Passion: let me not beg for the stilling of my pain

EM PORTUGUES> Ní£o me deixe implorar para acalmar a minha dor
EN ESPANOL >> No me dejes pedir alivio para mi dolor


“Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,
but to be fearless in facing them.

Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,
but for the heart to conquer it.

Let me not look for allies in life’s battlefield,
but to my own strength.

Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved,
but hope for the patience to win my freedom.

Grant that I may not be a coward,
feeling Your mercy in my success alone;

But let me find the grasp of Your hand in my failure.”
by Rabindranath Tagore



  1. Kelil says:

    Brother mis u too!!!

  2. Miftah Ahmed says:

    Wow … its like asking God everything you want and in return not getting any of those things you asked for but instead you get the things you really need … it’s really amazing … tnx for ur precious words

  3. Shine says:

    How true! You know you encourage reading, not just of your books but of other’s works too…………… Avantika

  4. cristina cabral says:

    Isso é pegar o touro pelo chifre! Com a ajuda de Deus.

  5. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Let me have the courage to accept the misfortune
    Let me have the strength to endure the suffering
    Let me accept losing what is dear to me
    Let me see the sky again despite my tears
    Let me find the urge to walk the path with no one to hold my hand
    Give me the strength to live without hope and love
    Give me energy to continue giving without ever receiving.

    1. Umer says:

      beautiful… God bless you..

    2. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

      Thank you, Umer, but you know, these words are mostly sincere.
      God Bless you too…

  6. arunima says:

    Thank u sir. Got through a difficult phase in life and won.LIKE THE FLOWING RIVER has inspired me a lot. Thanks for this beautiful piece of inspiration.

  7. THELMA says:
    The Byzantine Hymn of Reserrection.
    Christos anesti ek nekron = Christos has risen from the death..
    Thelma xxx

  8. toñi says:

    Hola buenos dí­as! El camino es doloroso, en ocasiones hay una lucha terrible entre nuestra mente y nuestro corazón…y es muy difí­cil llegar a un acuerdo. Pero llega el momento en que nuestro corazón y nuestra mente alcanzan un acuerdo y entonces nuestra alma se siente completa. El dolor nos hace más fuertes. He completado toda mi búsqueda, he encontrado a mis almas gemelas, he visto en ellos mis propios defectos y mis cualidades. Me he separado de ellos para crecer y ahora…tendré que buscar la forma de seguir mi camino. Ayer por la noche finalizó mi búsqueda espiritual personal y sentí­ que recibí­a un mensaje dentro de mi mente de una de mis almas. Me dijo:”Entonces, vuelves a quererme, ¿me perdonas?” Y yo le contesté: “Siempre te he querido, claro que te perdono”. En este momento tengo la esperanza de encontrar a alguien que pueda ser mi Zahir. También tengo esperanza de empezar a construir lentamente mi futuro y el futuro de mi hija. Después de este paseo por las nubes, vuelvo a casa para vivir y compartir en el mundo real junto a mi familia (mi hija por supuesto) todo lo que tengo para compartir. Seguramente seguiré realizando visitas de cortesí­a al mundo de “lo galáctico”, pero lo más importante es disfrutar de cada segundo en el mundo real y material, saborear los sabores, oler los olores de la vida, escuchar la música que nos rodea, sentir las emociones del mundo y…amar este nuestro mundo. Porque “la vida se vuelve una fiesta cuando aprendemos a disfrutar de las cosas sencillas”. Un abrazo a todos y deseo que encontreis y completeis vuestras busquedas y vuestras verdades.

  9. THELMA says:

    Rabindranath Tagore.

    They who are nearer me do not know
    That you are near to me than they are

    They who speak to me do not know
    That my heart is full with unspoken words

    They who crowd in my path do not know
    That I am walking alone with you

    They who love me do not know
    That their love brings you to my heart

    My best wishes for a Happy Easter!
    Our Easter – the Othodox Greek – is .. next week, as if Jesus was twice on the Cross… But, I believe HE is crusified every minute and every day on Earth… Until there will be no wars, killings, hunger, injustice and hate in His name..
    Thelma xxx

  10. I have just experienced one of the most beautiful manifestation of faith!! In quito, Ecuador, it has been a tradition for over 50 years. On Good Friday, a procession takes place where people go out and as an act of penance, carry crosses to wash their “sins”. It is a celebration to give in the same way it was given to us…a demonstration of faith that through suffering their is a higher purpose, a purpose of LOVE!

