Je ne regrette rien…

No! Absolutely nothing…
No! I regret nothing
Neither the good that I’ve done nor the bad
All this is much the same to me!

No! Absolutely nothing…
No! I regret nothing…
It is paid, swept away, forgotten
I don’t care about the past!

With my souvenirs
I lit a fire
My sorrows, my pleasures
I need them no more!

Swept away the love affairs
With their tremors
Swept away forever
I leave with nothing …

No! Absolutely nothing…
No! I regret nothing
Neither the good that I’ve done nor the bad
All this is much the same to me!

No! Absolutely nothing…
No! I regret nothing…
Because my life, because my joys
Today that begins with you!

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  1. Cynthia Pugh says:

    A song that haunts you. It plays and replays in my mind once I am reminded of it Non, Je ne regrette rien…… x

  2. Keith says:

    No regrets, a song Edith Piaf made her own.

    When Edif Piaf sings No regrets it is as though she is tearing her soul from her body.

    I turned on the radio this Sunday lunchtime and caught a programme, Soul Music, on how No regrets came to be composed, how it defined Edif Piaf. The programme even included the composer playing on the piano at which it was composed.

    I was surprised to learn No regrets was composed in 1960 as it has the feel of the 1930s.

  3. Sheela Nandini says:

    Still have to get there to be able to say the good and the bad are the same to me :)

    Maybe I have a few regrets or have had but I can’t recall anything right now.Swept away sounds nice.

    My today began on a cheerful note so that feels good :)


  4. Teddyted says:

    Dear friend;
    All over the world,people feel sorrow and a bit of hapiness and they don’t know why.Our troubles come from the others.We cannot live separatly with them.Their culture and their knowledge influente us and we should not be ourself.
    With a feeling of culpability we use to live.So why are we afraid to be critiqued by others?
    Indeed this song learns me how to forget my past and I ‘ll be as if I were born for a second time!
    Thank you

  5. Pamela Florez says:

    No sabí­a que también te gustaba la música de Edith.

  6. Preciosa canción, tiene fuerza pero no sirve para los cobardes o para los nostálgicos, te enseña a caminar hacia adelante y admitir los cambios.
    Un beso Paulo, no te arrepientas de nada

  7. richard hughes says:

    cher paulo !
    il ne faut pas avoir de regrets.
    dans la vie il n’y a que les choses que l’on fait
    et celles que l’on ne fait pas.

  8. Milena says:

    Like everybody else, i’ve always questioned my choices, always regreted what i have “said and done”, or have “not” said and done…regreted the paths i walked.
    And in these few past days i met someone who, made me see what was obvious, using simple words, telling me things i already knew…but hearing them loudly was like an awakening call to my soul..I don’t want to regret anything anymore, ever again…not easy thing to do, but it will be the first step on the new path i’m choosing to myslef without regrets…

  9. Wanderlaini Aparecida Rodrigues says:

    A vida é complexa com pessoas complexas e difí­ceis de se relacionar. Em alguns fatos ocorridos em nossa vida temos mesmo de esquecer, ou, ní£o se importar mesmo. O que passou passou só nos resta o futuro e observar nossa atitudes para de repente ní£o cometer os mesmos erros.
    Obrigada, Sr Paulo, abraí§os!!

  10. Marie-Christine says:

    Non, je ne regrette rien,
    To day., I travel lighter ( legerement, (le gere) so that I can manage things better and I can enjoy the journey (jour nee) the day that is just born and I always have an encounter with laugher . I am 8 years old + 2 in a cat’s life :). I have learned a bit of discipline is not too bad, the sun is always shining somewhere and music is everywhere. the material is not important , the spontaneity is amazing. It is Universal. In universal, there is a link (Uni) that unites us and the Universe so it is a world that is linked and for us to see and appreciate.
    In my travel, I had a good time and saw things I would have never noticed before.
    Besides, I also received a hug from my Master so what else can I ask for. :)
    Thank you for all the teaching I have learned a lot from you Paulo,
    With love

  11. All we have done in the past, all the experiences we have acquired has brought us to where we are today. Without them, we would not have the knowledge that we have and we would not have learned lessons from them. So, instead of sitting around focusing on regrets, if we move forward with our lessons and knowledge, not only we will grow, but, we will make a difference to others.

    For the longest time, all I could think about was regretting not having done and not having said things to my dad. When he passed away, I lived with a guilt for a long time. The day my niece was born, I realized that I now had so much knowledge to continue to enrich the relationships with the people I love that were still around me. I could never go back and change things with my dad. However, it gave me so much knowledge and I learned so much from it, that now, I have transmitted those lessons learned with others.

  12. Maria says:

    Is this from any of your books? Can you tell me wich one? Please?! Im sorry for the bad translation, Google translated from Swedish..

    The Greek gods weep as they look down on bar street. They vomit when they see all clamping cheeky flaskjonglörer. Complacency is obviously not something that is built up here. It’s the sort of guys who come here. It is the young men who think Adrian Hammond’s clothing is a great help in the continuing quest to build character. The classic penis extender has for years been a nice car. It has in recent years has changed. Well, now it is enough that you can mix a drink and laugh in the right place. No one is surprised, 90 baby-boom generation’s known to make it easy for themselves. “

  13. nina ramirez says:

    No me arrepiento!! porque son mis vivencias mis alegrí­as mis tristezas,mis penas y dolores,todo el conjunto que hace que mi vida tenga sentido!

  14. jlcollinsnh says:

    like many I suspect, I’ve had a tendency to think “what if” to focus on my regrets and missed opportunities.

    A little less than a year ago I started my blog to share with my daughter lessons and stories she might not yet be ready for and that I might have forgotten by the time she was. A sup rising benefit is this has required me to remember and relive them.

