The importance of repeating the same thing

An action is a thought that manifests itself.
A small gesture denounces us, so we have to make everything perfect, think about the details, learn the technique so that it becomes intuitive.
Intuition has nothing to do with routine but rather with a state of spirit that lies beyond technique.
So, after practicing a lot, we no longer think about all the necessary movements: they become part of our very existence. But for this to happen, you have to train and repeat.

And as if that were not enough, you have to repeat and train.
Watch a good blacksmith working the steel. To the untrained eye he is repeating the same hammer blows over and over again.
But those who know the importance of training know that each time the hammer is raised and then lowered, the intensity of the blow is different. The hand repeats the same gesture but as it approaches the iron it knows whether to touch it harder or softer.
Look at the windmill. Whoever sees its vanes just once imagines that it always turns with the same speed, always repeating the same movement. But those who know windmills know that they are conditioned to the wind and change their direction whenever necessary.
The hand of the ironsmith was trained after the gesture of hammering was repeated thousands of times.
Windmill vanes can move fast after the wind has blown a lot and polished their gears.
The archer lets many an arrow pass far from the target because he knows that he will only learn the importance of the bow, posture, the string and the target after he repeats his gestures thousands of times without being afraid of making a mistake.

Training is NOT routine. It is essential

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  1. Alexandre says:

    A excelíªncia vem pela repetií§í£o.
    í²timo texto.

  2. Birgit says:

    and so life teaches us, each hammer blow a little different, until we learn the lesson …. great post!

  3. Lars Berewinkel says:

    And it´s also very important, that you have a good trainer, who knows who you are and gives you the right tips and motivates you in what you should do.
    Thanx for this nice input.
    Have a good weekend all!!!

  4. Lars Berewinkel says:

    And it´s also very important, that you have a good trainer, who knows who you are and give you the right tips and the right motivation.
    Thanx for this nice input.
    Have a good weekend all!!!

  5. Mariana says:

    “La práctica hace al maestro”
    Loved it.

  6. pankaj says:

    really like this article

  7. KaeBoo says:

    This gets me to ponder on what my mother used to tell me… “correct practice makes perfect”

    It is not a matter of just repeating but rather making sure that every action you take moves you closer to your goal.

    Easier said, though. the determination to make things as perfectly as possible in one’s capacities challenges the person to stick to what needs to be done despite the difficulty… One thing I have yet to learn.

    1. mij says:

      hehe… I always heard, “practice makes perfect,” and then I learned how much time can be wasted by unknowingly practicing mistakes. There are times when you should put down the hammer, the bow, the flute…. whatever it might be, and leave them be until you can come back with an uncluttered mind which can then clearly see what repetitious actions will lead to your goal. Practice is not merely repetition. Every hammer blow, each note has nuance.

  8. mij says:

    I’ve been telling myself to practice a lot lately. Mostly because, among other things, I’m trying to learn to meditate as I try to discover me or find answers to some difficult questions. It made me consider what I used to do most of my waking hours””PRACTICING.
    But not so much for the obvious reasons I practiced, but what did I LEARN from all that time practicing? And I began to see there are things that can be applied to other areas of my life. Some excerpts from my thoughts.

    Wednesday, January 4, 2012
    I don’t think playing the Instrument was my purpose in life.
    Then why was I drawn to it?
    Perhaps it was there to teach me lessons about life?
    It definitely lead me down a path. But to where? And why?

    (adding from time to time as things come to me)
    Enjoying myself regardless of imperfection
    Knowing when something is beyond my capabilities””at the moment or perhaps forever””but moving ahead regardless.

    Along the way, I think it stopped teaching me things. I don’t think it gave up on me, rather it’s possible I gave up on it by not listening close enough, or when I did, I didn’t think about how to apply those lessons in other areas. Or it’s possible all the lessons had been presented and now it was up to me to decide what to do with them.

    I specifically mention The Tool””the Instrument, and not music itself as my purpose or path. Because there came a day when I no longer cared to play. The Instrument was a tool, but to what purpose I’ve yet to discover.

    Sunday, February 12, 2012
    I’m trying to learn things totally new to me and I just need to practice””which I should know all about.
    I’m impatient though. I was trying to “perform” for awhile now, but I thought I didn’t need to practice much first. Wrong.
    So perhaps actively looking for Me will need to stop (or slow down) for now while I spend more time practicing?
    Friday, February 17, 2012
    Again I must tell myself, “PRACTICE!” In a previous career I spent much time practicing, but didn’t always hear instant results. Yet I had learned results might be shown minutes or hours later, then again it may take weeks or months. Sure I was disappointed when results didn’t come in a timely fashion””I had deadlines to meet””but the disappointment rarely kept me from practicing. Now pay attention Me.
    Tuesday, February 21, 2012
    I gotta tell myself again to practice… or I should say, “Don’t become disappointed after a session.”
    I so want more magical moments, and this morning nothing new to write about. Perhaps I try too hard and just haven’t yet been able to free my mind when I choose. So I keep at it.
    I have to let determination win over disappointment, that’s all there is to it.

