10 SEC READ: Blessing the tree/ Abençoando a árvore (Jewish tradition)

A man was travelling through the desert, hungry, thirsty, and tired, when he came upon a tree bearing luscious fruit and affording plenty of shade, underneath which ran a spring of water. He ate of the fruit, drank of the water, and rested beneath the shade.

When he was about to leave he turned to the tree and said:
‘Tree, oh, tree, with what should I bless you?

“Should I bless you that your fruit be sweet? Your fruit is already sweet.

“Should I bless you that your shade be plentiful? Your shade is plentiful. That a spring of water should run beneath you? A spring of water runs beneath you.”

“There is one thing with which I can bless you: May it be G-d’s will that all the trees planted from your seed should be like you…”


Um homem caminhava pelo deserto, morto de fome e sede, quando encontrou junto a um riacho uma árvore cheia de frutos, dando uma bela sombra.
Comeu seus frutos, bebeu a água do riacho, e descansou junto a ela.

No momento de partir, virou-se para a árvore e disse:
“Árvore, oh árvore, como eu poderia abençoa-la?

“Deveria desejar que seu fruto fosse doce? Mas seus frutos já são doces.

“Deveria desejar que fosse frondosa, e com uma sombra acolhedora? Mas sua sombra já é acolhedora. Talvez pedisse que um riacho irrigasse suas raizes, mas já existe um riacho ao seu lado.

“Portanto, existe apenas uma coisa que eu posso pedir e abençoar. Peço ao Senhor que todas as árvores que nasçam de suas sementes sejam como você.”


  1. kanika says:

    Beautifully written

  2. cristina cabral says:

    Me lembrou uma musica:
    Se todos fossem iguais a vc.
    Que maravilha viver………

  3. richard hughes says:

    dear paulo !
    I’m remimded of all my blessings upon reading about a tree.
    I thank you for it

  4. Marie-Christine says:

    The tree for me represents life on Earth. It helps us to breathe.
    It is an essential part of nature and it must be protected.
    It has roots deep in the ground and rises above toward the Sun.
    It reminds me of the drawing at the end of the “Alchemist’ book I have,
    It is ‘part of the journey’.
    Thank you so much for the journey I experienced in Bassana del Grappo, a beautiful extension to my life and a welcoming new Season.
    With love to you and Christina

  5. Gracias Paulo por ser un Arbol así, déjanos ser tus hojas para que te veas arropado. Feliz Primavera
    Gracias por todo, ha sido una fiesta magnífica

  6. yankysherpa says:

    Here i would like to share one story of TREE,hope you guys like it:)
    Once, there was a tree and she loved a little boy and every day the boy would come and he would gather her leaves and make then into crowns and play king of the forest. He would climb up her trunk and swing from her branches and eat apples. And they would play hide-and-go-seek. And when he was tired, he would sleep in her shade. And the boy loved the tree . . . very much. And the tree was happy. But time went by. And the boy grew older. And the tree was often alone. Then one day the boy came to the tree and the tree said, “Come boy, come and climb up my trunk, and swing from my branches, and eat apples and play in my shade and be happy.” “I am too big to climb and play,” said the boy. “I want to buy things and have fun. I want some money. Can you give me some money?” “I’m sorry,” said the tree, “but I don’t have no money. I only have leaves and apples. Take my apples, Boy, and sell them in the city. Then you will have money and you will be happy.” And so the boy climbed the tree and gathered her apples and carried them away. And the tree was happy.

    But the boy stayed away for a long time. . . and the tree was sad. And one day the boy came back and the tree shook with joy and she said, “Come, Boy, climb up my trunk and swing from my branches and be happy.” “I am too busy to climb trees,” said the boy. “I want a house to keep me warm,” he said. “I want a wife and I want children, and so I need a house. Can you give me a house?” “I have no house,” said the tree. “The forest is my house, but you may cut off my branches and build a house. Then you will be happy.” And so the boy cut off her branches, and carried them away to build his house. And the tree was happy. But the boy stayed away for a long time. And when he came back, the tree was so happy she could hardly speak. “Come, Boy,” she whispered, “come and play.” “I am too old and too sad to play,” said the boy. “I want a boat that will take me far away from here. Can you give me a boat?” “Cut down my trunk and make a boat,” said the tree. “Then you can sail away . . . and be happy.” And so the boy cut down her trunk and made a boat and sailed away. And the tree was happy . . . but not really. After a long time the boy came back again. “I am sorry boy,” said the tree, “but I have nothing left to give you, my apples are gone.” “My teeth are too weak for apples” said the boy. “My branches are gone,” said the tree. “You cannot swing on them.” “I am too old to swing on branches,” said the boy. “My trunk is gone,” said the tree. “You cannot climb.” “I am too tired to climb,” said the boy. “I am sorry,” sighed the tree. “I wish I could give you something . . . but I have nothing left to give. I am just an old stump. I am sorry . . .” “I don’t need very much now,” said the boy, “just a quiet place to sit and rest. I am very tired.” “Well,” said the tree, straightening herself up as much as she could, “well, an old stump is good for sitting and resting. Come, Boy, sit down. Sit down and rest.” And the boy did. And the tree was happy. The end.

    1. Nilan Rangana says:

      Nice story friend. Thank you very much …..

    2. Sheela Nandini says:

      Touching story,dear Yankysherpa. Made me a bit sad reading it but then that’s reality.A good story has always some pain woven into its fabric.

      There’s so much about trees in our tradition and this poignant Story lives upto it.
      Thanks for sharing, dear. Made my day!


    3. LoveM says:

      Treemendous story…
      When happiness is inside…
      One’s never stumped…

    4. Joel Solomon Joshua says:

      It has so close connetions with how we look upto nature and God, we want want and want. In life a time comes when our wants as still there but its too to take. and we look upto our old bosom when, mother, lover, nature and ultimately God and his reality to be proven true in our life.

      dear frnd it was just amazing to read this story….. :) :) God bless and stay blessed!!!!

    5. Julunar says:

      well amazing story
      if we read it carefully & think about it deeply you will find that this tree
      is just like our Mothers, they do their best to give what we need while we don’t talk to them or remember them unless we need something
      & they innocently they help us

      May God Bless All The Mothers