19 March: Sí£o José / Saint Joseph

Hoje as 20:00 (Horario da Italia) estarei rezando com amigos e leitores – em homenagem ao meu santo padroeiro, Sí£o José. Abaixo a oraí§í£o para todos que quiserem participar deste momento:

Senhor, meus braí§os e minha fé, sí£o toda a minha riqueza . Eu te peí§o, Senhor, para ní£o me deixares sem casa e sem trabalho, e me conserves com saúde para ganhar o meu sustento.
Eu peí§o também, Senhor, por todos os trabalhadores que neste momento se encontram desempregados sem nenhuma perspectiva para o futuro.
Faze com que nós, através de nosso trabalho sejamos capazes de lutar pelos oprimidos pelos que ní£o tem mais coragem de sonhar pelos excluí­dos,pelos que se sentem derrotados.
Escolhe no meio de nós, homens capazes de ter servir para anunciar a todos o Evangelho da Justií§a e da Paz. Amém

Today at 8:00 PM (Italy time) I will be praying to my patron Saint, St. Joseph. Please feel free to join the prayer

“Glorious St. Joseph, model of all who are devoted to labor, obtain for me the grace to work conscientiously by placing love of duty above my inclinations; to gratefully and joyously deem it an honor to employ and to develop by labor the gifts I have received from God, to work methodically, peacefully, and in moderation and patience, without ever shrinking from it through weariness or difficulty to work; above all, with purity of intention and unselfishness, having unceasingly before my eyes the account I have to render of time lost, talents unused, good not done, and vain complacency in success, so baneful to the work of God. O patriarch St. Joseph! This shall be my motto for life and eternity.”

Glorioso San José,
Hacedme trabajar en conciencia, haced que trabaje con agradecimiento y alegrí­a, poniendo todo mi empeño y honor en aprovechar y desarrollar, por medio del trabajo, todos los talentos que he recibido de Dios.
Inspiradme a menudo la cuenta que he de rendir del tiempo perdido, de los talentos malgastados, de las omisiones y de toda vana complacencia en éxitos obtenidos.
¡Todo según vuestro ejemplo, oh Patriarca San José!


Saint Joseph,priez pour nous. Lumière des Patriarches,priez pour nous.Époux de la Mère de Dieu,priez pour nous.
Gardien de la Vierge,priez pour nous.Nourricier du Fils de Dieu,priez pour nous.Chef de la sainte Famile,priez pour nous.
Joseph très juste,priez pour nous.Joseph très courageux,priez pour nous.Mirroir de patience,priez pour nous.
Modèle des travailleurs,priez pour nous.Gloire de la vie de famille,priez pour nous.


  1. Arto Hutto says:

    Missed the time and date
    but did not miss the prayer

    Arto Hutto

  2. Mari Raphael says:

    AMEM !

  3. Maria says:

    Valei-nos, Sí£o José!

    Orei com vcs ontem.

    Q Maria siga na frente.
    Deus te ilumine Guerreiro!

    Amo vc!

  4. imran says:

    wish you had a public meeting in istanbul, we are very dissappointed because of this!

  5. Monika says:


  6. Aysegul says:

    It is important to pray in Islam,too. Actually you can understand it Paulo.. If we are parts of a whole, then there must be only one religion. Please, just think about it. It is useless for Christians and Muslims and Jewish to fight. It has no meaning.. The God is unique. We all know this. And Muhammed is the last prophet. There is only one religion and many updates for it. And I think Islam is the latest update, that is clear. Kur-an is accepted as the most important miracle of our prophet in our religion. And this must have a meaning. I am thinking about it. I am just following the signs as you say my friend.
    Love from Istanbul..
    I wanted to meet you here but I couldn’t find out where you are.. I would like to see you and talk about the issues face to face..

