Feliz Páscoa / Happy Easter


The Hallelujah Chorus, from Handel’s Messiah, is one of the most well-known musical pieces from the baroque period, AND also one of the most difficult to perform. Therefore, there must be a conductor in the crowd, but I am unable to identify him/her<


  1. Agung says:

    A good video. I like it.
    Hallelujah.. Hallelujah..

  2. Genevieve Ross says:

    Today I attended Easter Services, with my mom, at the church of my youth (St. Mary’s Catholic Church.) It has been many years since I walked down that center aisle and took my place in the pew. When I knelt, as I had been taught as a child to do… I realized I am now able to pray. Memories – good, bad and indifferent flooded through my soul… and I am at peace with them all.
    Happy Easter Everyone!
    And thank you for sharing this video Paulo! Nothing brings me more joy than witnessing people sharing their talent and passion with others in the most unlikely setting, and in turn, bringing joy where it may be needed the most.
    Genevieve Ross