    At the very least, I had some quiet time with the sounds of the ocean while sitting in the glow of candlelight.
    That’s something to be happy about.

    So keep Practicing!

  9. Susana says:

    Why is it so important that we repeat ? To do something just the once, to feel it, live it, know that we don’t fully understand the outcome of what we do, isn’t that also the essence of living a life to the full? …to move out of our comfort zones and experience our days differently, in fact to make a decision that turns our lives around and inside out, that forces us to see with new eyes, to see the things we have long since taken for granted. I agree that repetition serves a greater good, but I feel that what is waiting for that leap of faith into the unknown..that allows us to be the creatures we truly want to be, without truly knowing what that is. I know that when I repeat a word in a foreign language, I learn it…I hold it, get used to its sound and finally own it…but to make a move and find myself immersed in that culture gives me the wings I crave. In praise of mastering skills, languages, techniques – I believe that first of all it is important that we have vision…altruism and compassion; a sense of knowing and understanding. If it is repetition teaches us this I will endeavour to learn in this way – and I hope that I won’t neglect the need to be spontaneous in the process.


  10. Pandora says:

    Someone sent me a really intriguing photograph of a girl the other day:

    “A 17 year old Bianca Passarge of Hamburg dresses up as a cat, complete with furry tail and dances on wine bottles, June 1958. Her performance was based on a dream and she practiced for eight hours every day in order to perfect her dance.”

    She literally lived her dream.

    … and it also reminds me of a little baby, who trying to stand up falls down countless times, but once they succeed in standing up, then they try to walk … they don’t care they have fallen down, it’s fun, its really amazing … they don’t say “No I’ve reached my goal, I am going to quit” … they keep going, learned instinct maybe… but some of my ancestors, in whatever form, never gave up a long, long time ago and that is why I am here, writing this …

    So thank you Paulo and Bianca for showing the world that the world is a better place if you follow your dreams, endure and make them happen.

  11. Momiza says:

    Also like flying a kite. When you throw the kite in the air, every pull and loosening is unique in movement and force. That comes by training too, but the first time I flew a proper kite, I just needed a little push. When I got the rhythm, I felt like the winds, the sky, the looks of the people around me, the string, the kite, my hands or my whole body, worked as one to keep the kite in the sky and let it float. I kept doing this for hours. I felt such a relief. The kite sort of demonstrated my soul, and me as the Mother. My soul is always free and the Mother is always there to guide me, take me where ever she wants.

  12. Momiza says:

    Also like flying a kite. When you throw the kite in the air, every pull and loosening is unique in movement and force. That comes by a training too, but the first time I flew a proper kite, I just needed a little push. When I got the rhythm, I felt like the winds, the sky, the looks of the people around me, the string, the kite, my hands or my whole body, worked as one to keep the kite in the sky and let it float. I kept doing this for hours. I felt such a relief. The kite sort of demonstrated my soul, and I as the Mother. My soul is always free and the Mother is always there to guide me, take me where ever she wants.

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      What you are saying reminds me of Dali’s painting ‘Le navire’ .
      Thanks for sharing.
      with love

  13. Well says:

    Is Routine the hindrance? The term stems from route “way, path, course”. What do you train? And why do you train?

    Through mindfulness-meditation receptivity, openness are skills which I train in order to let intuition guide my life.

    There are many “have to” in this text.

    Have a great day

    1. Susana says:

      Hi ..just wanted to say that yes the roots of the words routine and repetition..are in fact words that lead to freedom or alignment of our senses, or at least full use of them (thanks Marie Christine)…given that these words have such powerful meanings, there is no longer need to feel their weight in a negative sense…routine=boredom, repetition=monotony..and as I write, I’m thinking of my work as a teacher and I realise that now, after a long, long time of working in this field of education, I have insight and experience, and it is this that I can pass on.

      No more ‘have to’ ‘should’ or ‘must’ but may be just …longing to !

  14. Gino Quinio says:

    In my practice of competitive recurve archery, a fellow archer once told me, “Archery is the art of repetition”. And in this repetition, I find the hand of God forging my soul by my submission to Him.

  15. while training is very important, one must know – as you said in Aleph – the difference between training and repeating the same mistake, repeating mistakes is not training, and you will not learn the right way by repeating the same mistake and expecting a different output

  16. Annie says:

    Without repeating one will not get anywhere..
    you have to put one foot after the other, and then again..

    Love and Gratitude

  17. Empié says:

    Bueno, comparto con Toñi que la vida son matemáticas. Normalmente si te meten el dedo en el ojo, lo normal no es aguanta, puedes aguantar una vez, dos, tres, pero luego, al menos dices: me hace daño que me metas el dedo en el ojo.

