Books call out with love

I don’t always choose the books I read. They usually choose me, calling out to me from the shelf of a bookstore and I often buy them without knowing why. Each one always leaves me with something important, though. I recently opened a few volumes from my small library for no apparent reason. Below are some of the passages that I underlined when I first read them.

Epithet and Control: “Of all the things that exist, some are within our reach, and some are not. Those that are within our reach are the thoughts, impulses and desires, that is, whatever the result is of our own actions. But there are things that arise that we cannot interfere with, and in those cases, we must look with wisdom to know what is going on.

What disturbs the spirit of man are not the facts, but the decisions we make about them. Do not pray for everything in life, follow the path of your will. Pray that things happen as they need to happen, by doing so, things will be much better than what was expected.”

Manuel Bandeira and the River:
Be like the river that overflowed
Silent in the night
Do not fear the darkness of night
If there are stars in the sky, reflect on them
And if the heavens are full of clouds
It is as the river, the clouds are water
I thought of them too without sorrow
And felt the depths of calm.

Chico Xavier and one text: “When you can overcome serious relationship problems, do not remember the difficult times, but think of the joy of having gone through that phase in life. When you escape a serious accident, do not be thinking about the trauma it may have caused, but of the miracle that helped you get away. When walking away from a health scare, do not think of the suffering that was faced, but the blessing of God that allowed the cure. Make sure you put in your memories of life the good things that emerged in the midst of difficulties. They are a testament to your ability to win races and will give you confidence… which will help in any situation, at any time, before any obstacle.”

Khalil Gibran and the Art of Giving: You say, “I give, but only to those who deserve it.” “Trees do not say that, nor do the flocks. They give so they can continue living; to retain is to die. He who is worthy to win God’s day and night is also worthy of getting everything he needs. He who deserves to drink from the ocean of life deserves to fill his bowl from the little stream…
Why demand that a man expose his heart and reveal his pride, so that you can decide whether he deserves help? Seek, rather, see if you deserve to. And you, who receives these things, do not assume any debt of gratitude, lest they create a loop domain with their benefactors. If we become too concerned with these debts, we will end up doubting the end of the generosity of the earth and the Father “” and that was really where these donations came from.”


  1. Ujjwal says:

    your books and blogs have had an deep impact in my life , after reading your books and articles , my way of thinking , my perception , my vision , the way I used to take tings that are going around me have completely changed , I may not write much how deep impact is on me :). But i just wanna say Thank you to u …… and you are the best :).

  2. Sofia says:

    mr Coelho I also feel like a river and the important things in my life just appeared in my way one usual day full of routine… I follow the signs but the reason that i am writing this comment is because I want to thank you…your books have inspired me very much… well, I haven’t written something special but sometimes the word ”thank you” is enough :) take care and don’t forget that you have many many people around the world that send you positive energy.. I am one of them :)

  3. Lia says:

    It’s really hard living beside people that really don’t think this way, and when we have nothing to give and show them the example of our own will. It’s hard, not impossible.
    I know to be in the position t need help it something no one wants. I would just like to have more, to be able to give more. Maybe if i had the chance i would run away, so maybe this is really for the best. Ti give my words and to be a messenger is also my path, i pray for the way to be as it must be, to fulfill my own path.

  4. Fenny says:

    Mister Paulo, what book is the “Epithet and Control”? Who is the Author?

    1. Ricardo Segundo says:

      I think the the first quotation is from is Epictetus, a Roman Stoic, disciple of Seneca. You can read more on his work on Wikipedia or try to get one of the books written by his disciples (as he never wrote his thoughts).
      Try reading the points 1, 4 and 6 from this website:

      They are slightly different from the quotation you wanted to find (remember, as this texts were hand-written in Latin and have reached our time usually in bad shape, their interpretation is dubious and there are several possible translations).
      Hope I have helped you