    1. :ALW says:

      I quite agree with you, most religions would do well to recognize the fact that we are walking different paths but seeking the same goals. I find small pieces of the divine in many of the religions that I study. There is only ‘one religion’ but some people choose to worship in different ways. I also believe we, all being seekers of Truth, need to learn to respect that others have the right to find their own way.
      Perhaps more people would explore Islam if it were not for the stigma applied to those who convert from Islam to another religion. Certainly, anyone who accepts/adopts a belief system different from that of their family and friends will experience a degree of alienation. But those who choose to leave Islam are marked as Apostates and shunned. The freedom of religion is a recognized human right – at least recognized by the UN Commission on Human Rights. Yet in many (10+) Islamic nations it is still punishable by death. It is not so in my country or yours. Still, I see the degree to which those near me can be ostracized if they leave Islam to seek their own truth. And quite honestly, it is scary.
      I would like to study Islam more. I’m sure there is a great deal of Truth to be found in the Qur’an (Kur-an?) But I do not tread where I am not welcome… I do not seek to offend. But I go where my path takes me. For some of us no words, in any book whether it be written in our own tongue or not, will ever be enough. Some of those words are hundreds, even thousands of years old – that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. But as you said yourself, there are many updates. Don’t get me wrong, there are many outmoded rules in many otherwise great religions. This one is what I believe holds some people back from learning to pray in Islam.

    2. Aysegul says:

      I understand what you mean and I feel sorry about it. Because Islamic Countries and their governments do wrong! They don’t know anything about the true Islamic vision. In my country, people have been reading the Qur’an in Arabic without knowing what it tells about for hundreds of years. Because we don’t speak Arabic here, our language is Turkish. They read it after a dead person. That’s all! It is not for dead it is for living people, but they are not even aware. I mean, Muslims are despised all over the world because they are mostly uncultured and illeterate. The fault belongs to people, not to the religion itself. It is waiting to be understood.
      Our prophet Muhammed is the only figure in Islam. Today’s leaders or figures or traditions or ill habits mean nothing to true Islam. And Muhammed called himself as “the father of the girls”. He became a prophet at a time when the girl children were buried alive. He stopped this tradition. His generation is continuing on Earth only on his daughter’s blood. And now, think about today’s “woman” figure in Islam. Women mean nothing! And this is what I mean. There are many things misunderstood about Islam.
      Muhammed also says: “You can do whatever you want, you can behave however you like. But You should know that, whatever you do, you will get the same in return.” He means, you are free. If you do good, you will get it back, if you do wrong you will get it back. This is the meaning of freedom, isn’t it?
      Death punishment for having another belief has nothing to do with Islam, it is about the evil minds. Our prophet fought for his religions liberty, not to kill. And after the war, he let the captured soldiers learn to read and write. They didn’t believe in Islam. But as far as I know, he didn’t kill them. Instead, he tried to teach them. And Ä°f someone is Muslim, he must follow Muhammed’s way. Killing somebody is among the seven major sins in Islam. Did you know that?

    3. :ALW says:

      My new friend,
      In all honesty, I did not know that. However, it does not surprise me. Many Americans are misinformed about Islam. For myself, I would like to learn more about Islam, if for no other reason than to gain a better perspective on the beliefs of my brothers in other nations. Unfortunately, There have been extremists on both sides who discourage the kind of discussion we are having here. As I sit here, I am watching a television program about how some Christians are persecuting Muslims in my country. America, the country in which the freedom of religion is the First right given to citizens.
      I am truly embarrassed by the reaction some of my fellow Americans have had in response to the events that occurred ten years ago when a few radical Muslims attacked the USA. (Many Americans seem to forget that we have quite a few radical Christians.) When I speak to someone like you, who recognizes that violence has no place in worship, it only strengthens my resolve to learn more about Islam and denounce those who would persecute it in my homeland. I did not even bring up the topic of women’s rights and yet you mentioned that there are some Muslim nations that mistreat women under the false label of ‘Shariah law’ – this is what we in the USA need to see and hear… That Islam is not a religion of hate, but one of love. These acts of hate are not the will of God but rather the acts of evil men.

    4. :ALW says:

      My new friend Aysegul,
      I tried to post a reply earlier this evening but it has not gone through. If you would be agreeable, I would like to talk about this further… you can contact me at cancyrus ‘at’ gmail.com.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

  7. margherita says:

    Pregherí² insieme a te, insieme a tutti quelli che vorranno pregare, oggi, alle ore 20.

  8. shine says:

    Thanks for such a nice prayer… Happy Holi, Love Avantika

  9. Rodien says:

    X Rodien.

  10. Muchas gracias
    Los acompañamos desde Lima, PERU

  11. Mar says:

    Todo según vuestro ejemplo!, Gracias

  12. Jenny Padua says:

    Wonderful Prayer !! Somehow I too feel greatly attached to St.Joseph and being born on March 19th , St.Joseph’s feast, I felt happy and proud saying the prayer of my guardian saint !!Thankyou for the wonderful prayer !!

