A book for the price of a song

IMPORTANT NOTICE: PROMOTION IS VALID FOR USA & CANADA ONLY. If you click in the links outside these territories, the browser will show a different price
Em breve faremos isso com Portugues e Espanol. Editores já estí£o de acordo

One of my US publishers, Harper Collins, following a conversation with my agent Monica Antunes at the London Book Fair 2012, have decided to reduce the price of all my ebook titles (except the Alchemist) to 0,99 USD.
Which means a book now costs less than a cup of coffee!

This is a crucial decision for me. For years I have been advocating that free content is not a threat to the book business. In lowering the price of a book and equaling it to the price of a song in iTunes, the reader will be encouraged to pay for it, instead of downloading it for free.

The email sent by Harper does not specify for how long the promotion will last. If you are familiar with my presence in social communities but you never read any of my books, I strongly encourage you to act now.
If you download all the titles priced 0,99, you will spend USD 10,89 for 11 books (instead of USD  74,19, the normal price).

Here is the link to
Paulo Coelho Kindle Books
Paulo Coelho Nook Books
Paulo Coelho iBookstore Books

However, if you decide to download only one title, below you will find the list in best selling order (sales worldwide). Please click on the link on the right side of the title:
1] The Alchemist (not in the promotion!) ( Kindle + Nook + iBookstore )
2] Eleven Minutes Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
3] The Pilgrimage Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
4] The Manual of the Warrior of Light Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
5] By the River Piedra I sat down and wept Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
6] The Zahir Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
7] Veronika decides to die Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
8] The Witch of Portobello Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
9] Brida Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
10] The devil and Miss Prym Kindle + Nook + iBookstore
11] The winner stands alone Kindle + Nook + iBookstore

It is my (open) secret wish that pricing for ebooks will follow this trend.
And I count on you to help me to propagate this post. This may create a new paradigm. As I tweeted not so long ago: “life is changed by examples, not by opinions”.


  1. Maxiel says:

    This is an awesome deal!!!! However I only like to read your books in spanish. Will they be available in Spanish? Thanks!

  2. Hiba says:

    For people in Canada who don’t have kindle but are using ibookstore on their igadgets this is the method I used to get the books!

    1. Download the kindle app on your iphone/pad/pod.
    2. Register the kindle app with your amazon account so that it is now in sync and is ready for wireless transfers.
    3. Click on any of the kindle links above – it will take you to a page that has books priced at 1.04 (taxes damn)
    4. Buy and then reopen your kindle app
    5. It should automatically sync and you will have your ebook ready to use!

    I downloaded everything haha!

  3. EdT says:

    Oh, and I hope the Spanish and Portuguese editions are on sale soon too, as I study both of those languages as well.

    Gracias y obrigado!

  4. EdT says:

    Just bought twelve books for $11.88 and then called my mother to tell her she could get them for her Kindle as well. Thank you for making ebooks affordable!

  5. Val Benevet says:

    I am in Canada but when I click on the link, regular prices come up :(

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  8. Camille says:

    Hi, nice present ! thanks!

    What’s about French Light’s Warrior? haha
    i wish read Zahir :)

    Good road

  9. Jessica Richardson says:

    I’m in Canada and the books are still 9.99, 11.99, for each in iBooks. :-(

  10. Kavita says:

    What about us in London?? We also want to read you on kindle, though i have most of your books in paper. Thanks

  11. Maria vigil says:

    Le respeto en la forma en la que usted escribe con la pasion en que envuelbe las situaciones! Me gusta leer sus libros y la foRma que utuliza con lis desenlaces! Es usted un heroe para mi! Dios le bendiga en todos sus proyectos!

  12. LoveM says:

    Listen lovely One
    You are the universe.. which
    Is one long love song

  13. LoveM says:

    Truth in a story?
    Truth came before the story
    Truth is the story

  14. CARLA says:

    Que gran iniciativa! Desde que me encontré una tarde ocio con “A orillas del rio piedra me senté y lloré” he leí­do todos sus libros,(algunos, comprados y otros prestados) en fin que como son tan enriquecedores y hermosos me parece triste tenerlos en una biblioteca llevando polvo por eso también los puse a circular por el mundo y espero que hayan llegado a la mano del que lo necesitase. La idea de tener gran parte de su trabajo en formato digital y por un precio accesible me ha fascinado y ojala pueda lograr un acuerdo con las editoriales en español, seria una gran alegrí­a para mi.

