Shunning pessimism

To help to renew the Earth’s energy, it is necessary to be aware that pessimism is contagious.
Defeatism is contagious.
Despair is contagious.
Those who have enough sensitivity to see auras (energetic vibrations that surround living beings), perceive that before physical sickness penetrates the body, part of the vital energy is drained by the afflicted and worried brain.

All that we put into today will somehow be returned to us in a cycle much like what we see in nature.


  1. Marie-Christine says:

    ‘Quand le coeur est en rythme,, paix, melodie et rythme s’accordent.;

  2. Jessica says:

    Well …. I see colours …. auras when I do healing …. its amazing indeed :-)

    But about the brain … I wish I sometimes didnt have a brain …. thinking too much is not god for us ;-)
    Had some anxiety days lately ….. and that I really hate …. I dont want to have anxiety !!!! So I try to focus on the positive.

    Love and light Jessica

  3. toñi says:

    Bueno, después de hacer una pequeña comprovación de “algo”, te voy a contar un cuento inventado por mi (para que te sonrias un rato).
    Habí­a una vez una niña impertinente y descarada sentada en la tierra jugando con unas hojas que ella decí­a que eran muñecas. Y apareció una de sus almas gemelas y le dijo:
    -Oye niña! ¿me puedes dar los nombres de nuestras almas gemelas?
    -Y tú ¿qué me darás a cambio?-contentó la niña.
    -Te daré una sonrisa, una de mis mejores sonrisas!
    -Muy bien-contestó la niña-Sus nombres son : Ernestito, Alejandrito, Anaisita, Robertito, Pablito, Joelito y otra más.
    -Y tú ¿cómo sabes todo eso niña impertinente?
    -Porque la “otra más” soy yo. Y soy impertinente porque soy pequeña. Los niños podemos ser impertinentes y además también soy muy curiosa.
    Fin del cuento. (nunca se me ha dado bien la escritura, perdón por las faltas de ortografí­a).

  4. Shine says:

    Yes paulo it is true, whatever you are saying. The truth is positive thinking encourages our best effort, negative thinking inhibits it. There is no formula in life, every situation is new. If you fail once, doesn’t mean you will fail everytime. Keep trying…In fact there is life in trying and it is far better than “not trying” and thinking those who achieve things are lucky ones……………………

    Loads of love

  5. barbara says:

    Happy Easter Mr.Coelho have a blessed day.


  6. nobodyisok says:

    What is interesting is how to disassociate oneself from even a tiny thought of negativity. By doing such, that tiny spec of thought will not be stretched or stressed or anticipated causing unnecessary worries or earthly sickness.

    What is most interesting is how to balance one’s life which remains a secret of the universe.

  7. Cynthia Pugh says:

    Well having read comments I realise I may have missed the point. When I was young I studied a tantric discipline which meant that you had to follow 16 points of discipline.One of the first was. “Not to hurt anyone by thought word or action ” I know this is a very powerful thing to achieve both for individual well being and the well being of human kind. It does have very magical effects. Putting it into practice in the busy world is another matter.

  8. Ciao Bella says:

    Am I a genius or not;) Have not read the book to the end but now I know everything! You are my mirrow and I am yours a contrario;) Forgive and forget that´s what Easter is all about. Jesus died on the cross for our sins, we can forgive ourselves and you are forgiven many times. I think you like this video :-)

  9. Alexandra says:

    According to my prof o MCP ( multicultural politics) every -ism is an exageration. so would be the case of pesimis, or even of optimism? Might ask her. For pesimism is obvious. Lets think about the optimism too…

  10. Alexandra says:

    Of course peace of mind is crucial, we cannot feel well if we have too much worries. But being optimistil all the time in every situation is not realistic, and taking too many risks is dangerous too. I saw in tv the effects of worries, endless…one get fat, get sick easier so one….Being happy is better, who do not want to be happy? but we are not in paradise, so problems might occur, from time to time. I think the better is being able to solve well and quickly the issues, so they are not annoying anymore. Is that done with optimism, or by other means?
    Happy Easter
    big hug

  11. penelope says:

    that sounds like a contradiction in terms PC which i accept as part of nature COMUNQUE i go w/Krishnamurti’s idea of embracing, allowing to blossom and wilt in the light of reality, encouraging our feelings to evolve. Being aware of pessimism is a step in the journey ~~
    Smile when your heart is weary!