  11. marina says:

    Io spero che questa sia una vera Pasqua di resurrezione, io spero che l’amore che ognuno ha per se stesso si rifletta sugli altri, io spero che ognuno possa comprendere e fare proprio il messaggio di Paulo che si ama quando si sa perdonare, soprattutto noi stessi, io spero che ognuno di noi sappia ascoltare pií¹ che parlare, io spero che ognuno di noi sappia sempre ascoltare il proprio cuore e non la propria mente, io spero che ognuno possa trovare l’energia che ha dentro e unirla a quella degli altri, io spero…..

  12. maria emilia says:

    Demais !!!! Como sempre … até mais

  13. rama potnis says:

    There is no boundry or limits. A good poet is owned by everyone. Ravindranath Tagor – The greatest poet.

  14. Nony says:

    i’ve just lost my father..
    if i can turn back time.. please let me hug him for the last time to said that everything will gonna be alright

    1. Stefan says:

      I am sorry for your loss, but this one thought still hunts me for 10 years already. Be brave and don’t forget that he is always with you!

    2. Nony says:

      thanks for the support,
      experience of loss is always the same, feels hurts

    3. sidfollowingdestiny says:

      I feel really sad for you. But you don’t worry. Your dad will be happy to know that his child remembers his love! I don’t want to give you sympathy, i just wanted to take some sadness of yours. Love you.

    4. Nony says:

      thanks to Sidfollowingdestiny..
      i do believe that love is beyond life, and keep remembering and praying for someone you love is the best way to keep him alive

  15. jomy thomas says:

    tagore with a divine vision words

  16. jho says:

    To Anna,keep going never give up ,you can do it

  17. Assumpta Lyera Lobo-Desai says:

    English Translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Ekla Cholo Re’ sung by Amitabh Bacchan in the amazing new Vidya Balan movie, ‘Kahaani’ taken from the net:

    “If they answer not to thy call,
    walk alone!
    Walk alone! Walk Alone! Walk Alone!

    If they are afraid and cower mutely
    facing the wall,
    O thou of evil luck,
    open thy mind and
    speak out alone!

    If they turn away,
    and desert you when crossing the wilderness,
    O thou of evil luck,
    trample the thorns under thy tread,
    and along the blood-lined track
    travel alone!

    If they do not hold up the light
    when the night is troubled with storm,
    O thou of evil luck,
    with the thunder flame of pain
    ignite thy own heart
    and let it burn alone!”

  18. eleonora says:

    L’AMO!!! Meravigliosa!!!!

  19. Rima says:

    nice words

  20. Marie-Christine says:

    Merci pour ce magnifique poeme.
    Je viens de lire celui la et il me parle beaucoup,- Pour le partage -.

    ‘Si j’avais eu la conscience suffisamment claire et les mots suffisamment nuances pour l’exprimer, j’aurais aime te dire que nous sommes la pour explorer, decouvrir et partager ce qu’il y a de meilleur en nous.
    Chacun possede un tresor.,
    Sois conscient et genereux de ton tresor et, en meme temps reste ouvert, attentif, a recevoir le tresor des autres, dispose a apprendre et a te remettre en question.
    Cherche la beaute, la verite, l’excellence en accueillant aussi ta fragilite, ta vulnerabilite et ton ombre, de sorte d’etre a meme d’accueillir celles des autres,
    Occupe joyeusement ta place: il y a de la place pour chacun,: sinon ni toi, ni moi serions la.
    Pense que ta place que tu n’occupes pas pour ne pas deranger reste vide a jamais et rejouis toi que chacun occupe pleinement la sienne autour de toi.’
    R. Tagore

    1. Andrée says:


  21. Yan says:

    Tagore is also famous in China. We read some of his poems at school. :)
    And I found this translation online:






  22. nikamarie says:

    This morning while packing, I started to reflect on my path, and I realized how good it has been to me.

    On the days where my legs felt weak and tired it roads have been smooth and skies sunny and wind filled with sweet breeze,

    On days I needed to build my strength the path has gave me hills and mountains to climb and rocks I have stumbled on and scraped my knees and bruised my bones at times even breaking my heart, but it never killed me just made me stronger.

    My path has been a lover, mother, friend, father, sister and brother. It is my allie disquised as an enemy at times.

    I realized it has never abandoned even when i thought I would change my direction because I couldn’t take the unpleasing scenery, and to muy surprise the new direction was part of my path teaching me the lessons of freedom and free will.

    Today I kneel down and give thanks and praise for my Path for it is a beautiful blessing that the Lord has blessed me with.

