May 1, Twitcam on the price of ebooks


  1. Benny says:

    Hi Paulo,

    Are you sure about a dollar for a book? coming from indy mobile development, many of us who develop apps for sales in App Store have hard time even breaking above the poverty line of income.

    Heck! why we are still doing it if it is not because of money?

  2. Rui Pacheco says:

    É bom víª-lo Paulo, sou um grande fí£ dos seus livros, sobretudo do Alquimista. Continue a escrever e deslumbrar-nos :)


  3. Katarzyna says:

    Thank you for all the books, you wrote within all those years. My absolute favourite book of yours ist The “Alchemist”. I’ve read this book in polish (Alchemik) allready for 2 times and I think it will be more :) Thank you once again!!
    Best regards! Katarzyna

  4. Gabriele says:

    Hi, I finished to read “Nomargem do rio Piedra eu sentei e chorei” five minutes ago… I could read it another 3000 times and discover new things each time. I love it! I identify my personality in Pilar, because, like her, I suffered for love… Thank you Paulo for this best seller.

  5. nina ramirez says:

    Oh,oh oh y si no se cantar?? ¿como puedo obtener los libros??

  6. It’s a wonderful way of sharing your talent with others at less than a price of a cup of coffee, how about that?. UAO!
    Thank you for being such a kind human being
    With love

    1. katie says:

      cup of coffee ….
      ah-ah-ah :o)

    2. Marie-Christine says:

      On pourrait aller prendre un chocolatte :)

  7. Sheela Nandini says:

    Good to see you,dearest Paulo!

    Am a little confused here but asking anyway-is this another new book you are writing? I thought you mentioned on the blog that you were done with it???
    Please clarify.

    On e-books at that price-of course that’s going to make lots and lots of people happy.I know and understand that feeling although in my case this is about physical books.

    Thank you!

  8. Annie says:

    Great to see you talking about it!!

    (I wish you could tell us the title of the new book though…oh please oh please??
    maybe for the price of a song ?? hehe :) )
    Love and Gratitude