Agriculture and creativity

Ploughing the field
The moment the soil is turned, oxygen penetrates places it was unable to previously. This process of interior revolution is very important – because, just as the field’s new look will see sunlight for the first time, a new assessment of our values will allow us to see life innocently, without ingenuityA good creator must know how to continually turn over his values, and never be content with that which he/she believes he/she understands.
All work is the fruit of contact with life. He/she never knows, at the outset, which things will be important to him in the future, so the more intense his life is, the more possibilities he/she will create for an original language. If he/she tries to imitate or control his inspiration, he/she will never obtain that which he/she desires. He/she must allow his life to sow the fertile soil of his unconscious.
There is a time in which the work writes itself, freely, at the bottom of the author’s soul – before it dares show itself. The creator must respect the time of gestation, although he/she knows – just like the farmer – that he/she is only partially in control of his field; it is subject to drought and floods. But if he/she knows how to wait, the stronger plants, which can resist bad weather, will come to light with great force.
The Harvest
The moment when a person manifests on a conscious plane he/she sowed and allowed to grow. If he/she harvests early, the fruit is green, if he/she harvests late, the fruit is rotten. Every artist recognizes the arrival of this moment; although some aspects may not have matured fully, some ideas not be crystal clear, they reorganize themselves as the work is produced. Without fear and with great discipline, he/she understands that he/she must work from dawn to dusk, until the work is finished.
And what to do with the results of the harvest? Again, we look to Mother Nature: she shares everything with everyone. An artist who wishes to keep his work to himself, is not being fair with that which he/she received from the present moment, nor with the inheritance and teachings of his forefathers. If we leave the grain stored in the granary, it will go bad, even though it was harvested at the right time. When the harvest is over, the time comes to share, without fear or shame, your own soul.


  1. criststar11 says:

    Traduzione italiana by Cris per chi lo gradisce ;) Ciaouuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    Aratura del campo
    Nel momento in cui viene trasformato il suolo, l’ossigeno penetra dei luoghi in cui non ha potuto penetrare in precedenza. Questo processo di rivoluzione interiore è molto importante – perché cosí­ come il campo vedrí  la luce del sole per la prima volta in un nuovo sguardo, cosí­ una nuova valutazione dei nostri valori ci permetterí  di vedere la vita innocentemente, ma senza alcuna ingenuití . Un ottimo creatore deve sapere girare in continuazione i suoi valori, e mai accontentarsi di quello che lui o lei crede, che lui o lei capisce.
    Tutto il lavoro è il frutto del contatto con la vita. Lui o lei non sa, in via preliminare, che le cose sarano importante per lui in futuro, in modo che pií¹ intensa è la sua vita è, pií¹ possibilití  lui o lei a di creare un linguaggio originale. Se lui o lei cerca di imitare o controllare la sua ispirazione, lui o lei non potrí  mai ottenere quello che lui o lei desidera. Lui o lei deve permettere di seminare nella sua vita il terreno fertile dell´inconscio.
    C’è un tempo in cui si lavora, si scrive, liberamente, in fondo dell’anima dell’autore – prima che osa manifestarsi. Il creatore deve rispettare il tempo di gestazione, anche se lui o lei sa – proprio come l’agricoltore – che lui o lei è solo ad avere parzialmente il controllo del suo campo, soggetto a siccití  e inondazioni. Ma se lui o lei sa aspettare, delle piante pií¹ forti, che possono anche resistere maltempo, verranno alla luce con grande forza.
    Il raccolto
    Il momento in cui una persona manifesta su un piano cosciente quello che lui o lei ha seminato e fatto crescere. Se lui o lei vendemmia precocemente, il frutto è verde, o se lui o lei raccoglie in ritardo, il frutto è marcio. Ogni artista riconosce l’arrivo di questo momento, anche se alcuni aspetti non possono essere completamente maturati, alcune idee non possono essere chiare, si riorganizzano quando l’opera viene prodotta. Senza paura e con grande disciplina, lui o lei capisce che lui o lei deve lavorare dall’alba al tramonto, fino a quando il lavoro è finito.
    E cosa fare con i risultati del raccolto? Ancora una volta, cerchiamo l´aiuto di Madre Natura: lei condivide tutto con tutti. Un artista che vuole mantenere la sua opera per se stesso, non è leale con quello che lui o lei ricevuto nel momento presente, né con l’eredití  e gli insegnamenti dei suoi padri. Se lasciamo il grano immagazzinato nel granaio, andrí  a male, anche se è stato raccolto al momento giusto. Quando la vendemmia è finita, arriva il momento di condividere la tua anima, senza paura o vergogna.