  12. Ressureií§í£o é ressurgir, voltar í  vida, REVIVER!

    E da melhor forma possí­vel, a cada dia…


  13. barbara says:

    It is a dear and lovely disposition, and a most valuable one, that can brush away indignities and discourtesies and seek and find the pleasanter features of an experience.

    On optimissim from Mark Twain’s Autobiography

  14. jessica says:

    My two daughters (lily 8 & avery 6) were arguing in their room about who was doing a better job cleaning it. Lily, who was becoming very fustrated at her sisters unwillingness to do anything but lay on her bed and color, told her sister “if you don’t help me pick up this room I’m NEVER going to play with you again”. Avery sat and pondered for a minute then replyed “well I guess everyday can’t be rainbows and unicorns”.

    My girls hear me say this often when negitive things happen in our life. As a young girl I wanted everyday to be rainbows and unicorns. Unrealistic expectations and fairy tale meltdowns.

    The reality is I spent far too long on lifes path before I figured out that if everyday was rainbows and unicorns they wouldn’t be so special.

    It makes my heart smile when I realize that my 6 year old daughter knows now what took me 32 years to learn.

  15. Cynthia Pugh says:

    I agree that pessimism is contagious. Afflicted and worried brain I am puzzled by what you mean. I understand that what we think can affect our health. I am not my brain! x A persons aura can still shine very brightly regardless of your state of health. Still puzzled!

  16. maria emilia says:

    Querido Paulo,

    Como eu queria que algumas pessoas que convivo acreditassem nisso … até mais

  17. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Realistically, our society is a form of purgatory. We deprive ourselves of all means of livelihood, kill each other, exploit each other, and many other nice things. Only because of consumption and money. Pessimistic view, you can not change this. Viewed optimistically. That is the problem of the realists and pessimists. So everyone has his own problems. As I have often said. I’m optimistic. :-)

    I wish you all a wonderful Easter

  18. Dear Savita Vega,

    I am glad Paulo Coelho fabulous statement, made you reply in such a brave, reacting manner to the energy drain phenomenon.
    You taught me a lesson. So don’t think that your voice is not heard.
    God made you speak and I loved what I read.

    I think I will stop ignoring negative situations like I used too.
    I think that it is our obligation to make people aware of the negativity that are projecting around them. I have lost friends by telling them the truth, that they were negative. But I also gained peace of mind not having their negativity around me. We never loose anything that is a fact. We just change the status or form of something.

    Paulo shows how to be a Warrior in modern times. So we must pull our imaginary swords and cut out negativity in pieces, and beat the price of being alone or attract people who think like we do.

    I will share your amazing words at social network.

    Thank you Paulo Coelho.
    Thank you Savita.

    Thereza Artemisa

    Thank you.

    1. golnaz says:

      God bless you our dear father,
      All your words are blessings from this beautiful universe…
      It`s so good to know you dear Paulo Coelho….
      I love this beautiful blue and green planet that shines like a jewel, a jade at the heart of the solar system planet rings..
      My all our prayers bring Harmony and joy for our beautiful world.

      many many blessings,


  19. Lars Berewinkel says:

    I like this!

  20. Thank You Paulo for this post and spreading the awareness of the energy we give out to others!

    Whether or not a person has a sensitivity to see auras, we all are affected by the energy around us. Any source of energy we give out is contagious and we expose ourselves in receiving back the same energy.

    During my stay in Vicuna, Elqui Valley, Chile, I met a 76 year old woman, the owner of the hostal I stayed in. Rita, left Chile in her early twenties and moved to Germany. She explained to me how at the time, she found it to be the best place to live in. Later on in life, her husband had become infatuated with Chile from the vacations they took there once a year. He wanted to spend his retirement in Chile, move there. Rita couldn’t see herself going back there permanently, she had become accustomed to the life in Germany. Her husband died 1 year before they would move back to Chile. At this pont she felt she no longer had to make the move. She went to Vicuna to take care of the arrangements, they had already bought land there…During the time she was there, she felt lost, confused…she sat outside every evening staring at the stars. In this region, the sky is absolutely spectacular. There is no light pollution, therefore, the sky at night comes to life with all the stars. Rita would look up at the stars and ask for guidance. She told me that one day she decided to go out in the village and meet the people. She wanted to know, “how can these people live here, there is nothing..” She said, I wanted to see how the “poor” people or at least I believed them to be poor at the time, could stand to stay here..

