CoelhoOffice 11 – You are going to die in 30 days

Videocast #11 – Paulo Coelho talking about how the doctor told him that he was going to die in 30 days.

VIdeocast #11 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre como o médico lhe deu a notí­cia de que ele morreria em 30 dias.

Videocast #11 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca de como el doctor le dije que iba morir en 30 dí­as.


  1. Antes que nada Saludos y Felicidades por haber logrado una vida plena.
    que pocos logran!

    Te admiro por lo que eres como profesionista y debo desir eres un ejemplo para mi por que yo he decidio ser escritor tambien.

    A mis 19 años no pienso en la muerte, pero como soy hijo de padres viejos me dejo pensando este videovlog y acepte que tarde que temprano el ciclo de la vida hara de las suyas.

    En fin como dijiste que discutiras sobre algunos comentarios te pido que por favor tomes en cuenta lo que dire a continuacion.
    seria muy importante para tu audiencia joven que hablaras sobre la muerte en vida( ocio, desperdicio de tiempo, la falta de vivir el presente y la falta de amor por la vida)

    espero tu respuesta y me serviria de mucho tus palabras!
    sin mas que decir
    uno de tus tantos leectores!


  2. Shanda says:

    La vida es un sueño y en los sueños nunca morimos te das cuenta? siempre despertamos cuando creemos llegar al final, pero que en realidad resulta el inicio de algo nuevo, gracias por escribir Aleph que ya anunciaba este deseo tuyo de reafirmar tus ganas de vivir, gracias por elegir vivir y estar aquí­ compartiendo desde la dimensión del corazón… gracias por compartir este espacio tan intimo y profundo de tu vida..muchas gracias Om Ama Rani, Om Ama Rani, Om

  3. So relieved you are ok dear Paulo. Uffff um susto.

  4. Keith says:

    Two years ago I was told I was going blind. Thinking this was a long term slow process, I asked how long? I was told one year. I was devastated. Had I gone blind I would have ended my life as I could not cope with being blind.

    My vision started to dim. One year later I had flashing lights in one eye. Suspected detached retina. I was sent to hospital the next day. Yes, it was detached, but minor and I was told it would self-heal, if not come back.

    Was I going blind, I asked? I was told no.

  5. Paola Giannetti says:

    Dear Paulo, I have a question for you about death. You’ve written in “Diario de um mago” about facing the fear of death through an exercise given by your guide. How do you link that experience with that one occurred to you in November? Ciao, baci Paola

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      I did not think it was going to happen. THis is what the doctor said

  6. karin says:

    And thanks to your best friend who pushed you. It is a wisdom to read the sign seeded trough the life.
    Great work, hope you will teach us many many years more,
    Best wishes,

  7. Jessica says:

    When you face death it makes you leave more alive then ever that is my opinion anyway and then if I forget to live my life to the fullest it always happening something that remember me of that.
    Last year I was in a car accident and somehow I had angels watching over me nothing severe happened but the car demolished. That reminded me to dont take life for granted, I try to see each day as a blessing but sometimes I forget that too ;-) Love and light Jessica

  8. kayoung-christina kim says:

    I am delighted to see that everyting went well Paulo, Take good care of yourself Health is the most important.
    Gos bless you…..

  9. Irina Serban says:

    Prevention is better than curing…

    My father was well too, and never thought of doing a check up, and in april 2010 he had 2 heart attacks in 12 days, the second one almost costing him his life. he has 2 stents too, but unfortunately, they were put after the worst had happened. a third coronary is impossible to ‘fix’ in any way, and he still is in lots of pain… plus, he lost all his active lifestyle that he used to led before, he lost his serenity… And i think this is the hardest part of everything for him and for us: to know how he used to be and to see him aching but doing a supra human fight each and every day just to get to see another sunrise and to wait for us (me, my husband and my son–his dear nephew) to come home and spend time together

    i too, highly recommend doing the regular check ups: they can save your life, they can save your whole routine that we use to take for granted

    I’m so glad it all worked out as it did for you! All my love for you, dear Paulo!