  5. Vié says:

    Je laisse ces quelques lignes, aller au grès du vent, secrétement je voudrais
    envoyer la conclusion de mon premier livre í  M. Cuelho. pour qu’il me guide,
    comme mon coeur m’a guidé.
    Il ya un an j’ai découvert Mahktub par hasard, míªme si pour moi le hasard n’existe pas, je l’ai lu et j’ai eu besoin rapidement de le faire partager.
    Comme j’ai besoin maintenant de continuer í  écrire mon livre, un modeste
    essai sur les sentiments que sont l’enthousiasme, la joie le bonheur, le doute, la colère et l’amour. Ce sont ces sentiments qui me caractérisent le plus.
    Hier j’étais plein de conviction, et aujourd’hui remplis d’hésitation.
    Mais c’est avec ferveur, que je continue cet essai. je n’attends aucun résultat,
    j’espère. Depuis 3 jours je suis tourmenté, mais maintenant je vis dans un bien-íªtre, une plénitude qui m’emplit de courage. Courage qui m’a pourtant souvent manqué. surtout pour affronter mes peurs.
    Pour soumettre mes écrits í  M. Cuelho, doit-il falloir écrire í  son éditeur? Si oui envoyé moi ces coordonnées.
    Je remercie d’avance la personne qui lira ces quelques lignes, et qui les transmettra.
    Inch’Allah …

  6. Cynthia says:

    A link to Kahil Gibran’s The Prophet to read online

    Just wanted to share


  7. jackienoriega says:


  8. Maria says:

    Todos lindos.
    Maravilhoso Chico Xavier, estava lendo umas coisas dele esses dias.

  9. Gerda says:

    Thanks, Mr. Coelho,
    for WHO you are…
    for the beautiful sentences you bring…
    for the happiness throughout your words…
    for the hope that I discover in each of your thoughts…
    for the message of unconditional love in your heart…
    for the spirit and soul in all of your messages…

    You have been given a very special role here on earth…
    This is no doubt. This is a certainty.
    Sometimes, we meet angels on earth.
    I’m sure, YOU ARE ONE OF THEM !

  10. aisha ronquillo says:


  11. Jonathan says:

    Lebanese writer Kahlil Gibran is another one of my favourite author. I often use his take on children whenever I console parents who has no answers to the out-of-control kids.
    Gibran wrote :
    “Our children are never our children. Like arrows, we can point them the directions where we intend, and with our strength, draw the bow strings to aid the flight. But where the arrows land, we do not know.

  12. LoveM says:

    If books make/leave an impression.. are you not the One.. who is depressed;?
    Power.. is in our perception.. with every belief we give some of that power away..
    Every thought word and book we believe or buy into is paid for with our lost of freedom and our power of perception.. BUT please don’t believe a word I say:)

  13. Yacoob says:

    After many years in the reading wilderness, I’ve rediscovered my love of reading. Tell me, have you read “The Road to Mecca” by Muhammad Asad / Leopold Weiss?

    I found that an amazing story rich in descriptions and insights…the best I’ve read in very, very long.

  14. afshin goftari (iranian) says:

    write about an ugly girl that no one loves her and she decides to ..

  15. Aru says:

    Exactly the same thing happens with me too, sir. Every book I read called out to me the time I bought it. There are people who don’t understand this connection. Connection between one and the book that calls out.

    Every paragraph you shared here with us is precious. Helps us in a numerous ways. Thank you from the depth of my heart. For being Paulo Coelho. My inspiration. My guide.


  16. jnana says:

    Beautiful quotations! :)

  17. toñi says:

    a mi me ocurre algo especial con los libros porque leer es mi pasión. A veces sonrí­o al pensar que lo peor que me pudo pasar en el colegio es que me enseñaran a leer y escribir. Siempre que compro un libro me dejo llevar por mi instinto: voy caminando y, de repente, me paro de golpe. No sé porqué razón, entonces busco la razón y …mis ojos miran un escaparate ..esa es la razón. Entro y cojo el libro en mis manos, si siento felicidad o alegrí­a espontánea…entonces lo compro. Sé que ese libro me va a dar un mensaje importante para mi. Así­ es como funciona mi instinto a la hora de elegir mis libros. Luego a veces vuelvo a coger esos libros en mi casa, a veces han pasado un par de años desde la última vez que lo leí­ y el libro vuelve a enseñarme cosas nuevas. Yo y el libro hemos cambiado, yo no soy la misma y el libro tiene cosas nuevas que enseñarme. Nunca un libro sigue siendo el mismo ni nosotros tampoco. Es curioso y divertido pero es así­. La relacción que tengo yo con mis libros es una relacción muy especial, casi familiar. Da risa ¿verdad?