    She described the energy that filled her body, mind and soul by being with them. They were far from being poor, they were the richest people I had ever met. Rich of life. I was filled with an energy that I had never felt before. I had been robbed of that energy in Germany. The day I went back to Germany, I realized just how much I wanted to go back to Vicuna.
    Having been there, I felt what Rita was explaining to me…This valley just fills up with positive energy, both from the mountains and the people…
    When we surround ourselves in a peaceful state of mind, we give out positive energy around us, people will feel it.

    When we fill ourselves with the “noise” around us, we allow the negative energy to take control, giving out that same negative energy.

  21. jim says:

    On the other hand””Courtesy is contagious as well.
    That was the phrase we were taught when I was learning to drive (a time long, long ago).
    Just last night during a discussion that popped into my mind.
    And it was amazing back then how if one showed a bit of courtesy to another driver, within a mile or so or a few minutes, someone different would show courtesy to you.
    But those days seem to gone around here as most everyone is only concerned with themselves, and it doesn’t help the State will give anyone with $25 and can pass a simple eye test a license to drive without concern if they are capable or not””technically or attitude-wise.
    Yet I still practice that thought… and once in awhile I get rewarded.

  22. toñi says:

    Quiero añadir algo más sobre mi anterior mensaje para que se comprenda lo que quiero decir:
    -Preguntale a un médico que ha trabajado toda su vida atendiendo a mujeres embarazadas y ha ayudado y asistido a más de 4.000 bebés a nacer, preguntale lo siguiente ¿es fácil o es difí­cil traer bebés al mundo y asistir a las mujeres en los partos? la respuesta es: “es muy fácil” siempre que la mujer colabore con toda su energí­a y el bebé también, aunque el parto sufra complicaciones, por norma general es fácil. Así­ es como piensan las personas que trabajan para el ciclo de la vida. Y esas personas se sienten felices cuando todo sale bien, del mismo modo que el médico se siente feliz cuando coge el bebé recien nacido en sus brazos.

  23. toñi says:

    “los que tienen la sensibilidad suficiente para ver el aura” ¿sabes que podemos añadir algo más? si, lo sabes! estas personas que pueden ver el aura…también pueden leer el pensamiento y sentir las emociones y curar a los demás ( forman parte de la vida y la vida forma parte de ellos, están completamente conectados en el ciclo de la energí­a), pero estas personas la mayoria de las veces prefieren pasar desapercibidas ¿porqué?porque este mundo está muy mal y la gente a veces se aferra con obsesión a este tipo de cosas porque les parecen extraordinarias. las personas “dependientes” que necesitan de los demás no son capaces de ver la maravilla de la energí­a de un bosque y si que son capaces de obsesionarse con el tema “maestros” o “curanderos” hasta incluso llegar a meterse en sectarismos o, simplemente, acabar enfermos. Y muchas veces aparecen “personajes” que dicen ser maestros y se aprovechan de ellos, de su ingenuidad y de su dinero ( bueno esto ha pasado a lo largo de toda la historia, no es algo nuevo). También ocurre que los seres humanos somos desagradecidos y egoistas, a veces ayudas a alguien y encima esa persona se enfada. Es mejor ayudar desde la distancia, como haces tú en tus oraciones y en tus libros. Sobre renovar la energí­a de la tierra …es necesario entusiasmo, amor, fé, y sobre todo fuerza fí­sica-mental-espiritual. Pero primero tenemos que renovar la energí­a de nuestros cuerpos (nuestro universo interior) y después todo fluye. Podemos vivir más años y ser más jovenes si realmente sentimos que estamos sanos y jovenes y que todo va a ir bien. Todo es energí­a, si transformamos nuestra energí­a en positivo mejor para nosotros y mejor para el mundo que nos rodea (familia, amigos, etc). En realidad todo serí­a muy sencillo, porque este mundo es un mundo hermoso por si mismo, somos nosotros los que destruimos nuestro habitat ¿cómo? ensuciando más de lo necesario, peleando más de lo necesario, teniendo envidia de los demás, …la gente necesita un reciclaje muy grande, de los pies a la cabeza! Bueno, esta es mi opinión. Toñi.