  10. Adriana says:

    Dearest Paulo
    I wanted to take a look at the video since yesterday, but things turned out in a way I wasn’t able to do so. I’m really touched and I just understood how important you are in my life. While you were talking I realized the kind of love I feel for you is the same I feel for my son and my soulmate. I don’t understand why because sometimes I feel I’m just one more reader whose life you entered through your marvelous stories to stay there till the final minute. I know you would say there are no reasons to love and you’d be right. While seeing the video I felt this gust of fresh air moving inside me and I remembered your warmth and emotion the night I embraced you the way I had dreamed of doing when I saw you for the first time. Be blessed, my dear, and long life to you.

    1. Adriana, yo sentí­ lo mismo!

  11. Ya lo creo que lo que te hicieron es peligroso, se corre mucho riesgo pero como lo que te ocurre tiene riesgo también en ese momento hay que abandonarsea Dios y ponerse en manos de buenos doctores. Estoy muy contenta que haya pasado y que tu corazón funcione a las mil perfecciones quizás estos sustos sirvan para enseñarnos que debemos considerar que es lo que mas nos importa del camino y desechar las cosas que no tienen importancia.
    Estoy contenta que sigas con nosotros así­ como eres pues se que luego también vas a estar pero una vida cuesta mucho construirla y tú todo lo que has construido te ha llevado su tiempo, trabajo, saber elegir bien a quien te rodea.
    Yo también pido para ti y para mi, para todos que cuando nos vayamos sea así­, sin dolor, sin agoní­a pero queda mucho tiempo, hay que realizar muchos trabajos todaví­a.
    Un besito te veo el lunes

  12. Enrique says:

    Congratulations Paulo, I’m very happy you finally can tell us that experience,, and you´re with us, because you have to keep on learning more things of life., We need you Paulo. I think it has been a sign from heaven,. God wanted you to do this test, and we have to thank GOD. I have remembered with this story, the book “Vernonika decides to die”, and how death makes you appreciate life.Greetings from Galicia Paulo, we will always be with you, thank you.

  13. Susana says:

    To accept death, an,d simultaneously know we don’t yet want to leave, is freedom..I love the way you reviewed your life the night before the angoplasty and in particularly, the way you FIRST talked about love. The love you found with your wife, and the love you are still enjoying and living. I’m sure this love touches everything else.

    All the very best of health to you Paulo,

  14. CristinaB says:

    You and me had the same experience.
    But we both came out of it and can tell them now.
    this means that we are stronger.
    it’s a battle.
    anyway, thank you for sharing it.

  15. Joseph says:

    Dear Mr. Paulo,
    Thank you for the video. I,m just a guy from 55 years and i have too watch my lifestyle. I enjoy every day off my life, my kids and my wonderful wife. Your video make my alert to do things better with everything what i am doing.
    Fue un ví­deo muy emocionante

    Best greets, Joseph

  16. Jane Stewart (Dances With Crayons) says:

    God bless you dear Paulo and Christina, and thankyou dear Monica.
    Love and warm thoughts,
    Thankyou Angels

  17. Kealan says:

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  18. Ileana Rodriguez says:

    Paulo, eres mi inspiracion, mi fuerza en este camino, conocerte por medio de tus libros me dio la fuerza que necesitaba y conocerte en persona gracias a este blog me da la fuerza para seguir cada dia, y recordarme que los sueños se hacen realidad. Seguir este Buen Combate en busca de la realizacion e ironicamente para morir en paz. Por eso lo importante no es el destino si no el camino. Gracias Paulo por acompañarme en este camino.

    Dios te bendiga.

  19. Ricardo says:

    Olá Paulo. Sou um grande fí£ de toda a sua obra! Sempre comento com as pessoas sobre os seus livros, e digo que sempre que termino de ler algum dos seus livros, da vontade de sentar e trocar uma boa ideia com vocíª. É o mesmo sentimento com os videos do CoelhoOffice. Fico feliz que esteja bem! e espero que continue por muitos anos.

    Um grande abraí§o

  20. Belmusashi says:

    Dear Paulo,
    Thank you for sharing this experience that you have faced in your life.

  21. Cristina Maldonado says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Glad all went well. Allow me to recommend you a book by Andreas Moritz: “The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify and Rejuvenate Your Body”. Please do read it. It will help you with your health enormously.
    Best wishes,

  22. yo-yo says:

    ¡Me alegro muchí­simo de su rápida y milagrosa recuperación!

    En mi blog puse un enlace a un tema suyo y una foto, espero que no le importe.

