30 SEC READING: The power of the words

Illustration by Ken Crane

by Priya Sher

Two young kangaroos were playing in the forest when they fell into a very deep pit. They tried to jump out but couldn’t jump high enough to get out of the hole.

Meanwhile, a big group of kangaroos started gathering above the pit – the pit was very deep and the gathered onlookers shouted to the two young kangaroos that it was impossible for them to get out. The older one of the two kangaroos heard the disheartening words of the spectators and after a while gave up and fell asleep, whilst the younger kept jumping and trying harder.

Finally, he managed to jump out of the hole – the spectators were shocked and asked the kangaroo,
“When we had told you so many times that it was impossible to get out, what was the reason that you tried even harder?”

The kangaroo was shocked because as he was partially deaf. He told them:
“Looking at all of you standing there cheering me gave me the strength to succeed in my mission of getting out of the pit.”

Always remember the affect your words have on others.

To read the full story, please visit Priya Sher’s Blog


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  2. Schniepsi says:

    … what do we say to our children …

  3. Dave C says:

    Great quick example of the power of encouragement, and the power of negativity. I have been wondering how to define for myself the nature of a Warrior of the Light, and this sets a clear example for me. With Power comes responsibility. We all possess power, A warrior of the light must use that power for the encouragement of fellow participants in their respective journeys.

  4. Matthew says:

    Words are magic and can change lives… Thank you for your amazing books like the alchemist.
    I just finished witch of Portobella today. Really powerful the preconceived notions I had and where my mind went with it.
    Also Warrior of the Light I randomly open from time to time as a guide to helping me through difficult times in my life to push forward. Always your books end up in my hands randomly from friends and loved ones and I never refuse to read them. Thank you for guiding my spirit through your writings. Words really do have power.

  5. Andy says:

    I endeavor to be deaf to the negative comments aimed at me, by choice and not by disability.

  6. David says:

    A Word can be a Balm in need…

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  8. zubia says:

    Totally agree with you Roshan.word can build you and same time can kill you and some one else un intentionally,so we all should use them cautiously………………………..


    IF ALL THIS WORLD listened would be different.
    The mistranslation SORRY I DO NOT SPEAK SPANISH English only.

  10. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Je crois au pouvoir des mots, de ceux qui me poussent vers le cí´té positif de la vie. C’est ce que je trouve dans les livres, et les ví´tres, en particulier. Je souffre probablement comme ce jeune kangourou d’une surdité ou d’une cécité partielle, ce qui me permet de faire un tri sélectif dans les phrases qui défilent devant mes yeux, pour ne garder que celles qui me conduisent vers la lumière. Je n’ai aucun mal í  ignorer les autres, et laisser l’obscurité envahir ma vie serait contre ma nature. Il est bien assez difficile de cotoyer la souffrance et la mort au quotidien, pour poursuivre ce chemin lors des moments de lecture et de détente. Dans vos livres, je retrouve ce chemin de lumière, et parfois j’y vois danser mes soeurs, comme dans Brida, ma préférée, ce qui me donne l’envie de danser avec elles. Je souhaite í  tous ceux qui aiment ses mots, de découvrir ce chemin de lumière, et de sortir de leur ténèbres. MCh.G

  11. ROSHAN says:

    Thanks a lot Sir for your all your inspiring readings. Words can uplift someone or tear someone down. We should all be conscious of our words – sometimes we unconsiously say things that not only impact negatively on others and on ourself. Love you all

  12. varah says:

    nice painting Ken. all the dreamy colours are there.
    & a nice nice nice story……………

  13. Nithya Venkat says:

    Enthralled by the power of your words through many of your thought inspiring books. Looking forward to reading many more of your works.

  14. Satyabrata Barik says:

    Very nice story ,truely inspirng .

  15. https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/s720x720/420547_261358567275395_100002037607112_571397_1561246674_n.jpg

    Pictured above: My favorite book (11 Minutes), and by side, my writing sketches. There are no words to explain the influence that your books had in my life, Paulo Coelho, and all the understanding I have today, and the wonderful fact that I have found my own Aleph, you take a share of blame in all of this. I just can thank you for everything, and wish too much positivity to you.. And I hope that one day, in a book fair somewhere, let us meet, and I’ll thank you personally for having my addiction started early by reading and, especially, writing. And my dedication, between many other helpers, will be to you, to be helping me always, in what I write and what I’ll share with the world. I say that with such conviction, for one reason: “When a person awakens to a great dream and throws about it the full force of his soul, all the universe conspires in your favor.” After all, ‘dreams and love are just words – until you decide to experience them.’

  16. eleonora says:

    in ogni posto ovunque..le storie si intersecano si avvicendano si assomigliano pur cambiando i personaggi..quel che conta è il significato che si nasconde dietro le parole piuttosto i personaggi e il loro aspetto.

  17. Klaydi Cake says:

    Hey Paulo,
    I was very recently introduced to your work by a way of fate i guess i would say. I became instantly a great fan of your work, “The Alchemist” especially. I had a question. Would you please recommend the best translated version of the English translated edition of “The Alchemist” ?