  23. Smita says:

    I never knew you read the works of Indian-Bengali Laureates, its exhilarating. You are a magician, mind-reader or what, evertime I look for answers in life you have it in front of me…………………….thanks, bless you for all the joy and light you showered on us through your words of wisdom.

    1. Mohamed says:

      Tagore is not merely and Indian-Bengali laureate, He is one of the greatest scholar the world ever had.
      And yes! Coelho is really great.

  24. varah says:

    Let me live while I’m still alive…

  25. Alexandra says:

    Beautiful. We feel much more happiness when we succeed with our own powers, not being dependent on others. But I remember a part of Queen Mary of Romania, to her relative, king of England, in war time, when they did not make it. She wrote that we must be brave asking for help. Its true, being too proud makes hard such an act of asking help. But of course I think too is really good if we do not need to ask from others. Have a happy day

  26. arun says:


    Why it is so??

    Why me always??

    Why I have always been sufferer??

    It is because of my past karma or because of curse given by others.

    Somebody might have done black magic over me.

    These all types of questions come in our mind when we feel pain in our life and the endurance gets tired. We go to astrologer or mantrik/tantric to know the remedy of this. With the passage of time we get stressed, feel like loser, even our own beloved one start keeping distance from us. The whole life lived so far looks like a bunch of tasteless fruits. The life path seems to be difficult and full of endless hurdles. But there is something good is hidden in this period. This period gives us time to check and balance our acts. The troubles which we caused to other and pain occurs to them refreshes our memory. Those who understand the meaning of it, they pray for forgiveness and some start justifying their acts and sometimes become adamant for it. What could be better than this if we ask God to forgive us for our sins and get relieve from the pain and suffering by his blessing.

  27. satpal khayaal says:

    I proud to be indian when someone remember Rabindernath Tagore . India has lot to share with world.

  28. golnaz says:

    I love your words….
    You talk directly to my soul…
    Strange is this connection, even the words…
    I received them today before you even post your words…
    There is a lot of LOVE in the air…
    Probably it`s because we beleive in the same God, father…
    Lucky me father, lucky me…
    I listen to your words father…
    I promise you…
    Blessings for you and your loved ones…


  29. shielar says:

    *let me see the reason why things happen,,guide me to learn the reason why i failed..i think iam still a coward no matter how i try to make myself believe tham iam strong ..for i still cant face reality and cant say and do what i really wanted to..iam in the middle of the sea,,and can really feel the loneliness..My brain is losing grip to reason and my heart is tryin to keep on beatin..this lines ill put in mind..i know there are still battles coming and what i got now is a preparation for the real war..inspiring excerpts..thanks Paulo..

  30. Vôgaluz says:

    Preciso cada vez mais destas mensagens, há uma urgíªncia no Universo de mensagens de oraí§í£o e de paz, Paulo Coelho é o único escritor que consegue canalizar as energias do Universo em seus livros e em tudo o que escreve. Paulo Coelho, í s vezes me sinto fraco, cansado, no fim da linha, mas em seus escritos encontro sempre um motivo para continuar meu caminho, mesmo que eu ní£o chegue a lugar algum. Que Deus e todos os anjos te guardem sempre. Feliz Páscoa. Ví´galuz


    Anjo da guarda, oh! anjo querido,
    ora por mim que sou teu amigo,
    cuida de mim e faze-me abrigo,
    anjo bonito, oh! anjo bendito.
    Nunca me esqueí§as. Anda comigo,
    deixa-me longe destes perigos,
    cuida de mim que sou teu amigo,
    ora por mim e faze-me abrigo.

    Anjo de luz, clareia-me agora.
    Aos pés da cruz tu rezas e choras,
    Deus me defenda e Nossa Senhora,
    tu me defendes a toda hora.
    Quando preciso, tu ní£o demoras,
    é perigosa a vida lá fora,
    anjo de luz, mas tu ní£o demoras,
    reza por mim com Nossa Senhora.

    Anjo repleto de paz e amor,
    vives no céu de Nosso Senhor.
    Anjo perfeito, meu salvador,
    sou imperfeito e dou-te labor
    nas sendas tristes de sofredor.
    Amo-te sempre, cura-me a dor,
    anjo de luz, de paz e de amor,
    és a bení§í£o de Nosso Senhor.

  31. Noe says:

    Awesome philosophy!!!! Good job Sir!!!

  32. Jen says:

    Glad that I have been on both sides and have come out the other side….

  33. hora says:

    i want more hope for living, i had but now i miss all of them, no yesterday no tomorrow i am living in now without any wishes for MYSELF..