    No estoy de acuerdo con que las personas no cambian, basta con observarse uno a sí­ mismo, aunque creo que un psicópata siempre lo será, porque la configuración de su cerebro es así­. En mi caso, y el de cualquier persona, que haya sufrido un problema en su cabeza o en su vida, y esté tratando de salir de el, se cambia porque se sana, es como cuando tienes gripe, los primeros dí­as estás hecho polvo, y no quieres que nadie te moleste porque estas curándote, cambia la forma que tienes de estar en el mundo porque sufres una enfermedad que hace que tu comportamiento cambie, tu sigues siendo el mismo.

    De todas formas, lo último que se me ocurrirí­a para retomar una amistad, es echar sal en las heridas.

    Un saludo, ¿si intentaras ser amable y te recibieran con una patada en la boca, como te sentirí­as?

    1. Empié says:

      Bueno, no todo son matemáticas, también gracias a Dios hay sentimientos.

      Un saludo.

    2. toñi says:

      Gracias, eso es lo que querí­a expresar. No podemos estar toda la vida teniendo paciencia con los que nos dan patadas en las narices. Si esas personas nos hacen daño una vez y otra y otra…es porque realmente no nos quieren ni nos aprecian. Entonces el resultado es alejarlos de nuestra vida. Nosotros podemos ir madurando, evolucionando sobre las bases de lo que somos, el fondo de nuestra personalidad y nuestro corazón sigue siendo el mismo pero evolucionamos. Entonces, si una persona es maligna por naturaleza…y cuando hace daño una vez y otra vez, pues seguirá teniendo esa inclinación de hacer daño. Es como la leche con limón, si la pruebas está asquerosa, y si la pruebas otra vez …sigue siendo asquerosa. Y cualquiera de este mundo pensará “la leche con limón” no es un buen refresco para el paladar.
      Gracias. Toñi.

    3. Empié says:

      Bueno, supongo que algún dí­a, dos personas, podrán hablar como dos personas, cuando el corazón les deje. Hasta entonces mejor mantener el mercurio y el azufre separados, si los mezclas en el mismo sitio pueden explotar.

      Un saludo, si se aleja uno de la situación, la puede ver desde otra perspectiva, con más objetividad, con la cabeza, y sobre todo, con el corazón, frí­os.

      Yo en cambio, si que espero a que la turbidez del agua se asiente, y poder compartir un soleado dí­a de primavera, con una caña de cerveza en la mano, y riendo sin parar. Por qué será tan difí­cil? Creo que la respuesta está precisamente en el corazón, hasta que no se cure es sencillamente imposible.

      En cualquier caso, un saludo muy muy fuerte, y un abrazo también, aunque salten chispas¡¡¡

    4. toñi says:

      Eso es! Esa es la otra parte de la fórmula: los sentimientos.
      Y ahora te doy el resultado de la fórmula: el resultado de la suma de la cifra matemática más los sentimientos nos da…que consigamos hacer realidad nuestros sueños.
      Gracias a Dios tenemos sentimientos. No somos robots que tienen que estar siempre aguantando y teniendo paciencia. Tenemos la capacidad de sentir ilusión, tener sueños y desear cosas. Si alcanzamos el nivel suficiente para seguir “esta fórmula” nuestras vidas y nuestros sueños se hacen realidad. Saludos. Toñi.

    5. dianora says:

      estoy de acuerdo, con vosotros Toñi y Empie, realmente la repetición es tan buena, necesaria y nos enseña tanto? creo que no, en todo caso repetir será algo bueno y positivo si lo que repetimos es algo positivo para nosotros y nuestro aprendizaje, porque si es algo o alguien dañino que no nos aporta nada y al contrario nos hiere será perjudicial para nosotros. Si para hacer algo bién necesitas hacerlo miles de veces es que quizas, no vales para eso. Hay personas que necesitan años de su vida para aprender algo, en cambio otros lo hacen sin pensar. eso es el talento. Lo demás es la práctica.

    6. toñi says:

      Mensaje para Empié. Estoy segura de que llegarás a ser un pozo de agua fresca y el corazón encontrará la paz y se curará. Todo lo que existe y fue creado surgió de un pensamiento y un sentimiento positivo. Verás que si que se cura el corazón, el corazón es más fuerte de lo que podemos imaginar. Y tomarás esa caña en un bar y vas a ser muy feliz. Yo estoy segura de que si. Yo también he sufrido mucho-muchí­simo y lo he conseguido. Y ahora a veces hasta pienso “cómo pude estar tan mal y tan triste” porque era necesario para ahora poder estar bien. Pero no dejes jamás que la duda o el miedo o la tristeza te inunden …intenta siempre encontrar algo que te haga sonreir (el vuelo de una mariposa, unos niños jugando, cualquier momento sencillo de la vida que te alegre y te alivie un poco, y … poco a poco todo irá mejor). Si el corazón y la mente llegan a un acuerdo encontrarás la alegria y las ganas de empezar de nuevo. Te deseo mucha suerte y mucho ánimo. Un fuerte abrazo. Toñi.

    7. Empié says:

      Hace unos dí­as habí­a otro comentario, era más o menos una especie de puzle, el niño recompuso su ser, y su mundo se recompuso al instante.