  2. Florence says:

    Beautiful metaphor ! :) xx

  3. Maddy Singh says:

    Marvelous, outstanding and true said. A persons and trees life is very similar and this is true a 5 yr old boy can’t behave like 60 yr olg person..:):)
    You are just wow mind blowing personality hope one day will get chance to meet you..:)

  4. Ari says:

    Mr Coelho is without a doubt THE great thinker of our time, he is wise, sincere, poetic and deep. Yet, though i understand the message, reading it was very difficult. I agree with another comment posted that the use of he/she ruined the flow of it, but also i found it needed translation from english to english…not my fave Mr Coelho..the message, as always, profound and beautiful, but the vernacular was off.

    written with love (“,)

  5. Haiku says:

    Lovely Paulo! Have a blessed week guru!

  6. David says:

    WE rather than he/she and some corrections to the syntax would suffice.

  7. Berewinkel, Lars says:

    But if he/she knows how to wait, the stronger plants, which can resist bad weather, will come to light with great force.

    When the harvest is over, the time comes to share, without fear or shame, your own soul.

    The soul can be expressed by a flower.

  8. luze says:

    Sorry, but trying to be politically correct by writing he/she just ruined reading this article. I literally wanted to read it but couldn’t because of all the he/shes. Maybe you should turn over your soil and invent a singular word that can be used to describe he/she because writing he/she 50 times just made your article not worth reading.

    1. I am sad that you could not see past the he’s and she’s to enjoy the message this story expressed. As a person on the she side of “he/she” I appreciated the effort taken to include my gender :)

    2. Mihir says:

      I had no such problems.. i realized it only after i read your comment.. focusing on the wrong things are we.. haha.. maybe its time you did some soil turning yourself..

    3. Arynn says:

      Weird, you read my mind. It was hard to recieve the whole message.

  9. Haha… with fear and shame, I am sharing my old post from WLS on to my facebook to friends again. Hope I have the courage to open for all. May be one day who know?

  10. Pamela says:

    Aaah! And the words, which come from deep within the soul, resonate with truth and light – beautiful.

  11. Nupur says:

    Thank You Paulo! Your described the complex process of *Interior Revolution* in such simple terms. The analogy of ploughing the field with the new assessment of our values do make us realize our undeniable connection with nature.

  12. Rachel says:

    I copied the part about Sharing.. so I can read it again when I need it.
    Somewhere in the past someone told me to keep some of my creative ideas to myself, I guess out of fear that someone else will copy them and receive the honor you think you deserve. Quite negative and restricting, and also egoistic. Your text about sharing tells me exactly why it is important and positive to share indeed, so thanks for sharing!

  13. Pam says:

    Said like a true creator in sync with the ebb and flow of tides, the seasons, the sun, moon and stars, with earth and with the pulse of creation itself … evergreen may your work be Paulo <3

  14. BrokeWings says:

    for so many times, there are always some ideas that are not matured till we arrive to aimed stop, end of the road.