  23. Haiku says:

    Once your doctor told you the prognosis, your response was “let me think” and the doctor replied “don’t think, ACT”. LOVE IT! The tragic loss of your best friend’s father moved you to get the test done. A loved one loss, is a loved one saved! Remain well dearest Paulo!


  24. Arto Hutto says:

    Thank you Paulo for sharing!
    Science saved a beautiful soul once again. It’s not your time yet to leave this place.
    Warm regards,

  25. Meer says:

    Thank you Paulo for the continued inspiration, and for honestly describing your experiences. As a doctor I wish you continued Health, and as an admirer continued success. Hope you cut down on the smoking as well, am told it doesn’t help. Regardless wish you the best. And thank you again.

  26. Empié says:

    Bien¡¡¡, y en paz…

    Viviste la vida que tú elegiste, lo demás no importa.

    Un saludo, me alegro de que estés bien.

    Hasta pronto.

    1. Empié says:

      Coño… ¡¡¡Vives¡¡¡ la vida que has elegido, joder, no me he terminado de enterar, jajaja.

      Menudo despiste tengo encima.

      En cualquier caso, me alegro de que sigas por aquí­.

      Hasta pronto.

  27. THELMA says:

    Thank God you are well, dearest Paulo Coelho!
    When I was 42 I heard the same sentence: ‘” If you do not have an operation immediately you will die”…. I did it and I am still alive. But since that moment I am not the same person any more. Facing death from one minute to the other, having still young children and dreams to fulfil it was a hard and difficult moment. For six months after that I was crying. I thought it was cancer and they did not want to tell me.. Thank God it was not, but the fear of cancer lies in our minds. From that time I have changed my priorities. I value more love, tenderness, peace, friendship, my family, the time spend with my children. But at the same time I have become harder.. I have decided not to let anyone hurt me, cheat me, take advantage of me or to be rude with me! I have also taught my children to live … without me, to be strong and independent. And I did it just by sitting backwards, watching them, guiding them but by letting them FREE to fulfill their dreams! I was not ready then to leave from this life.. Still there are some dreams of mine that are in my heart… Maybe next life! Of course, one of my dreams was to meet Paulo Coelho because when I was in the clinic then, a relative gave me as a present ” The Alchemist” , which has helped me start … dreaming again! I am happy that I have already met you twice, dearest Paulo Coelho and ‘when something happens once it may not happen again, but when something happens twice it will surely happen a third time’ !! We will see…
    Blessings and take care!
    Thelma xxx

  28. Danny says:

    What an unfortunate episode, Paulo.
    I’m taking some tests myself.
    You know karma goes both ways.
    Thank God for that, thank God for that.

    We’d be glad if you keep us updated on your health.
    Such an important life.

    Could you share more of your life and death visions?

    Love from your land, D.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      Dan, it was a FORTUNATE episode!

  29. Olta Canka says:


    I will never forget how scared I felt when I first heard about this news, but who can help Paulo’s surprises? :)
    Just wandering,, how come that death is so in love with you that comes to visit you from time to time? It is not the first time that you run such risks. Could it be something more for you to realize besides the fact of showing you how blessed you are, or is it just this?

    Love & Hugs

  30. cristina cabral says:

    Que bom que vc está vivo! Eu tenho muito que fazer nesta vida e muito bom saber que conto com seus livros para me insperar.

  31. Samuel~elViento~barreto says:

    your wifes words ~perfect! dont think,ACT!

  32. Amali says:

    Hi, someone could tell me the time of the Videocasts Berlin hour.

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      it is online 24 hr a day

  33. Amali says:

    Hi, someone could tell me the time of the Videocasts Berlin hour…
    Thanks! :D

  34. Yan says:

    Dear Paulo,

    I am just being very very selfish, but you can not die yet!!! Because I haven’t got the chance to see you yet!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
    Thanks god you live! Thanks god, who also takes my wish into consider. :D :D :D



  35. Thank You so much Paulo, for sharing this personal experience with all of us!!!

    Not only did you follow through with the test, but, you mentioned how you acted to get a second and third opinion! You acted and took the responsibility to follow thoroughly…