      Muchas gracias Toñi, por todo. No sabes la alegrí­a que me da volver a ser el que era hace más o menos 20 años y encontrarme de nuevo con personas como tú, ojala algún dí­a podamos tomas esas cañas juntos, siempre que no interrumpa tu vida, es lo último que desearí­a. La verdad es que tampoco necesito mucho para estar contento, después de lo que he vivido poder estar viendo una pelí­cula tranquilo y a gusto, me parece una bendición. Supongo que dentro de poco mi vida volverá a ser una vida divinamente normal, un trabajo, cuando decida aparecer, o mejor, cuando lo consiga obtener, el tiempo libre, a falta de la mejor compañí­a del mundo(al menos para mi), dedicarlo a mis aficiones (musica, comics, deporte, leer lo que me interesa…), y el fin de semana, taichi, y quizá quedar con los amigos para charlar un rato o darme una vuelta escuchando música y terminar ojeando comics, a falta de la mejor compañí­a del mundo, al menos para mi.

      Muchas gracias por estar por aquí­, no sabes lo feliz que me hace esto.

      Un abrazo muy fuerte, y no se te ocurra beber leche con limón¡¡¡

    8. toñi says:

      Mensaje para Dianora: gracias, estoy de acuerdo contigo sobre el tema del talento, el verdadero talento no necesita años y años de repetición y preparación. Los mayores descubrimientos los hicieron personas que habí­an sido catalogados como “poco talentosos” y además los descubrieron de la forma más sencilla que se pueda imaginar. Ese es el verdadero talento. Newton suspendí­a en matemáticas ¿verdad? yo creo que quien suspendí­a en matemáticas eran sus profesores y no él. Los verdaderos genios de la humanidad siempre fueron catalogados de “locos” o “raros”. Goya soportó burlas durante su vida “el sordo” lo llamaban y se adelantó en su época a la pintura. Beethoven también estaba sordo y compuso obras musicales impresionantes. Van Gogh también fue tachado de loco porque nadie comprendí­a su pasión. La mayorí­a de las personas tienen poco sentido común, por eso hay que hacer lo contrario que la gran mayorí­a. Muchas gracias. Toñi.

    9. Empié says:

      Sabes lo que dice mi profe de tai chi… que para sacar a una serpiente de su agujero hay que ponerle un cebo…

      Que hablen, serán sus palabras los que los condenen.

      Joer, y eso que estamos locos, justo lo que decí­an de Paulo Coelho antes de convertirse en uno de los escritores más importantes de todos los tiempos.

      Gracias Toñi, me quedo corto dándote las gracias, pero con las palabras no se puede expresar todo… Muchas, muchas, muchas gracias.

  18. Psalmbody says:

    Yes! Thank you.

  19. katie says:

    that’s a real nice little piece, paulo.
    thank you.

    the effect of repeating and training, I have first consciously observed when I did funk. it was the first dancing class I took fairly late because I did not have the courage before :o)

    I experienced the training and repetition as cutting off my analytical mind and opening up the intuitive part, the other half of the brain. if I went through a practice with my “normal, every day thinking” I always failed. this practicing was learning to shut it off & slide over. let the body learn the movement. at the very end, it is the body that does the work, the mind is totally quiet.

    when I now look back, I realize that this practice also gave me more than just being able to do all the movements in a sequence.
    I think it really helped me a better access to intuition, to my feminine part, & at the same time it was my first type of meditation.

  20. Yan says:

    We repeat practising something, but everytime the result is not the same.


    Yan (from China)

  21. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    I love this story of the blacksmith. Training is absolutely essential. No matter what you do. But you should also be aware to make the run most things unconsciously. To make things run automatically, the sense of training, you have to make some of those unconscious things conscious. Breathing, for example. Or even if I sit here writing, I did not feel the chair beneath me. Only if I concentrate. It’s similar with my clothes. I can not feel my t-shirt. Only if I concentrate. In many ways this is so. We are confronted every moment with millions of impressions. Our brain filters. Thank God. Similarly, it is with sadness. I’m sad if my mother dies. If the mother dies from someone I do not know, not. This is a safety feature in my opinion. If I am aware that, then I can even learn grief. Or pity. I could not let my child starve to death, and for other children, it does not matter. But there is no difference between the two. A child is a child. This is perhaps also a training thing.

    I wish you all a wonderful evening

  22. brenda says:

    iniciando mi formacion universitaria y relizando una acitividad para ello, me encuetro con estas palabras que me ayudan a comprender que ” la formacion no es de rutina, es esencial”
    ahora inicio con mas ganas, y comprendiendo que esto no es solo rutina, es esencial formame, para llegar a cumplir mis metas!!
    coelho mi autor preferido.

  23. cristina cabral says:

    Eu tenho o treinamento como parte da minha vida, e olhando para trás percebo como serviu de apoio fisico e tb psicológico.

  24. Marie-Christine says:

    For me, it’s important to repeat things ,it;s a slow process.,
    There is no rush, I have learned that when you rush you miss important things.

    Every time you repeat something, you learn something new about it.

