Satan sells used objects

Needing to adapt to the new times, Satan decided to get rid of a whole lot of his stock of temptations. He placed an ad in the newspaper and attended his customers all day in his workshop.
It was a fantastic stock: stones for the virtuous to stumble over, mirrors for increasing one’s self-importance, and spectacles that reduced the importance of others. Some objects hanging on the wall drew a lot of attention: a dagger with a curved blade to be used on someone’s back, and tape-recorders that registered only gossip and lies.

– Don’t worry about the price! – shouted old Satan to the potential customers. – Take it home today and pay for it whenever you can!

One of the visitors noticed three tools lying in a corner that seemed to be quite worn and attracted little attention. But they were very expensive. Curious, he wanted to know the reason for that apparent discrepancy.
– They are worn because they are the ones that I use most of all – answered Satan with a laugh. – If they drew a lot of attention, people would know how to protect themselves.

– However, they are both worth the price I am asking for them: one is Doubt, the other is the Inferiority Complex, the third is Bitterness. All the other temptations can sometimes fail, but these three always work.


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  2. Cesar Farfan says:

    As Coelho said one, is never late to make a change in our lifes. To say: “I’m too old for this” is just an excuse to hide our fears. If you want to have a real life, then make a change :) be free and follow your heart. Don’t care about what the rest say, or you’ll finally die thinking that you lived what others wanted you to live, not your own life. Good luck! I know you’ll get it if you.. do it ^^

  3. Verra Phey says:

    bitterness can make people do a lot of crime. only by forgiving we can get out of bitterness. i do it and it’s work.

  4. Marukoto says:

    Hi good morning,
    I am a Christian, however I am aware now that many of the handwritten material about Jesus and His life could had been modified over the centuries, to begin with all of his apostles were human and jews, they all stared at Him as the so longed and awaited Messiah, the political, religious and social liberator, but He was more than that, a couple things I can share with you are that when He arrived to this earth he did it completely as a human being, he renounced to His Divinity because He wanted to experiment the way His creatures live, He came to deliver one message, we are all children of a Father who loves us above everything, He keeps no records of what we do and there is nothing new to Him, therefore no one can possibly offend Him, we are Immortal and we are here to Live and Love each other. These messages were so against the jew tradition and people back then got so scared of losing all the wealth they got from people’s guiltiness, they got so frightened they decided to kill Him. He was aware of this and He knew it from the very beginning, it was also part of His purpose, He came back from death in the shape He claimed we will all have someday, but He never claimed for a “final judgement” or “the end of the world” or even a church. For me, the only contradiction worth of think about is how can they believe in an Almighty God full of Love being capable of also punishing His own creatures for doing what they were designed to do ? There is no such thing as that, but my closing advise, if you really want to know Jesus (also known as Micael) The Creator of our Universe, just close your eyes, think about Him, ask Him to show Himself in your life in the best way you could behold Him and ask for your all of your questions to be answered, then let Him do the rest. Don’t let other humans tell you what Light is, as they can only see a part of it, leave The Light for when you are Light, in the meantime LIVE and LOVE as much as you can. Ja na !!!

  5. Mary lynch says:

    Love this story cuts through my sometime confusion of what motivates in a negative way that seems so inexplicable

  6. Maha Farah says:

    Maha Farah, Lebanon, May 30th,2012
    God bless you Paulo Coelho, The author of The Alchemist, the author of tension, wisdom and love, I have red almost all your books, which have inspired me in my life so much, I start now to read The Devil & Miss Prym, it is the 15th book I have red, you make me never be the same again, we are the same age, we have lived the same transformation events, that why I suppose I could understand you better, I am looking forward to read the Manual of the Warrior of Light, long live the Warriors of Light.

  7. Maha Farah says:

    Maha Farah, Lebanon, May 30th, 2012
    God bless you Paulo Coelho, the author of The Alchemist, the author of tension, wisdom and love, I have red almost all your books, which have inspired me in my life so much, I start now to read The Dvil & Miss Prym, it is the 13th book I have red, you make me never be the same again, we have the same age, we had lived all the transformation events, that why I suppose, I could understand you better.

  8. grace says:

    ha! thank you for stripping Satan down to the bare. usually he is oh too subtle

  9. Christeena says:


  10. Nikoya says:

    Truth is truth. Thank you for making it plain.

  11. Yan says:

    chinese version:








  12. Yan says:

    I am back! So glad that I can visit and write comment here again.

    What a lovely story. It makes one laugh but worths at the same time deep thinking.



