nunca, con esa forma tan dulce de bromear.
    Del Amor mas puro que pocos conocen, pase al peor sufrimiento de mi vida y con 43 años, acabo de tomar la decisión mas dura de mi vida, lo dejo TODO y me dedico a escribir.
    Espero pagar con lo que Dios me de, lo que me brinden mis padres, mientras escribo.
    Se que sufriré mucho, por el costo social que significa vivir con los padres y ser mantenidos por ellos a los 43 años, pero no puedo verlo de otra manera, me juego por mi sueño y por lo que quiero hacer el resto de mi vida.
    Espero que mi familia y Dios me acompañen.
    Muchas gracias por TODO lo que brindas, algún dí­a nos veremos personalmente y tendré la oportunidad de devolverte al menos una parte de lo que me das, desde hace tiempo.
    Un fuerte abrazo.

    PD: ya se cumple el 22 de Marzo, 5 años de la caña de bambú y de mi mayor experiencia espiritual.

  29. Liliana says:

    I can understand that there is a time for giving and another for receiving, but what about a relationship when I’m giving everytime but I don’t receive, I know is important to give only for the pleasure to do it, but sometimes is important to receive too. To where did go all love I gave to that person? for example. I have to continue living anyway

  30. Buscar el equilibrio y no dejarse atrapar por ninguno de los dos lados. Estar de un sólo lado es el mal de muchos, y todos hemos estado en alguno de ellos en algún momento de nuestras vidas. Ni ví­ctima ni victimario, ser felices sin aprovechase de los demás :)

  31. Candice says:

    Hi Paulo,
    The first thing that came to my mind was dualism…yin-yang; death-life; give-take; good-evil; female-male; devil-god etc. Im currently reseaching and writing on the understanding of such, dualism vs. non-dualism…

    As such if you were to completely spiritually enlightened one must confirm non-dualistic nature, all in one no parts exists; no opposites; everything is one.

    I have been racking my brain on this thru my writing in my first novel, and beginning the second; I believe as you said you must allow energy to flow; you must give and receive opposites, (dualistic nature). If we did not have opposite forces how would this world balance.

    This is very trying for me…to understand non-dualistic nature; the only resolution in my mind; with dualistic nature is to become one with all, no opposites; non-dualism; I can only imagine and understand such that all is within the precious “circle” that represent all..continuing, never-beginning; never-ending; providing the two separates into one; as you said ever flowing energy that should be free to flow.

    I believe I just answered my understanding; the neve rending circle but with dualistic nature; halfing it within forming the balance of energies; but the flow remains free on the outside; the circumference. Hence now I see; the yin-yang, the Tao and of course the totality of the infinity sign.

    Im laughing all bc of your vampire symbolic give and take; I answered my dualism vs non-dualism answer.

    I owe you much gratitude.


  32. xyz says:

    Hello Sir,

    I will not say that I am a great fan of yours.
    Because i feel the stuff you talk about is imaginary, and when reality hits , its hurts.

    I have been always a very helpful , caring person. Never believed in the concept of love, but could never deny the feeling of having it.
    I am not married because when ever I put my step out , i felt/thought someone is waiting for me.
    The person did gave some signs or was i just carried away thinking it was for me. I have been thinking about this person since seven years.
    But he never turned up.

    I have read your book Brida , and some where deep inside believed it to be.
    I wish my dreams would come true but did not.

    The reason why i am writing you all this is to highlight the importance of practicality rather just wandering thoughts.
    I do not wish others to go through the same pain.


  33. Heart says:


  34. Alexandra says:

    Wow, loved the post. First I was near to burst in laughter, for I am from Romania, but more, from Transylvania…worldwide famous for a story…thanks to dear Bram Stoker!!! And to some people who like the thrill, or think is a good promoter for tourism… So, I was thinking: not again. And in tv, all movies now with vampires. But was also a topic for gothic novels. I read the novel of Bram Stocker, even a part taken out, published in a book with weird wolves stories, was good in fact. Indeed, was sort of explanation, and a way not to think at dears as dead ones. I found out what was the origin of : Saved by the bell. We thought was for school, meaning a brake in the right time, but, was from the middle ages period, with plague, they carried the bodies of sick people, and attached at a finger a bell. If they were alive, bell would ring, so were saved.
    But your story was about energy, and was so true. we sometimes do not think, being unaware so we might cross a line, either being a victim, or a vampire…none good situation.
    Thank you

  35. Brave_soul says:

    Do you smoke? You have matches on your desk…….
    Brave soul

  36. THELMA says:

    Hi dearest Paulo Coelho/ the Rabbit!!
    I try to keep the Balance of … “giving and taking’ my whole life! Remember the Libra with the Scales: to find Harmony! I also have an … Ascendant in Scorpion! So, I think, this gives the ‘right moment’ to … re-act and … find the ‘energy-balance’!! It is the crucial moment that I -in my soul – find the strength to either stop being a victim or being a … vampire! EGO is our enemy! If for a moment – this moment- we stay still, in silence and look ‘inside’ then we ‘know’ .. We know if our words, actions, desires, feelings have the ‘mask’ of an Angel but behind the mask we are Black, … Vampires, Evil, the personification of Devil! How we will ‘remedy’ this? Just by … forgetting our Egoism and just by … LOVE! LOVE is the Cosmic Energy, that has created us! Paradise is our Natural home ! WHITE is the colour of our Soul! When our Aura becomes WHITE, to be ‘clad’ the benign ENERGY of HIM, then we will be ‘in constant’ Union with Him and then “His Will will be done on Earth as in Heaven”. Love never ends: the more we send to the Universe the more we receive back! This is our ONLY HOPE, to stop the Circle of incarnation and start … Whirling! :))
    Thelma xxx