  13. mabelnovaes says:

    gostei da oraí§í£o me ajudou muito, foi na ora q tava precisando,meu filho tinha desaparecido, e hoje encontrei, obrigada tchal.

  14. Edith Astudillo says:

    sr Paulo soy fiel admiradora suya ,tengo todos sus libros pero con el que mas me identifico es con el guerrero de la luz .ud escribe con un sentimiento unico es ud un gran hombre inspirado en sus vivencias diarias .me encanta que ud sea muy devoto de las virgen y de nuestro señor jesuscristo …y de san jose ,,que dios lo bendiga siempre y que siga escribiendo con tanta sabiduria como hasta ahora… Edith

  15. Paula says:

    Thanks for placing this prayer. I prayed – although I did not catch your 8:00pm time. I’ve prayed because I’ve lost hope – and I need it back. For my children’s sake – I need it back! I feel that God is testing my strenght for the last 3 years, and I’m tired! If it wasn’t for my boys, I’d be tired of living. I live for them and I sacrifice for them. I live for all the people who are suffering and struggling with cancer. Someone once said: “God does not give you more than you can handle.” I wish He wouldn’t trust me so much!

  16. HECTOR says:


    1. HECTOR says:


  17. julia says:

    en cada oracion,pensamiento que a puesto en facebook me a dado mucho animo para enfrentar mis problemas, con esta oracion tengo mas fe en mis capasidades para seguir adelante gracias por compartirla con nosotros,que Dios nos siga guiando.

  18. tania says:

    meu filho nasceu em 19 de marí§o, por isto dei o nome dele de TIAGO JOSÉ, ele foi realmente abení§oado e ilumidado

  19. Jesus Viegas says:

    Hoje 19 de marí§o relendo o DIíRIO DE UM MAGO e me preparando para fazer o caminho de Santiago em 04 de junho, fiquei feliz em encontrar a oraí§í£o de Sí£o José que também é meu padroeiro pois meu primeiro nome é José e fui batizado no dia de hoje no Rio de Janeiro. Que as nossas oraí§íµes sejam ouvidas!
    Abraí§os Jesus

  20. Juracema Dechaire Santos says:

    Estudei na Escola S.José,frente ao Plaza Sí£o Rafael POA, meu filho escolheu a Igreja Sí£o José p/confirmar seu Batismo aos sete anos. Adorei as preces a este Santo milagroso.A versí£o em Portuguíªs que dispusseste a tds nós, ja é uma Graí§a. Mas fiquei sensibilizada com a versí£o de Auxiladora Negreiros. Parece algo do espirito, e precisamos de sua ajuda em tds os sentidos. Que ele o abení§oe onde quer que esteja. E que sempre possas compartilhar conosco de momentos de fé como este. Sucesso; Sí£o José estará a teu lado,guiando teus passos.Um grande abraí§o d/tua fí£ Juracema-Capí£o da Canoa/RS

  21. Bertilia Lins says:


  22. Rikje Maria Ruiter says:

    Dear Paolo
    Congratulations with St. Joseph! He is also my Guardian-Angel. I had a very special dream about him in 1993.
    The whole day I was burning candles to him and I told him how gratefull I am for all the protection last year.
    All the best for you!
    Rikje Maria Ruiter
    Spiritual Center The Eight-Corner
    The Netherlands

  23. inma says:


  24. Nataly says:

    Beautiful prayer to live by.

  25. katie says:

    writing this at this time, I know that you are all partying now & enjoying the time in istanbul.
    have fun! <3
    paulo, nice prayer. wish, you could have a page on your blog with a collection of your prayers. they are like little flowers.

  26. Vláďa says:

    Sir, please you also for my daughter Catherine and all the teenagers who are looking at the depth of the global crisis are losing faith in the future, do not want to identify with the hypocritical consumer society, and believe or not believe in the Church and find their life’s journey with God in a way, you are the intercession of Saint Joseph’s cherished and led.

  27. Maria Aparecida Pereira says:

    Achei linda esta oraí§í£o!

    Ela chegou a mim no momento certo! Participarei desta oraí§í£o, com certeza!



  28. Marie-Christine says:

    Traduction. Translation
    19 Mars Sao Jose / Saint Joseph
    Portugais en francais

    Aujourd’hui a 20 heures (heure locale d’Istambul)je prierai avec mes amis et lecteurs – en hommage a mon Saint Patron, Saint-Joseph. Au-dessous est la priere pour tout ceux qui veulent participer a ce moment.