  24. Yan says:

    I wish to add one.

    Public apathy is also contagious.

    When a two-year-old toddler got hit by a car, lying on the ground dying, and 18 people did nothing but walked by;
    when a girl got molested on a bus, and the whole bus of passengers did nothing but watch;
    when this kind of thing become so common;
    there must be something wrong with the society.

    This public apathy is not only contagious, it’s deadly.

    Wish more of us would have a bit more courage to break the ice.



    Chinese translation:



  25. marina says:

    L’energia dell’amore scorre quando si è il vero sè, infatti quando si mente o si tradisce il vero sè, il mondo ci riconosce perchè apparentemente non siamo cambiati, siamo come sempre reali, ma non ci riconoscono pií¹ le persone che ci amano o che ci sono amiche, solo ritrovando il vero sè e perdonandoci ritorna quello che pensavamo di aver perso e potremo dare agli altri positivití .

  26. Savita Vega says:

    Yesterday I watched a documentary on pandemics, which explained how contagious diseases can rapidly spread throughout the globe and, as has often been the case throughout history, kill millions of people. In our modern era, the dangers of rapid transmission to masses of people is even higher. A person contracts a deadly virus and a few hours later is on a plane bound for some destination on the other side of the world. One sneeze in a crowded subway station, and they’ve infected twenty people. Then those people get on subways, buses, trains, planes, automobiles and travel great distances at high speeds, to go out and infect hundreds, thousands more, before anyone even realizes that there is an outbreak.

    Scary indeed! No one wants to contract the bird fluId, or any other potentially fatal disease. So, someone sneezes, we hold our breath, or turn aside and step out of the room. When we travel, we consult with the doctor and get our vaccinations. We vaccinate our children. We wash our hands often. The disinfectant and hand sanitizer business is booming. We do everything within our power to avoid and prevent the spread of contagious diseases.

    Yet we seldom stop to consider that ideas are much the same, and attitudes. They are no less contagious, and they are spread in much the same way, especially in our modern world of high-speed technology, often rapidly, indiscriminately, infecting thousands, millions. within a surprisingly short period of time. Fear, anxiety, anger, hatred – seemingly simple human emotions when contained on an individual level, but how quickly they spread and intensify to manifest themselves as collective panic, mass hysteria, unbridled rage, and deadly violence. What are wars, after all, except negative human emotions, ideas, attitudes, erupting on a pandemic scale?

    But such mass transmissions are not the only danger we must consider. Each of us is in some degree of danger every day. Think of the numbers of people we each encounter, the words we hear them speak, the ideas and attitudes they express and which we, unthinkingly, consume. Of course we can claim to be immune to negativity. We would like to think we are anyway. And I’m sure that, just as with certain diseases, some of us have more immunity than others. Still, there is a tipping point – the point at which we become so surrounded by negative people and bombarded by their negative ideas and attitudes that we cannot help but succumb to the infection ourselves. So what are we to do? Evict all of the “negative people” from our lives? Possibly. I suppose that’s what the “unfriend” button on FaceBook is for. At least that’s the purpose for which I, personally, sometimes employ it – as a sort of “eject button” which allows me to clear my intake of thoughts and ideas of a certain degree of negativity. Yet this approach is only the equivalent of holding your breath and stepping out of the room when someone sneezes. It might not be enough.

    A vaccination against negativity. That’s the ticket! Wouldn’t that be grand?! But what would such a “vaccination” look like? What form would it take? I’m sure there are many answers to this question, but I’ll share my personal approach: It used to be in my life that when people said negative things in my presence, I just ignored them. I kept my mouth shut and went on. But then, slowly over time, I realized that this silent approach was taking its toll on me. As I never said a word to counter negativity, I began to feel that I was being closed in by it, surrounded by it, overwhelmed by it. In short, it was getting to me, even though I had chosen to “ignore” it. That’s the point in my life when I ceased to hold my tongue and began speaking up for myself, for others, and for what I believe to be just and good and true.

