CoelhoOffice 14 – Open to love

Videocast #14 – Paulo Coelho is talking about love and that we should not give up searching for the other half. Somewhere, someone is waiting and searching for us, too.

Videocast #14 – Paulo Coelho falando sobre amor e que ní£o devemos desistir de encontrar nossa outra metade. Em algum lugar, alguém também está buscando por nós.

Videocast #14 – Paulo Coelho hablando acerca del amor y que debemos dejar de buscar nuestra otra mitad. En algun lugar, alguién también esta buscando a nosotros.



    1. Fatima says:

      Nothing in life is simple, or easy, that is what gives life its incredible meaning.



  3. Linda Valles says:

    What an awesome video, so neat very visual that’s how I understand better by examples and symbols. yo are truely gifted. Thank you.

  4. Cassia says:

    Querido Paulo Coelho!!
    Obrigada por voce existir! Obrigada por compartilhar suas experiencias e sua sabedoria.
    Existem momentos na vida q o unico apoio q sentimos eh uma ideia, um sentimento, e encontrar alguem q ressoa com esse sentimento eh maravilhoso! We are one!!!
    Thank you!!!
    Cassia Sana

  5. jacqueline says:

    Thank you you Paulo you are a wonderful person. You have helped me to find the courage to open my heart again.

  6. Ajith m P says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho,
    We love only ourself more than other creatures in this world.

  7. Elena says:

    “Ciao” ^^

    With Love


  8. Pamela Florez says:

    El problema es que hay personas que sólo buscan hacerle daño a otras, enamoran a otras sin sentir amor. Pero son sus palabras y no la experiencia de mi vida las que me hacen continuar abierta a la idea de encontrar el amor. Gracias Paulo.

  9. Adam says:

    Paulo, we are thirsty for more videos, someday you should show us your office, we are curios where you write those marvelous stories read by millions. These videos are delightful.

  10. hayyaan al-haaj says:

    love will be complet when a man find himself

  11. Dan says:

    Minha cabeí§a parece que ta fragmentada.

  12. Dan says:

    Precisava mesmo de alguém. De ajuda.

  13. Barbara says:

    Today I was very sad because my heart is broken. I prayed last night for the person who broke my heart, and for something, a message for my soul. An today I saw your post and this video and it was like a sign from the angels, thank you so much! I’ll keep walking :)

  14. Ruslana says:

    A day ago I looked sad out of my window disappointed in love, and asking for a sign not to give up on finding it. A sign that would help me lose the fear and doubts. And looking down I saw a red rose, someone had put in the ground next to a tree. Why someone would put a rose in the ground in the middle of a square, next to a tree I do not know. But it made me happy and I will leave somewhere another red rose for someone else to find. Thank you for your wonderfull books and blog’s.

  15. barbara says:

    This is such a beautiful song I just wanted to post it here on your blog. I hope you like it:)

    1. Hellena says:

      Dear Mr. Cohelho,

      Thank you very much for your meaningful video, it gave me and made my hopes high.
      Also thank you Barbara, the song is beautiful,
      I am reading the comments with this.

      Wish you all the best,


  16. Adam says:

    More webcasts please, it is always a highlight of my day!

  17. Sheela Nandini says:

    Dearest Paulo,

    Missing the Monday Videocasts…


  18. /neeru says:

    This concept of soulmate really leaves me confused…
    as per Brida….Initially there were very less people in the world and then souls had split and multiplied…so every time it splits it gets divided into a male and a female…who are soulmates…and further they split(if they do) they again become male and a female….so there we get more than one female and male… so why cant those females or those males be soulmates. Many a times we feel we have a pastlife connection with our best friend or our sister or mother…does it really have to be a man woman kind of love….why cant it be a strong bond between two humanbeings to be soulmates irrespective of their gender?? I REALLY NEED TO KNOW THIS
    Because what scares me is my relationship with my husband which is happy…but there is no soulmate soulmate thing between us…infact we are like opposite poles but some spark and a little bit of adjustment keeps our relationship going…its as if god has put us together to solve our pastlife problems..and we have actually achieved it to a great extent and i really dont want some soulmate some day… but why cant my best friend who is my spiritual partner and is equally happy in her marriage be my soulmate?

