To my Russian friends

Normally it is the publishing house that decides on the cover of a book.
But on this occasion, they decided to send it to my agent, as the two ideas are totally opposite.
Could my Russian friends help us (the publishing house, the agent and myself) to choose? please post your opinions in “Comments” below
ALEPH will be released in Russia late March 2012


  1. katie says:

    probably the left one fits to our times & what one expects from a coelho book cover so far. I love the right one because it has some of the quality of your story telling. I hope that the second one will find an opportunity to survive.

  2. Christine says:

    La seconde, j’aime beaucoup le dessin qui me semble une porte ouverte sur le ríªve…….. et pour moi qui fait du patchwork et de l’art textile, une jolie idée a réaliser avec des tissus,
    amitiés de France,

  3. Grace Woo says:

    The first one is better.

  4. Margarita says:

    I’m not russian, but in my mexican opinion the second one express more the essence of the book and it has a russian style :)

  5. Gustavo says:

    O primeiro

  6. arlin says:

    I like the fantastic and colorfull one…dont know why but just like it…and it is a bit like the video that was made too…love

  7. ludmila says:

    El secreto de Paulo en Rusia – te van a leer en qualquer forma
    El vestido de 1 (foto) obviamente hay que cambiar!!! Tiene que ser mas decente
    por eso ofresco hacer 3 tercer dibujo)

  8. Glikeria Liakou says:

    The more realistic, the first one!

  9. Ruslana says:

    the 1st one) is deeper

  10. Amal says:

    The one on the right being an abstract drawing carries a lot more meaning and potential in my opinion. The first one is a cover that would be more fitting for a romantic novel rather than Aleph. Of course you could say Aleph is also a love story but I’d say its of a different genre. The first cover is too literal.

  11. Vicky says:

    To be honest I don’t really like the girl in the first cover… But I still say the first.

    The second one is very pretty, it reminds Russian folk painting a little bit, but the style… it doesn’t look like your book, if you know what I mean.

    CAN’T WAIT for Aleph be released in Russia!! Will buy it in any cover :)

  12. toñi says:

    Hola Paulo!
    Si te sirve de algo mi opinión yo prefiero la primera portada, es más hermosa, la imagen de una chica con un violí­n y las nubes de un cielo claro dan una sensación de paz muy grande y de conexión de la música con la energí­a pura de la vida, que este caso serí­a la imagen del cielo al fondo con sus nubes.
    La otra portada produce estrés, da sensación de algo entre arcaico y vanguardista. Una portada de una muñeca rodeada de flores de colores chillones no me gusta, es como amarga.
    El libro (como yo lo entiendo) es un mensaje de búsqueda interior y aprendizaje espiritual.
    Yo me quedo con la primera.

  13. Patricia Carolina says:

    Hola Paulo!
    En mi opinion la primera portada tiene mas relación con el mensaje que yo recibí­ al leer el ALEPH, la segunda portada si bien es mas colorida, me parece mas fantasiosa y tu libro es bastante real.

    Gracias por permitir a tus lectores interactuar contigo.

  14. aicha says:

    I love the first one

  15. Алим says:

    Я думаю что вторая обложка на много интересней , и к тому же что то новое . Жду с нетерпением вашей книги. Живу ими ….

  16. Cultural preferences are important for the visual presentation. Although my heritage is Ukrainian, growing up in Canada I may be drawn to a cover for different reasons. I do find it interesting though that the written words inside transcend all traditions.

  17. Nour says:

    I recently read the book. Amazing !!
    I think the first one.

  18. samer says:

    The first cover is so beautiful and btw it is a great book

  19. Marie-Christine says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Without going into too much detail :)
    The first one is the real thing for me (on the left) taking you into the energy of the book itself.
    You sort of feel the vibes of it, the posture transporting you into the magic of the music. you could almost hear the first notes just looking at the position, there is a movement about it. which is complimented by the classic elements ; the solidity of the mountain as a background, the sky above and the violinist grounded onto the earth one can almost feel the music filtering through the air. Something of an ethereal nature is springing out of it as well.
    Looking at the cover book ‘s name. I can almost hear Fla vio (alef) ‘s music in my head. I like the name written in Russian better in the first cover on my left of the screen. The L of the Aleph word is upside down and has a link and the f (P) at the end of Aleph is encircled in the ring. I liked that.The E of Coelho looks like a Euro upside down. It is interesting the P is like a Chinese representation of a Temple , the U as a Y is a question in itself , The L(upside down) can also be seen as a musical note which adds to the ligthness and the H (b) just finishes it well, in a golden print.
    I also like the subdued color, It has a presence.

