At the end of the black tunnel

“I saw only a tunnel.”
In the bar in Sibiu, in Transylvania, Sorin looks deep into my eyes. He carries on speaking.
“I saw a black tunnel with a man at the end of it, making signs at me.”
I wait. We have all the time in the world and I remember that when I was in the same situation I saw a tunnel too, except this one led to a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, the Glória Hotel. I looked at that hotel, expected the worse and thought to myself: “it’s not fair, I’m only 26 years old!” Fair or not, in the early morning of 27 May 1974 I stood before death and could not see what was happening beside me. Just the tunnel and the hotel. But my story does not matter, it serves only to say that I understand perfectly well what Sorin is telling me in a bar lost in the middle of the Carpates Mountains.
“I saw only a tunnel, with a man pointing a gun at me and telling me to get out of the car.”
Sorin Miscoci’s Calvary began on 28 March 2005, near Baghdad. He had been designated to spend a week there at the request of a Rumanian TV station and ended up being kidnapped for 55 days.
“Later on, when they freed me, the American security agents asked me how many people were there. And I told them: one. They laughed and said that just wasn’t possible. It was the psychologist who helped me, explaining that in situations like this, nothing in the surroundings has any importance. All you see is the focus of the crisis, what is threatening you, and you simply forget the rest.
Sorin has just got married to Andrea, who strokes his hand. We have been traveling together for three days and we will continue for another week crossing the Carpates Mountains. I knew his story, but waited until he was in his home town before asking him the details. Cristina Topescu, an old friend who worked as a journalist in the same TV as Sorin, was also at the table. She says that when the time came to mobilize the country, few colleagues came forward to speak to the President of the Republic, for fear of losing their jobs.


  1. gordana says:

    crni tunel nije put do smrti .ja putujem tom crnom tunelom svaki dan noc .to je nas kanal zivotni do svetlosti .crni tunek je nase trece oko koje nije otvoreno pa je zato crn .ali kad se otvori vise nije crn posle crnila dolazi zauvek svetlost .mi kristalno indigo deca to znamo odlicno .pozdrav

  2. Seema says:

    At the end of that blue-black tunnel, long, dark and accelerating us towards something when we peer right into the horizon there to see what is there exactly, is a very beautiful, glowing, big, white light. It has no glare, yet it glows so much more and yet it lets us see it. We cannot see the sun with naked eyes, but this white light is very soothing, infinitely peaceful.

  3. working on the theory says:

    My Hebrew has improved. Bravo!

  4. cristina cabral says:

    1974- 2012= 38 anos; Bravo Paulo!

  5. Jessica says:

    To hell with the black tunnel …. cant just God erase the black tunnels? I dont like them ….. why cant life just be a fairytale???? I can hear the answer ….. it would be boring !!!! Well I rather be bored then sad.

    1. Ninkharsag says:

      Jessica: Go to your library or bookshop and get a copy of the book; “The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard. It will likely then lead you onto “A Course In Miracles”. You will see that their are NO black tunnels in truth – just in your own imagination, then life will be neither boring or sad but filled with peace and joy.


  6. Jessica says:

    In the end of a tunnel …… yes lately it has been a tunnel my whole life …….I want to get out of it …to escape ….. I have paniced …. I just need a solution so I prayed to God to help me.
    And today I though I saw the light again ….. Im tired of dark tunnels really.

    Love and light Jessica

    1. Anna Mazzali says:

      Why be afraid of a black tunnel?? Try closing your eyes and relax

      Are you in the tunnel and you are afraid. But then you hear a smell, it can be good or bad but only you can feel and smell that you can tell a lot. Smell it and inspiralo

      You can hear noises in the dark … sounds can be beautiful or ugly. You can be a scary or smile. Listen to them and they will talk

      Fear turns into volevere discovery … and without thinking about this in the dark tunnel … you did not even realize that you were walking out of the tunnel

  7. Savita Vega says:

    “Nothing in the surroundings has any importance. All you see is the focus of the crisis, what is threatening you, and you simply forget the rest.”

    So true, and this can happen too, even when the death one is facing is not one’s own. It has something to do with the nature of death itself, I tell myself. It is like a black hole. If we merely watch someone else die from a distance, it has not the same effect. And that distance need not be physical; it can be emotional, a subtle detachment that acts as a buffer between ourselves and death, that lets us believe that it cannot touch us – a distance that allows us to maintain the illusion of our own immortality, even as we bear witness to someone else’s death. This happens every day, when we watch the news: we see and hear of the deaths of multitudes, but somehow death yet remains unreal to us. It’s like to view a black hole through a telescope, if that were possible – we know it’s out there somewhere, but the reality of it does not touch us.