    1. Barbara Z says:

      Dear neeru, I think the concept of soulmates is ONE way of describing this huge thing called love. Love cannot be explained. We just always want to understand things and that is why the concept or image of soulmates is one way of making the search for love more understandable for us. There are no rules for love. Just enjoy and be about happy the love you have.

    2. /neeru says:

      Thanks Barbara…you are so right…i have two wonderful and loving people around me…why get into who’s who….why make things complicated…why not enjoy each day i spend with them.

  19. Wilmie Rivera says:

    Hi Paulo,

    It’s a pleasure to me see you at this special moment. I really appreciate your words but honestly it’s kind of hard to my heart listen “Soul Mates” from… at this time. Otherwise, I’m eternally grateful, you don’t have any idea how much of this SIGN. I’m writing while i’m listen to you but i clearly understand you between the lines. We’re connected to each other closely, in this spiderweb of light! Thanks for being my Master; for open the doors of love and show me the way through all these years. I’m here right know living the past, the present and the future because you was brave enough to get us through. Never is too late, never is too soon. I just want you to know that I FORGIVE IN THE NAME OF LOVE. (“AMOR VINCIT OMNIA”) I’m open to LOVE and I know that my SOULMATE is gonna be here soon, so we can finish this long journey together, the same way you did it, the way should be, is the DESTINY. Last and plus important, thanks (P&J) for HONOR THE MOTHER. <3 <3 <3

    Con Todo El Amor,

  20. Adriana says:

    Hi Paulo
    I’ve been waiting for your podcasts these past two Mondays.

  21. respuestas says:

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know a lot about this, like you wrote the
    book in it or something. I think that you could do
    with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but
    other than that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read.
    I’ll certainly be back.

  22. toñi says:

    Sobre el tema de “alma gemela”: a veces el alma gemela sólo aparece para hacernos daño, que lo quieren justificar con la palabra “amor”. No, no es verdad. El amor como yo lo entiendo no tiene porqué ser doloroso, ni traicionero, ni envidioso. Eso no es amor. Las almas gemelas suelen aparecer para pedir ayuda o para ayudarte …eso dicen ¿no?. Y si aparecen para enseñarte verdades dolorosas y los defectos de sus egoismos y obsesiones ¿qué clase de almas gemelas son esas? Y si, por casualidad, tú no deseabas encontrar todas esas “verdades tan dolorosas”. Y si, por casualidad, tú ya habí­as olvidado el asunto y querí­as empezar desde cero y desde otra frecuencia. Si realmente un alma gemela quiere a otra alma gemela lo primero que tiene que hacer es coger el librito mágico de la vida y aprender o reaprender lo siguiente: respeto, sinceridad, y un poco de amabilidad. Un alma gemela no puede ir por ahí­ criticando a la persona que ama, no puede ir por ahí­ riéndose de esa persona a la que ama, no debe mentir y sobre todo…no debe jugar al gato y el ratón con su otra parte. Por que si no actúa de una forma correcta, lo único que puede conseguir es…precisamente lo contrario de lo que desea conseguir…es decir: quedarse solo y aburrido. Las personas a veces nos cansamos de tanta tonterí­a y tanta esquizofrenia mental. Yo por mi parte…puedo decir con sinceridad que me avergüenzo de mis almas gemelas. Me da asco y vergüenza haberlos conocido y ver lo que son. Supongo que fueron creados con los desperdicios de mi alma. Un saludo. Toñi.

  23. Sonia says:

    wonderful. but sometimes i wonder how long we keep walking. i too can feel it but you never know how long its gonna take. it may take more than a lifetime.


  24. Infinite Love says:

    Love is…

    It is the most valuable in the Universe for all things. Without love, nothing would exit. Love is the reason for being, and the meaning of life.Love was given to us, by free will, by the Source of Love and now we just need to redicover it, learn how to Love and most important experinece Love to the greatest extent of our potential so we can return to the Creator those unique experiences. Everything can be solved by Love! It is the answer, teh antidote to the self-inflicted poisons of life.

    Being apart from love, true love is to be in darkness, for Love is the Light that shines in the dard and illuminated the truth of reality. Why can’t we see it? We are in so such a hurry and not having the time to notice it and that is the only thing that is missing form our life…

    Nothing will satisfy the “want” of the soul — no jewel, no diamond, no gold, or riches can fulfill the longing heart for the only thing that is missing. Love is this thing that we all been searching for all our life!