  18. rachel says:

    I was saddened to know about the death of a young girl who died from a disease, who was called away from life, into the Lord’s presence. Well, when someone dies, people say may their Soul rest in peace. Well, that is the truth…all our lives are a journey of Souls.Though we are humans from outside, we have a living soul in us.Each one of us have it. In our life, when we turn back to see, till date do we realise how many souls care for us,in the form of parents, family, teachers, loved ones, friends and well wishers.And we all exist not only with the help of the basic requirements such as food,air,water or any other need.We need to realise that we as living Souls have a short period on earth.Do good,the good comes back to you.Love unconditionally.Bless with all your heart.Help with a cheerful heart.Forgive, and give.Whatever you gain on this Earth, the power, the possessions, the pride and the wealth will fade as God calls you, yet your Soul would want to rest in peace.Everyone has a soul in them,which would want love,care, joy and peace.Be not selfish and live and let live.Always remember, never to hurt the Soul who loves us and care for us, no matter what. No one is paid for whatever love,care and joy we receive.When some soul( parents,siblings, family ,loved ones,true friends)cares about you,remember its their time of their life that they share with you.Life is too short to regret.When you pray to God, he speaks to you through his spirit and since you have a soul, you hear it and since the soul has a heart, you feel it! Life is so short for a tug of war and its not short for a sky gliding!Meaning life is too short…live it happily.Be the reason for someone’s smile(remembering everyone has a soul inside them).

  19. Candy says:

    When I was a kid, probably from 6 until 11, one of my favourite things to do was go into the school library and find a new book; t was like a magical world to me, both the book and the library. I can still feel the smell of the old pages and the joy of reading Hansel and Gretel. Now that I think about it, I think I’d just reach my arm out to a book radomly and hope to love it.

  20. Psalmbody says:

    I find it natural to rest expectation and embody the spirit that does not badger or even await the nudity of one’s need. At times, the disrespect and denial of any receivers operating from fearful pride has hurt enough to almost make artifice of that nature. Hafiz’ suggestions from an earlier post not to offer my love to the unwelcoming, however incognito, could’ve served many years sooner. Gratefully, the strength training lesson was an able, more timely servant. Then came healing (the call for which many books have called back with), balance and tune-ups like this. Such is Life and I Love it.

  21. rasha says:

    enchanting, humbling.. my favorite of all time.. “the prophet”..
    that is one book to which i go back often..
    and every time, there is something new to uncover..
    i want to tell the story of a woman, a relative of jibran.. a distant relative..
    the story starts in the early 1900s..
    would you be interested in helping me tell her story?

  22. Annie says:

    Since you spoke about Bandeira and the river, I distinctly remember the day “The Valkyries” called to me so many years ago and skipped school and went straight to a cafeteria and started reading.. red-orange cover of a sunset in the purple-lighted desert..some lines i underlined back then “the clouds are rivers that already know the sea.” and a favorite part :”We are not alone. The world is changing, and we are a part of the transformation. The angels guide us and protect us. Despite all the injustice in the world, and despite the things that happen to us that we feel we don’t deserve, and despite the fact that we sometimes feel incapable of changing what is wrong with people and with the world, and despite all of the Grand Inquisitor’s arguments- love is even stronger, and it will help us to grow. Only then will we be able to understand the stars and miracles.”

    Love and Gratitude

  23. Edni says:

    The first time I ever experienced this was with your book “The Alchemist”. I had a list of books I wanted to purchase but your book spoke to me. It was exactly what I needed at that time. I am happy to say that your words helped abandon a lifestyle that held me back and helped form the person that I am today. A person in persuit of her dreams. A person I am proud of. I believe that the world does give you what you need without you even knowing it. I’m not sure if you’ll ever read this but I just wanted to say thank you for your words. Thank you for sharing what you have learned from your jounrneys. It’s amazing how a split minute decision to buy a book can change your life forever.

    1. dhans says:

      Very True….We never know what will happen..

  24. Eric says:

    The Queen of the Fairies speaking to a fledgling magician visiting her realm: “There are only two worlds – your world, which is the real world, and other worlds, the fantasy. Worlds like this are worlds of the human imagination: their reality, or lack of reality, is not important. What is important is that they are there. These worlds provide an alternative. Provide an escape. Provide a threat. Provide a dream, and power; provide refuge, and pain. They give your world meaning. They do not exist; and thus they are all that matters.” -Neil Gaiman, The Books of Magic