    Querer es poder :)
    Saludos y mil bendiciones

  15. alex says:

    It seems the promotion is already over. The books are now going for ~$3.00 on amazon for kindle. Is that true or is it because I’m abroad, or am I just misunderstanding something? Thank you Mr. Coelho for this great gift! I am sure I will buy your books I don’t already have in paper-back but while I travel this is much ligher! :)

  16. Grace says:

    This is amazing, and thank you! I’ve read a couple of your books before, and I just downloaded “Brida” and “Eleven Minutes.” As a broke grad student bookaholic, I greatly appreciate what you’re doing with your e-book prices.

  17. Keith says:

    Last week a paradigm shift took place in the world of publishing, and not without controversy.

    HarperCollins USA made available their entire Paulo Coelho back catalogue (excluding The Alchemist and Aleph which is a different publisher) for digital download at 99 cents per e-book.

    Favourable response from readers, the expedited criticism from within the industry desperate to prop up a failing industry, and ill-informed criticism from a few who thought it devalued the work of authors to sell their work at less than a dollar.

    Does a less than a dollar not place a true value on an author. Neither does ten dollars.

    Does ten dollars value the work the author has put into a book?

    We are confusing price with value.

    The value is the pleasure I get curled up reading the book or listening to a piece of music.

    Too many know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

  18. Wanderlaini Aparecida Rodrigues says:

    É muito bom saber que vocíª existe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  20. SJ says:

    What about Like the Flowing River? Love that book!

  21. M says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts. I have paper copies of most of the books in this promotion, but some are falling apart from years of use. Today I bought the full promotion set (which also appears to also include “The Valkyries” and “The Fifth Mountain”). I’d like to share a little of that experience with you, if I may?

    First of all, I have never used ebooks before. My brother has a Kindle he complains about almost constantly, and my sister has a Nook that had to be replaced 3 weeks after purchase. Those negative experiences mean that I still read on paper, or read non-commercial works online in my browser.

    Buying these books today was a massive, 4-hour production. I tried 4 websites before I got one to work (Kobo). It required that I install 2 pieces of software and buy each book one by one instead of in a cart together; it also won’t let me read my books on any other machine unless I somehow register with Adobe. (I was unwilling to sign up for yet another Google product previously, which is why I had to abandon Powell’s. Therefore, it’s unlikely I’m going to register anything with Adobe, since I trust them even less.) Luckily, Kobo itself seems a little more sane and does have a reader that can view the purchases I made if I’m logged in.

    I am an old-fashioned person who loves books with all my heart. My house looks like a library. Many of the books from my childhood are beginning to fall apart. I would like to replace them with electronic copies, but the current draconian system of DRM makes me uncomfortable enough that I will not try. Thank you for encouraging HarperCollins to bring prices down to reasonable levels. Sadly, that’s only one piece of the wall that prevents me from converting my library.

    HarperCollins and Kobo lost additional sales from me during this process. I intended to buy a second set for my mother for her birthday, including the full-price “Alchemist”; unfortunately, the barriers to doing so are ridiculously high. I’ll find something else for her, then perhaps loan her my paper copies instead.

    The day hasn’t been a complete wash, though. I’m in the middle of “Brida” and recovering my good mood quickly. :)

  22. Keith says:

    In a case study published in TechDirt I think the figures speak for themselves, the old discredited business model is dead and buried.


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  24. Lars Berewinkel says:

    nice. I have bought all 21 books from Paulo Coelho in a bookstore. But the most important thing is the poster from the behind of the booklet, The owner made for me in a copy shop. So I can see Paulo and that makes me feel very good!
    Thanx for magic You brought in my life!
    Thanx Dear Paulo!!

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  27. […] of his first 11 books, Harper Collins (his most recent book came out with a different publisher) to offer ebook versions of 10 of his 11 books with them for $0.99. Now, this only applies to US and Canada (and right now it’s only the Kindle, though other […]

  28. The quality of an author is not measured by how many books he/she sells. How about those authors who just sell in 2-digit or 3-digit numbers, and are very serious and committed about their work, and have nothing in assets, and possibly nothing but debts and a passion to write? How would they survive with a 99 cent e-book price, if all books ought to be 99 cents, as you say?

    However, for 3 days, I will match your gesture by selling 3 of my books on Amazon and Nook for 99 cents. And I would be happy to buy one of you books and hope you, being the much wealthier author, try two of mine: The Revised Kama Sutra: A Novel, and The Killing of an Author. Details are at my blog.

  29. Keith says:

    I would imagine everyone reading these comments has at least one Paulo Coelho book, a real book, not an e-book.

    Look up who the publisher is. Check them out on the internet. Get their web address, their e-mail address, their twitter account, their facebook page, then start bombarding them with your demand that they make Paulo Coelho books available at less than a euro (or whatever be the appropriate price in your local currency).