  13. New Soul says:

    You are a blessed and have a lovely soul Paulo

  14. Lucie Choueifati says:


  15. Helen Young says:

    I love your work!!

  16. Mike Hopkins says:

    Hello Paulo:

    I suppose that is why Satan is often referred to as a tricky old devil. Evil or what is considered evil in this world usedsones own weakness against the person. Evil in itself has no power. It is the weakness within a person that invites the Devil in. The Devil or Satan only makes and offer and it is up to the person to sign the contract.

    Wise words were in this post.


  17. Guille Iriarte says:

    A veces tengo problemas para comunicarme con gente con complejos, es como que sintieran que todo lo que uno dice lo dice desde un plano superior, en vez de escuchar lo que realmente estoy diciendo para entonces retenerlo o descartarlo.
    querí­a saber si tenias pensado visitar USA?

  18. Nando villalobos says:

    Paulo sigo diciendole lo mismo, parece que usted, pareciera que todo lo este escribiendo sobre mi tengo tantos complejos , que ya muy poco queda de mi, todo lo entiendo,perfectamente y me quiero salir , llego a la varda me tiemblan las piernas y usted sigue escribiendo sobre mi, no pierdo la fe y la esperanza de un dia volar y llegar hasta tu tierra de nacimiento, BRASIL.

  19. Life says:

    for heaven’s sake … all feelings are sacred and satan has nothing to do with them. he can only sell thoughts and views, because they can be untrue!

  20. Izabel says:

    Brilliant! And now that we truly see our enemy, we are better armed for the battle xx

  21. Mariane says:

    C’est bizarre parce que ce sont les míªmes tentations qui a utilisé dans l’histoire du début de notre naissance , ce qui fait que tu étais le premier í  les tester…. en ajoutant aussi l’égoí¯sme

  22. maria emilia says:

    Essa história foi muito boa !! Até mais

  23. Annie says:

    always??? that’s such an arrogant attitude mr Satan… :)
    I decided to doubt the doubt and give inferiority complex to the inferiority complex… as for bitterness, well, i already changed i to e ,so I feel better now …

    love and Gratitude

  24. Célia barros says:

    Ní£o resta duvida que o complexo de inferioridade, a duvida e á amargura sí£o o grande vilí£o da humanidade.. Que Deus ti abení§oe nessa sua caminhada de luz…

  25. cristina cabral says:

    Entendendo como eles agem, aprendendo a se defender……

  26. Psalmbody says:

    Trust & believe that views of compassion, equality with dimensions beyond our own can be sweet!

  27. nina ramirez says:

    Genial, aunque parezca irreverente siempre he creí­do que satanás es el reverso de dios,o más bien la otra cara de dios
    Sus tres herramientas más usadas y las más costosas por su efectividad:
    la confianza y seguridad en sí­ mismos. La certeza y por último La felicidad!!

  28. Marie-Christine Grimard says:

    The devil hides his weapons, and in its back room, behind the wall or hang doubt, inferiority complex and bitterness, it is a secret door, where there is a box. If you open it you will jump to the face, two parasites, which will creep into your soul and not let you go: he has named them, Regret and Remorse.

  29. Thank u Paulo for the great message. This one i liked a lot ‘mirrors for increasing one’s self-importance, and spectacles that reduced the importance of others’, because i happened to write about this today. This is so true and an almost undetectable vice! Thanks for sharing the expensive/ unfailing tools of Satan-Doubt, Inferiority complex and Bitterness.

  30. mani says:

    Touched ! …

  31. Arto Hutto says:

    In Swedish:

    Satan säljer begagnade föremål

    För att anpassa sig till den nya tiden, bestämde sig Satan för att göra sig av med en hel del av hans lager av frestelser. Han satte in en annons i tidningen och servade sina kunder hela dagen i sin verkstad.

    Det var ett fantastiskt lager: stenar för de positiv att snubbla över, speglar för att öka sin egen betydelse, och glasögon som minskade betydelsen av andra. Vissa föremål som hängde på väggen drog en hel del uppmärksamhet till sig: en dolk med ett krökt blad som kan användas på någons rygg och bandspelare som endast spelade in skvaller och lögner.

    – Oroa dig inte för priset! – ropade gamla Satan till potentiella kunder. – Ta hem idag och betala för det när du kan!

    En av besökarna upptäckte tre verktyg som låg i ett hörn och de verkade vara ganska slitna och väckte liten uppmärksamhet. Men de var mycket dyra. Nyfiken, ville han veta anledningen till den uppenbara avvikelsen.