    But draw near the lip of that black hole, peer into it, and the experience of it is quite different. This is where the tunnel begins, where it looms up like a wall that blocks out everything else in one’s surroundings – all other concerns wane thin, all other objects and persons simply disappear. There is just the lip of this tunnel, and nothing else is real, because everything else that is real – everything that we assumed to be real, everything that we placed so much importance on up to this point – is being sucked into that tunnel too, and at an alarming rate. There is nothing in there, only blackness – no, not even that, because blackness is something, and this is sheer nothingness. It’s like everything in your life – every object, person and place, past; present and future; every care, every desire, every fear – is being poured down a funnel, and as each thing crosses the lip of that funnel, it shatters into nothingness. And it isn’t even like looking down a deep well, because every well, no matter how deep, has a bottom, a place for things to land, a place for all the shattered pieces to fall and be collected again. But once things cross the lip of a black hole, they simply cease, and that is all.

    At least this has been my experience in drawing near the rim of death, peering into it with open eyes, as I watch someone else’s life be sucked into it: I stand there on that rim and I look back over my own shoulder, I look around me at my own life, and there is nothing. Everything else has ceased to exist, ceased to matter: “Nothing in the surroundings has any importance. All I see is the focus of the crisis” – the threat to the life of another, the black hole of death and the life being sucked into it, no matter how hard the struggle to avoid it.

    And yet I don’t see death as an ultimate “end.” I don’t even see it necessarily as something “negative.” I speak only of the nature of that tunnel and the sensation which I have experienced in drawing near to it. Suddenly, nothing else matters, all else disappears.

  8. Antonio Medel says:

    Uno de mis sueños mas odiados y recordados al mismo tiempo con la misma metafora!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Marie-Christine says:

    ‘All you see is the focus of the crisis , what is threatening you and you simply forget the rest.’
    cris is –
    in French the word cri(s) is a cry
    It helps me to understand that -when you are in a threatening situation you can only focus on the crisis-.
    Later on, after the crisis, then you are able to concentrate onto the ‘bonne heure’ the good hour, more and your observational skills become more alert due to that crisis you have been through. You pay more attention to details. and are able to appreciate the moment, and live in the present time.
    So the result of the experience you have gone through has help you to be in the now,

    With thanks and appreciation,

    1. Marie-Christine says:

      Dear Paulo,
      I do believe the way I use a word has power. by that I mean it explains the way we feel simply,
      I can see so many things in a word and I am pretty certain it has a significance,
      Some people mentioned about the language of the birds on the blog a couple of times to me .I am just curious and wanted to know whether you can confirm this to me please Paulo
      I am not an expert however I can see there is a link for me with a lot of languages and I see it as another confirmation that we are all connected,
      and whether I am making a mistake at least I will know and I will feel happier,
      With thanks , appreciation and love


  10. Yilmaz says:

    Isn’t really everything a dark tunnel? Even the universe itself?

    We just have to follow the light, even if it is hard sometimes. Like many suns give light within the universe, there are many godsend angels who give us light within our lives.

    God bless all of you in this blog, Paulo and Sorin.

    AÅŸk olsun.

    1. chuchu says:

      Thank you for the encouragement! I very much needed to be reminded to keep my eyes on the light during this period of my life.

  11. sofia says:

    i am from greece..our life now is really difficult..everybody have lost their faith..i believe in God..i draw orthodox churches..if you have ever seen an orthodox church you’ll know what i’m saying..i draw saints and i am proud for my art gives me hope..recently i made in wood the saint my language her name means patient and hope..i will be a very happy person if some day i’ll show you my art..thank you and sorry for my english..sofia

  12. Natália says:

    Querido Paulo,
    Li sua biografia e queria dizer q sua história é um exemplo de superaí§í£o.Eu leio seus livros e já era sua fí£ antes mesmo de conhecer sua história.Meu interesse surgiu de uma reportagem sobre vocíª feita pelo programa fantastico.Na reportagem contando um pouco de sua vida, fiquei surpresa ao saber que alguém,além de mim, também consultava o oráculo I Ching .Lembro vagamente também relatos sobre suas primeiras epifanias..
    Como sempre acreditei em sinais -e tenho a certeza que recebi muitos deles-quando laní§ada sua biografia me interessei muito,mas só tive a opurtunidade de ler agora.Gosto de historias baseadas em fatos reais e seus livros me agradam muito.
    Saber que vocíª conseguiu o seu grande objetivo de ser um escritor lido e famoso em todo mundo-mesmo com tantas criticas e tantos ”banhos de água fria”-me emociona.Esperar tanto tempo para realizar um sonho chegando até a acreditar que ní£o vamos conseguir e depois víª-lo realizado deve ser de uma emoí§í£o indescritivel.
    Vi muitas coisas semelhantes em minha vida:as consultas ao I Ching,os meus muitos complexos,os sinais,os sonhos reveladores e principalmente um sonho que eu busco realizar há anos e que as vezes o desí¢nimo e o cansaí§o me faz desacreditar.Mas por ser muito importante pra mim e considerar minha salvaí§í£o é que procuro sinais pra continuar acreditando que eu vou conseguir.
    É uma historia pra mim muito dolorosa e dificil de ser contada e que ninguém nesse mundo pode imaginar apenas me olhando.
    Mas enfim.Sua historia me inspira e espero também conseguir antes q seja tarde.Te admiro muito e desejo uma chuva de bení§í£os pra vocíª sempre. Espero ter sua resposta pra eu saber se vc leu.nem q seja uma palavra.Boa tarde!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Tarek says:

    There is necessity to go throw the dark tunnel in order to gain birth or Re-birth! Babies do it in their way into the world having Adrenaline (stress hormone) levels manyfold higher than a patient with heart attack! But who cares if life is the prize to win? All true creative actions come mostly after periods of depression of passing through the dark tunnel! Going down to the womb of the earth, to darkness sipping from the eternal wisdom that always inhibits the dark, (i.e., being unconscious) before getting rewarded by a new birth (like Thelma said) and new light.