    These days, when someone makes some negative remark, I am much more likely to counter it. It isn’t that I believe that my opposition has the power to change them, but I believe that it does have the power to change me. Someone says, “Oh, this rain! It’s been pouring for weeks! How miserable!” I say, “Yes, and remember the drought we had last year? Be thankful.” Someone says, “The economy is so bad! What are our lives coming to? We’re all going to starve before it’s over!” I say, “Maybe we’re just being detached from the things, so that we can better enjoy one another.” I’m speaking to the wind. My words are not being heard. I know this. But I hear myself, and my own words serve as an vaccination against the negativity I am exposed to.

    Some people say that silence is the best response to negativity – ignore it and it will go away, speak to it and you give it more power. But I think of Gandhi, Martin Luther King… such individuals were never silent in the face of negative forces. We may not all be great leaders or famous speakers, but we can each do our part in opposing the spread of negative ideas and attitudes, not by remaining silent in the face of such expressions, but in politely and effectively countering them.

    1. hues says:

      That was really nicely put! we face it every minute… thanks for sharing Savita!

  27. Olta Canka says:

    The cure to this is COURAGE! COURAGE! COURAGE!
    Turn darkness to light. :)

  28. heart says:

    Find that switch to optimism as often as possible. We all have bad days. Thursday I had a lady yelling at me saying things like:”He’s Arizona doesn’t care about needy people & He said this and She said that and bla, bla, bla.. I knew she hadn’t slept much the night before. I knew her legs hurt. I knew she was frustrated from caring for son with disability.. A group of people were sitting in the room, with red faces from the unheated emotional discussion. I told her; Please do not yell at me. She calmed down and apologized. Her negativity caused the meeting to end with negative result. Due to her anger I didn’t give her good answers. She refused to rescedule the meeting. Well, the nextmeeting day Iwith called her up &He we could booth look at things from new angles and find those loop holes necessary to fix the problem. The two of us met again me in yellow t-shirt and she in yellow cap. We laughed about the atmosphere the day before and turned pessimism to optimism.

  29. eleonora says:


    1. Marie-Christine says:

      We are on the same wavelength ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      Thank you,

      W onde rful w or ld.

  30. Vivian says:

    Sure, pessimism and optimism are contagious. People are inclined to copy models of thinking which they like or think they are cool or the person who gives them is cool not even knowing they do it. For a man who is not experienced with this it is very easily to copy models of thinking without knowing how bad they can influence on him. To prevent this we must look what we “eat” and what we take for our understanding and then for ourselves. The most clear example of this are kids. They don`t defend themselves, they copy everything which is cool no matter if it is bad or good. These small people are in danger because they do not think and have very little experience. We are the people who rule our psyche and thoughts and one advice you must be sure what exactly you want when you know it the reaching is a matter of time.


  31. franoise33 says:

    Yes, you’re right ,but so long is the way to understand this kind of feeling , and so hard is the brain to believe of what’s good and what’s bad! but every people can be a sort of “god” if I can say for the others, whit love and time , and the animals and pets are the better friends for help someone to goes up.

  32. cristina says:

    Yes pessimism, and optimism are contagious.
    So it’s also up to us not to watch too much tv, neither to read too many newspapers, that spread pessimism all over the world.
    I think we can use our mental energy to “see” other parts of this planet.
    As I wrote before, sunsets, dawns, natural landscapes are beautiful and…free.
    I can’t see aureas, but I can feel the positive or negatives energies of people.
    My Reiki Teacher can do it, and he told me at the beginning of this year that there would have been great changes in the world’s situation.
    I think he’s right. He gets my gratitude for he he’s told me so.
    Let’s get on living as well as we can.
    Have a nice day.

  33. THELMA says:

    As you say above, Paulo Coelho, all our feelings are contagious.