  15. Anna says:

    Ein liebes Hallo an alle
    Danke Paulo Coelho für die schöne Geschichte, sie hat mich bestätigt weiter zu machen. Ich bin in den Bergen aufgewachsen und ich hatte eine wunderbare Beziehung zur Natur. Leider habe ich sie immer mehr vernachlässigt. Geblieben ist die Sehnsucht danach. Jetzt will ich sie wieder ganz bewusst pflegen, weil ich sie zum Leben brauche, und weil ich in und von ihr meine Ideen zum Schreiben und Malen bekomme.
    Danke Gruss Anna

    1. Berewinkel, Lars says:

      Das hört sich ja gut an, liebe zur Natur und so. Ich finde es immer sehr spannend mit meiner Mutter Spazieren zu gehen. Sie entdeckt immer die Natur, wenn wir spazieren gehen.
      Ich finde momentan Ornithologie sehr spannend.
      Naja, und mein Beitrag: ich mag Blumen.
      Keep on discover the natur again! Danke Bye

    2. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      Hallo ihr beiden!
      Schön mal was deutsches hier zu lesen. Ich kann euch beiden nur zustimmen. Natur ist Kunst, Kunst ist unsere Natur, oder so ähnlich.

      Ich wünsche euch beiden einen wundervollen Abend

    3. katie says:

      Harvesting ……
      it is true that fear disappears in the creational process. I look back & see how much energy it eats &paralyzes.
      I cannot believe when looking back: how I used to doubt myself at the very beginning. now that I have grown some “veggies” & can look at them :)

      the harvesting indeed needs a lot of discipline :o). one needs to do the redundant work that is necessary to get a field of wheat into the barn, pulling the carrots in the garden, or digging out the potatoes. this all one needs to do with the product of creativity.

      the fear, the procrastinations, self-criticism …. they are just all getting nurtured from the darkness of the past.
      so ridiculous … so unnecessary to use them to boycott one’s own dream & progress. <3

    4. katie says:

      oops. where ended I up :o)

  16. Nori Yadni says:

    the message is very simple and that makes me feel that I need to share of what I have learned..God bless Paulo!

  17. Sr.Paholo,no me gusta alagar a nadie;pero si me gusta lo que escribe y he leido algunos de sus libros.,en cuanto a lo que comenta en éste pos,le doy la razón a mi me da verguenza enseñar públicamente mis dibujos,pero ahora me doy cuenta que la razón es que en realidad mi cosecha aún no está todaví­a madura ,cuando llegue el momento los expondré.Un saludo

  18. Lissa says:

    This is one of my favorites of your posts. Thank you. A great way to start my Sunday. Peace!

    1. Ismail Dinath says:

      Hi Most definatly inspireing. Im sure im going to have a super day at work tomorow. Warm Regards : Gifted …

  19. Angela Pascual López-Coca says:

    Dibujo y todaví­a no presento mi obra ,creo que todaví­a mi cosecha no ha madurado.

  20. Monica Gravina says:

    Paulo Coelho, vocíª é MARAVILHOSO! Cada vez que uma pessoa líª as coisas que vc publica, é como se criasse forí§as novas,, se reanimasse… ní£o sei bemcomo dizíª-lo… mas parece como se falasse p/cada um em particular e no momento certo. Toda a minha admiraí§í£o e um grande beijo.

  21. Pablo, sus palabras emocionan y llegan a lo profundo del corazón. La agricultura, tenaz oficio, que cuenta con la inestabilidad de la naturaleza, nos prodigan al escritor que persiste y no claudica en su diario encuentro con las palabras. Repartiendo la semilla, que crece con fuerza o se debilita al pasar, y al final germina en una obra que debe ser, como usted lo dice, compartida y salir a la luz de las emociones que brinda. Congratulations and all the best. Thank you for sharing your wise words.

  22. Tell says:

    i say, if you want to be a co-creator, then keep tending your values. values are like seeds. they are here to grow within ourselves and become manifest, as our lives. but they are not materialistic.

  23. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Thank you for the wonderful story. The parents of my girlfriend are farmers. So I am quite often on a farm. A hard working. A deep attachment and knowledge of nature. I’m just here now. I have here always the best ideas for stories, I love this place. As your story today. Much love to you.

    I wish you all a wonderful weekend

  24. Pilar says:

    Hermoso e impactante

  25. Pilar says:

    Francamente impactante.

  26. Empié says:

    Bueno, sigo creciendo, algún dí­a llegará el momento de la cosecha, mientras tanto trabajo bajo cualquier condición, aunque no me guste demasiado, aunque no puedo negar que la temperatura ha cambiado, ya no trabajo bajo el sol, salvo en algún momento.