    – De är slitna, eftersom de är de som jag använder mest av allt – svarade Satan med ett skratt. – Om de drog till sig mycket uppmärksamhet, skulle folk veta hur man skyddar sig.

    – Men de är värda det pris jag begär för dem: en är Tvivel, den andra är Mindervärdeskomplex, den tredje är Bitterhet. Alla andra frestelser kan ibland misslyckas, men dessa tre fungerar alltid.

    Paulo Coelho på svenska:

    (í–versättning: oLaVie, kommentera gärna.

  32. Jose says:

    Hi Paulo,
    I am your biggest fan from India. Your teaching comes from your heart.May
    Lord keep sending you wisdom and power to inspire all of us. Thank you for this blog.When we know Satan and his plan,We can choose better path to get away from it and come back to GOD ,Where our heavenly father is waiting for us.
    Thank you
    too good
    “- However, they are both worth the price I am asking for them: one is Doubt, the other is the Inferiority Complex, the third is Bitterness. All the other temptations can sometimes fail, but these three always work.”

  33. Ingrid, Norway says:

    Dear Paulo Coelho. I would like you to know that you are, no doubt, my favourite writer! After the terrorist attack in Oslo last summer, the Devil and miss Prym helped me regain my faith in people. Your books allways direct me in the right direction whenever I need it. Till this day I havn’t found any other books I like as much as yours.

    That is why I would like to ask you: What kind of books do YOU read? Who’s your favourite righter? Who inspires you?


  34. Bottin Nicolas says:

    Vivement que satan laisse sa place @ un autre parti…

  35. Heimo Kruschinski says:

    Yes. This is a Monday story. I always wonder how you get on those funny stories. I’ve been thinking for quite some time, who is hiding behind Mr. Coehlo really? Such a man can not exist. Handsome, rich, intelligent, friendly, and supposedly he can write. But this is only a reflection, no debate. Discussion is out of fashion. I learn something new every day. But i have to work out all that. I hope i fail. What can I say about the story? It’s cheaper by the dozen? The devil makes sure discount. Could be a good tip for the large customers. I do not know.

    I wish you all a wonderful day

  36. toñi says:

    ¿Las herramientas que tiene satanás en el suelo son la pena-el complejo de inferioridad y la amargura? Voy a saltarme el prólogo ¿vale?.
    Conozco a una persona que está muy enferma y le quedan aproximadamente 3 o 4 años de vida, esa persona está emocionalmente muy mal, lo está pasando mal y en su pena, su complejo y su amargura salpica a los demás con sus emociones. Pero yo sé que esa persona necesita mucho calor y mucho cariño y también necesita enfocarse en la alegrí­a y disfrutar del tiempo que se le ha dado, intentar ser feliz de esos 3 o 4 años de vida que le quedan.
    Satanás se puede meter sus herramientas por …(no digamos palabrotas, es mejor ser educados jejeje). Comprendo el dolor de esa persona y le voy a ayudar, ya no estoy enfadada, he comprendido todo lo que tení­a que comprender y ahí­ van las herramientas de una persona de carne y hueso para mi buen amigo: calor, cuidado y amor. Florece la flor donde hay cariño, cuidado y amor. Un fuerte abrazo y que Dios llene tu vida de todo lo mejor del mundo mundial. Besos. Toñi.

  37. Marie-Christine says:

    Love the smile and the ear ring. :) xx
    Thank you.
    You rock
    With love


  38. zara says:

    dear paulo,

    i just want you to know that you are my spirit’s guide. my queries are answered through your writings or your sentiments. i’m an avid reader and collector of your books. however, i don’t read your blog as often as most of the people here do. i only open and read your blog when my gut tells me to and it has greatly guided my steps and soothed my soul through the years. i don’t think i have ever left anything here for you to read before. i never intended or wanted to do such a thing until today. something in me knew it was time to extend my gratitude towards your being.

    thank you, dear friend, for continuing to do what you do best and for fighting the good fight. you have touched so many lives and many more in years to come.

    blessings of immense light and love to you and your wife always!


  39. Sheela Nandini says:

    It’s Monday Morning!
    I’m alive.
    Have some chores to do.
    Made up my mind to buy a book I stumbled upon last month.Got a sign yesterday.
    Hope to see you in the Videocast today,Paulo:)

    P.S. Been through all three and more temptations and succumbed to them at one point of time or the other.It’s called the human condition ;)