    Saigneur, mes bras et ma foi sont toutes mes richesses. Je vous demande Seigneur, de ne pas me laisser sans maison et sans travail et me garder en bonne sante pour gagner ma vie. Je prie egalement Seigneur, pour tous les travailleurs qui en ce moment se trouvent sans emploi, sans aucune perspectives pour l’avenir.
    Faites qu’avec nous, par notre travail, nous soyons capables de lutter pour les opprimes qui n’ont pas le courage pour rever, egalement les exclus qui se sentent deroutes.
    Choisissez entre nous, des hommes capables de vous servir pour annoncer a tous l’Evangile de la Justice et de la Paix. Amen

    Espagnol en Francais
    Glorieux Saint Joseph.
    Fais-moi travailler en conscience. Fais que je travaille avec reconnaissance et joie, mettant tout mon effort et honneur de developer par le moyen du travail tous les talents que j’ai recu de Dieu.
    Inspire moi souvent, je dois rendre compte du temps perdu, des talents gaspilles, des omissions et de toutes vaines complaisances dans les succes obtenus.
    Tout selon votre exemple, O Patriarche Saint Joseph

    French into English
    St Joseph, pray for us. Light of the Patriarchs, pray for us. Husband of the Mother of God, pray for us. Guardian of the Virgin, pray for us. Mother of the Son of God, pray for us. Chief of the Holy Family, pray for us.
    Joseph, most just,pray for us, Joseph the very courageous, pray for us. Mirror of patience, pray for us.
    Model of workers, pray for us. Glory of Family Life, pray for us.

    Anglais en Francais
    Aujourd’hui a 20 heures (heure locale a Istanbul), je prierai pour mon Saint Patron Saint Joseph.
    S’il vous plait, vous pouvez me joindre en priere.

    Glorieux Saint Joseph, modele de tous ceux qui sont devoues au travail, obtiens pour moi la grace de travailler consciencieusement en placant l’amour du devoir avant mes inclinations, de considerer avec gratitude et joyeusement un honneur d’employer et de developper par le travail les talents que j’ai recu de Dieu , de travailler methodiquement, paisiblement,et avec moderation et patience,sans jamais me derober d’elle a travers la fatigue ou difficulte pour travailler, surtout avec une intention pure et avec desinteressement.
    Ayant sans cesse, devant mes yeux, le compte que je fois rendre du temps perdu, des talents inutilises, bons non-fait, et inutiles complaisances dans le succes si funeste au travail de Dieu.
    O Patriarche Saint Joseph, Ceci sera ma devise pour la vie et l’eternite.

    1. Arto Hutto says:

      Thank you for your work as I only understand French and English.

      Luckily man has a common language and hopefully more often spoken. The language of LOVE!

      with love,

      Arto Hutto

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      Thank you.
      I enjoy doing it.

  29. jenny morales says:

    Gracias,gracias por haber escrito en español tambien,linda oración………………

  30. aikatherine says:

    siunausta ja rukous kaikkien vastoinkäymisten ja kärsivien ihmisten puolesta. Rukous työn puolesta. Rauha ja rakkaus.

  31. Paulo:
    Postei no twitpic foto do altar da Catedral de Sí£o José. Após a oraí§í£o me senti mais leve e feliz. Que os milagres se multipliquem e as bení§í£o de Deus caiam sobre todos nós. Amém!
    Com amor…
    Sérgio Coelho

  32. Celia says:

    ..obrigada por compartilhar essa oraí§í£o tí£o singela e linda.
    Bjs em seu lindo coraí§í£o.

  33. Paqui says:

    En los tiempos que corren debemos solo darnos cuenta de los cambios, que entiendo que son para bién, y para que la LUZ vuelva a reinar en el planeta.

  34. Katia Amine says:


  35. Anne says:

    this prayer says who you are.
    I feel you have to be brave and go deep inside to say these words.
    Thank you.

  36. edmond says:

    Hello All,
    am with you in your prayers,Paulo.Let it be!

  37. Tutti Rivero says:

    Feliz aniversario,Paulo.Feliz dia a todos os Joses e feliz dia a todos os pais que ja sofreram,brigaram e lutaram por seus filhos.