    Hoy en el gimnasio un hombrecillo me ha mirado con desprecio (este tiempo he estado expuesto, y la mugre del mundo conspira…). Me ha tocado los cojones, y le he dicho que que coño miraba, sorprendido y acojonado ha dicho… “Solo miraba en tu dirección” a intentado calmar el ambiente y para quedar por encima ha dicho algo como “que crees que estoy enamorado de ti?” a lo que yo he contestado “es que como hay tanto bujarra suelto”, evidentemente le he devuelto lo que me ha dado, además en España cuando se envidia a alguien, se le suele llamar marica (que para ellos es un insulto), como lo se le he devuelto la pelota, se ha callado y se ha ido más suave que un guante. Hace un año me hubiese encendido, me la hubiera tragado y golpearí­a una pared por no matarlo , lago ha cambiado en mi.

    Por cierto, parece mentira los submundos que crean los cotillas, en ellos sus cotilleos se convierten en realidad, hacen creer al mundo lo que quieren y crucifican al que envidian, la hostia, mi vecino vino a decirme que porque no le hablo, le conteste que porque este tiempo me han puesto a parir, que si era un vago que no trabajaba, que si era marica… y va el tí­o y me dice que no pasa nada si no quiero trabajar pero que me conocen de toda la vida… Serán hipócritas, saben que soy ingeniero técnico, me han visto trabajar durante toda mi adolescencia y juventud los fines de semana el el restaurante de debajo de mi casa, saben lo de mi depresión y lo del brote, lo que no se es si saben que me he tragado muchos curros de mierda, descargando camiones por cuatro duros, privándome de muchas cosas para pagarme los estudio y no pedir a mis padres, etc… evidentemente no les voy a contar que mi enfermedad me limita a la hora de interelaccionarme y por tanto conseguir trabajo, tampoco les cuento que en España hay 5 millones de parados y que sin enchufe no se trabaja en ningún sitio. Al final me doy cuenta de que viven en un mundo imaginario hecho a su medida. En fin, ahora lo puedo ver desde fuera, y por suerte hay gente normal todaví­a en el mundo, que no anda criticando a los demás para hundirlos por pura envidia, esos son los que me interesan, lo demás para mi es bazofia.

    Un saludo, a pesar de todo creo que mi vida cambiará mucho este año, ya toca recolectar, al menos un poco, y con el esfuerzo que he puesto, un poco seguro que no esta mal.

    Hasta pronto.

  27. Absolutely Brilliant comparison with creativity and agriculture!!

    Human beings are one of the marvels of nature. We are One with nature, only when we allow ourselves to continually grow from any given circumstance, will we flourish and create that which has planted deep within us…If we accept that we are One and creators, we can no longer put blame on others for the circumstances in our lives, we create them. When we allow ideas of judgement and beliefs to enter our minds, we separate ourselves from being One with nature, causing chaos in the harvest. Using these feelings to identify who we are, we are unable to identify our passion, our true value. When we get an awareness of this and accept responsibility, we will be able to release these thoughts, make room for positive thoughts and energy to flow within us. Somehow, all the circumstances and sufferings become our fertilizers, we are able to grow and create a greatness we never thought possible! It does not end here, if our One with nature, we need to continue to grow, we need to give that which we create to others, help guide them in their creativity process!

    1. Lissa says:

      This is so true, Antonia. Thank you for making it so clear. I really like “we need to give that which we create to others” Yes, just as the soil gives us our nutrition or it is dead.

  28. Heart says:

    Yes, Mother Nature is generous.. and so is Father Divine;

    “.. He changes desert into springs of water. There He settles the hungry and they build a city to dwell in..
    They sow fields and plant their vines; these yields crops for the harvest. He blesses them; they grow in numbers. He does not let their herds decrease..”
    Psalm 106/107

  29. Great lovely thoughts; touching! Besides, really true. I cannot find a thing to disagree with – but HOW hard it is that we cannot control the creative process!