  37. Frank says:

    I have never read one one of your books . Somehow I linked into your blog and I really enjoy it. There is nothing forceful about it. You always impart valuable information and interesting stories.

  38. nikamarie says:

    Perfetta analogia!!!

    I kept telling myself that I need to find my balance, but i wasn’t quit sure in what areas I was off balance, but i knew my yin yang was pretty much not balanced if it had an image it probably looked something like this~~

    After an unhealthy situation that occurred in my life recently it made me really open my eyes during meditation and I was able to see where changes needed to occur in my life, there were too many reoccurring situations that looked all to familar that kept throwing me off my type rope and I always fell into the role of “VICTIM”

    the path of living life awake and its scenary to be taken in :)

    Thanks Paulo for this pod cast and the other pod cast!
    Very enlightening

    1. nikamarie says:

      I love the cape!!!! hehehehehe

  39. Lari "Lovett" says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words! I have to hold the fact in front of my eyes that I need to receive also – because there was a time not very long ago that energy just kept draining from me to my family, to my friends and lovers.
    Now I almost found a good way of handling my energies and I’d like to confirm with the words of the witches: “Live ye must and let to live, Fairly take and fairly give.” out of the Wiccan Rede..
    Good night! <3
    In Lak'ech

  40. Signe says:

    I’m going to share this with everyone I know!
    There should not be givers or takers, there should be balance.
    Thank you!

  41. Gonzalo says:

    Gracias Paulo por sus ejemplos, lamentablemente eso me estaba pasando con mis amigos en estos últimos 4 años, yo doy demasiado y nunca recibo proporcionalmente, por que creí­a que uno tiene que dar solamente.
    Gracias por el ejemplo del cáncer por que es justamente lo que estoy viviendo hoy con un amigo que tiene cáncer y estuve en esta ultima semana pensando en El, rezando y atento a cualquier bajón que tuviera, sea a la hora que sea, para ir y ayudarlo moralmente, a pesar de que El se rí­e en el fondo por todo lo que yo hago por El y hasta me trata irónicamente como su terapeuta.
    Parezco un tonto que vive pensando en los demás, en rezar por ellos, un loco convencido de que puedo ayudar a los demás a través de Dios y que El escucha mis pedidos y plegarias para ayudarlos y hacer milagros. Pero no lo hago conmigo.
    Siempre positivo sobre los problemas de mis amigos contagiándolos y viendo como se desarrollan bien las cosas para ellos. Pero nunca hacia mi, ni siquiera rezo o pido por mi, pero las cosas malas que me pasan siempre lo veo como algo bueno y positivo.
    Gracias a Dios tengo muchos amigos y varios recurren a mi para hablar de sus problemas o sus desafí­os laborales por que siempre los aconsejo positivamente.
    A veces veo su sorpresa en sus rostros cuando soy tan positivo con ellos y conmigo mismo.
    Pero las cosas le salen bien a los demás, pero no a mi en las que yo quiero realmente y en las relacionadas con el sueño que quiero cumplir.
    Soy como un catalizador para los demás.
    No quiero pasar por victima por que no lo soy de ninguna manera, pero es lo que siento y lo que me pasa.
    Soy fuerte y visionario para los demás, pero no para mi mismo.
    Me enseñaron de niño el deber de ayudar a los demás, pero no me enseñaron a ayudarme a mi mismo y eso lo estoy aprendiendo ahora.
    No puedo ser egoí­sta respecto a la ayuda a los otros y veo que tengo que ser un poco mas egoí­sta, por que como dice usted Paulo, doy pero no recibo y esto es enfermizo.
    Gracias por su tiempo y energí­a que usted nos brinda todos los dí­as.

  42. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    “There is a time to give, and there is a time to receive”.
    We need exchanging energy..
    C’est bien ce que je pensais, nous faisons partie du grand cycle de la vie, et nous sommes un lieu d’échange d’énergie. Vous avez raison, les gens qui développent un cancer et en meurent, sont probablement ceux qui ont perdu leurs défenses naturelle, en perdant leur énergie vitale. Souvent, í  la suite d’une grande tristesse ou d’un deuil.
    Entre vous et nous, cet échange d’énergie est intensif! Nous vous donnons notre admiration et nos mots d’amour, et vous nous donnez votre énergie d’écriture, et votre souffle de vie í  travers les phrases. Quel bel échange, j’aimerais qu’il dure toujours…

  43. Really enjoyed this one Paulo!!!!

    I hope that some moms out there, especially single moms, will be more aware of the taking part you so clearly talk about here.

