Twitcam 8 Febrer0 2012 (Espanol


  1. Pilar says:

    Agradable, recí­procamente agradable.

  2. Beatrice says:

    God bless you, too! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us!

  3. Hector says:

    Hojala sigamos escuchandole en espaniol, pues somos muchos latinoamericanos quienes seguimos su blog. Gracias por contarnos la Historia de su vida. Desde Guatemala le saluda Hector.

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    In English

    Hi there
    Let’s see if Twitter is here
    Well, let’s talk a bit, and I will explain the problem I am having , and I hope that you are hearing me, it’s that I have to twit in three languages and the Brazilians are a little bit upset because they say I don’t write in Portuguese, the others say I don’t write in English , the ones that speak Spanish tell me that I don’t write in Spanish,
    The truth is, it is a little bit difficult for me because well, imagine you have to discuss things in Spanish, English Portuguese and in French as well, I only speak in these four languages.

    Well, put your questions forward
    The first one
    Viva Argentina. I know it from North to South, and from East to West, I went from Chile to Buenos Aires and Buenos Aires until ….. Okay. Well, it’s a very special country, apart from that silly thing to believe that between Argentina and Brazil.
    We are brothers and very proud

    You are hearing me
    Please can someone tell me ‘ I hear you Paulo’ ?
    Thank you very much.

    This contact with the reader is very important.
    To day I had an interview. It was terrible.
    It was, well I don’t know how to explain it, but I started saying stupid things,
    It’s not the fault of the journalist and I start saying whatever came through my head without any censure and for a very important newspaper in Brazil “Folha de Sao Paulo’
    It will be out at the end of February because as you know now it is 25 years , 1/4 of a century since I published my first book ‘The Pilgrim’ so it’s going to be good and I decided to have an interview for well, not exactly promote
    it but…

    It is hard to hear.
    I am going to see what I can do about that.
    I am putting the microphone closer, I hope you can hear me better.

    A question about my next project
    As I twitted it I have started writing a book – about six days ago –

    Eduard … – I am reading ‘Aleph’
    Thank you,
    “Aleph” is for me a very important book that has been well received by an important number of people. and the big majority of them have understood. I got some very harsh critics about it. However, the truth is that the critic is dead .It does not exist.
    To-day if you want to read a book, you go on the Internet and look at what people are thinking about it . The classic critic no longer exists.
    They spoke of ‘Alef’ in a bad way but in general it has been very positive.
    There is in my blog the ‘Aleph’ section and you can view the comments without any censure.

    Hello Mapi in Spain..
    I am going to be in Barcelona , as I was saying here in Twitter, Well, to be honest I am going to give a talk in the son’s College of some relative then I had an idea to meet with ten people for dinner – I am not going to pay for the plane ticket, neither will I pay for the Hotel –
    So, if you are interested, click into my Blog .There are 3 millions of Twitters. and it is to celebrate the 3 millions Twitters.
    I am going to attempt a direct Webcam for this – I will ask my local editor whether it is possible to discuss it together –

    What inspires me?

    Carlos, In Facebook I have posted something about ‘The boy and the devil’

    The big majority of Twitters were from Ecuador at first and it is growing, It is still very early.

    Well, Gaby I was in Venezuela , many times, sorry, no, not many times but I know Venezuela and I like the people from Venezuela.
    I am writing a book,
    I am not going to reveal the name but someone is asking me.
    I have been writing for a few days and there are periods when I am not talking with anyone so I put the Twitcam on and the people could see me writing.
    All you need to do it is start writing without worrying about what they are going to think , It is totally irrelevant.
    The main thing is to do what you feel like doing .and to write the only thing you have is the value of writing.

    The name Julian of the next book?
    I am not going to reveal neither the name nor the theme.
    It will be released in 2013. At the end of 2012 in Brazil, 2013 in the rest of the world.
    I have that tradition, some calls it superstition that until the book is really in its final, final, final, phase, – which is not the case – I don’t discuss it, not even with my wife – Until the final phase, I don’t speak about it with any one. I keep it personal.
    I did not feel lonely to-day because I put the Webcam to have a little chat with you.

    Well, Myriam from Barcelona, It’s going to be at Saint Paul’s College, in Barcelona and I believe it is a competition well of boys between the age of 10 and 11, and boys from all over the world come and I will give the prizes, and speak a bit about writing.

    ‘Veronika decides to die’
    It is a little bit about my story as you are aware, no?
    I was sent into a mental hospital because my parents thought I was crazy wanting to become a writer. Imagine and well, I then wrote ‘Veronika decides to die’

    Do you have any books that have a special meaning for you?
    All of them.
    With a lot of love,
    There are books that work well like ’11 Minutes’ ,’Aleph’ ,’The Alchemist’ ‘The Pilgrimage’ and there are books that are not as successful . The readers did not connect with ‘The Fifth Mountain’ and ‘The Winner Stands Alone’ but at the same time, they are part of me. I have to write what I am feeling, Therefore, I cannot say : ‘I am going to write to please the others, I have to write what my soul feels.’

    Thanks Natalie for your very kind comments.

    What is the most important to keep being inspired?
    It’s connecting with people, and of course for me I have to……. spiritual
    I connect a lot with the spiritual….
    but I am not the type that goes ;’OM’ and do the Yoga positions.
    I have my way of meditating. It is with the archery, I shoot with the bow and arrow. The total tension and the total relaxation, where you go from one extreme to the other and very quickly because when you shoot you have 22 kilos pressure and when you open you have nothing here so it is comparable a little bit like life’s movement and it is my way of meditating.
    Also walking helps me a lot.

    Well, M,.,
    We all have the capacity to write I am sure, we can all write whether it is in a Diary ,an Agenda because we write what we think.
    Often, I am a little bit lost, writing a book for example, I start writing, writing, writing a Diary that has nothing to do with the book and there the book comes out.

    Well- Mexico – it’s also a country I know from North to South .
    I was with the President Felipe Calderon in Davos, a very interesting person.

    but don’t give up.
    I stay in my journey, that is what I want . I hope to be in that way until I die writing. As you know, to live of writing is nearly impossible, it was not impossible for me. I don’t believe it is impossible if the people are really connected with……. with what they do, with love.

    Let’s see
    Thank you the Dominican Republic
    Dr Thank you for the comment that your family is reading my book.
    I spoke about this in the podcast. Well, 25 years ‘The Pilgrimage’ 1/4 of a century. The book is going from father to son.
    This pleases me a lot.

    Well, we are almost out of time
    I am grateful, I hope that now you wont be crossed if I don’t Twit too much in Spanish, I do Twit in Spanish.
    I have a friend who lives in Columbia, Karen Molina that helps me with Coelho in Spanish on Twitter but as I explained earlier sometimes it is very complex to twit with all the languages because the three get upset.

    Well, I thank you all very much for your help you have given me .
    It is pleasant to know that nowadays thanks to the Internet we can connect . Now we have 839 people in the podcast. and when I thought of doing a conference that I decided within 5 minutes and thinking that it can bring 830 people within minutes .

    God bless you all have an excellent week and until the next time I am not sure when this is going to occur however I am grateful for your presence. Exchanging positive energy I give you some and you give me some from you and so it goes. I believe that we can reform the world I sincerely do.
    May God bless you.
    Until next time not sure when this will be .
    Right now, I am going back to work
    It is presently close to 1 am in the morning.
    See you soon,
    A kiss.

    I could not hear very well and some words I did not know.

  5. Hector says:

    Hoy si escucho bien y entiendo pues este es el unico idioma que entiendo (Espaniol) Gracias. Hector