Asking for advice

People who are part of our daily life can give us important hints on decisions we need to take.

But for this purpose all that is needed is a sharp eye and an attentive ear, because those who have ready solutions are usually suspect.
It’s very dangerous to ask for advice. It’s very easy, but also very risky to lend advice, if we have a minimum sense of responsibility towards the other person.

If they need help, it’s best to show them some examples, seeing how others resolve – or don’t resolve – their problems.
Our angel often uses someone’s lips to tell us something, but this answer comes casually, usually at a moment when we do not let our worries overshadow the miracle of life.
Let the angels speak the way they are used to, which is at the moment they deem necessary.

Advice is just theory; living is always very different.

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  1. lourdes Lacape says:

    It is very clever to give an advise only if they ask for it. Then the best way that someone will see the meaning of the advise is when we can tell by our own experiences and how we suffered, manage it, and succeeded it. It happen to me on my loss of our two of my four children. Therapist used to say to me I know how you feel, then I asked her “Have y0u lost a son?” No she said Then whatever you tell me for me is not valid. is a guide only but there is no possible understanding until you suffer the loss. I started with Gods guidance, being with my Faith that my sons were better with him. Then starting to miss their presence, their love, their kisses, and all the good things they did and good persons they were. But now I am with no fear to die, I am taking care still of my other two sons but I know that when I leave, My other two sons will be there waiting for me and with Gods presence.

  2. Pratisha Dash says:

    wait what? is this the real Shahrukh Khan??!!!!!!!

    I follow your blog ritualistically Mr. Coelho . Sometimes it clicks sometimes it doesn’t. Its good soul food it is! I’ll inform you when my dream comes true!! :)


  3. DEEPALI KALE says:

    am straying from the topic but thought of a story to tell all . this is in the epic Ramayana . As Lord Rama is building a bridge to Lanka to rescue his wife Sita , from the clutched of Ravana , all the jungle folk especially the monkeys help in picking up large boulders and throwing them into the sea . This mega historical event is watched by one and all and the little squirrel wants to be a part of it . She scampers to and fro many a times being shouted at by the bigger animals all at work . The squirrel is saddened but she runs from the shore to the place where the stones are thrown …and lo behold ! what does she see … the sand that herbody has carried has filled in the gaps of the stones and cemented them . She has finally found her role !
    Destiny allots a role for all . we are not born just to die . It is upto us to perceive our purpose and just like the squirrel we too have to cement good people and good deeds !

  4. Krishna Chaitanya says:

    very true..

  5. catiana says:

    Se somos sábios sempre ,logo os problemas já ní£o mais existe.
    Mas se nas primeiras horas do dia temos problemas , falta nos sabedoria, e resta nos o restante do dia para ir em busca desta, no calor do sol, na brisa suave, na tempestade, na fala de uma crianí§a , no canto do pássaro, na conversa com um ancií£o, alguém disse: Este possuem a experiíªncia ….. De uma única fonte ela jorra e está espalhada em toda parte, como um tesouro escondido, quem busca sempre encontra e se encontrares de fato , terá uma aliada para liquidar problemas. Mas lembre se: no calor do sol í  fadiga e a tempestade pode te levar a onde ní£o gostaria , na fala da crianí§a também há malicia ,logo a experiíªncia do velho pode ní£o ser suficiente. e a brisa suave cansativa. E se te inclinas sempre que vem o vento vem em tua direí§í£o ,já mais suportará uma tempestade de frente. As vezes também é necessário encarar de frente as ondas para que elas possam fazer caminhos diferente , que ní£o sejam por cima de ti. Flexibilidade e braveza ambas sí£o necessária.

    Catiana Mota Panagiotou.

    1. Anna says:

      muy bonito lo que escribes, me gustarí­a saber en qué estado al que pertenece CATANIA

  6. Ana says:

    Gracias siempre tus escritos me dan animo!

  7. Atul Bhadani says:

    thats again one of the best……

  8. Shahrukh Khan says:

    Very well said giving advice is very easy but following the same is the different thing :)

  9. Jose Samuel says:

    Thank you very much Paulo for your sensible advice.
    “”Our angel often uses someone’s lips to tell us something, but this answer comes casually, usually at a moment when we do not let our worries overshadow the miracle of life.
    Let the angels speak the way they are used to, which is at the moment they deem necessary. ”
    Really Good thought ,Thank you .

  10. Rajiv says:

    “When fast wind blows, the trees bow and when wind passes off, the trees again stand tall. In the difficult time which we find hard to cope with, we should be flexible and temporarily should be able to concede defeat. ” This is the advice I got in my most difficult part of life. Inspite of appreciating it and deciding to follow it, when the wind blew fast, very fast, my emotions took over all logic and all good avices including this became meaningless. I tried to stand my ground firmly and was thoroughly uprooted with so many adverse consequences. It took me a long period to come out of it and the scars still remain to haunt me for ever. Advice is thus of little help. We don’t do wrong because we don’t know what right is but because we do what we are tuned or accustomed to do with our past experience and habit unless we are extremely cautious to be alert and disciplined enough to act wisely which again comes through experience and habit and not through theoretical advice.

    1. Anna Mazzali says:


      after a storm is always the sun

      after a hurricane that brings destruction and fear is always shocked but then reconstructs

      after a tidal wave that washes and takes away everything stays dismay but then reconstructs

      after an earthquake that breaks everything down and takes away remains dismay but then reconstructs

      after a war that brings death remains dismay but then is reborn

      life as nature is a cycle trying to revive terror wiser and stronger.

  11. Rajiv says:

    Advice is only theory and life is experience. No amount of theory will be of any use if we are not tuned to act. We should have realistic goals, faith in nature and presence of mind. We follow a course to fulfill the grand design of nature and we should play our role with as much honesty and capability as we can.

  12. Rajiv says:

    Advice is just theory; living is always very different…. How true this is! If we have presence of mind, we get inbuilt powers to deal with our problems. If we are lost, we are devoid of the power within that nature has given us. And no amount of advice will be grasped by us to really change our course. ” when fast winds blow, trees bow