    I have many friends who give, give and give….never take because they feel it will make them a bad mother to their kids…They will never take some time for themselves, do something they really like, they will fel guilty if they do because it is all about the kids.

    Now, I am not saying to completely let go of the kids, but, I know some women that have actually gone through a complete burnout…So, how good are you to your kids when you become burned out??? Another question for you, how do you think your child feels or is going through when he/she sees their mom depressed all the time???

    Take some of the energy you give, you need to fill yourself up with positive energy if you want to continue giving it to your kids….

    At some point, you need to stop for gas if you want to make it till the end of your journey!

    1. Annie says:

      I agree with your post Antonia, another thing that I was thinking while I read your post is, if women are always giving to their children, then what are we teaching them? the children will be missing out on the valuable lesson of fairly giving/receiving and will not grow up with a balanced view/understanding. Being a mom is hard work! ….

    2. Absolutely Annie!!!! Definitely agree with your point!

  44. Pandora says:

    Interesting … that you mention cancer.

    A friend of mine who is a qualified homeopath, told me many years ago that people who give to others constantly without the slightest consideration for themselves especially if the person to whom they are giving, does not appreciate them or abuses them, are susceptible to tumorous growths which of course, is incredibly dangerous and also potentially fatal. So there is (at least in this tradition) a definite link between the vampiric, one sided, energy exchange between parasite and host.

    I am fascinated by the fable of the Noctambule, (Night Walker) or the little white-haired man dressed in black. who appeared to Ninon D’Enclos, who lived in 17th century France and was a famous author, courtesan and patron of the arts. When she was at the age of twenty years, “He” promised her perpetual beauty and the conquest of all hearts, apparently she never aged …. but he seems to have given her energy and beauty the reverse of a vampire …

    Common sense tells me it is probably just a legend ….

  45. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    That’s great. Love it. Thank you for this podcast. I also think, there must exist a “give and take.” This is true among people. It is also true between man and earth. I see a great energie in this relationship. Is there a give and take? I see only “Take” . More, more, faster. What happens to vampires when all victims are dead? Just a thought.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  46. nina ramirez says:

    Muchas gracias!!! Recibo con mucho amor sus energí­as, que siempre son positivas, espero que reciba usted la parte que me corresponde dar! tenga usted un comienzo de semana lleno amor y mucha luz! esperando su próximo libro. Bendiciones y un gran beso!!
    Afectos. Nina.

  47. Iris Dahle says:

    Thank you again for sharing your wisdom. I know by my self that I am a victim.
    I am struggling with this every day, to find that balance. And sometimes when I am really empty I get so angry with my self for not being able to do something about it, when i am so aware of it. To go a little deeper into it I know that there is some answers in one of my previous lives. Its like half of me is in that other dimension and the other one is here. I know that I need to go back to find balance in this life. I had a sight yesterday, I saw a big tree, from the middle and up it was green and healthy but from the middle and down it was dead. And I think that is a good answer to what I know is happening in my life. And I need to do something about it now! If there is someone who has experience with this please share. Thank you. Love

    1. Lena says:

      Hey Iris, you sound like a typical empath, energy giving, highly sensitive person perhaps… I also struggled with this, always giving and feeling like people always take my energy. I simply had to put my foot down and try to avoid people who suck my energy out and surround myself with people who give energy instead. This meant even staying further away from family members and finding new friends, but it has helped me a lot! I suggest you try to surround yourself with givers and stay away from takers.

      Try meditating and visualizing your tree, but visualize yourself watering the tree and watch it slowly grow healthy.

      Lots of love. Lena.

    2. mariette says:

      Hi Iris,
      Sometimes live gives us very difficult circumstances to deal with. This requires us to spiritual and psychological grow – as the alternative leaves us with sadness. I have been there and struggled to change my part in the act we are all playing together. For me it started to make more contact with my body. My body indicated to me when I was in the position I did not feel comfortable with. Than I started to wonder, what way can I influence this position? Sometimes it is only just a very small step, but the fact that I have taken action brought me small bits oonf self confidenc e. I noted these down in a notebook, to read them at moments when I needed it. I had to learn to be more comfortable with myself, more heartcentered and really accept myself for who I am. I started to invest in myself – by doing workouts and things I like- and as a consequence the quality of my relations started to improve. I would not say I am all the way now, but I am very well on my way! Hope this is helpful.

    3. Iris Dahle says:

      Thanks to both of you for sharing your experiences and for your advises. It really warms my heart. Love

  48. Haiku says:

    Thank you Paulo for being such a wonderful example of sharing global energy and not being intimidated by others who do the same! xoxoxoxoox

  49. Annie says:

    sometimes you can take the quasi-‘vampire’ out of the person but you can’t take the person out of the quasi-‘vampire’….. the same with the ‘victim’…

    once again, excellent podcast!! LOVED it!

    Love and Gratitude

  50. susete Leite says:

    Gracias por seu carinho e atení§í£o!!
    UMa linda semana a vcs!”
    Beijí£o e um forte abraí§o!!