    When I was a child, I remember my nanny saying to me that every Good Friday it is always a cloudy, gloomy, rainy day, although it is always in the Spring, because God is sad and so is the whole Nature , because it is the day that Christ is on the Cross.
    In the Gospel, Christ said, when the ‘bleeding woman touched his gown’, :
    I felt an energy leaving me.
    It is the energy absorbed from others, because we are all one and interconnected.

    Homeopathy is the revived Medicine from ancient Greece, Hippocrates, that examines and faces the patient as a Whole. [Holistic = ¨ÎŸÎ»Î¹ÏƒÏ„ική ιατρική].

    The white light includes all seven colours of iris. Whenever we think ourselves, or our beloved ones, in a luminous white colour, we ‘build’ with our imagination a shield of protective energy. Our Aura, when photographed or looked by a ‘sensitive’ person,
    reflects our inner energy. This energy is the energy created by our inner self and mind. This is the reason and principle that it is said, that our thoughts are the ‘creator’ of our .. lives. It works also like a magnet, attracting the … same ‘elemental’ and ‘creatures’. If our thoughts are kind and optimistic, we project to others kindness and optimism, and the colours of joy. Our aim for us is to become creatures vibrated with kindness, harmony and LOVE.

    1. toñi says:

      Pienso lo mismo que tú, Thelma.
      Sobre el tema de los colores y de la energí­a como canalizador o conector de otras fuentes de energí­a. Cuando estamos en un nivel positivo todos los que estén en esa misma frecuencia nuestra son atraidos por nosotros y nosotros por ellos. Podemos cambiar nuestras vidas en un corto perí­odo de tiempo, simplemente enfocándonos en otra frecuencia. Lo semejante atrae lo semejante. Si nuestro entorno es desagradable, cambiando nuestra forma de pensar, cambiamos también nuestra vida. Y aquellas personas negativas o desagradables se van de nuestro lado porque hablan un idioma de energí­a diferente al nuestro. O se alejan o cambian a nuestra frecuencia. Esta es la forma de cambiar el planeta, si nadie viese las noticias o los periodicos cuando ocurren desgracias y solo deseasemos estar informados de cosas alegres…este mundo cambiarí­a. Como decí­a Madre Teresa “no me invites a una manifestación en contra de la guerra, cuando hagas una manifestación a favor de la paz entonces me puedes invitar”. Saludos.

    2. Teddyted says:

      What you say is thrue.Thank you

    3. Heimo Kruschinski says:

      Mother Teresa meant certainly not information. She was well informed about the nasty side of rhe world. It’s no good to bury our heads in the sand. It is very easy to be against something. It is difficult to be for something. Especially if you have high expectations and talk a lot. The act counts, evryone in his own way, not just pretty words which are not meant serious. That is my opinion.

      I wish you all a wundervollenTag

  34. Carmen Larisa says:

    And it is also true that in life we can choose between being a victim or a winner. We are the result of our own merits, we get what we deserve, even if we like it or not, these are the rules of life. We become what we think, our attitudes.
    The inner energy we all have inside, Kundalini is the one who protects us, as it knows best what is right or not for our well-being. But it cannot be forced upon us, free will is an important law in the universe, so God allows us to choose what to experience but there is always a response to all our actions.
    Since going to free meditation classes at Sahaja Yoga, I learned to interpret vibrations, energy, I feel them guiding me every day and this is such a relief! I don’t usually see auras, only sometimes while meditating but I believe that God is everywhere and guides those who want to listen.
    Lots of affection and appreciation and happy winter holidays for everyone! :o)

  35. Atenas says:

    De verdad que estoy muy emocionada al saber que ya a escalado y dado un paso muy grande usted como escritor y yo como lectora y fan de sus libros en cuanto a la pelicula de veronika decide morir ya que e uno de mis preferidos a parte del Zahir de verdad muchos exitos…un abrazo grandote.

  36. Nika Marie says:

    I Concur! I myself can not see auras but I can feel them strongly. I’m learning with time how to interpret them. I have been telling myself when I wake up in the morning I have the choice to go out into the world today grumpy or I can go out there joyfully. I choose joy!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  37. I do believe you get out what you put in… So it is good to remember your gifts and the great things about this moment. If you can remember to be grateful, then optimism is easy.