  30. Gonzalo says:

    Estoy en mi momento de siembra con mucho amor, dedicación y pasiencia.

  31. Manu says:

    Nos une un gran ví­nculo con la Madre Tierra porque:
    El aire de nuestros pulmones es el mismo que se desliza sobre los grandes océanos y se precipita a través de los grandes pasos de montaña.
    El agua, que es la que compone el 98% de la sangre que corre por nuestras venas, es la misma que una vez fue parte de los grandes océanos y los rí­os de las montañas.

  32. My nemesis, guilt, appears when it comes to sharing. I’ve had many opportunities present themselves to me and I jump in with great enthusiasm. Then once the table is set, overflowing with a bountiful feast, the guests have arrived, fork and knife ready to dig in, I hide in the kitchen until they leave!

    Thank you Paulo,
    through sharing your soul you help me realize and face the self imposed obstacles I allow to block mine, while at the same time through your writing you encourage me to not give in to my fears.

  33. CG says:

    You just left me speechless. Thank you very much for your special view about this topic!
    I grew up with a garden around me. I loved plants of all sorts and later on I decided to work with them. Working with the plants often made me think about this circuit you describe, even comparing to humans. But I never thought of it the way you shared with us today.
    Thank you very much for the inspiration.
    With Gratitude

    1. Josefina Camacho says:

      Gracias por estar..desde Uruguay -hasta siempre.

  34. DENIS TORRES says:


  35. Marie-Christine says:

    Thank you for that link with agriculture and creativity.,
    I believe it is good to turn over your values,
    They are bound to change over a period of time. It is an indication that your life is not stagnant, it is moving.
    Like the bamboo knows how essential it is to establish roots, assembling the whole bulk together is a long process.
    The whole system needs upgrading at various times, retracing the steps of your journey to allow it to grow.
    A ‘revolution’ takes time to put in place, It just does not happen overnight. You need to focus on the roots and find out how trapped in they are.,
    For this ‘internal revolution’ to take place you need to be well grounded with your feet firmly on the soil.
    We are part of nature and the natural way is impermanent,
    The harvest will come when the work is done, It cannot be speed up or slow down. It will occur at maturity,hopefully improving for the duration of your life.

  36. Annie says:

    Such a beautiful metaphor…
    we are all one and one with Nature.. we tend to forget it..
    no wonder we need the same process for our ‘fruits’….

    One will give his apples, the other his bananas,
    another will share his tomatoes,
    come and share your potatoes,
    and I will share my oranges
    my tangerine dreams.
    a basket full of flavors
    the rain has ceased, the day is seized
    writers, musicians, painters, tailors
    all the colors in the rainbow

    Love and Gratitude

    1. LoveM says:

      Thanks Annie..
      Oh Fiddle Wood tree
      Summer leaves in the air your..
      Orange melody