    Even more surprising was a comment from a friend. He told me he had passed a link on to his brother-in-law, whose comment was: “I with I could have lead this guy’s life?” Who knew? It never occurred to me my life was worthy of envy.

    reminds me of one of my all time favorite quotes and the one that most closely matches my life experience:

    “If you reach for a star you might not get one; but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either.”
    Leo Burnett

    Personally, I never got that star but things have been pretty damn good and the reaching was fun.

  15. Well says:

    she has not spent her time communicating digitally.

    let´s not hide from each other and real relationships which are rich, messy and demanding. let´s not clean them up with technology. let´s not shortchange ourselves.

    let´s practice to be alone and to live with ourself in peace. then we become capable to be with each other in a way that we deserve. then we become capable to live with each other. we listen to each other with understanding that is nothing else but love.

    have a good day everyone

  16. golnaz says:

    Dear dear Paulo,
    How this could be possible?….
    Every time I read a post from you While I`m on the other side of our planet, you talk from my heart… There is a glue between the people who have the same frequancy of mind I believe… I call it the “Cosmic Glue”…. I feel it like a river through my heart…. It connects me to all my soul brothers and sisters in the whole world… I feel, we feel the same way almost at the same time even when we are scattered each of us in a seperate spot on earth…You talk to my soul, my father… you feel my heart….you touch it so I`m not broken or fallen anymore… you took my hand my father… God bless you dear Paulo Coelho…

  17. toñi says:

    Eso es, no conozco la canción pero estoy deacuerdo con esta filosofí­a!
    Y pensar que hay personas que ni siquiera se paran a pensar en disfrutar el tiempo presente en cada instante. Uno siempre tiene que estar orgulloso de si mismo y de sus errores y de sus triunfos y de su cuerpo y de su corazón y de su capacidad de pensar y de su capacidad de sentir y de todo lo que somos para nosotros y para los demás.
    Un abrazo,

  18. ONE OF MY BEST SONGS (in French) Thank U

  19. Sasa Milosevic says:

    Thank you very much for the translation and the message we got by this song. It is the truth, it sounds much better on the French ( I like to say it is arystocratic language) but i know that thousands new , English-speaking people, will understand now the power of the song. It lives for a decaded thanks to power of Edith Piaf’s voice. Yes, I agree. We should not absolutely regret in the past. But, it should find the mechanism to overcome that type of opssession. Vast majority of us simply don’t know to distance from the past staying the prisoner of the own life that is went away.

  20. Seema says:


  21. mariette says:

    It is a great day today in the Netherlands, with beautiful sunny weather. A perfect day to remember this song:

    ‘non, rien de rien, non je ne regrette rien’ and than sung with this beautiful powerful voice of mrs Piaf

    Have a nice day for you all!

  22. Mat says:

    Paulo, Congratulations!
    I’m still feeling a regret for one small thing that happened in my life. I’ll need to face it one day. No explanations help, no running away. Waiting.

  23. eleonora says:

    Non rinnego il mio passato ,,vorrebbe dire rinnegare quanto di pií¹ bello mi fosse potuto capitare quando tutto era cosí¬ difficile..Ti adoro signor Coelho!!!!!

  24. Alexandra says:

    A well known song…love that. But is so strange translated, right because we all heard it in French. Wish we all think that we have nothing to regret. Have a great day

  25. arun says:

    we all feel in our life that if on that day i had taken the choice which i did not follow i might reach at better than this place where i am now but i feel that whtever was choosen for me is best.. n i cannot be at other place except i am at now… life always choose best for a person ….and I don’t have any regret

    1. golnaz says:

      beautiful post…
      thank you for reminding me that I have to trust the universe…
      The universe decides for us from time to time decisions that might feel hard , so so hard to accept… but later in life we see that there was a reason life gave us that gift of no option…
      We have to have “faith” in ourselvese and in universe…


  26. Natasha Novínsky says:


    Sonhos sí£o bons, sí£o mágicos… Neles somos o que queremos, e vivemos aquilo que desejamos ser. Estando dormindo ou acordado (a) a nossa alma viaja, volta ao passado, vai ao encontro de algo vivido ou por viver…
    Em uma dessas viagens de minha alma, sou uma fugitiva em uma floresta encantada, corro ao encontro do meu amado, o vento frio da noite ní£o consegue amenizar o calor da paixí£o que me invade e entre flores e folhas me deito, posso sentir seu coraí§í£o apressado, apertado contra o meu peito, seus lábios procuram com ardor os meus, temos pressa, é proibido o nosso amor… Vejo vagalumes, a floresta nos protege, e nossos gemidos sí£o abafados pelo canto das corujas e o uivo dos lobos selvagens…Eu cavalgo nele, nua e suada, com meus braí§os estendidos para o alto, tento um equilí­brio quase impossí­vel naquele galope disparado de amor…Sinto que vou desfalecer de tanto prazer, mas ele enrola meus longos cabelos em suas mí£os e num ritmo sincronizado somos arrebatados ao mundo que só os amantes conhecem, e se ariscam sem pudor. O meu amor é um Druida, o meu amor é vocíª!!!
    Tá grá agam ort…
    Linda musica!!!

  27. myself says:

    yo tampoco me arrepiento de nada!!
    bueno tal vez solo de no haber disfrutado mas cada error,cada acierto y cada amor….

    1. golnaz says:

      Would you please translate this post… For God`s sake, I promise to learn your language…. Now I`m learning Chinese, Aikido and have to go back to finish my 2 stories… I poromise to learn spanish after I finish the last chapter of this book. I promise… :)
      Now can you translate this for me dear father?
      thank you…