  25. David says:

    I am often influenced by the book I just finished reading when selecting the next thing…the previous work may have provided a strong emotional response (or not) or been intellectually challenging (or not) or been from a time period/genre I am more eager (or not) to read about…for example, I finished slogging through the final volume of Livy in print and was ready to move into something else and found myself starting Jorge Semprun’s Literature or Life, which is a very challenging and rich work. After reading Semprun, I am deciding between Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks and Robert Musil’s The Man without Qualities….but who knows, maybe something else will leap out at me from the shelf tonight…

  26. Marie-Christine says:

    Books. What do they evoke?
    A nice world where my imagination can freely go.
    Where I can hardly wait to turn the next page hanging on into each word.
    It has so much meaning.
    It is something personal between you and the book.
    You find yourself completely absorbed with the content and start establishing your relationship in it, how you view it, how you are going to respond towards it.

    A book is a mystery.
    Often you don’t want it to finish and you are going to have to switch off the light soon and can’t wait until you wake up the next morning to continue . I don’t want to do anything else during that period but read.

    At the library –
    I look at the cover and I discover.
    I flick through a few of the pages. Often, I read the last pages first too.
    I have find myself reading and finishing a small book taken out from the shelf . Have you ever had that experience or that also of being in a room waiting for an appointment .
    There are a few books on display or short stories there, And after the appointment is over ,returning to the seat to finish the story or making notes, writing little bits and pieces of what is said I particularly liked about.

    I underline some of the passages in some texts that have touched me , sometimes to check a word I don’t know the meaning or for future reference.

    I used to read a lot of biographies before,. then it lead to other books.

    When I am comfortably seated onto the sofa, I found solace and peace with a book in my hand,
    It’s very seldom that I dislike a book,

    Books help me to find my place in the world.
    It’s a world of its own, One where you enter alone and come out often feeling like a million dollars.

    That’s the magic stronghold of books.

  27. Olga says:

    Y la atea estudió ciencias de la comunicación. De todos he aprendido algo en mi vida y quisiera que ellos pudieran decir eso de mí­ aunque sé que algunos no lo harán.

  28. Olga says:

    Luis Enrique: “Esta vida es igual que un libro, cada página es un dí­a vivido”.

    Supongo que los primeros libros que leí­, puras enciclopedias, me escogieron a través de mi papá pues estos eran los libros que a él le gustaban y a mí­ también me gustaban mucho y aún disfruto ese tipo de lecturas. En su trabajo tuvo que leer bastante de quí­mica, que siempre le encantó, pues se le ocurrió crear fórmulas para hacer azulejos con tierras nacionales y así­ bajar costos en la fábrica en la que trabajó como gerente de producción. A mí­ me encantaba leer también todo lo que eran cuentos, leyendas y todo tipo de narraciones, pero bueno, también tengo que admitir que leí­a hasta las cajas de cereal pero no me habí­a percatado de que realmente me gustaba leer hasta que uno de mis hermanos me dijo que yo leí­a mucho, pues salió de la casa un largo rato y al regresar yo aún estaba leyendo y él notó que eso pasaba frecuentemente. Hay gente que simplemente no se ve con un libro de literatura en las manos y él es uno de esos aunque le encantan los libros de ingenierí­a electro-mecánica. Mientras que mi hermano mayor es ingeniero civil pero también se muere por los libros de Historia, es un enfermo, se sabe la historia de toda la pelota del mundo pero me da risa pues tiene algunas excentricidades como, por ejemplo, es intolerante con algunas culturas actuales como la hindú, (que no conoce in situ) y no sólo la cultura sino que rechaza el concepto que tiene en su cabeza de lo que es esa religión y todas las religiones que no sean la católica, pues es muy católico. ¿? Y para qué te cuento, mi familia es una ensalada -que yo no me comerí­a-. Van así­, de menor a mayor, el nazi, que no terminó la universidad, luego estoy yo, ingeniera agrónoma, luego la esclavista, también ingeniera agrónoma, a ésta, ahí­ la voy llevando, luego la atea que odia a los católicos, luego el electro-mecánico con actitudes de inquisidor pero sin el contenido de fondo, puro aire, que es uña y carne con la atea, luego el ingeniero civil quien resulta que es sandinista, y de todos ellos ¿con quién crees que me llevo más o menos? Con el mayor. No puedo decir que no se aprende algo cada dí­a.