    I want to share the short version of a personal experience I had last summer…For about 1 week, I felt a pain in my abdominal area. It wasn’t anything major, so, I ignored it, thinking it will go away, probably muscle pain. Well, one afternoon, the pain was excruciating. I found myself crawled down on the bathroom floor, sweating. I was admitted in emergency…After a few tests, I was told I had a Kist in both ovaries, one had burst and that is why I was in pan. Now, they kept me in the hospital for over 1 week. In that week, not 1 doctor came to see me. They just kept taking blood tests without ever coming to see me to tell me my results. At some point, my pain became stronger, I called for help only to be told that unfortunately there was no one available to help me. I was hysterical, I started crying and told the nurse to prepare my file, I was calling my husband to come get me out, I wanted to go somewhere where I could be treated. My husband got there in 15 minutes…that is when I had 3 doctors with me. They injected me with morphine for the pain and told me that I needed surgery…They said I would be contacted by telephone in about 1 month with my surgery date…I got out 3 days later. I immediately went to see my gynaecologist. After an examination, he did confirm I had a kist, but, that I did not need the surgery. To be absolutely sure, he scheduled a complete examination at the Ovarian Cancer Specialists. Having noticed that I was worried, I was scheduled within 5 days….I was finally given a complete diagnosis of my situation, I was shown the pictures of my ovaries. The kists had passed naturally!!! The day I received this good news, I had a message on my machine from the first hospital where I had been admitted. They were calling for the date of my surgery!

    Please, everyone, if you feel that you are not completely satisfied with a diagnosis, please, always trust what you feel, trust your instincts, do research, gor for other opinions, doctors could make mistakes…

  36. Cristina B says:

    Esto ano tengo que ir a Santiago.
    yo me siento Super!!!!
    Dios te bendiga Paulo .
    I didn’t know if my spanish is good enough, so I’ll translate it.
    This year is the year of my pilgrimage to Santiago and I feel Super fine!!! I’m walking in the sky.
    God Bless you Dearest Paulo.

  37. Heart says:

    Thank God for Balloons!

    You have said before you often do not feel happy. This I hope you will feel before you die in peace. VIVA PAULO VIVA!!!


  38. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Like I said, I am very pleased that you are fine. It is a great Coelho office today. It touched me deep inside. Why? Because it is beautiful when a man can say such a thing about himself. To die in peace. If I should die today, I could not say that. But I’m 20 years younger than you and also hope to reach the biblical age of 64 . :-) I hope and pray that I can say that about me too if my day comes. I wish you a wonderful week too.

    And much love to all

  39. Storm says:

    Most people don’t want to think or talk about death. But I believe, you can only live a full and happy life if you do, if you are aware, that you can die any moment. If you realize that your life can end any second, it will give you the courage to fight for your dreams. And if you learn to accept death, you won’t afraid it anymore. This is how I see: That one must embrace Death first, to be able to embrace Life.

    I had a few close calls in my life already, even though I am only 25 years old. Once a car that speeded through the red light almost hit me, it only didn’t because in the last second, some invisible force pulled me back as I was stepping on the road. And that wasn’t the only time I miraculously just missed a disaster.

    And then, in the Summer of 2011, I set off to live my dream, my “personal story”, and traveled to India and Ladakh (or West-Tibet) for 50 days. It was the most amazing 50 days of my life. One part of the journey was to walk through the Himalaya for a week, and through a pass of 5100 meters height. I joined a company of travelers who headed the same way I wanted to go, and just showed up in the good place and time to make it possible for me.

    They had expensive, professional gear but I only had cheap ordinary clothes. I was in a bad financial situation, and could only travel there because of the generosity of some people who wanted to help me make my dream true. AS we walked, one day they told me, that every year more than 10 Nepali freeze to death on the passes there, because they don’t have proper clothing, a rain comes and their clothes get wet. My clothes were not waterproof either. I realized that if we are caught by rain, I may just die there, like those Nepali. But I didn’t care. I thought I rather take that risk than turning back now.

    Few days later we reached Shingu pass, which was one of the most powerful moments of my life. Past the pass we had to walk down a long glacier, and then into a valley. Not long after we left the glacier, tiny raindrops started to fall. I closed my eyes, and asked the mountains, to please hold it off until we reach the camp. And we did. I set up my tent and crawled inside as I could barely stand, and was ill from over-stressing. Just as I closed the tent the rain started to fall heavily.