    1. chuchu says:

      Thank you for the encouragement! Yes, you are right, the light is usually brighter after passing through the darkest tunnel!

  14. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    L’expérience de la mort imminente change les íªtres qui l’ont vécu. De míªme, lorsqu’on a échappé í  un grave danger, ou lorsqu’un de nos proches frí´le la mort, notre perception de la vie se modifie.
    Rien ne vaut cette vie que nous avons reí§ue en cadeau. Nous en prenons conscience lorsqu’elle nous échappe. Comme un amour qui s’en va, auquel on tient d’autant plus qu’il nous échappe.
    Pour avoir accompagné plusieurs personnes au seuil de leur mort, je sais que le corps n’est qu’un véhicule, et que lorsque l’í¢me le quitte, il se vide de toute substance.
    Ce départ est visible. Je l’ai vu, cette envolée… je l’ai sentie.
    Ce tunnel, je ne l’ai jamais franchi, mais les personnes qui en parlent le décrivent toutes de la míªme manière.
    Mon esprit scientifique, pourrait se laisser emporter vers des mécanismes cellulaires, des transmetteurs chimiques modifiés par le manque d’oxygène… Cependant mon í¢me sent, intuitivement, qu’elle sera un jour emportée vers ce tunnel, vers cette lumière, intemporelle, irréelle, et qu’elle sera heureuse de la rejoindre. Peut-íªtre est ce lí , la Foi qui me manque..
    En attendant, cet ultime traversée, je ne souhaite rien d’autre que remplir mon í¢me des sensations terrestres qui m’enchantent: laisser mes sens s’enivrer de l’air que je respire, mes papilles palpiter du gí´ut du plaisir, mes yeux briller dans la lumière du matin, et mes oreilles tinter dans la musique de la brise du soir.
    Le point commun qui m’a toujours frappée, pour les personnes qui ont vécu cette expérience, est l’immense sérénité qui habitait leur regard.
    Marie-Christine G.

    The experience of imminent death changes human beings who lived it.
    Similarly, when we has escaped a serious danger, or when our loved ones close to death, our perception of life changes.
    Nothing beats this life we “‹”‹have received as a gift. We are conscious of it, when it is escaping. As a love that goes, becomes the more important because it escapes us.
    For helping many people when they were in the threshold of death, I know that the body is only a vehicle, and when the soul leaves him, he empts.
    This departure is visible. I saw it, this surge … I felt it.
    This tunnel, I have never crossed it, but the people who have done, are describing the same way.
    My scientific mind, could be carried away into the cellular mechanisms, the chemical transmitters modified by lack of oxygen …
    But my own soul feels, intuitively, she will be carried into the tunnel, towards the light, timeless, unreal, and she will be happy to join. Perhaps it is there, the Faith that I miss ..
    Meanwhile, this final journey, I wish nothing but fill my soul with all sensations that delight me: let my senses to intoxicate themselves with the air I breathe, my tongue taste throb of pleasure, my eyes shine in the morning light, and my ears ringing in the music of the evening breeze.
    The common thread that has always struck me, for people who have had this experience, is the immense serenity who lived their eyes.
    Marie-Christine Grimard.

  15. Tara S.Hamdi says:

    Being a mother of 2 girls, I always try to tell them that life sometimes gets dark, I was a child in Iraq in the hard days, luckily for me my mother was German and I left after a while lived in Abu Dhabi and now in Denmark. there is always Hope.

    Tara Hamdi(Abu Dhabi & Denmark)

  16. Psalmbody says:

    Paulo, I recall once reading that your journalism experience involved an abduction (thank God you’re yet well and creatively with us). Either way, with assistance and reduced obstruction being the expected reality at our varied tunnels’ ends, I can only imagine the trauma mentioned here. Also appreciated is the allegory regarding the tunnels or pathways of our choices: being shadowy, silent and essentially deadly in the face of unsuspecting others, especially in deference to so-called authority, OR otherwise. I say let there be healing, p(e)aceful and True Light all-ways!

  17. Marie-Christine says:

    At the end of the b lac k tunnel’
    there is a’ be’,
    a lac.
    and a key.