    The illustration on the second book cannot be compared with the first one however is an attraction in itself. It has all the elements and it is bursting out with colour ; trees, mountain, water, birds, the railways track representing the journey and life , flowers which some of them displayed in such a refined fashion as making it looked like a musical note and also could be almost mistaken as Jewish or something we can find in Orthodox churches. Music is predominant with the violinist ,She has sad eyes. and seems to be still chained with her past life.(note the ring around her body) .
    It still emits a cheerful image of the natural way.
    Thank you for sharing.
    With love

  20. Shine says:

    Oh no its very tough indeed. both of them underline the theme of your book. While first one is serious themed, second one looks non-serious, casual. I think you may try second one as it is very different from all that you have used. love Avantika

  21. Paulo, I would choose the first one, the photograph and the letters are beautiful and visually “clean”. I would buy this one and forget about the other on a bookshelf. Opinion of a an architect, if that matters.
    All the Best Paulo:)) You rock!!

  22. Malika says:

    Dear Paulo, I admire you as a person who LOVEs this world and life and who teaches us about it!!! You become my favorite writer! I haven’t read “Aleph” yet, but I love the second cover, as it seems more close to my childish nature:) I love fairy tales, they seem to be primitive, but they can teach us a lot of things!

  23. Gonzalo says:

    Voto por la segunda portada en colores por que esta mas relacionada con Aleph y los dibujos me parecen mas al estilo Ruso pero sobre todo por la relación del contenido del libro con el dibujo de la portada.

  24. Estrella Moretti says:

    A primeira me parece muito mas linda :)

  25. Vitalina says:

    I like the first one. I buy books in this style.

  26. Elvina says:

    I would say the first one, it gives a better visual cover for this book.

  27. Katyusha says:

    The first one is closer to the concept of the design to your publications in Russia

  28. Nastasia says:

    I think the colorful painting cover (on the right) is beautiful one for the new book!
    like a peace of art by itself! make wanna grab it and take it home immediately!)

  29. Mira says:

    I think the second picture is more appropriate and nicer

  30. Sonia says:

    for sure the left one because its wonderful

  31. Petros says:

    Greetings from Russia, Paulo! I’d like the book in the left cover. The right one seems to present a russian fairytale ; )

  32. Sonia says:

    For sure the left one. its wonderful.

  33. intars says:

    First one, please!

  34. eleonora says:

    belle entrambe..preferisco la prima versione.

  35. Oh, i prefer the first one, the grey ! Not because it follows harmoniously the line of othe covers for the Aleph all around the world, but from my opinion, it IS the one to reflect the spirit, subtility of the book’s universe and atmosphere…this is the cover that invites to the inner journey and inspires to open the book. It passes the message of something profond and uncatchable, while the other one has not the same depth…

    1. LaLa says:

      I liked your comment, i agree with it totally!

    2. Thank you, LaLa !
      Have a nice day :)

    3. ludmila says:

      Ну платьице ей все же надо поменять)

  36. The first one is really attractive.

  37. Annie Besant says:

    The melancholy of the cover on the right with its rich colours…that’s the one!

  38. The first one is the best one.

  39. Jacqueline Esic says:

    The first one is much better..Best discription of Hilal

  40. Natasha says:

    Hey Paulo.. I won’t read this book – as any other for the reason – I don’t use paper, at all.. any.. saving trees.. but I know this book is that amazing as any other of yours composed from Love & wisdom made for only one purpose – Love..!!! anyway, my point is – for being Love – I don’t need a book.. still, considering ur request – left cover resonates more with me! :)) has, feels more freedom, fresh air from that one.. right one is still interesting – quite abstracty but feels more disturbing.. when left one is more relaxing & disposes positively.. go for left one with no doubt!

  41. Gerson Madureira says:

    Absolutely the left is better, maybe same butterfly arounde the “Hilal” …….

  42. Anastasia says:

    Please the right one. That is it only !

  43. Cristina B says:

    I’m not russian but I prefere the right one.
    It shows the protagonist in a gentle, happy way.
    She has defeated the ghosts of the past.
    The other one is beautiful, but sad.
    It shows a woman “linked” to her violin as a cross to bring.
    The cross is brought untill we understand.
    In that moment, we overcame all our problems and link to the past.

  44. Irene says:

    the first one!
    waiting for reliase so much!!!!

  45. Maria says:

    I’d prefer the first idea for this book.
    Looking forward to the release!

  46. Natalia says:

    I like the first one more!

  47. Ekaterina says:

    The first one Paulo, as someone said, – it is more in line with previous books, and I think it would appeal more to the Russian soul…looks more mysterious, while the second one would be more suitable for a comedy or cartoon.

  48. Irina Black says:

    Читателю доверить можно много:
    Оставить отзыв о прочитанном,
    Хозяином автографа заветной книги стать,
    Но как верстать и оформлять..
    Уж, дело автора решать..

  49. Valentina says:

    I like the first cover, if i would see it in the book shop i would buy it, because this cover i would more associate with your book. All of your books have a special character and this one should show us the charachter of the book so, i think the first one do it better….