    I am reaching my arms high up to heaveans and ask the Creator to fill me with Love, to teach me Love, to understand Love and to find real Love, to experinece the true Light that lights every soul. Let the Love fills my being, let it continally rains down upon me, let it soak me to the soul of my being and so it will be the greatest joy I will ever know.

    Love and Light to all of you!

    Infinite Love

  25. Infinite Love says:

    Dear Paulo,

    Thank you for writing and sharing your knowledge with the world! It’s been a tremendous journey reading two of your books in just 2 days. They impacted my life in a good way, and now I am at another crossroad…
    I’m still not able to answer one question. How is it possible to love to people in the same time? What is the lesson I/we need to learn?
    One for just no reason and one for reasons. Being happily married for 23 years with one child, and receiving so much unconditional love from my husband, how is it possible to feel ONE with someone else that you met many times in one year just for brief moments, knowing nothing about this person and yet knowing so much instantly, only by looking into each other’s eyes.
    It was instant attraction and we both knew that we complete one another and yet we cannot be together. I feel that our LOVE is forbidden by the unseen LAW. We do not need words to communicate what we are feeling.
    We created moments where time, space, past and future disappeared. We were two souls becoming ONE in the infinite Universe. We were ONE in the NOW.
    We been separated again, by choosing to live on different continents and not able to see each other, but still feel the presence, his essence in my heart, and we still meet in our thoughts.
    I only pray that I will be able to understand this lesson. Right now, nothing makes sense anymore. Thank you.

    Light and Love to all of you.

    Infinite Love

    1. Sheela Nandini says:

      Dear Infinite Love,

      Thank you for sharing your Most Beautiful Story here with all of us.

      “Right now, nothing makes sense anymore.” Let it be. Both of you are blessed and lucky to feel this way about each other.

      Love and Light back to you.


  26. Stefan says:


    in the last video podcasts your always talking about love. Im completly agreeing with you. Do you think that Rhonda Byrne`s book The secret (i assume you know this) is close to your thinking about love? I see parallels between your words and Rhonda`s way to describe the law of attraction and the difference between unhappy and fullfilled happy human beings.

    It would be nice if you find this comment and leave a replay – call me back;-)


  27. Natasha Novínsky says:

    Um dia o Amor vendo milhares de coraí§íµes partidos, decidiu procurar a Traií§í£o e indignado perguntou:
    -Qual é o seu prazer nisto?Faz-te feliz ver tantas almas, que levaram tanto tempo para se encontrarem, se separarem por sua causa?
    A Traií§í£o olha dentro dos olhos do Amor e diz:
    -Se eu entrei na vida deles, foi porque vocíª nunca esteve lá, onde existe Amor, ní£o há lugar pra mim!!!
    Beijos carmim…

  28. Ciao Bella says:

    Was it St Paul who wrote that love is the new commandment and that we have to love or behave to others as we want to ourselves. The most important thing here is that it is said in the Bible that if we don´t follow this lovecommandment we can´t even follow the other ones of the all ten commanments. Very smart and lovely, isn´t it??
    God is one and He or She is great!!!
    Love & Peace

    1. Susana says:

      Ciao Bella, like her lots…thanks xx

  29. Susana says:

    When I gave birth to my daughter it was the best day of my life, despite having had a very long labour… the days that followed were filled with much bonding and prayers said for my baby’s life and I remember feeling such love for the medical staff, particularly the midwives who had helped me…but I was missing my mother. She was in another hospital across the miles in another city…on seeing her a week later, my mum told me how she had cried for me during the time that I had been in labour. She said she had thought only of my giving birth. You know, love for me is the understanding of pain and suffering that another has to go through…the emptiness and overwhelming nature of loss, followed by the joy of reunion. It is love that makes this happen. Only love.

  30. LoveM says:

    The only love you can feel.. is the love you feel
    Being loved by someone else.. is the love they feel
    Someone is loving you right now.. a love you don’t feel
    When you are being loving.. you are feeling love.. Be..loved..