    Thanks for the reminder to remain diligent! :-)

  38. cheri says:

    How true those words ring.Yes a smile, a hello can maybe create a domino effect.Hopefully.
    I still believe that a positively warm greeting can warm the coldest of souls.Maybe a little light reaches much further than the dark deep ruts so many struggle to climb out of.I hope so.

  39. Are says:

    The new economic model

    The financial crises has shown that the world needs way of dealing with the belongings to this mother earth. Who owns the houses we live inn. They are just holding our bodies, and the wall had no value in it.

    The counting system we are using is wrong, because the number system is not correct. A year has 365 1/4 . Do we need this numbers; the new world is nature of the earth and trade of services. True socialism and sharing, goods. The pure countries with large resources will be the new world.

  40. aditya says:

    worth keeping in our awareness continuously – both pesimism and optimism are contagious, for a wol keepis pessimism at bay seems the bigger challenge, becaususe he is naturally optimistic, joyous, it is only those moments of doubts, of encountering failure face to face that s/he needs to remember this passage more vividly; otherwise for one who is joyous and overflowing ( not overbearing ) no special efforts are required !


  41. Alexandra says:

    I am pretty sure you are right.I cant see auras.BUt I remember times in which I was very confident,and every desire became true.Now I am optimistic,but not as much as before.I think the power of our thoughts is greater than we imagine.Must take into consideration that.Also,I know about psycho-somatic illness.One might feel physically sick due to stress,problems,depression.I hope everybody might avoid such for the best.Love

  42. All energies can be contagious. Optimism is contagious too. This is why i insist we must be the change that we wish to see. That is to say, if we want the world to be a happier place, then we must become happier people. We should then focus on being who we are and want we want and allow the right people to be attracted to us.

  43. Abby says:

    Hi all,

    You are so right. I believe we have the means to change the world if we simply (although not simple at all to realize) changed the way we look upon things, matters, events…
    But it seems to me that it suits better those who direct our world in our days, to spread fear. Fear of the other (terrorism), fear of tomorrow (crisis and unemployment), fear of global warming (just happened before over thousands and thousands of years and changed the face of the earth, just life, plus of course the acceleration of a natural processes due to us polluting earth and going against life), fear of missing, fear of lacking, fear of whatever and every possible way to hope.
    Out of fear we wage wars, out of fear we are paralyzed, afraid to do, panicked. Out of fear we lack to imagine a shiny, smiling future. So we cast it to the image that we have feared.
    Emotions are contagious, weather positive or negative.
    Wisdom is contagious, so as craziness.
    Instead of living we keep calculating the future in the way that would make us fear to go on. While tomorrow is never there unless one has already lived today.

    Thanks Paulo, best to love to all.

  44. luce says:

    Dear Paulo,

    How right you are.

    These days we are bombarded with mass media black news, coming crisis….all negativities possible !

    In Croatia is said that Prime Minister has robbed us Christmas, and in a way it is true.

    Nothing much has changed but people lost hope in better tomorrow, the faces I see are not as faces of people at Christmas time, streets are almost deserted.

    I think it is crime to multiply hoplesness and dispair.

    But how, how to fight it, how to strugle out of it, out of pesimism and depression, when positive thought as yours seems to be just tiny island in the ocean of negative thought.

    Paulo, dear friend, make this island grow.

    As you helped many of us, we’ll do the same for others, at least I hope.

    And go on, fight for free contents on internet because for many it is only way to knowledge, to wisdom, to new light !


  45. Yes, Vivian, children absorb the thought patterns and energy around them. That’s why I think that one of our jobs as parents is to model how to choose LOVE over FEAR. Of course, in order to model that for our children, we have to be able to do it ourselves! Not always easy… but always POSSIBLE!

    Love and light,

  46. Molly says:

    So we should all keep practicing daily, from moment to moment, to put loving kindness out there to all beings, visible and invisible, to help balance that strong negativity which does seem to multiply quickly.