  18. Elaine says:

    I too have experienced the black tunnel. It happens when we are under great fear. How do we overcome great fear during a life and death situation? It’s actually quite simple. When we have a one on one, loving relationship with our Higher Power, and we are pretty well constantly in tune with him/her/them, we will be able to have great faith and manage to see all sides of the situation, even to the point of an escape. And if by chance an escape does not occur, and we are locked up and beaten or molested, we can allow our higher to gently float us through the pain. And if we are to die, we die. The other side IS filled with so much love that it’s okay to die. Although we should try and stay here as long as we can. Even though these physical bodies we are inhabitating can be a pain as we get older, many of the senses that we are able to experience cannot be experienced until we come back again, and sometimes that takes a while. Enjoy the sun warming your flesh in the morning, the loving cuddle of flesh to flesh under a warm blanket, a cold iced drink upon your lips and tongue.. Just enjoy what you have here and now.

    And most of all thank your Higher Power throughout every day for the opportunity you have to BE.

  19. Elaine says:

    Isn’t it interesting how a great listener will, yes, go through the files in his/her mind and find a way to either empathize or sympathize with the relater of the experience. The best listener even though he/ she has had something similar to relate, keeps quiet and allows the teller to finish. Many of us are so eager to tell our story that we miss a great lesson or sign that God/Goddess is trying to teach us at the time.

    Thank you Paulo for demonstrating how to listen and to sympathize with a

    Paulo, what knowledge did you gain here by not commenting, but just


    1. Viola Onisro says:

      Hello Elaine!

      Your words and the post reminds me of the story of King Solomon.
      God appeared in King Solomons dream and gave him one wish.
      He could have chosen long life but no, he asked for a “listening heart”.

      Well, I’m sure Paulo knows everyone of us here on his blog and he cares,
      even if he don’t comment :-).

      Love Viola

  20. N.B. says:

    As a child I could stop playing because of the feeling that I will not live in Bosnia when I grow up. Unfortunately it did happen in a most surprising way, but fortunately at the end of the tunnel I saw the light.
    When the war came to Bosnia by the time I was ten years old, I stopped singing, I stopped playing the violin, and for the first time I was faced with the fear of loosing my own life, but I was also forced to listen to my own instinct, this beautiful force in all of us. Call it luck or faith or something else, the end of the dark tunnel was the opportunity to escape and come to Sweden as refugee, and the song came back into my life again, the shiny light.

  21. toñi says:

    He visto ese túnel negro varias veces en mi vida.
    Cuando era joven estuve 5 dí­as sin poder dormir y apenas comí­a y una noche me fui hacia un túnel negro: apareció mi abuela corriendo hacia mi y me empujó hacia atrás. La primera sensación al abrir los ojos es llorar y respirar muy fuerte. Después me miré en el espejo y mi piel era del color de la cera, mis uñas moradas y mis ojos morados.
    La noche que nació mi hija sufrí­ una parada cardio-respiratoria, pero antes de ésto yo estaba pariendo y perdí­ la vista (todo era negro, no veí­a nada) entonces recuerdo que les dije a los médicos “no veo nada, me he quedado ciega!” lo dije gritando pero no pude escuchar mi voz pero sé que yo moví­a mis labios y gritaba …después el túnel y otra vez hacia atrás…empiezo a escuchar como un zumbido y aparece luz, lentamente empiezo a ver y me están alumbrado hacia los ojos. El médico que está a mi lado me pregunta cosas: como me llamo, cuantos años tengo, etc. Le contesto, entonces aparece otro médico con una mesita llena de instrumentos médicos y el médico que está a mi lado le dije “no es necesario, la hemos recuperado…cinco segundos más y…puedes llevarte todo ésto”. Entonces este médico se acercó más a mi y me dió un beso en la frente. Ese médico estaba emocionado. Nunca lo olvidaré. Cuando me fui a casa con mi hija, tres dí­as después, miré hacia el hospital y pensé “no volveré”, pero ¿sabes qué?…nunca voy al médico, llevo diez años sin ir al médico…pero a veces vuelvo al hospital …para donar sangre porque cuando mi hija nació yo estaba sola y aquellos médicos fueron mi única compañí­a en aquel momento tan importante, ellos me ayudaron y por eso soy donante de sangre para demostrar mi agradecimiento y poder ayudar también a otras personas como me ayudaron a mi. Porque “es de bien nacido ser agradecido”. Saludos. Toñi.

    1. Empié says:

      Me alegro que todo aquello haya quedado atrás. Supongo que al igual que hay agujeros negro, también existirá lo contrario, seguro que en algún momento de nuestras vidas iniciaremos un camino en el que cada vea haya más y más luz a nuestro alrededor, quizá haya un dí­a en el que la luz nos ciegue, y ya nunca nada nos podrá hacer volver a las tinieblas. Ese es el mensaje de tantas y tantas tradiciones que surgieron a lo largo del mundo, a través de los tiempos, para describir el camino hacia el paraí­so, descenso a a los infiernos, resurrección, y como en los cuentos de hadas… y vivieron felices y comieron perdices.

      No creo que tantos mitos, tradiciones, leyendas, religiones, nacidas de manera independiente, cuenten las mismas cosas por pura casualidad; creo más bien que quizá tuvieron que estar escondidas al igual que las brujas/hadas en su momento, por los mismos motivos.