    You are the lover
    There is no one else but you
    Who can give love life

    When I love
    Then I am love
    Getting what I am
    Giving what I’ve got

    1. Lyl says:

      “You need to wake up if you want to dream”Paulo Coelho

      It’s a good thing to live in fairytales…for the creativity.But when it comes to love and relationships,one day you need to wake up and realize that your ideal doesn’t exist.The prince charming doesn’t exist..instead,a real person,in chair,not virtual but real is here for you and you for him.He may not be your type,nor does he have any creative skills lol ..but boy you just love him,you don’t bloody know why..even if you recognize some of his qualities as well as his faults.You just love him without knowing why..yesterday you didn’t,today you do.And this is love.This is just the way it is.The answer is not in this site nor in any other site,nor in a beautiful poem you read on the internet.You can be in love with love itself,a beautiful feeling though and again good when you are an artist and you create.But reality is another thing and I urge you to open your eyes and embrace real love.Because yes sometimes love can be blocked by pain..or because we are too centered on ourselves.Sometimes..the answer is right in front of us and we cannot see.So open your heart yes but open your eyes too.

    2. Lyl says:

      Oops didn’t mean to reply to you but to post it for all.Well I guess it’s the same.

  31. eleonora says:

    Perché non dover credere che esista un anima gemella..perché mettere insinuazioni o deviare delle semplici affermazioni..perché.

  32. Proud believer says:

    Thank you so much for sharing…… its lovely to know that our soul mates exist who are equally interested in finding us….. it gives great hope but at the same time please also comment on extra marital affairs justified with same reasons by people proclaiming spirituality, I personally believe it to be deception and a spiritual soul can never be at peace with such activities….. pls do share your thoughts on such matters as well.

    1. fairytale says:

      Divorce exists, if you find your soulmate you’d know….but people are making excuses pretending they don’t know…they have no clue about soul love, the crime is in lying or living for money….impostors or slaves controlled by the darkness. My soulmate only loves me and always has. Hope you find yours.

    2. Proud believer says:

      Thank u so much Fairytale…. I wish n pray for ur eternal happiness n peace…. :)

  33. Proud believer says:

    Thank you so much for giving this hope….. its amazing to believe that your soul mate exists and is looking for you and you will find it…… :) also please share thoughts on people who believe in extra marital relations and think they are spiritual people I truly believe that is deception and a spiritual person can not be at peace with such activities…. pls do share your thoughts on such issues

  34. luz mariposa says:

    Escuchen estas palabras magicas.. Lo siento,perdon,GraciasTe amo..
    Todos deberiamos decirlas a quienes amamos y anosotros mismos..
    les dejo esta cancion.. por que de eso tambien se trata el Amor

  35. luz mariposa says:

    Por el Amor..para todos los que creen en el..
    El amor te busca..llega,siempre..
    les regalo esta cancion..

  36. Annie says:

    What you want? asks Love
    And you have to answer what it is that you really want…

    I have come to believe that Love comes in the form that you are expecting it to come ..if you believe in a fairytale love then in will appear as a fairytale love..because that other ‘half’ is waiting for you, his fairytale love..if you believe it as an imperfect love it will be that.. if you believe in something else it will appear as that something else.. it may come later than you think so you have to believe and not lose faith and hope , but also it might appear sooner than you expect.. so till then be open to Love

    This wonderful podcast being done with such creativity! I loved it!thank you dearest Paulo! pleasure for the eyes and the heart

    Love and Gratitude

    1. Pandora says:

      I have come to believe the opposite:

      What little girl does not dream of her wedding day, hoping for her prince to come, her one true love … that is what girls are fed from a really tender age… (actually, in truth I didn’t, but I was definitely the exception).

      But what of little boys … they are encouraged to fight, use guns, be aggressive, in the UK boys wear blue, girls pink, to be distant from girls stuff … sensitivity, crying is not tolerated in a little boy, and I work in a school and see that many little boys cry a lot more than girls, but not so perhaps when they reach manhood.

      So what happens when they both grow up, they both have a completely different concept of what Love is, and they both end up disillusioned.

      There is a great quote from Brida: “When we set out on the path, we always have a fairly clear idea of what we hope to find. Women are generally seeking their Soul Mate, and men looking for Power. Neither party is really interested in learning. They simply want to reach the thing they have set as their goal.”