    For example, when I read a text on the blog several times, I can assimilate it better than the first time. It gives me new insights that allow me to go further.
    I can then rectify the route and see things I was unable to grasp the first time. When I add these together, I find it is what allows me to make it possible so that I can then project it into the future.

    Another example doing the dishes,
    There are 1,000 of ways of doing dishes.,
    So one day, I can do it in a different manner to the day before. using the water either very hot or cold or mild, or making bubbles with the dish washing liquid or not using so much.
    Every time it is a different experience that brings something new.

    It can be a kind of a meditation as well.

    It’s all up to me to find the way that suits me best.

    Anything is an Art and the way you can bring it up to an Art form is through practice.

    With love


    1. toni says:

      Indeed, that just when i thought of actually giving my dreams up, I’ve realized the importance of repeating the same thing to actually reach what I want. Maybe I’m not honed yet. There’s no other way. I have to train the way others do. Doing two things at the same time is never easy for a reviewee who financially sends her way to review and agonizes on all the bills to pay way back home. I’ m not saddened. This is my training and my ever acceptance of it will make way for me to get there. Something good will happen in the next six months. Who knows, this I’ll is ever essential right? ;)

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      ‘Training is NOT routine. It is essential.’
      Es senti al
      c’est le ressenti
      It’s using all your senses until it becomes natural – in line with nature -

    3. Olta Canka says:

      T’es GENIALE Marie Christine! :)

    4. Marie-Christine says:

      Toni – Remember the Foundation counts. :)

  25. Nancy says:

    I think a different emotion or state of mind comes through when a person is training compared to routine.

    An outside person might see the same action being done again and again, but the person training has received, is working at it, understood, and seeing what has to be done.

  26. Marie-Christine says:

    ‘La realisation reside dans la pratique’ Budha

  27. toñi says:

    ¡Ya lo tengo Paulo! ¡Ya lo tengo! Gracias! Un millón de gracias!!!La mejor de mis sonrisas para ti Paulo!! Gracias!! Solo me faltaba una parte de la fórmula, y era tan sencillo, tan fácil. Tenia una parte de la suma y tení­a el resultado. Solo me faltaba la otra parte de la suma. Que Dios te bendiga Paulo! Soy la persona más feliz del mundo! Gracias! Toñi.
    Todo son matemáticas!

  28. arun says:

    There is small poem in hindi which I read while I was in primary school and that goes like this “KARAT KARAT ABHYAS KE , JAR MATI HO SUJAN, RASRI AAVAT JAAT KE , SIL PAR PARAT NISHAN” means that the pratice of doing something again and again makes even an idiot a skilled person like a soft rope if passes through the same mark over the well for fetching water again and again leaves a permanant mark over the hard surface of well”- Thats the importance of abhyas- pratice……

  29. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    Repeating the same words day after day, making the same gestures, the same actions again, take the same path. In our work, we all do that. Our life is a perpetual recovery, but what changes, this are people to whom you address, and the tone of our voice, that one is sad or happy, the same speech sound differently in their hearts.
    The routine of the gesture is sometimes used to clear the mind. You know, you who are archer, by throwing your arrows every day, their paths will be different if you breathe harder, or if the wind picks up, or if the cord is dry, or if your arm is stretched, or if a bird sings …
    We humans need to have routine, it calms us, many times repeated the gesture, and known, will alone, and during that time, our mind will fly to other dreams. The soul nourished by the dream, gives us the happiness, to keep the strength to rebuild what is expected of us, even repeatedly.
    MChristine G
    Répéter les míªmes mots, jour après jour, refaire les míªmes gestes, recommencer les míªmes actions, reprendre le míªme chemin. Dans ní´tre travail, nous faisons tous cela. Notre vie est une perpétuelle reprise, mais ce qui change, ce sont les personnes í  qui l’on s’adresse, et le ton de notre voix, que l’on soit triste ou joyeux, le míªme discours retentira différemment dans leur coeur.
    La routine du geste sert parfois í  libérer l’esprit. Vous le savez, vous qui íªtes archer, en laní§ant vos flèches jour après jour, leur trajectoire sera différentes si vous respirez plus fort, ou si le vent se lève, ou si la corde est plus sèche, ou si votre bras se tend, ou si un oiseau chante…
    Nous les humains avons besoin de la routine, elle nous apaise, le geste mainte fois répété, et connu, se fera seul, et pendant ce temps, notre esprit s’envolera vers d’autres ríªves. L’í¢me se nourrissant du ríªve, ce bonheur lí , nous permet de garder la force de refaire ce que l’on attend de nous, míªme de faí§on répétitive. M Christine G.

  30. Hanna says:

    Obrigada paulo.

  31. Susan says:

    Thank you for this I needed it I am doing my after University training and I spent 4 months now and sometimes I feel bored and sad of repeating same work everyday I think like I should be in my real career now ! But after reading this I now appreciate it . thank you :)

  32. Belmusashi says:

    Thank you Paulo Coelho for sharing that with us….that was well said. thank you again……well done

  33. Kealan says:

    10,000 hours to become a Master of something.