      En cualquier caso me alegro de que la noche quedara atrás para siempre. Se suele decir que antes de llover chispea, también en nuestra cabeza es así­, antes de que llegue el florecimiento y la alegrí­a plena, empieza a brillar el sol, unos dí­as más, otros menos, puede que algún pequeño chaparrón, pero la alegrí­a se vuelve cada vez más poderosa y un dí­a, todo ocurre al mismo tiempo, las promesas se cumplen y la ansiada cosecha por fin se produce.

      Un saludo.

    2. toñi says:

      Del asunto divertido: las personas multiorgásmicas…es como todo lo demás. Tan respetable es una persona multiorgásmica que un lama tibetano que dedica su vida a la espiritualidad y la soledad. Lo importante es que una persona se acepte a si misma como es. Uno no puede luchar contra su naturaleza, quiero decir …si una persona es multiorgásmica no puede intentar frenar lo que es…por eso al dí­a siguiente vuelve a lo mismo. El problema es que las personas esconden lo que son. Este escritor Mantak Chia explica muy claro todo y de una forma natural . Yo no he leí­do el libro de “El hombre multiorgásmico”, he leí­do el de “Energí­a curativa a través del Tao”. Ya me dirás si es interesante, que igual me lo leo. Saludos. Toñi.

    3. Empié says:

      Al parecer existen dos caminos, uno seco y otro húmedo, uno con sexo y otro sin el, al menor durante un tiempo, también dicen que para él el camino es como un juego de niños, para ella el de una mujer.

      Supongo que como tenemos cuerpos diferentes, el camino que debe seguir cada uno debe ser diferente, pero creo que lo único que hay que hacer es seguir la propia naturaleza, escuchar tu voz interior.

      Te comento cuando lo termine, tiene buena pinta, es muy instructivo.

      Un saludo.

  22. Empié says:

    Supongo que cuando hay un peligro cerca el organismo focaliza toda su atención y sus recursos en vencer el problema, porque de no superar ese momento quizá no haya más. Lo bueno es que quizá por este mismo motivo nos perdamos información, esto quiere decir, que el problema en realidad era superable, y hay todo un mundo alrededor esperándote al final del túnel.

    Es una bendición que todo termine bien, también lo es que los que considerabas amigos o familia se muestren como son, mejor perder un botón que la camisa entera. Mi profe de tai chi dice que para que las serpientes salgan de sus agujeros es necesario provocarlas, poner una victima con la que poder cebarse, es una inteligente manera de cazarlas.

    En cualquier caso, lo importante es que el túnel se acaba, espera la luz del dí­a, y las personas que de verdad te quieren, y lo demás no importa.

    Creo que cuando sales de un sitio así­, te tiene que apeteces mucho celebrarlo especial mente con la/las personas que te tendieron un cable para que encontraras la salida, creo que sí­…

    1. toñi says:

      Hola Empié.
      Te animo a que leas algo sobre un maestro que se llama Mantak Chia, es un señor que escribe de forma muy sencilla y muy agradable conceptos que son difí­ciles de explicar sobre lo que tú también haces y practicas, el “tai chi”.
      Despertar a la serpiente kindalini requiere preparación, porque es peligroso que la serpiente kundalini se despierte si no estás preparado. Puedes perder el control. No sé, he pensado que te podí­a interesar tener más información sobre este tema. Mantak Chia también practica artes marciales. Es un escritor interesante para la evolución mental sana. Y además en algunas cosas es divertido. Es cierto que el dolor fí­sico se puede controlar y el dolor mental también.

    2. toñi says:

      Y hola otra vez Empié!
      Acabo de leer ahora un mensaje tuyo de un profesor de tu profesor sobre chi kung, yo nunca he hablado con un profesor de chi kung pero esto de la energí­a de los puntos del cuerpo si que lo entiendo. Y te voy a explicar algo. Yo tengo, por herencia de mi abuela, algo en las manos es como una energí­a que sirve para quitar el dolor y a veces curar. Sólo lo utilizo con mi familia y amigos de máxima confianza. Bueno a veces viene alguien y me dice “toñi, me duele aqui, me lo puedes mirar?” y entonces le digo “venga vamos a arreglarlo en 2 minutos” y a veces coloco las manos cerca pero sin tocar a la persona pues en el lugar que dicen que les duele…pero el problema no está ahi. Quiero decir, a veces les duele un brazo pero el orí­gen de ese dolor está en otra parte del cuerpo: una pierna o un dedo. La persona a veces nota frio o calor o electricidad, otros notan como música y otros como un viento que les entra en el cuerpo. Hay puntos del cuerpo que duelen porque les falta energí­a, la energí­a está mal canalizada y se bloquean y el cuerpo avisa de que algo no va bien a traves del dolor o enfermedad. Si canalizas la energí­a…el dolor o la enfermedad desaparece. El estrés es uno de los productores más grandes de dolores o enfermedades en el cuerpo. Una persona feliz, es una persona sana. Incurable es curable por dentro. Si la energí­a del cuerpo está equilibrada y fluye bien a través de todo el cuerpo, el resultado es que el cuerpo está bien. Yo creo que la energí­a del cuerpo funciona como el bombeo sanguí­neo, tenemos como carreteras (igual que las venas ¿vale?) de energí­a por todo el cuerpo. Y esas carreteras han de estar bien sin baches ni triquitranes, para que la energí­a pueda fluir bien. Cuando una persona viene a casa y le ayudo y le quito el dolor de esa parte de su cuerpo luego se miran al espejo y se rí­en y dicen “toñi, pero si estoy más joven y se me han ido las ojeras, esto es mejor que la cirugí­a, es reconstrucción total” y se rien. Lo que te ha explicado el profesor de tu profesor es bueno, aprende todo lo que es conocimiento sabio. Hay mucha ciencia y matemáticas en la base de todo. Pero las religiones siempre han intentado esconder lo esencial. Piensa que si todos hablan de crisis… más crisis hay. Si todos hablan de cosas negativas…más negatividad hay. Si no piensas en la crisis, la crisis desaparece, si no le concedes importancia a lo negativo…lo negativo desaparece. “el hombre se convierte en lo que piensa” y su mundo también. Me alegro un montón de que estés más animado. Y ahora pregunto ¿cómo te sientes?¿bien? pues agarra ese sentimiento con fuerza y no lo sueltes, no dejes que se escape!!!
      Yo también agradezco que estés en este blog! Saludos. Toñi.