      With love

    2. fairytale says:

      Real soulmates r living for the same, love…the rest is evil impostors…or slaves, who are dying for money.

    3. luz mariposa says:

      Asi es..mariposa, el amor te llega siempre,como te loimaginas..o tal vez ,como tu mundo sutil..y el universo conspiren.El amor es como una melodia que acaricia el alma..y cuando dos notas se juntan ..y brillan..el amor surje..Siempre estamos abiertos al amor,siempre..por que el amor todo lopuede,no hay tiempo,ni barreras para el abre camino sin pedir permiso…las almas se buscan..y se dan luz..y muchas veces te sorprende ,de eso se trata el amor..
      El Amor

      El amor es el pegamento del universo,
      Es lo que mantiene todo unido y entrelaza almas.
      Somos parte del universo..
      Cuando abrimos nuestras alas nos unimos a El.
      Cuando las puertas se abren,
      La energí­a fluye, hilos de luz se unen,
      La corriente se hace fluida, las pasiones se juntan
      Los cinco elementos, Tierra, Agua, Viento, Fuego
      Se funden con el espí­ritu, es un momento único, mágico.
      Es el amor pleno que fluye.
      Es una gran sinfoní­a donde cada instrumento esta ensamblado al otro.
      Donde se une cuerpo y alma, pasión, fuego, esplendor,
      Y luego, la dulce calma, que se plasma en un beso eterno.

    4. Olta Canka says:

      I agree with you Pandora.
      Lets say for a moment that love is the feeling you have in you for the person you are in love with, BUT the way you dream the story to be like it is just your own dream, your illusion, or even an intuitive knowing you have of how you wish your story to be.
      Pandora, you brought up the simple example between man and woman and how they see things, but I could give you another one of how twin flames themselves have different images of their dream romance. Not a long time from now I was watching a video where a man a twin flame who had met with his other half was speaking of the great troubles that are created just because of illusions we create inside. He said that many twin flames get to meet with each other but actually very few of these couples get to stay together and that is because when they come together there are too many differences between them.
      I found his explanations very interesting so I’m posting here the link in case you want to see by yourself.

      I once heard this phrase in a movie and I now agree with it:
      “Love is all there is, but love isn’t enough.”


    5. Annie says:

      I m grateful that Paulo posted this podcast with this theme because as I see it, we need more believers!
      Dear Pandora and Olta you misunderstood my point but i loved your views.. who knows what Love is? noone.. there are so many definitions (illusions as you call it) of Love as people on Earth so what is Love really..?
      If love is all there is then I think is definitely enough, because if it’s not then it’s not THE true Love .. When one loves doesn’t mean that they will stay together, but the fact that they meet it justifies their existence, isn’t that so?
      Speaking about exceptions, I never dreamt of my wedding day either, neither hoped for a prince..
      and also which fairytale doesn’t contain a good villain? so one has to fight for the true Love, to have faith.. don’t expect that everything will be magical.. the prince of the Snow White fought for her, searched for her… in The beauty and the Beast it was not easy either, the Beauty loved the Beauty of the Beast…and her love broke all you see in respect to fairytales, the message is that Love wins, the good wins, and as Paulo said ‘be open to love’ because that one Love that awaits for you is walking towards you as you walk towards that Love.. and your faith in that love will break all the barriers that are between you..that is the fairytale, that in the end, the two person will meet.. and this Love stays forever…whether they stay or not together physically.. as Barbara pointed below, one carries the other in his heart and I think that is enough

      Love and Gratitude

    6. Adriana says:

      Dear Olta
      Love is enough, love is enough. Believe it with all your heart and mind and sooner or later you’ll find the person who’ll teach you that love is enough. He may not come across as the person you imagined him to be , he might even dissapoint you in every possible way and nevertheless you’ll know with the sublime feeling of a fairy tale that you accept and love the Beast the way he is and your joy over this will fill you for the rest of your life.