  34. heart says:

    Getting up in the morning during all seasons of the year, during days of high energy and days of low energy is also repetition, each new day starting a new life, created from days gone, mixed with the magic now and stretching for the miraculous future..

  35. Shine says:

    True True………………… Avantika

  36. Training is not a routine, it is essential!!!! Beautifully said, Paulo!

    I learned how this powerful quote also applies in training your mind to let go of fears blocking me to move to forward. It took me a while to take the first steps towards making a life change. I had the perfect plan, use excuses that made me look like a hero to hide behind my fears. By saying that I couldn’t make a change because I loved my family friends too much made me look like I was a good person to think about others…

    When you train your mind to try new different things (little things), you strengthen your mind to stand up to your fears. I noticed that every time I tried something new ( talking in front of a crowd, learning a new language…) I was afraid….so, I saw my fear as a good thing. It meant that I was pushing myself to exceed my limits and that made me prepare accordingly…I still did make mistakes, but, this time I was stronger in being able to keep going.

  37. toñi says:

    Aclaración de mi anterior mensaje:
    con lo que escrito no quiero que se me entienda mal, no pretendo decir que no podamos perdonar. Si que podemos perdonar, pero no podemos olvidar y es por eso por lo que no podemos repetir. Si olvidas, estás dispuesto a repetir y volverás a sufrir. Está bien perdonar para sentirme mejor y más libre y vací­o de cargas inútiles. Pero como no podemos olvidar, tampoco podemos repetir y de esa forma “nos salvamos” de volver a permitir que esas mismas personas vuelvan a hacernos daño. Porque las personas somos lo que somos, nuestro fondo es siempre el mismo. Si una persona tiene tendencia a hacerme muchisimo daño, seguirá haciendo lo mismo. Por eso no podemos repetir. Pero SI podemos perdonar.

  38. toñi says:

    “Un pequeño gesto nos denuncia” uhmmm, “hay que hacer todo perfecto” uhmmmm, bueno …vamos a ver…yo creo que nadie nos puede denunciar por poner todo nuestro amor en nuestros trabajos. (voy a aplicar este texto al asunto del amor y la verdad). Sólo hay una persona que nos persigue siempre y nos puede juzgar y denunciar, haciéndonos realmente daño…y esa persona somos nosotros mismos. A mi no me importa lo que digan o piensen de mi, no me importa como me juzgan los demás, porque a veces me odian y luego cambian de opinión y se arrepienten de haberme odiado. Esto es pura condición humana, todos lo hacemos. Pero lo importante para cada uno de nosotros es poder decir “¿cómo me siento?¿lo hago bien?¿si? entonces si para mi alma y mi corazón está bien pues eso es lo verdaderamente importante, porque eso es lo que yo soy y represento y ya está. Nunca puedes gustarle a todo el mundo, nunca puedes hacer que todos sean felices, pero si que puedes quererte a ti mismo y intentar dar lo mejor de ti mismo para ti, y por efecto rebote también para los que te rodean. Sobre repetir…y si, por casualidad, nos hemos cansado de repetir…¿con las mismas personas? uff, eso es como que no es, no puede ser. Si tomas una decisión dolorosa y difí­cil, ya no puedes volver a repetir por lo menos en ese entorno. Aunque sientas que esa persona se arrepiente, aunque percibas todo su dolor, no querido Paulo, no, no puede ser. Por que si fuesemos tan tontos…entonces estarí­amos siempre repitiendo ese mismo dolor y, aveces, necesitamos sentir un poco de paz y felicidad también ¿no crees? yo pienso que merecemos ser felices y que aquellos que somos “pozos de agua limpia y fresca” debemos caminar para encontrar “pozos de agua limpia y fresca”.
    Bueno, el texto, en el contorno tuyo: el herrero, el arquero y tal, pues es bonito. Un saludo cordial y gracias por leer este mensaje. Toñi.

  39. luz mariposa says:

    La intuicion es el don con el que nacemos..Muchas veces lo perdemos en el camino de la vida, lo dejamos dormido..
    pero lo podemos recuperar,como dice Paulo..con la constancia , repetir, escuchar a nuestro corazon, nuestra esencia que nos habla..
    la intuicion es la vos de nuestro la que nos lleva por el camino de luz..nos guia..No es saber escuchar nuestra propia vos.
    Les regaloparte de un texto mio..

    Hermanas del sol y de la Luna
    Percibimos atraves del Sol ,que fluye en nuestro pecho..
    Razonamos junto a la intuición ,que es nuestro Don..
    Pero todo esta regido ´por el Corazon..
    Los ojos son verdaderas ventanas del alma ,es por donde reflejamos la Luz
    La sonrisa,es el espejo de la alegria , la Alquimia que se produce en nuestro interior.
    Al mirarnos sabemos quienes son nuestras partes..Cuando eso sucede se produce un Destello en el universo.

