CoelhoOffice 12 – Feeling useless

Videocast #12 – Paulo Coelho talking about how everyone once in a while feels useless.

Videocast #12 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre como todas as pessoas em algum momento se sentem inútil.

Videocast #12 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca del momento donde las personas se sienten inútiles.


  1. vaishnavi says:

    wow!!!!!! paulo this is such a wonderful message thanks a lot!!!! The right message at the right time just when I feel like im of no use on this planet when i feel im lagging behind in life you give me the right message of life !!!!!!!!!

  2. Alcina Ribeiro Hamdi says:

    Thank you so much for being so inspired and inspiring !!! <3 <3 <3

  3. yvon says:

    dearest Paulo, thank you for helping me along just when the mission gets out of sight … In “feeling useless” I understand that people will feel useful when give inspirations to others. How true, I can feel that. At the moment I still give inspiration to my son, for his/our daily life, schools, etc. I myself still on the road to discover how I can inspire people. Meditation I believe is one way to discover that inspiration. Thank dearest Paulo, to stay in touch with your readers. God Bless You. Yvon

  4. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Hello Paulo. Just for Information. The link for comments from Coelho Office 13 leads me to Coelho Office 12. I do not know if this is in your intention. Much love to you!

    1. Paulo Coelho says:

      we are correcting this now. Thank you Helmo

    2. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      Your are welcome Paul. :-)

  5. Dr. M S Subhas says:

    Wow, what a simple, small and powerful message. I want to be useful!!!

  6. SANDRA says:


  7. Vanessa says:

    Toda pessoa algum dia já pensou em como mudar o mundo.

  8. Sil in Corea says:

    I felt useless after my husband died, but my son suggested I come with him to teach in Korea. I’ve been here over ten years now, and I feel useful. I enjoy my students and have a circle of good friends. I’ll be 70 soon, and I want to keep on teaching as long as I can. I’m so grateful that I’ve found my niche.

    1. Barbara Z says:

      Dear Sil,
      Thank you for sharing your very inspiring story. Best wishes and many, many more happy years for you in Korea!
      Love, Barbara

  9. cesar says:

    cuando va a habler en español

  10. Fatima Rosales Naya says:

    I believe everyone has something to offer to the world. Only when we discover our unique gift and purpose in life will we feel happy with ourselves and fulfilled.

  11. Elsita says:

    Thank you for those inspirational words :) Muchas gracias!! saludos desde Australia.

  12. LoveM says:

    Stop feeling useless.. Doing more in happiness.. And so minding less..
    The mind would rather..Seek meaning in misery..Than in mindless joy..
    Happiness is not a state of mind.. Rather.. Its a state of no-mind..

    Just you watch and then you will see…
    Who is having these thoughts… that disturb your peace of mind…
    You will discover the One who is watching… the presence that is you…
    The thoughts… moods… mind sets… they appear… they appear to be you…
    They are appearances that come & go… which means they are not you…
    Anything that can be seen or possessed is not the essential self…
    The One that sees this is forever peaceful..

  13. Getter says:

    As always, anything related to you Paulo Coelho, comes to me at the right moment…

    It is so easy to get caught up in what the society expects of us, that we forget to hear our own soul and heart.
    There is a song I like to listen to sometimes, it is a simple techno song, with pretty much the same phrase repeated over and over, but it always makes me feel empowered and useful. Empowered in the sense that I don’t care what the society requires of me to be useful, but instead I listen to my heart and what I do then is right, always… The song is called Its My Life, by Ultrabeat.

  14. land free says:

    you are always useful ;;you always do your best ::thank you you are helping us ;;you gives us inspiration ;;i love you ;;

  15. Kealan says:

    Stop feeling useless, and start feeling useful.

  16. Christian Daniel Ramirez says:

    Excelente Mr Paulo, es así­ cuando compartimos con otros, hablamos y esperamos que nos escuchen nos hace mas útiles y para mi me da animo y decir que mejora hasta la salud. Saludos y Salud para ti.

  17. masume says:

    thanks paulo

  18. maria hass says:

    Such a great experience watching this videos!
    I love to listen to it in the morning as it puts me in a very peaceful but eager state of mind:) brilliant learning too:)
    thank you Mr Coelho :)

  19. Amelia Almeida says:

    Me encanta Coelho,aunque creo que politicamente no estamos de acuerdo,su modo de ver la vida me gusta,he leido todos sus libros.Y lo que hace ahora en facebook es “useful” Gracias

  20. Daniela says:

    As vezes me sinto inútil assim…mas me pegunto porque deste sentimento e vejo que o que me faz me sentir assim, é a necessidade que tenho de agradar as outras pessoas, e quando isso ní£o acontece, me desanimo…mas passo por cima desse sentimento ruim, pensando que eu ní£o posso ser diferente,eu sou assim e é do meu jeito que tenho que gostar, tenho que ser útil sendo o que posso ser……apenas eu. Adorei este ví­deo e suas sábias palavras.
    Obrigada !

  21. arelys says:

    Que bonito escuchar todo eso…. la verdad muchas vecez en nuestra vida por cualquier circunstancia llegamos a sentirnos inutiles….. pero todos tenemos un proposito para estar aqui en esta tierra… Dios nos envio con maravillosos talentos y virtudes es solo cuestion de explorarnos y de querer hacerlo…nuestras almas son hermosas!!!! saludos -Mi señor EScritor- Favorito…