    7. Olta Canka says:

      My point has to do with the fact that sometimes just carrying someone in your heart it is not enough. If you love, you will carry them in your heart, so it happens, but sometimes it is not meant it to be just that.
      What if you get to find that other half and run away from fear? That was why I posted the link above. Because it happens…
      It is supposed to be the strongest and truest love of all, and yet people run away from each other. Those are sad stories for dreamers like us. :/ But they happen!
      Now, I see it very unfair to make this a deal of the good against the bad, the beauty and the beast, because these thing are not love’s issues, but things that come out because of our expectations, no matter which they are. This is how I see it.
      I can’t define love either, but one thing it keeps teaching me repeatedly and I think it will for who knows maybe the rest of my life; to accept the fact that this feeling is there to shatter my world again and again to make it better and that I must have the courage to follow it wherever it sends me.
      About the rest, I don’t know.

      Love to all <3 :)

    8. luz mariposa says:

      Mi querida Annie, mariposa..
      yo creo que el amor es todo,esta en todo..Las almas se encuentran, siempre..y como tu dices,Cuando se ama no quiere decir que se van a quedar juntos, pero el hecho de que su encuentro justifica su existencia, ¿no es así­?
      El amor se siente en el corazon, y siempre de una manera u otra hay que luchar por el.
      Pero cuando aprendemos a amar sin pedir nada a cambio,cuando es amor verdadero, con el solo hecho de llevar ese amor en el corazon es maravilloso.Hay que creer en el, aveces es un cuento de hadas..porque el amor lo puede hay tiempo, por que el tiempo solo es tiempo,
      y siempre si se ama de verdad,de alguna manera van a estar juntos,por que todos los rios se unen en un punto y confluyen en el mar.
      El amor siempre gana, el cielo siempre es azul..porque elamor verdadero no lastima,lo llevas siempre en el alma..mucha luz para ti..annieluz

    9. Adriana says:

      Dear Annie, Pandora and Olta
      This is a very interesting exchange of views. It is wonderful not all of us think the same.
      And I have to say that Olta is right because sometimes people, especially men run away from love, however there is noone to blame. It is just the beauty of life. Love preveals in the end. In my opinion, who might not be shared by everybody else, nothing matters except for love.
      I admit I have always looked for my prince unconciously and I say this proudly even though feminists might want to shut me up. For some time I denied this need, but it was written that I find him. The encounter was full of misconceptions, preconceived ideas and expectations and due to this it was really painful, however in the end True Love, the one that expects nothing in return, gives everything and forgives everything saved me and filled me with joy. I fully agree with Annie, no matter the distance I carry his essence with me.

  37. It;s springtime :) says:

    Dear Counselor,
    The forest . Quite a destination for a picnic.
    It’s Springtime.
    The right season.
    A picnic basket can be arranged to gather the red fruit in seasons on the way.
    What an excellent opportunity to sit down and listen to the symphony given by the birds whilst building their nests on the tree branches.
    Depending on the time of the day their callings are quite interesting.
    This morning the moon was at 3/4. and what a delicious sight that was,.
    By the look of it, some WOLS have indicated their willingness to go ahead with the adventure. They are ,<3 .:)
    For another pleasant encounter, you might want to bring along some butterfly nets to catch the Tortrix viridina and the Anthocharis belia euphenoides .
    Will we need any H2o or will a source be nearby.
    Looking forward to the outing.

    With love

  38. kirti says:

    wow ! well said …

  39. barbara says:

    E. E. Cummings
    I carry your heart with me

    i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
    my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
    i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
    by only me is your doing, my darling)
    i fear
    no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want
    no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
    and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
    and whatever a sun will always sing is you

    here is the deepest secret nobody knows
    (here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
    and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
    higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
    and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

    i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

    1. Pandora says:

      A beautiful poem. The ancient Egyptians believed the heart contained the soul, the small speck of the infinite, that is Love.

      Like attracts like, and also opposites attract, like a magnet. I concur with Plato, Jesus and many other masters and ancient teachings.

      Thank you for sharing.

    2. eleonora says:


  40. Wanderlaini Aparecida Rodrigues says:

    Que bom seria se todos fossem iguais á vocíª, e pensassem como vocíª!!!
    Porque na maioria das vezes pessoas comuns como eu, parece que ní£o tíªm valor para o próximo, e todos os dias sempre tem alguém para nos maltratar.
    Muito obrigada, espero que de todos os e-mails enviados pelo menos esse vocíª possa ler. Que sua vida seja repleta por amor!!!!!