  38. Subis Cirico says:

    Ahhh meu mestre vou pedi pro santo tocar profundamente no seu coraí§í£o pra vc me manda o e-mail que eu tanto espero, que ele mesmo, toque mesmo no seu coraí§í£o puro santo, pra que possa me responder, te amo, já ní£o sei mais o que fazer pra pode ter uma mensagem sua.
    Te amo muito, euu copiei a ORAçíƒO pra eu fazer em casa sempre. Só vou muda ela, TIPO na parte do trabalho vou coloca aposentada :)hehehe. (porque eu sou né!)
    Te amo muiiito vio? que ele te proteja sempre e te de muita saúuuuude!
    um grande beijo mestre !!!!!!!


  40. Alexandra Paraíso says:

    Cheguei mesmo a tempo, ;).
    Bonita oraí§í£o!

  41. Johanna says:

    Grazie per questa preghiera – in inglese – sembra fatta per me.

  42. verginia vieira de andrade says:

    SR Coelho amo ler seus livros, quais me deixam forte para lutar e seguir sempre uma vida melhor. FORTIFICANDO meu lado espiritual, enriquecendo meu repertorio para poder escrever lindos comentarios e levar assuntos novos para as pessoas que gostam de ler e pedem para que eu deixe no facebook sempre algo para lerem. Pois nossas vidas precisam de muita luz…..
    Precisamos cultivar sempre nossa aprendisagem com boas leituras… bem como passar algo muito especial….transmitindo seguraní§a e paz.

  43. El Burro de Caín says:

    Es sábado, Dí­a de San José y lo extraño es que me encuentro trabajando en algo bastante pesado para un dí­a normalmente de descanso por aquí­… y, de pronto un relax, y esta oración relacionada con el trabajo.
    San José es patrono de los trabajadores y hoy en su dí­a ofreceré mi entusiasmo y dedicación para avanzar en lo que me he metido.
    Gracias San José.

  44. minda kanno says:

    lord.shine on us,because we are in the dark.

  45. Guaria Ruiz says:

    En Costa Rica, San José es la capital, y hoy dí­a se celebran este sábado la fiesta de su patrono, San José Obrero, acompañados de una imagen, considerada una obra de arte, que tiene 297 años de antigüedad y que solo sale en procesión en esta fecha.

    La imagen (en la foto) fue tallada por el artista guatemalteco Manuel de Chaves en 1714 y llegó al paí­s a mediados del siglo XVIII.

    En declaraciones al diario La Nación, Mario Segura, vocero del Arzobispado de San José indicó que “no hay muchos datos históricos acerca de ….


    Bendiciones y Gracias. Paolo

  46. sora says:

    Gracias por ésta bella y profunda oración …a San José…para todos los trabajadores, que mucho la necesitan…nuevamente muchas gracias…Dios lo bendiga…

  47. Viki says:

    Muchas gracias por estas oraciones, pues todas y cada una son diferentes en cada idioma. ¿Escribe usted todas u otra persona hace una traducción libre?

  48. Auxiliadora Negreiros says:

    Alo Sr.COELHO…tudo bem,hoje dia de SíƒO JOSE e tambem aniversario de minha MíƒE,esta fazendo 80 anos…e e devota de SíƒO JOSE como voce…eu tambem sou.Hoje em Manaus tem uma grande festa a este Padroeiro Santo….sou do Amazonas moro em Belem….segue um oraí§í£o tambem pro senhor,gostei da que voce colocou no faces…ai vai a minha…
    A vos,Sí£o Jose,recorremos na nossa tribulaí§í£o,e depois de ter implorado o auxilio de vossa Santissima Esposa,cheios de confianí§a,solicitamos o vosso patrocinio.Por esse laí§o sagrado de caridade que vos uniu a Virgem Imaculada,Mí£e de Deus,e pelo amor patrnal que tivestes para com o Menino Jesus,ardentemente suplicamos que lanceis um olhar benigno a heraní§a que Jesus Cristo conquistou com o seu sangue,e nos assistais nas nossaa necessidades,com vosso auxilio e poder.
    Afastai para longe de nos,pai amantissimo,a peste do erro e do vicio,defendei-nos das trevas e das ciladas do maligno,amparai cada um de nos com vosso constante patrocinio,a fim de que com vosso exemplo e sustentados com vosso auxilio possamos viver virtuosamente,piedosamente
    morrer,e obter no ceu a etrna bem-aventuraní§a.Amem.


    1. ola querido exelentissimo escritor eu tive esse privilejio de ter ese nome sou artista plastico ja viajei a europa vejo muito falar de voce na europa estou muito contente de ter ese nome abracos beijos