    Next morning when I woke up, and heard that everyone is packing and is ready to go, the rain was still falling. I thought that if I have to walk in that rain, being this tired, weak and ill, I may still die. SO I just closed my eyes and started to talk to the mountains. I said:

    “I am in your realm. You rule life and death here. I acknowledge this, and walk in your valleys with respect. I know I could only get this far, and through the pass because you let me. But if I have to walk in this rain, my clothes get wet and I might die. Please, let me continue my journey in peace.”

    I opened my eyes, and just set there in silence. In less than a minute, the raining started to wear off. In like 5-10 minutes it fully stopped. I thanked to the mountains, and started packing.

    So technically, that rain could have killed me. If it starts falling one hour earlier, it catches me on top of the pass. But I thought, and I still think that it worth the risk. And I would do it again, if I have to do that to make my dreams true. And if I died there, I am also sure I would have died in peace.

    I am a warrior. And to die in a noble fight is never a shame.

    And now, I have new dreams to fight for. My next plan is to walk the Camino. :) Though at this moment it seems impossible, as I don’t have any money. But I didn’t have any either when I decided to go to West-Tibet, and that seemed much more impossible. So in some way, it will happen.

    Best wishes and love from Hungary,

  40. Alexandra says:

    Mamma mia…Thanks God all went well. I have some other friends had that type of operation. It was good that you went for a check, and the thing was solved. Its important. We would miss you too much…
    Lovely seeing you walking and practicing archery
    Thank you
    God bless you dear Paulo
    Big Hug

  41. Jim Cutler says:

    Paolo, glad you found it and now you are 100%. This is a good reminder, I’m going to make an appointment and be checked. Thanks for sharing.



  42. Helin Ozupekce says:

    Heart condition is a real exam for the person who has the condition and also the people who loves him/her.

    We passed through the test last year with my mother, and I can imagine the atmosphere and the process. I know it is really hard.

    Happy to hear that now you are OK, because you’re most inspirational person I have known.

    Love from Turkey,

  43. Sheela Nandini says:

    Thank you for the videocast in English , Paulo. A long wait but worth it.

    Glad to have you around :) and your thoughts on the night before the angioplasty moved me.That’s something to be proud of and to cherish. And thanks again to Monica for urging you to take the stress test.God Bless!

    Missed hearing your “Call me back” ;) :D


  44. Tutti Rivero says:

    Ah,se me olvidaba> la musica del comienzo del Coelho´s Office me encanta!
    No me acuerdo de donde,pero empieza asi *en portugues*>Se tens fe no coraí§ao…Linda.

  45. Annie says:

    this brings me tears… for so many reasons..

    I hope when I die I will feel like you did that day…
    God bless you!

    Love and Gratitude

  46. Cynthia Pugh says:

    It was not your time to leave. See – you still have work to do just by being here, you make a difference
    Cynth x

  47. Tutti Rivero says:

    Te ves muy bien ahora!Debo decir que cuando te vi en el programa de Ana Maria no te encontre tan bien *no se cuando fue eso,exactamente*…Pero ahora te ves con la carita fina,descansada<antes te veias como un poco inchado,no se…Que bueno!Si todo termino bien,es porque se termino!Sean bendecidos,tu y Christina.

  48. Marie-Christine says:

    I am delighted to see that everything went well Paulo,
    Take good care of yourself
    Health is the most important.
    With love

  49. Pandora says:

    Thank you Paulo… I am really moved at your sincerity in sharing your experience so that others hopefully will be spared. God bless you and your family always.

    “We too. All passes, and must pass away
    There’s nothing certain in man’s life but this
    That he must lose it. Every hour’s a thief,
    And all the world’s unstable. Who’s assured
    The sun will rise tomorrow? Each man stands
    Poised on this little pinnacle of time
    The ever-crumbling moment, eminent
    In midst of such innumerable mischance
    That nothing is, or is conceivable,
    Of strength or size so insignificant
    But what it may upset him! None is safe,
    Sleeping or waking. And between us all
    And what shall be the end of us at last
    There’s nothing but our ignorance of it.”

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  50. Barcelona_20_euros_en_un_café says:

    Ya te lo puse, pero me alegro de que estés bien y de que te hicieras la prueba.
    Y también de que hayas vivido cómo has querido vivir… y que así­ sea por muchos años más. Dios te bendiga, Paulo.

    Besos desde Barcelona,