    Write a letter to whatever is your most respected national paper, highlight the obscenity of overcharging for digital downloads, pose the question, if 99 cents download is possible in the US, why not here?

    Shine the spotlight on the publishers, pile on the pressure.


    If they think they can get away with ripping you off, they will if you let them.

  30. Keith says:

    Paulo Coelho has rocked the publishing world by making his back catalogue available for download at 99 cents a book.


    The comments in Publishers Weekly give an idea of how controversial. His readers are all in favour. They think it a great idea, they can see that more people will read his books.


    Those dependent on the old discredit model just do not get it, as can be seen by comments from a man who admits he is an agent for authors, though he refuses to say who his clients are.

    He just does not get it that the old discredited model is finished. A business model that criminalizes those who may wish to buy, not exactly the way to win friends and influence (though lobbyists who whore for them can always buy a few corrupt politicians).

    Musicians too have woken up to this new world. They put their music on bandcamp, where it can be listened to for free (the entire album not a few second lofi sample), easily shared and often downloaded for free or pay-what-you-think-it-is-worth or a minimum price. And guess what, people are willing to pay more. People are willing to pay more because they know the money is going to the creative artists who make the music they love, not to a greedy, faceless, global corporation, which at best treats music as a commodity.

    One such group is Hope and Social. And guess what? They are making more money, and having more fun, than when they followed the conventional model of being on a corporate record label.


  31. Nux says:

    You, Sir, are a pioneer.

  32. Keith says:

    Whenever I talk to a band who are about to sign with a major label, I always end up thinking of them in a particular context. I imagine a trench, about four feet wide and five feet deep, maybe sixty yards long, filled with runny, decaying shit. I imagine these people, some of them good friends, some of them barely acquaintances, at one end of this trench. I also imagine a faceless industry lackey at the other end holding a fountain pen and a contract waiting to be signed. Nobody can see what’s printed on the contract. It’s too far away, and besides, the shit stench is making everybody’s eyes water. The lackey shouts to everybody that the first one to swim the trench gets to sign the contract. Everybody dives in the trench and they struggle furiously to get to the other end. Two people arrive simultaneously and begin wrestling furiously, clawing each other and dunking each other under the shit. Eventually, one of them capitulates, and there’s only one contestant left. He reaches for the pen, but the Lackey says “Actually, I think you need a little more development. Swim again, please. Backstroke”. And he does of course.

    — Steve Albini

    This is taken from a brilliant article The Problem With Music written by by Steve Albini in the 1990s, but just as applicable today (and of course what applies to books equally applies to music).


  33. simonCGN says:

    Thanx so much! I bought all of them. Having read two in hardcopy I must say that this is a great gift!

  34. Corona says:

    I think I will buy this 11 books together. Nice work thank you.

  35. Cuauhtemoc says:

    I hope the promotion extends to spanish books too. I have a lot of them on paper, but having them in digital form would mean I could read them again easily.

  36. Alla says:

    I was so happy to read that! Because I have been trying to promote literacy but with expensive books it’s impossible! Now you made it possible! Thank you very much!If i saw you,I really want to hug you!

  37. Souvik Kar says:

    Thanks for this wonderful gift. I got all 10 from google play store.

  38. m.waitngi says:

    How odd that this is only for the US. Here in New Zealand we also read books. Though Paulo thanks for farming up the fightglad for the US

  39. Geoffrey Kidd says:

    Barnes and Noble certainly knows how to discourage customers, however. Each and every time you buy a Nook Book, you have to sign in again for each purchase. It says much about Mr. Coelho’s writing that I did that TEN times. (I already have The Alchemist. Haven’t they heard of a little invention called a “shopping cart”?

  40. dan smith says:


    Thanks for offering your works at this price. I’ve previously purchased and read almost all of them, some in paperback and some in ebook form, but I went through and bought all of the rest that I didn’t have in my Kindle account.

    Your works have been an amazing part of my life and I hope that publishers see the wisdom of offering such works to the widest possible audience that can support the writer. Thanks for being an inspiration in sharing your work and life.


  41. John says:

    I tried to post earlier, but don’t think that it took. Anyway, by comparing the download of a novel to the download of a single song, you are comparing apples to oranges. You should compare the download of a novel to the download of an entire album. While I think it’s great that you’re offering your readers such a bargin, you have already sold many millions of copies of your novels. You’re in a position where you can suggest that all content should be free. I wonder if you would suggest that if you hadn’t already made millions and millons of dollars….