  29. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    I recently stopped reading. It was horrible habit, and the side effects and interactions were cruel. I began to understand things. I got ears bleed. At first I thought it would be by writing. No, these are the headaches. I can deal with. But these printed letters are so terribly mean. At the last book attacked me an A. This has bitten me in the eye, then in the nose. I said never again. The situation had not improved as well. The letters began rioting in the night. I could not sleep anymore. What should I do? I could not chase the poor letters to the gremlins. Right now I have them locked up in a children’s book. I hope they feel comfortable there. Reading is terrible. Be carefull. I can only advise everyone not to start reading.

    I wish you all a peaceful night

  30. Gerlinde Keating says:

    Chico Xavier and one text: “When you can overcome serious relationship problems, do not remember the difficult times, but think of the joy of having gone through that phase in life. When you escape a serious accident, do not be thinking about the trauma it may have caused, but of the miracle that helped you get away. When walking away from a health scare, do not think of the suffering that was faced, but the blessing of God that allowed the cure. Make sure you put in your memories of life the good things that emerged in the midst of difficulties. They are a testament to your ability to win races and will give you confidence… which will help in any situation, at any time, before any obstacle.”

    I have been approaching life this way. It is not always easy but I found out many years ago that it can be done.

  31. Savita Vega says:

    This is why I love large libraries, the kind one finds in universities, filled with thousands of volumes. In such libraries, there are usually numerous shelves on the first floor, filled with hundreds of books – the new releases, along with the most popular books, the books that everyone is reading and talking about now. But, then, if one takes the time to look, there is always a doorway somewhere – usually tucked away around some corner, or down some hallway – the door to an elevator leading up to the other floors, ascending to that great labyrinth of the human soul, which they call “the stacks.”

    Here, there are many thousands of books, both old and new, stacked row upon row, shelf upon shelf, floor upon floor – so many books that, if one were to be locked inside this labyrinth for a lifetime, one could not possibly read them all. And here, if you come an hour before closing time on a Tuesday night, or perhaps on a sunny Sunday afternoon – during anytime that is a slow time, when people are too preoccupied with other elements of life to concern themselves with books – you will find, perhaps, that you are alone, the only one on the entire floor. And you will know this because the lights will be off the moment you step off the elevator – the entire floor will be dark, because the lights are set with motion sensors, to save energy.

    And so, as you step off the elevator, into this shadowy maze of books, and see the elevator door close behind you, it is not without some sense of trepidation – you think immediately, “My God, I’m alone up here. No one would even hear me if I screamed.” And then the lights in the aisle you’re standing in flicker on, and there is this unnerving florescent buzz directly above your head, which only adds to your sense of isolation. But you look at the lighted numbers by the door through which you just entered and realize that the elevator is already gone on to some other floor – it is too late to turn back now. And, so, you stand there, for a moment, staring at the wall of books looming before you and above you, and knowing that, behind that, is another wall, and another, and another….

    Quietly, timidly, at first, you set out to explore this great labyrinth before you, taking care not to step too loudly, as the echoes of your own footsteps on the tile floor might frighten you. And, as you round the corner, the lights behind you flicker off and those before you flicker on, and this, at least, gives you some sense of peace – to know that your path, whichever path you may choose, is lighted, even if the rest of the labyrinth rests in utter darkness. All you have to do is concentrate on that which is lit before you, and forget what might lurk in the shadows all around you. Don’t think of what’s in the next row over, or the one beyond that – just keep your mind fixed on the books right before you, those bathed now in light, those bursting to life before your eyes.

    But don’t think too much, don’t concentrate too hard – that’s the trick! Best not to have come here with any particular book in mind, not searching for anything preconceived, not expecting to find anything, but only waiting – waiting, yourself, to be found, by one of these hundreds of volumes. And trusting that it will find you – that the books themselves are alive with a sort of knowing, as though they themselves were sensate beings, with wills and purposes all their own. And all you have to do is listen. Because it really is more like that – more like listening, than searching. The eyes have nothing to do with it. The titles mean nothing. In this quest, your intellect is a worthless tool; it will only inhibit you, if you employ it. So listen, instead. Quiet your mind, and listen with your very soul. And, if you do, you will hear it: some book calling out to you.

    At first, the voice may be very small, even very away. You may have to wonder down numerous aisles, past thousands of other books, in order to find it. But, no doubt, you will hear it, and, if you follow it, that voice will eventually lead you to a particular row, a particular shelf, and finally to the spine of a particular volume. And somehow you will just know it – you’ll sense it – that this is the book that has been calling out to you, this is the book, among all these thousands of volumes, which has something to say to you. And you may well be shocked, because, when you read the title, you may find that it denotes a subject which is of little or no interest to you. Perhaps you read only fiction, and this is a biography; or perhaps you love art history, and this is a book on the biology of birds. It doesn’t matter. Don’t let this deter you.