    3. Empié says:

      Precisamente el domingo me dejaron un libro de Mantak Chia, me da un poco de cosa decirte cual es el titulo pero allá va…: “El hombre multiorgásmico”, nada más y nada menos. Por lo demás continuo practicando los ejercicios que aprendo en clase y los que vi con el profe de mi profe. La verdad es que es una fuente muy fiable porque en el mundo hay cosas que son verdad y otras que no tanto, pero por sus frutos los conocerás, jajaja.

      Un saludo y un abrazo, a ver dónde me lleva todo esto, la verdad es que de vez en cuando me noto como el que era, por eso veo lo que volveré a ser, en el momento que pueda estar en el mundo como antes de todo esto, mis problemas se habrán acabado, porque podré desenvolverme como siempre, el resto corre de mi cuenta.

      Un saludo, hasta pronto.

    4. toñi says:

      Este libro “el hombre multiorgásmico” es el libro que hizo tan famoso a Mantak chia, también tiene uno interesante que se llama “Energí­a curativa a través del Tao” y luego ha escrito cosas sobre las mujeres: ejercicios para conseguir que los perí­odos de reglas sean de menos dí­as, incluso variar el tiempo de las reglas (por ejemplo que las reglas vengan cada dos o tres meses y sin casi dolor) y consejos de movimientos musculares del útero, ya te dije que tiene cosas divertidas.
      Creo que Mantak Chia es médico además de maestro. Católico y practicante de métodos de la antigua China. Quiero decir que es interesante que una persona aprenda un poco de todo y se quede con lo mejor o lo que va más con su personalidad, aunque sea un pupurri de todas las culturas.

    5. Empié says:

      Supongo que al final será así­. Hemos estados separados, por las circunstancias, falta de tecnologí­a, comunicación, medios de transporte, ideas… Pero cuando todo entra en contacto, se mezcla y permanece lo bueno, lo útil, lo demás va desapareciendo progresivamente. Me gusta la idea de que el mundo al final será uno, y que nos quedaremos con lo que nos une, lo demás sirvió en su momento, pero ese momento ya pasó, y seguro que de todo este caos que ha sido la historia de la humanidad, saldrá algo puro, no como la exclusión o la eliminación de los otros, si no como la fusión de todo lo que hay, lo mejor prevalecerá porque así­ lo querremos, y que cada cual se desarrolle según su naturaleza y su vocación.

      Hablando de lo divertido de los libros de Mantak Chia, ahí­ va una anécdota que leí­ el otro dí­a:
      ” Un hombre multiorgásmico describió así­ su primera eyacualción: Todaví­a lo recuerdo con claridad. Estaba teniendo un orgasmo, lo que era habitual, pero esta vez salió bruscamente de mí­, un chorro de liquido blanco.Creí­ morir. Juré a Dios que no volverí­a a masturbarme, propósito que duró más o menos un dí­a.”

      Mantak Chia y Douglas Abrams. El hombre multiorgásmico.

      Un saludo.

    6. toñi says:

      Es lo que pienso, que cada uno se desarrolle según su naturaleza.
      Yo he estado muchos años sin explicar nada sobre lo de la energí­a, pensaba “me van a tachar de loca”, pero haber sido sincera con mi familia me ha ayudado a mi y también a ellos. Lo importante es que las personas sean lo que quieren ser, y sientan lo que quieren sentir…mientras no hagan daño a nadie. Para mi tan bueno es un maestro que hace ceremonias que un maestro que canta o lo que sea, pero esas personas tienen que entender o comprender que yo no puedo hacer ceremonias porque mi organismo funciona de otra manera. Es como el baile, cada uno baila como quiere y hace lo que puede. No sé, a veces es complicado porque si no piensas como ellos …entonces se enfadan…entonces no te están aceptando como eres, ellos quieren que seas como ellos, pero cada persona tiene su propia forma de ser. Yo no veo bien ganar dinero con la energí­a, porque tengo dos manos para trabajar (además de para curar dolores) y además cuando curas a una persona lo que haces es ayudar a su cuerpo a que se cure, realmente es la persona la que se cura ¿comprendes?. Entonces no tienes porque cobrar dinero. Un abrazo. Toñi.