  40. densi says:

    junction points are my contemplation point lately. follow the signs. or call it whatever you like. merging of different layers of existence. little wonders of one’s own life out of time.
    our whole life is one endless training field – what else to expect than further growth in any possible trajectory of dancing plates tectonics
    “Training is NOT routine. It is essential” – indeed :)

  41. the commoner says:

    Hello Sir! I re blogged it

    This article is just right for me now that I am starting to hate life…I even wanna be totally insane! Thanks to your wisdom!

  42. Empié says:

    Reconozco que, al menos para mi, pasar por la misma situación una y otra vez, no es agradable.

    Las pruebas, los obstáculos, los problemas de la vida diaria nos hacen sentir una y otra vez las mismas emociones que consideramos negativas porque nos hacen daño, nos hieren, sin embargo pienso que todo lo que te ocurre te transforma e igual que en entrenamiento te hace mas habilidoso, más resistente y más fuerte; pasar por todas esas emociones que nos alteran y nos hacen perder la paz, de alguna u otra forma nos transforman para mejor.

    Quizá un dí­a seamos inmunes a lo negativo, y estemos por encima de toda esta lucha, en el reino donde habita la paz y la felicidad, hasta entonces lo que queda es repetir y repetir. Un dí­a la espada estará apunto para ser utilizada, y una espada trabajada de esa forma, no se rompe ya jamás.

    Supongo que será el precio del paraí­so, que así­ sea.

    1. toñi says:

      todas las pruebas y los obstáculos están ahí­ porque pensamos que lo están. Los pensamientos se materializan. La fórmula de ser inmunes a lo negativo es “no concederle importancia a lo negativo, no pensar en lo negativo”. Hay que rellenar los espacios mentales con pensamientos que no sean negativos. Lo he descubierto gracias a Paulo, nuestro querido Paulo, porque …te lo explico, es una tonterí­a pero esa tonterí­a me ha dado la respuesta. Me fijé en unas fechas equivocadas y pensaba y pensaba y al final me dí­ cuenta de su significado. Si nadie se fija en eso, todos creen que es real ¿comprendes?.Entonces si lo aplicas a tu vida, solo tienes que creer en las cosas que deseas y tus pensamientos se enfocan hacia lo que deseas, y los demás también se enfocan hacia lo que deseas y se lo creen. Las personas que triunfan en la vida lo hacen por la sencilla razón de que se lo creen, y los demás también se lo creen. Si tú visualizas que todo va a salir bien y te enfocas en ello, las cosas empezarán a cambiar. Si le pones sólo un poco de sentimiento los cambios serán lentos, si le pones más sentimiento …los cambios son más rápidos. Cuando un dí­a sientes que eres el mejor y el más guapo, todos te dicen “¡qué guapo estás hoy, que feliz se te vee!” ¿comprendes?
      Es todo cuestión de sugestión dirigida por los sentimientos.
      Espero haberte ayudado, un saludo. Toñi.

  43. Olta Canka says:

    From my perspective, my experience now I see this as training to know what to NOT do and freeing your intuition to show you what you need to know.
    This is how I see it now, but it is a bit confusing to me when you say “learn the technique so that it becomes intuitive.” I mean, you mean this literally or is it a way of saying it?
    That is because I see intuition as a separate thing from experience, but maybe I shouldn’t…

    If training were routine we wouldn’t learn anything from it beside the fact that we wouldn’t enjoy it.

    Love :)

    1. Hi Olta,

      “……learn the technique so that it becomes intuitive.”

      In this case “intuitive” means “natural”. It means that it becomes natural to you. At least I understand it this way.

      Take care!

  44. Irina Black says:

    The material world- as the third Level can lead either to GOD(as the first and the forth Levels) or,if requirements are not reached,to Universals-or to the second Level.

  45. Marie says:

    It’s fun ! Yesterday, a quote on the formation and the spontaneity and today on the importance to repeat the same thing so that it becomes intuitive!

    I learn voluntarily – I forget voluntarily – I feel and act spontaneously
    I learn voluntarily – I repeat voluntarily – I feel and act intuitively

    I have the impression that something is missing, no ?!

  46. Savita Vega says:

    I watch my daughter draw. She uses colored markers, her favorite medium. She draws a horse, stops and shows it to me, explaining something about it. Then she picks up a second sheet of paper and draws another…and another…and another…. This can go on for several hours. She generally goes through from twenty to fifty sheets of paper per day, every day. This has been going on since she was three; she is now seven. I have one closet in our house that is filled with her drawings, stacks and stacks and stacks of papers, stored away in boxes.

    Today she is drawing horses. This may go on for days. To one who does not understand the process of art, her actions may appear redundant. They might wonder: Why is she drawing the same subject over and over? But, at the end of the week, when I take her drawings out of the bin to store them away and I look at them all, side by side, one after the other, I can see the progression. She is working through a problem in her mind: she is attempting to capture motion. The first horses are stiff, standing still, legs straight. Then they begin to prance across the page; some are rearing up, others kicking their heels in the air. Finally, they are galloping, running headlong, their manes and tails fluttering in the wind.