  47. Vivian says:

    Sure, pessimism and optimism are contagious. People are inclined to copy models of thinking which they like or think they are cool or the person who gives them is cool not even knowing they do it. For a man who is not experienced with this it is very easily to copy models of thinking without knowing how bad they can influence on him. To prevent this we must look what we “eat” and what we take for our understanding and then for ourselves. The most clear example of this are kids. They don`t defend themselves, they copy everything which is cool no matter if it is bad or good. These small people are in danger because they do not think and have very little experience. We are the people who rule our psyche and thoughts and one advice you must be sure what exactly you want when you know it the reaching is a matter of time.


  48. Hola says:

    Pessimism and optimism are contagious.
    I watched a program last night about kids in the Bronx and other areas of New York that were taught how to dance. They were so good, so much rythm, a beautiful sight to see. Perhaps they should do more of that.

  49. sido says:

    petite paranthèse , puisqu’on est lí  pour informer :

    personnellement , je perí§oit une énergie , ce que j’appelle “l’énergie de l’amour” :par exemple , je perí§oit qu’une personne ,qui pense fort í  moi, va me téléphoner et 5 secondes après le téléphone sonne ( et cela m’est arrivé des dizaines de fois ) , je sais aussi quand quelqu’un pense í  moi (de faí§on très positive ) et cela í  des kilomètres de distance ( un peu comme quand vous dí®tes “Oh j’ai l’oreille qui siffle : quelqu’un doit dire du mal de moi …” ) etc etc
    Sauf que moi je perí§oit “l’énergie de l’Amour ” quand la pensée est pure

    oui , je sais cela peut paraí®tre bizarre , mais il n’est que bizarre ce que l’on ne connait pas et que l’on a jamais ressenti … : comme un enfant face í  une nouvelle chose , il reste septique ( et heureusement , j’espère qu’il gardera toujours son esprit critique ! ) et il ne comprend que ce que son parent lui a dit , que lorsqu’il le vivra lui míªme

    J’ai juste envie de raconter cela ( un don ! , non une sensibilité aux choses , aux íªtres et rien de plus ) car quelqu’un m’a dit ” vous faites de la fausse humilité , il faut raconter míªme si on ne croit pas … )

    Small parenthesis , since it is there to inform:

    Personally, I receives an energy , what I call “energy of love” :For example , i perceive that a person who thinks fort to me will call me and 5 seconds after the telephone rings ( and this happened to me the dozens of times ) , i also know when someone thinks on me (very positively ) and this at kilometers distance (a little as when you say “I have the ear that whistles : someone must tell bad of me ” ) etc etc
    Except that i collects “energy of Love ” when the thought is pure

    Yes , I know that may seem strange , but it is only bizarre what we did not connait and that it has ever felt … : As a child face a new thing , it remains septic ( and fortunately , I hope he will always keep his spirit review! ) And it includes only what his parent told him , when he will live itself

    I just want to tell that ( a donation ! , Not a sensitivity to things , to beings and nothing more ) because someone told me ” you made of the false humility , it must tell even if we do not believe … )

    1. marie-christine says:

      je suis comme toi aussi.c’est tellement fort ..comme un courant.:)

  50. sido66 says:

    je me réveille le matin avec le sourire , et je me couche tous les soirs avec le sourire ( une chance !!)

    je vois toujours la vie du cí´té positif , et face í  un nouvel évènement ou face í  une nouvelle personne , je regarde toujours le beau .. et encourage toujours le cí´té positif en chacun

    En ce qui concerne la perception de l’aura d’une personne : je dirai , avec mes mots , que personnellement je perí§ois parfois ce que j’appelle “l’énergie de l’amour” , et parfois cela me guide ou m’interpelle ….mais í§a n’existe que dans de rare cas et pas tout le temps

    je suis une personne tout ce qu’il y a d’ordinaire , mais je crois que chacun d’entre nous possède en lui 1 perception particulière , et parfois 1 perception plus fine ( aura , etc … )

    I wake up the morning with the smile , and I am layer every evening with a smile i still see the life of positive side , and in the face a new event or in the face a new person , i always looks the beautiful .. and still encourages the positive side in each

    As regards the perception of the aura of a person: I would say , with my words , I see that personnellementy sometimes what I call “energy of love” , and sometimes i heckling me guide or ….but does not exist that in rare cases and not all the time I am a person everything that there are usually , but I believe that each of us has in him 1 particular perception , and sometimes 1 perception more fine ( aura , etc … )