  37. Shine says:

    Hey dear Paulo you write very well…………..very good comparison, love Avantika

  38. CONCEPCIÓN says:

    Hola señor Coelho, ¿como le vá? deseo que bién.
    Todos tenemos mucho que compartir con los demás, todos tenemos un espacio reservado dentro de nosotros para que otros escriban en él, de hecho el mayor ansia del ser humano es la comunicación, somos neuronas suspendidas en el tiempo que para sobrevivir necesitan la energí­a de otras, de lo contrario como sucede en nuestro cuerpo las que se alejan y se aislan acaban muriendo.
    hay personas que dicen que no necesitan a nadie, que pueden vivir solas y apartadas, pero no se dan cuenta que están en contacto con los demás en el mismo instante en que salen a la calle, creo que la soledad absoluta no le gusta a nadie. Somos semillas errantes en busca de nuestro campo, nos dividimos y vamos sembrando la tierra de otros en una orgí­a constante, pero no siempre somos compatibles donde caemos, por eso unas personas nos caen bién y otras menos, algunas veces el amor, la amistad, la ternura florecen con fuerza y crecen, otras en cambio apenas asoman de la tierra unas hierbas secas, es entonces cuando seguimos nuestro camino. muchas veces me pregunto porqué la gente muere joven y creo que es porque se acabaron sus semillas, como si cada uno de nosotros viniera al mundo con una cantidad desigual y sólo permanece vivo cuando las tiene. Por esto creo que es importante elegir bién antes de sembrar, para que nuestra vida no sea en vano y podamos contribuir a la evolución de la especie.
    todos andamos caminos en busca de campos, unas veces nos alejamos y otras pasamos al lado sin saber que allí­ está nuestro paraiso, para ello debemos estar en constante movimiento sin oir a los que nos dicen que nos quedemos anclados en un campo estéril. Porque vale más una semilla germinada en lugar idóneo que mil granos esparcidos secandose al sol relegados a la más absoluta indiferencia, sin posibilidad de crear nuevas plantas.
    La vida es una cosecha interminable, y todos y cada uno de nosotros tenemos la oportunidad de formar parte de ella. Algunos son más hábiles que otros y consiguen mayor riqueza, pero no olviden que todos somos importantes porque en ocasiones somos portadores de pocas semillas, pero estas son compatibles con todos los campos, supongo que Dios pone en cada uno el peso de lo que su mochila puede llevar, ni más ni menos.
    Dicen que todos somos iguales pero yo no lo creo, nadie es igual a nadie, todos somos diferentes, aunque para Dios todos seamos iguales.
    Si tú le preguntas a una madre si todos sus hijos son iguales te contestará que “para ella son todos iguales, aunque cada uno es diferente del otro”
    otra cosa son las desigualdades sociales, ahí­ si que deberí­amos ser todos iguales, es decir tener las mismas oportunidaddes de progreso y lograr una vida digna con las necesidades básicas cubiertas, porque cuando tus necesidades fí­sicas están cubiertas, se puede cultivar mejor las intelectuales.
    Cuando tengamos algo dentro que comunicar y compartir hay que hacerlo, de lo contrario se pudre dentro, que razón tiene señor Coelho,.
    Un saludo a todos los amigos.
    Señor Coelho su mente me fascina.

    www. Conchi Sadaba “la Busqueda” aquí­ pueden leer gratis mi libro.

  39. Yen Baet says:

    The best part for me is in the sharing; it completes the growth.
    Thank you for always saying the right things at the right time.

  40. Cynthia Pugh says:

    Should I write, have I really anything to say that has not been said before. Or am I deluded into thinking that I am greater than I actually am. Was my mother right? Why do I want to write? God knows I have tried to do my best, but is my best good enough? Being invisible is so,so, easy. Being visible is like shouting from the rooftops Here I am!
    Thank you again for your inspiration

  41. toñi says:

    Hola Paulo,
    muy interesante y bonito el texto.
    En España está ocurriendo algo muy triste y los medios informativos no quieren hablar del asunto. Los bancos han estafado a millones de personas con algo que se llama participaciones preferentes, han engañado y estafado a familias humildes y ancianos, les hicieron firmar unos planes de ahorro asegurados y garantizados que han resultado ser participaciones preferentes y han bloqueado los ahorros de millones de familias, esos contratos tení­an una cláusula de perpetuidad y no les dan su dinero. La plataforma se está movilizando para defender los intereses de los ciudadanos y se están realizando manifestaciones por toda España. Es una vergüenza lo que está ocurriendo en España. Es una vergüenza que les hallan robado a millones de familias todos los ahorros de sus vidas. Y es una vergüenza que quieran tapar este asunto. Yo soy una de las afectadas en esta estafa, pero hay personas que han perdido mucho más que yo, hablamos de millones de euros que están flotando por ahí­ en una estafa virtual, esto es peor que “”la piramide”. Solo deseo hacer llegar esta información a través de este blog para que se sepa lo que está ocurriendo en España. Nos apoyan Adicae la Plataforma de Afectados. Gracias por leer este mensaje.

  42. EglÄ— says:

    Thanks. This is what is needed and when is needed.