    7. Empié says:

      La verdad es que últimamente oigo hablar de reiki y otras técnicas de sanación a través de la energí­a y me da la sensación de que hay mucho intrusismo y mucho oportunismo. Pasa como con el tai chi, como hay un gran vací­o, no está reglado, y hay una gran avidez del publico en general, me incluyo yo, por todo lo mí­stico y demás, hay personas que se aprovechan de ese deseo, dicen que son, se disfrazan, y… a ganar dinero, además como debido a las pelicuas y todo eso, se supone que el maestro decide si enseñar o no, y que hay algo oculto detras de todo eso, normalmente simplemente se paga y ya está. Yo con el profe que tengo he aprendido más en un mes que en toda mi vida haciendo artes marciales, me falta tiempo para asimilar todo, en la clase se aprende, luego si quieres interiorizar lo aprendido, tienes que entrenar fuera, cosa que no ocurre en otros campos.

      En cuanto al tema de la energí­a, he oí­do hablar que por lo visto, si pagas un dinero, ya tienes un grado, y puedes sanar ¿?. Los maestros de verdad permanecen ajenos a todo eso, lo difí­cil es dar con ellos, no porque se escondan, solo porque no hacen de su arte un circo, en cualquier caso se nota cuando alguien sabe y cuando no.

      Un saludo. hay tantas cosas que no comprendemos, que juzgar a alguien por ser quien realmente es, es de gente que no está a la altura de quién realmente es.

      Un saludo, hablamos.

  23. nina ramirez says:

    Con creencias religiosas o no, la luz al final del túnel es la esperanza de todo ser humano cuando ve que todo acaba.

  24. Everyone here has shared some beautiful, inspiring stories on how they have taken a near death situation to enrich their lives and those of others!! Thank you so much for sharing, it is thought awakening for all us who have not gone through such an experience, to make us realize the most important things around around us:)

    I met a young woman recently during my stay in Buenos Aires. I was intrigued by her tatoo, “Don’t dream your life, Live your dream.” I asked her about it. Her story was so touching, I wrote about it to share with others and inspire others. At the age of 17, Cornelia was admitted in the hospital. She had only a 20% lung capacity. After trying normal procedures to release the blood clogs in her lungs, nothing worked, the clogs had hardened. They had to perform a surgery, much like an open heart surgery. It was their last hope of saving her. After the surgery, they succeeded in relaesing the clog in her right lung, but, she is now left with a 70% lung capacity in her left lung. This near death experience, changed Cornelia’s life. She had been focused on things that had no value in her life. This experience allowed her to open her eyes to live for the moment and changed her life to grow as a person.

  25. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Fair? Fair is something very relative. I’ve mentioned before, I had a serious accident at 14. I was not paying attention. I ran into the street, a car came. I flew several meters through air. The last word I thought was, shit. I got bounced, opened my eyes and saw about 20 cm from the curb to me. I had nothing but a shattered leg. I was hospitalized, and have actually made “‹”‹me no further thoughts. I cursed at my stupidity. It was my own fault. A few days later, I lay on my hospital room, I watched TV. A film. A man crossed the street, a car came. The man flew through the air. He bounced, and was dead
    Then I saw the tunnel. I realized that I may be dead any second. I was nauseated, and was shaking all over. I’ve never forgotten that lesson. I have repressed many years. But this is life. Is it fair that I live? No, it’s not fair. Why the term fair, is always used only for bad things? No one asks whether it is fair to win the lottery. Perhaps it is a task is in our lives, to ensure that certain things become fair in the world. Because some things are very unfair. I do not know what fair means; at Unfair, it is easier for me.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  26. nancy gil says:

    Por primera vez habro esta pagina y al leer los suenos y visiones de todas estas personas, me motiva tambien a escribieles lo siguiente:Dios habla a travez de suenos, visiones, y muchas veces cuando ya nos estamos dormiendo nos habla al oido. El ama a sus criaturas; ya que somos su misma imagen y semejanza ,El no nos hizo y nos dejo a la aventura, El desea que lo Conozcamos lo Entendamos y lo Obedezcamos; para que nos vaya bien en la vida. desde el origen del hombre. Dios nos ha puesto la vida y la muerte, la vida para que vivamos bien, o la muerte, que significa separacion eterna de su presencia. Cuando tienes a Dios tienes la vida y no tienes ningun temor, pero si no tienes a Dios en tu corazon: TEME, por que no podras verlo en su Gloria y Santidad………Dios habra tu entendimiento Hoy y te Bendiga a ti y a toda tu familia. Nancy Gil

  27. Nothing in the surrondings has any importance! I did not have an experience of seeing a tunnel and light, etc … I live in a country where guns, kidnappings, altercations with authorities are rare if none. But I remember when I almost went over in an almost overdose episode, trying to have my heart beat … I then saw myself as a child, innocent, living on a moment present time, and I wanted to go back there. I got up, and had one thing in mind, go ask for help to return to that state … I ran at 4 in the morning during almost 20 minutes. All the time, in my head, hey, tomorrow no drugs? Hey, tomorrow this and tomorrow that? But I kept running and running until I arrived at my parents’ house. I knocked and asked help. They took me in, put me in bed and next thing I know I was in a Center for desintoxication. I was 17 years old. At that moment, nothing had importance, only the need of living.