    Open it up. But again, not too carefully, not too purposefully. Let your own will subside, and simply let the book open itself to you as it will – just let it fall open to the page it wishes to reveal. And there begin to read, with an open mind and an open heart, begin to ingest this special message meant just for you. Let your soul open to it and absorb it wholly. And, standing at the center of this labyrinth all alone, know that you have been found. Know that you are never truly lost, or alone. There may be darkness all around you, but you are standing always in the center of this circle of light. And in this circle, there is a voice that can always reach you, a voice that has something very important to say to you… if only you are listening.

    Books. Books can be magical like that.

    1. David says:

      Can I recommend The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel to you?

    2. Savita Vega says:

      Thank you, David.

  32. Mike Hopkins says:


    This happens to me also at times. Sometimes, I just keep looking at a book in my bookcase and open it to a page with exactly what I need to hear that moment. I used to visit bookstores and my eyes would fix on one book each time I passed. I would always buy the book and find it had a message for me. Actually this happened with one of your early books many years ago.

    Take care,

  33. Elisa says:

    Holy Cow! :)
    Not just a sign, but direct quotes! hehe
    Thank you.

  34. rico says:

    These are really hard to digest..

  35. I agree. I’ve never picked a book. Some times I go into a bookstore to purchase something in particular and leave with something else because it spoke to me.

  36. Isn’t it an amazing thing, the way when we least expect it, messages are communicated to us!!

    This has happened to me so many times, funny how I come across passages in a magazine, books, believe it or not, I have sat beside people having a conversation (coffee shop or a bus), at some point, one of them will say something, something that at that particular moment, gives me an answer, a strength I need. I just smile, look up and say “Thanks”.

    It is such a warm feeling, when we actually open our minds and listen, we are looked after, guided by a wonderful force, it is all around us!

  37. Shine says:

    Khalil Gibran gave me a food for thought. Quie interesting. Why don’t you mention the books from which they were taken. I will love to read them. Thanks. love Avantika

  38. Anagha says:

    Thank you for sharing these thoughts. As you said books choose you, I always get same feeling. 4 years back , I do not know who is “Paulo Coelho” and oone day i saw “The witch of portobello” in book store. I felt like , I have to read this book. I bought it and started reading. And I fall in love with all your books.
    Your books always help me . Thank you so much.

  39. Anna says:

    I also feel that the books choose their reader. And the strange thing is that this way, I get to read books that I would have never thought to bring in front of my eyes. I used to read a lot but not because I wanted to be a reader, but because the beauty of reading kept me continuing and devouring page after page while the hours were passing by, even when time was scarce and there were other priorities. I often wonder if books have a life of their own as they always attract us, the readers, with their writer’s wisdom and beautiful and “foreign” imagination. By reading the books that choose you, you get to know, even in a strange way, the beautiful mind of a person you might never know while the fantasy of the characters that now exist in your mind will always have an impact on you, influencing your perception of life, people or the society as a whole. By reading, you may get to see beyond the strings that move the society day after day and finally open your eyes. By reading, you get to exit the bubble you live in everyday and realize there is more about life than you cold possibly have imagined. And, in the end, we are not that different from one another even if our upbringing has been different, and in the end, our experience in life does not even matter when two persons, from different parts of the world and who have never met nor know about the existence of the other, manage to meet in the strange world of ideas, bringing forward the same view, the same explanation, but in a different language.



  40. Alexandra says:

    Definitely a collection of pure wisdom. Was wonderful reading them, touching. Thank you

  41. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Thank you dear Paulo, to share significant passages from your reading with us. Here is everything that feeds your great wisdom!
    For my part I remember a few phrases that catch my own sensibility:

    –“Pray that things happen as they need to happen, by doing so, things will be much better than what was expected.”
    Sometimes you have to let life, who chooses for you, and opens doors that you are foreign. Subsequently, we realize that this door has brought you to a light, we could not see staying on the threshold

    — “If there are stars in the sky, reflect on them
    And if the heavens are full of clouds
    It is as the river, the clouds are water”
    To be a mirror of calm water that reflects light and absorbs the stars brightness to warm up, and let reflect of clouds to go over water, with the current…