  34. Malet says:

    In life trials are just beside Us, we may be pulled down by depression and loneliness and anger but Love the most powerful tool will make us live again..Just as trials are everywhere so is our angels, in human form and all we need is to open our heart to let it in. Love like you are never hurt before.

  35. Pandora says:

    Passion chokes the flower
    ’til she cries no more
    possessing all the beauty
    hungry still for more

    Heaven holds a sense of wonder…

  36. hora says:

    dear paulo:
    hi. let me giving u my best wishes .u changed my mind when i was 16 and u going on… thank u for sharing this amazing feeling that u have…
    with HORA from IRAN

  37. joelle says:

    Il faut croire en la vie ,relever la tíªte ,. Lorsqu’on est au fond du trou , regarder les sourires qui croisent votre regard , efforcer de montrer un beau visage et regarder les gens vous renvoyer les images positives . La vie est devant et c’est nous qui la faisons . Croire en soi ,c”est un travail que l’on fait avec les autres. Ne vous mettez pas í  l’ombre , ouvrer les feníªtres míªme lorsqu’il pleut vous verrez toujours briller quelque chose míªme la rosée du matin sur les feuilles des arbres ou la route mouillée reflétant les ondes des piétons qui traversent . ne désespérer pas il y a du soleil quelque part en vous . Il faut savoir regarder au fond de soi . Il y a du bon dans le coeur des autres , ils ne dmandent qu’í  vous aider , tendez leur votre main ,il y aura quelqu’un qui la prendra . cest peut-íªtre la foi qui vous manque mais d”autres l’ont pour vous . aimez vous surtout et souriez aux gens qui vous aiment aussi . Ils sont lí  ;

  38. Marisa says:

    Dear Anna,

    I know perfectly how you feel. I feel same some days but once, I met an older friend of mine whose son died in an accident in the mountains. He told me that you’d have to come back on Earth at the same stage of suffering if you don’t go through it and decide to put an end to your suffering. Suicide is only going to make you waste time and walk the same steps again towards freedom. Knowing that changed my perspectives. When I feel like I want to die, I know it’s time to listen to my inner child and create space for my needs. Hugs & kisses, Marisa

  39. sarah says:

    That’s beautiful Paulo. And once again just what I needed to hear. Thank you so much. Love from Australia.

  40. Betzabe Gonzalez says:


  41. Maritza says:

    Es una batalla incansable, cuando sabes, pero no logras concentrar todo tu buen actuar. Tu buena intención tu amor.

    La voluntad de querer,, amar , perdonar, ser Feliz.
    Esta en uno, como parte de nuestro cuerpo, siendo mas espiritual, siendo una fuerza de incalculable valor, desconocida pero tan real, como el reconocer un largo peregrinar de pena, angustia, de errores , de soledades. La tristeza misma, venerada por la terquedad inconsciente
    Se puede, solo debes llorar cuanto debes hacerlo, solo debes enjuagar tu rostros cuando allá sido suficiente, solo debe reí­r cuando allá pasado.

  42. Eleanne says:

    Llego en el momento oportuno.

  43. Felicia says:

    With of without you. It’s a twist of faith.

    P C gram

  44. I’m tired, I don’t know, if I could be able to live normal, just like other normal person. Why you let me know you? I really don’t know, where I’m going to begin my life…all over and over again…I bought a magazine about ” The Mindful On, maybe I could help my self of my sufferings of depression and to eliminating anger…Because, I don’t want anymore to be treated by Psycology …and I know I can do it my self, just have to trust my self…but sometimes I don’t know how?????Impact,I’m progressing without medicine…but their’s a time I could feel it, but how long, sometimes I’m just thinking to disappeared is the only solution…I could possibly think about it…hope,courage , and love this are my tools….So i’m not helplessness. I have reason to be alive…And your books help me too…

    1. ZinZar says:

      Dear Anna,

      I am also in a same situation as you are. I sometimes felt like disappearing when things get difficult to handle. I also hurt people who love me by thinking of disappearing. When I begun to think about it, it is an selfish act.

      Just want to let you know that you are not alone. Keep up the good fight. I believe love conquers all.

    2. Loven says:

      Just Believe in Yourself. Secondly If you feel like depressing do Running or some Exercise . Just try do something which u never done in your life. Thirdly, Just face the difficulties. They are nothing but pranks to scare us . BELIEVE ….

    3. Loven says:

      Zinar …..YOu too Chill out. :)

    4. Lori says:


      My <3 goes out to you. Having suffered from depression for years, I'm a firm believer that some of us need meds. I'm one of those. No amount of therapy or love could help me. I had to have all three combined.