  43. Iris Dahle says:

    Thank you so much for your wisdom. And most of all for sharing. Love

    Jesus gikk en dag ut i en båt på Generesaretsjí¸en og talte til folket som stod på strandbredden. Han sa: En såmann gikk ut for å så, og idet han sådde, falt noe av såkornet ved veien , og fuglene kom og åt det opp. Noe falt på steingrunn, og det vokste snart opp fordi det ikke hadde dyp jord. Men i soltí¸rken ble det svidd av og visnet. Noe falt blant ugras, og ugraset vokste opp og kvalte det. Men noe falt i god jord og bar fruk, noe 100 foll, noe 60 foll og noe 30 foll.

    Siden forklarte Jesus lignelsen slik: Såkornet er Guds ord. Når noen hí¸rer ordet og ikke forstår det, kommer den onde og tar det som har blitt sådd i hjertet hans. Det er såkornet som falt langs veien. Det som ble sådd på steingrunn, det er den som hí¸rer ordet og straks tar imot det med glede, men blir det fare eller forfí¸lgelse, faller han straks fra. Det som ble sådd blant ugras, det er den som hí¸rer ordet, men bekymringer for denne verden og rikdommens fristelse kveler det, så det blir uten frukt. Men det som ble sådd i den gode jord, det er den som hí¸rer ordet og forstår det. Han gjemmer det i sitt hjerte, og det bí¦rer frukt.

    (Matt 13, 1-23, Luk 8, 4-15)

  44. Aru says:

    Respected Sir,
    I just came across your blog. And do I need any REASON to like it? Its yours! I so loved it, you know. You’re one of my most favourite authors and also one of those who inspire me. Your writings always leave a life-changing impact on your readers and being one of them, I’ve already started experiencing it.
    Read your book, ‘The Zahir’. Its so far the best book I’ve ever read. I’m just 19, but I’m glad I read your work, it’ll continue inspiring me throughout life.

    Good day ahead. :)

  45. Lissy RV says:

    Esto es tan cierto!. En la vida hay que esperar por esas cosas que uno quiere, que a veces se toman su tiempo, porque no todo va de prisa, pero hay que luchar por ellas porque cuando menos esperas se te presenta y absolutamente todo tiene su tiempo bajo este cielo.

  46. Such a concise and beautiful post. Yesterday, i was thinking about point 1, the ploughing the field part. I thought this is the greatest lesson we can teach our children- not to conclude or think they know how life works, but to be open to receive and change. Because the moment you think, ‘this is it’, i know this is how it works, you stop growing. More the ploughing, more you are becoming open to receive inputs.
    Today morning as i read this post, i felt you had read my thoughts. It’s surprising. Many times i have had this experience with Paulo Coelho’s posts.

  47. Anita says:

    This is so true! What point is there to plant your seed and let it grow within you.. keeping it within you? It’s for us to share. Our gifts given to us, by God, are to be given to the world.

    Thankyou so much Paulo! I feel like I understand it now.


  48. Candice says:

    Wow; left speechless; how so does what you say resonate with me; I so wish this to be true; thank you Paulo for your genuinity, heartfelt and inspirational words.

  49. nina ramirez says:

    Una reflexión exelente! tenacidad y paciencia, madurar, compartir..Cualidades que hacen al individuo, sabio y exitoso!!
    Muchas gracias por compartir su experiencia y sabidurí­a.
    Un gran beso y muchas bendiciones para usted y los suyos!!

  50. Leandro says:

    This text is wonderful!

    Life is a constant change, we can not be stopped in time, what we thought yesterday, is not equal to what we think today, and certainly not equal to what we will think tomorrow.
    We are constantly changing, no two days are alike.

    We reap what we sow, love, hate, patience, compulsion. We are the creators of our lives.

    As artists in the world, we must share our artwork with others.

    I leave here my homage to Van Gogh and Franz Schubert. Both died young.
    While they were alive, were seen as failures, which could hardly be sustained.
    How much were alive, never had his work recognized.
    After his death, are among the greatest geniuses of mankind.

    It is with great regret that I make this tribute.
    It would be nice if they could hear or read what people think about them today.

    He died without knowing they have achieved their personal legend.