    –“do not remember the difficult times, but think of the joy of having gone through that phase in life”
    When a friend is leaving or when a love dies, we should have the moral strength to say, at least I had the great joy of having known him. When one is overwhelmed by the suffering of the missing is still very difficult

    –“He who deserves to drink from the ocean of life deserves to fill his bowl from the little stream…”
    I want to drink an ocean of life, of love, and of passions, i want to fell the warm of sun on my skin, and and drink the nectar of love. I will fulfill my ocean of love, with a tiny bottle drawn from al river and all the better if it takes me a lifetime!
    Merci Paulo, pour ce partage d’émotions littéraires.
    Paulo thank you for sharing this literary emotions.
    I wish you a good sweet day. Blessings and Love for you. M. Christine G.

  42. eleonora says:

    E’ meraviglioso perdersi fra le parole che si leggono di un libro ,specialmente quando chi ha scritto ha tutta l’intenzione di trasferire una profonda emozione!Grazie!

  43. eleonora says:

    Essere come il fiume che straripava
    Silenzioso nella notte
    Non temere le tenebre della notte
    Se ci sono stelle nel cielo, riflettere su di essi
    E se il cielo è pieno di nuvole
    E ‘come il fiume, le nuvole sono acqua
    Ho pensato a loro anche senza dolore
    E sentí¬ le profondití  di calma.

    1. eleonora says:

      Cií² che turba lo spirito dell’uomo non sono i fatti, ma le decisioni che prendiamo su di loro. Non pregare per tutto nella vita, seguire il percorso della tua volontí . Pregate che le cose accadono perché devono accadere, cosí¬ facendo, le cose andranno molto meglio di quanto ci si aspettava. “

  44. aicha says:

    love is giving without expecting anything in return,GOD gives us many good things even if sometimes we don t deserve it,man is khalifat god on earth ,he should give without asking if someone deserves it or not.
    God bless you Paulo.

  45. Iris Dahle says:

    Makes me think of how you came in to my life and shacked it upside down.. To the better tough……:)
    I was member of a book club and one of the first books I received was the Zahir.
    But it ended up in the bookshelf and was going to spend a long time there before I read it.
    The funny thing is that I took it out many times and I was going to read it but every time something happened, so it ended back in the shelf.
    About a year later, I was standing in the airport going on a holiday.
    I was going to the shop to buy a newspaper, but was drawn to the bookshelf. While I was standing there something was blinking in my eye from the shelf. I reached out and tok the book in my hand. It was the copper color on the cover that hit the spotlight in the ceiling and then reflected back to me.
    I just saw the title Witch of Portobello…… I didn’t noticed the author or anything , I just knew that this book was mine. And now it is. And its been read many times. And I want you to know that it saved me, in any way a person can be saved.
    And I know that it found me, in a small shop at the airport…
    And when I came home from the holiday I took Zahir out the shelf…….

  46. Haiku says:

    I experienced the same type of thing in 1998. A man found the book and began reading the book. When he finished reading, he left the book on the back seat of a cab. A young executive found the book in the cab and read the book and left the book in the lobby of their office. The janitor found the book, read the book and left it on a bus. A woman found the book on the bus, read it and gave it to her nephew. Her nephew read the book and gave it to his girlfriend…..

    I (the girlfriend) read the book and it made an enormous impact in my life. I passed the book onto my relative. The book: The Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield. I love how this particular book traveled in and out of the lives of strangers and connected us all!

  47. Natasha Novínsky says:

    Paulo…Deixo aqui minha ultima postagem,espero que goste…
    Havia um Sábio Rei, que por toda a sua vida procurou por uma resposta para a sua alma e coraí§í£o. Quando já estava cansado e sem forí§as para prosseguir em sua busca, ele recebeu uma mensagem que dizia:
    Volte ao calor de seu reino de origem, pois nele habita a Dama que carrega o Sol em seus cabelos, a cor da Paixí£o em seus lábios, e um Rio cheio de mistérios em seu corpo…Ela te mostrará o caminho para as portas que ainda faltam ser abertas…Deixe o seu coraí§í£o te guiar, com certeza vocíª há encontrará! Tá grá agam ort…

  48. Erika says:

    I think this is one of my favorite blog entries. The Alchemist chose me one day, and since then literature of all kinds choose me..because I now allow it, and I accept each one with fresh mind and open eyes.