Shunning pessimism

To help to renew the Earth’s energy, it is necessary to be aware that pessimism is contagious.
Defeatism is contagious.
Despair is contagious.
Those who have enough sensitivity to see auras (energetic vibrations that surround living beings), perceive that before physical sickness penetrates the body, part of the vital energy is drained by the afflicted and worried brain.

All that we put into today will somehow be returned to us in a cycle much like what we see in nature.


  1. Maria says:

    Pessoas não são só carne ou só alma, a visão holística do ser humano como um todo corpo/menet/espirito é aceita pela medicina há algum tempo (embora infelizmente nem todos os médicos tratem os pacientes como seres integrais)
    Acredito q mtas questões emocionais afetam mesmo o corpo. Engolir mágoas, por exemplo, dá gastrite.
    Mas entre essa pensamento q tenho como claro há a parte do mistério, dos desígnios misteriosos do Autor da Fé, q não podem ser explicados.
    Por que é q pessoas boas ficam doentes? Boas E otimistas E calmas e tudo de bom?
    Meu pai é uma pessoa boa, na concepção mais abrangente do termo, um homem bom mesmo. Otimista, generoso, e no entanto, esse pensamento não lhe tirou a experiência de se ver doente.
    Mtas certezas espirituais se abalam qdo a saúde do corpo se abala.
    Stress abala a saúde, sei, pensamentos bons melhoram, mas não é uma conta matemática, não é 2+2 igual a 4.
    Entre os nossos pensamentos, bons ou maus, e a saúde abalada, está a mão de Deus, q escreve independente de nossa vontade.
    Não podemos escrever tudo.
    Se assim fosse só os maus morriam/adoeciam, e daí, quem é bom ou mau no fim das contas?
    Hj me parece q o pensamento tem força, q o livre arbítrio existe, mas que os mistérios da Vida são mto maiores do q qexplicação científica, ou teológica de qq religião.

    Deus te guie

  2. paola says:

    i’m having trouble listening. for the first time in my life a few months ago, last august, i’ve been told i am very “absolute,” although i’m pretty sure it was a benign comment, (with a “wake-up slap to the unconcious part of the brain” the part of the brain that is less and less used obviously) i don’t think it was a compliment. it came from someone much younger than myself and relatively new to my life. harmless. i’ve heard a lot of things but this innocent phrase still rings in my ears. if a tatoo had a voice this would be it. but i feel too stupid to understand the meaning. how do you know the “voice” is real or self-delusional trickery. btw it’s not the author’s voice i’m having trouble with; it’s the slap to the face reality of it.
    even if someone eventually ends up reading this comment, how can you absolutely…ahhh….there it is…
    how can you “absolutely” believe your own words? for real? humbly and without any self-grandioso-ness? the True hindu thing. because the truth is, all of us want to (would like to) believe that we are right. regardless of the nature of the arguement.
    live absolute; think absolute. is it so bad?…
    at least, i always know where i stand.
    but caution, just as easily as you can hear the “voice” you can trick yourself into believing you are on the right path…so wtf, really
    when did being human become so hard?
    and when did reaching that “blissfull-knowing” become so close to “stup-id” rather than “stup-or”?
    …i don’t want to see “we are all onions”…don’t bug me, you’re the reason it gets confusing…because you are scripted. Scripted. Not absolute. I get absolute. But there is absolutely nothing behind Scripted.

  3. cristina cabral says:

    As pessoas precisam ter consciência disso, evitaria muitas doenças e melhoria o mundo tb. Sei que vc faz muito bem sua parte, pois muitas coisas que eu parcebia inconsciêntemente, vc abriu meus olhos.
    Bjs e obrigada

  4. Samantha Love Grove says:

    Thank you. A feather to still the voices and a branch to bring hope.

    Don’t ignore the signs.

    Pessimism is indeed contagious but look for hope, and there it is, burning brightly in us all.

  5. Pandora says:

    “Drown not thyself to save a drowning man.” ~ Thomas Fuller

    “By growing used to what is dangerous, a man can easily allow it to become part of him. He is familiar with it and grows used to evil. With this he has lost the right way, and misfortune is the natural result.” ~ I Ching hexagram 29 K’an :The Abysmal

    Negativity is like a black pool (abyss) of stagnating water, it drowns both men and women showing no mercy… it takes discipline and courage to help someone who is so immersed that they cannot see or do anything, but complain, moan, judge others or worse, inflict their advice on how you should live your life.

    But it is very difficult for anyone with the very least sense of compassion, to be able to remove the overwhelming desire to rush into a pool of water (no matter how dark the waters are) in order to try to help save a struggling, screaming, drowning person. As an image of a drowning man kept haunting me recently, I did some research and discovered the one “Golden” rule to be obeyed, that is taught by instruction centres everywhere is that in order to be able to save someone from drowning without endangering yourself, you have to hold back and wait until they are ready to receive and accept your help, otherwise they will panic and drag you down with them.

  6. Teddyted says:

    Oh my God !Oh my love
    Bring me some medecine;
    Medecine of a kind of illness,
    I ‘ve felt it everywhere,
    near men and women,
    near birds and animals.
    Come,dear, and show me the way
    Come and throw me the stick;
    because I become bind without you.

    All over the world, people feel sorrow and pain;
    and they do not throw away bad thoughts.
    jalousy,vanity ,hypocrisy and others…
    they have to think in an other way
    to save their honnor..