    Last week it was faces – human faces – dozens of them, each one unique. Differently shaped eyes, mouths, noses. Different hair colors and skin tones. Some faces round or oval, others squarish or long. Like with the horses, some drawing depicted a single figure, others, a multitude – a herd of horses or a whole crowd of faces.

    I try not to get too involved in what she is doing. I do not want to pressure her in any way. This is something that she has picked up on her own, something that just seems to come naturally to her, and I do not want to burden her with any expectations of my own. But I observe, I always watch what she is doing, with enormous fascination and even a little awe, because I know that what she is doing – just this sort of ongoing obsession, this sort of repetition – is what makes an artist an artist. Through repetition, she is teaching herself to draw, she is learning the same sorts of lessons that might otherwise be taught in an art class. The difference is that she is learning them, not just for the moment, but she is learning them well, wholly absorbing each new concept as she works her way through it.

    Several years ago, for example, I can remember when she first began to understand perspective. I never tried to explain it to her, but she just picked it up, through observation and repetition. One day she came to me and said, “Mom, look! The things that are higher up on the paper and smaller – those things are far away. The things at the bottom and that are larger – those are close up.” So I began to show her paintings which illustrated the succession of the development of perspective throughout history. Similarly, I remember when she discovered the concept of dynamism, all on her own. She began to draw animals with many legs and with lines radiating out from them. She said, “Look! They are running.” She drew a man, the same man, in succession, over and over, across the paper, a little higher up each time. She explained, “He’s jumping into the air!” So I showed her Balla’s “Dog on a Leash” as well as the works of other futurist artists.

    The thing is that she is teaching herself, perhaps better than I or any arts instructor could ever teach her. She is learning through repetition. When I show her examples of other artists’ works in response to what she is doing, this only serves to reinforce the lesson she has already learned on her own.

    When I watch her doing this, going through page after page of paper, drawing for hours each and every day, I am reminded of artists such as Rodin, who sculpted many of the same figures over and over for many years, until he achieved precisely the pose and effect that he was seeking. The willingness to undertake this sort of repetition is not something that comes easily. It cannot be forced by external pressures. One has to be drawn to it, naturally, compelled from within. Me, for example, I could draw one subject once, and that would be it. I could not possibly make myself draw several hundred dogs, over and over, until I got it right. I would expire of boredom. I would lose interest completely. And yet I can write essentially the same story over and over – one time as an autobiographical essay, again as a short story, another time as a short story from another perspective, again as a chapter in a novel, and finally in a flash fiction piece. This does not bore me. I feel compelled to repeat, because I am trying to get it right. I know the story wants to be told – I just have to find the right form.

    So, when it comes to practice and repetition, our attempts to be like that blacksmith in Paulo’s story, I think that our willingness to repeat is an actual indicator of what undertakings we are naturally inclined toward – in other words, what is our personal destiny. I might think, for example, that I want to take up mounted archery because I have always been fascinated by it, but when I actually get a bow in my hand and mount a horse, I might find that I am incapable of enduring the kind of persistent practice that sets apart an excellent archer from the mere mediocre. This does not mean that I should not pursue archery as a hobby if it is my wish to do so, but it is highly unlikely that I shall ever become another Lajos Kassai. It is not my destiny. One’s willingness to repeat an undertaking, again and again, in success and in failure, the driving compulsion to repeat it until one perfects ones skills – this is likely a very good indicator of where one’s true destiny lies.

    1. Nina says:

      Savita thanks for sharing this, a great example with your daughters drawings on the uniqueness of each repetition. Your stories really capture the reader. Love your work.

    2. Savita Vega says:

      Thank you, Nina! I really appreciate your comments.


    3. Nina says:

      You’re very welcome Savita!

    4. Yacoob says:

      Thanks for sharing that lovely insight. May your daughter’s work bring much joy and benefit to all who experience it – now and in future :)

  47. Carolena says:

    Nabil Alaihi… This is from The Witch of Portobello!! :)
    I loved shooting the film Paulo! The desert was so beautiful, warm and sunny during the day and extreme winds at night. Ahhh… Nostalgia.
    Paulo, I am So happy to connected to you through The Witch of Portobello!! It’s such a dream come true. I’m proud to be your Witch of Portobello!
    With love,

    1. Savita Vega says:

      Dear Carolena,
      I am proud of YOU! This is such a wonderful thing – seeing you living your dream, your destiny. You are a great inspiration to me.

      With Greatest Sincerity,

    2. Carolena says:

      Awww… Thank you Savita!!

  48. THELMA says:

    From then on the archer becomes his bow, his arrow and his target.

    It is the magic moment of … ceasing being a body, a mind and a soul and we become .. just Light, expanding everywhere and in eternity.
    The beings of Light and Love.

  49. sido says:

    i am , but i will be

  50. Carolena says:

    Sweet Annie, thank you. me, Jasmine? well thank you, I’m honored to be thought of as any of Paulo’s characters!

  51. THELMA says:

    It seems, dearest Annie, that you are ready to … start driving!! ;]