  28. Irina Black says:

    As long as one can see the Light at the end of the..whatever it’s going to be.

  29. THELMA says:

    I have read many books regarding ‘near death experience’ or ‘life after life’! The tunnel is always mentioned… and at the end someone is waiting…
    When I was giving birth to my second daughter with a physical way I remember they gave me something to ease the pain.. It was like ‘going to sleep’.. I remember myself out of my body and traveling through the stars towards the Moon. A bright, round beautiful warm Moon.. But I ‘knew’ at the time that if I would reach it, I would have been dead.. Then I heard the doctor’s voice: Come Thelma, help us to have your baby. Immediately I came back because I knew the baby was in need of me, but I was sorry to leave the peaceful, painless, starry sky..
    Since then, I am not afraid of dying. I had a .. glimpse behind the veil .. I also know that we are on this Earth because our task has not finished and somewhere, somebody needs us and our love. I am LOVE,

    1. Alexandra says:

      Lovely story Thelma. Shows the power of love of a mother, plus sense of resposibility.

    2. Carolena says:

      Thelma, ti orea eine auto!!

    3. THELMA says:

      Dear Annie, Alexandra and Carolena, thank you for your kind words. Indeed I was a mature woman in 1980 at the birth of my second daughter.. My Father had just died and we desperately wanted an .. air of hope in the family.. She was ‘hoped’ and wanted by everyone and I had already found out by then, that the only thing that counts in life is LOVE. Unconditional, pure love, which is given freely and flows from our heart like the …. ‘flowing river’. ;]

    4. Savita Vega says:

      Beautiful story, Thelma! Amazing what love can do – the power it has to pull us through or even to pull us back from the precipice of death.

    5. Rishabh Bhasin says:

      Thelma, your story reminds me of the chapter ‘Kings Cross’ in Harry Potter and the deathly hallows. After almost dying, Harry enters a place which is very peaceful. He has the option of taking the train and going beyond. Yet he wisely chooses to return.


    6. tata says:

      beautiful indeed, Thelma,,,the love for your baby brings you back alive. as long as we love, we are always alive <3

    7. Yilmaz says:

      Thank you for sharing your story Thelma.

      AÅŸk olsun,

  30. Alexandra says:

    From that piece, I did not understand much. Which president? In charge?
    I know Cristina Topescu, poor lady was imprisoned for her father left the country during communist years.About the story with the tunnel, we always laugh because a leader of a popular party used as slogan that they are the fable little light at the end of the tunnel, as a metaphor…
    I was near dead twice.
    Once, kid, I was at pool,I felt in the watter hitting head and losing conscioussness. A man took me out, else I died drown. Parents searched me.
    Interesting I “saw” two white beings talking about me, as saying what to be with me, is not time to be dead . I was happy being dead, strange enough…
    I was a happy child, so if was not true, why I had to feel happy for the idea of being dead? This is strange.
    Than once , I feel bad to say that, as teenager I tried suicide…
    Than I saw only darkness and big pain. Thanks God I am here…

  31. sido says:

    Romania, i take the train , direction brasov. In the compartment 2 men and 2 women..The discussion undertakes on the life in Romania ,the conditions of life, etc.
    Suddenly , one of the men to rise and draws the curtain before the door window , in looking at concern in the corridor and said: “You know, we have the right to express ourselves since little , one never knows …”
    (Expressing as well as the fear is still in minds, the regime of Tchaousesxcou is no longer in force, but you never know: a return to the same plan –yes that is what he wanted to say , and that they are still feeling )
    I have learned then, in the discussion , that these people modest were –engineers winner a pittance etc etc )
    But people authenthiques –we have shared the meal in the compartment and many laughs…I think all of you who have suffered from denunciations , of imprisonment( sometimes just not to be come on the main place of Bucharest , listen to the speech of the president mandatory for each capita: place numbered where your neighbor had to report the absence of his neighbor to the authorities …)


    1. Alexandra says:

      Love your spelling.Bad president was Ceausescu…Never mind.

  32. THELMA says:

    ..’I wanted to go swimming and .. so I went!!!’My little, beautiful, stubborn, independent Annie! You did what you .. wanted. You knew that your guardian Angel was there..
    Then at 23 you forgot about the .. Angel and let yourself go into darkness.. You were afraid of dying and afraid of living!!!
    Now everything is behind. You KNOW you are not and will never be alone, because we are all One and wherever there is Light darkness is dissolved. May Love, Light and … MUSIC be always in your heart.

  33. Alexandra says:

    Ohhh. I am happy now you ok. Take care

  34. Alexandra says:

    Thank you Annie!