      Everyone suffers from depression at some point in their lives, whether it be situational (grieving a loved one's passing) or chronic. Think of this, some people are genetically predisposed to high blood pressure. No matter how much weight is lost, or how healthy of a diet is eaten, or how much exercise someone does, if someone is genetically predisposed to it, medicine is sometimes the only thing that helps. The same goes for other diseases, high cholesterol, and depression.

      So many people, not necessarily you, think that depression is something that "should be sucked up and dealt with" or that "I'm weak if I have to take medicine", not me. Consider medicine if you've never tried it. You can always stop taking it.

      I hope I haven't offended you. I'm a nurse who takes medicine for depression and has for many years.

      Positive thoughts for you,

    5. dee says:

      Anna, they say life will turn around when you begin to count your blessings everyday. Seems so overly-simple, but there is some kind of “magic” in that — everyday, wake up and give thanks for all that you DO have. Do it again, mid-day — and then at night, before you go to bed. When you have dark , negative thoughts about yourself and your life, PUT A STOP SIGN and replace those thoughts with gratitude list you’ve created. I pray for you, and know you will find the peace and joy that already exists and is waiting for you.

    6. golnaz says:

      You dear beautiful Anne….
      wait! please wait right there!
      You are not the center of the world my friend…
      If I want to tell you my life story, you`ll cry for years and the whole oceans will flowd and the lands will be under it`s water forever my friend…
      Please look at life again with your beautiful eyes…
      Are your eyes colored like green/gray? I feel like that just a guess, my feelings! You see! feelings can fool us most of the times! your eyes might be just beautiful deep brown with long eyelashes my friend…
      Suffering is just a tool my friend…
      Swards of sufferings only goes into the outer layar of your soul not inside the heart of your soul my friend…
      Then like an onion shells, the outer layer shedds off by itself…
      We are human, we are strong… specially women are just too strong to be true!
      Listen to me my friend,
      remember the kids who have cancer… kids with no water , no food, no mother or father , no roof on their heads…..
      remember those who have no one to talk… no friends, no faith in God…
      remember how lucky you are….
      then repeat with yourself how lucky you are to be alive!
      We need to become strong, wise and creators… we are the children of God …remember?
      God have given us only one chance… to test us …. to see how we survive our tests……
      suffering? Ohh… yes…. I`ve had a lot my friend…
      Don`t be afraid… Don`t be angry at God….
      God is the greatest, the kindest, the best…
      God knows everything… Just never loose your faith, please….
      Go to a church… and talk to someone… listen to the music of Bible…..Go to a buddhist temple and ask for a mantra music… and please calm down…
      just don`t lose your faith… faith is the best drug and cure for love…
      It`s all from Love and not feeling live.. my friend…
      It`s all when you feel “disconnected” and not “connected” to Love… To God my friend…
      Hang on in there… Listen to me please…
      Contact me if you like… reply to me if you may…
      I`ve had more suffering than you can even emagine…
      Do something you enjoy…
      Write a letter or two…
      talk to a friend who knows you for years..(doctors are not that patient… Money and grug is not the answer…)….
      You need Love for your cure….

      many many blessings

      your name is the most beautiful name on earth…
      lucky you my friend,
      I wish my name was Anne…

      Breath this life … breath the pain in… breath the pain out!
      You see pain was an illusion… It bacame you… it left you then…
      you can conquare the pain… breath it in…breath it out… it`s gone now… never existed my friend… It was all in your mind… it was an illusion my friend…
      you can change your destiny…
      destiny is only in your past now…
      You can design your future!
      Just make a big wish my friend and believe your dream my friend…
      You are lucky to be alive…
      remember those kids…
      you are lucky to be alive…
      It`s a gift from God to be alive…
      enjoy your free gift from God, please…



    7. cynthia pugh says:

      The poems author was definitely a warrior of the light . Sorry you feel this way it is hard to shift yourself from depression it is a bit like fear. It will pass I know, just hang on in there xxx

  45. AHMED says:

    J’étais pauvre et je suis devenu riche, j’étais riche et je suis devenu pauvre. Mais la vérité j’étais toujours pauvre jusqu’au jour ou je suis devenu riche d’une richesse éternelle qui est la foi en Dieu dont j’ai trouvé le courage et l’amour. Le jour ou j’ai décidé de faire du feu qui usurpe mon í¢me, l’éclairage de la route qui mène vers mon ríªve, mon í¢me m’est rendue.